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Mark's Curtain Haircut no more by Justin

The year was 1969. Mark was enjoying practicing to be a model while living at home with his folks. His parents encouraged him in all his interests and pursuits. He had managed to
be selected work in two local car dealership TV ads in front of and behind camera as an intern when he discovered he really liked the work. He was looking
forward to performing some more meaningful work.

June, his mother, had high hopes for Mark and everything was going great until his father Frank suddenly became ill and died. June was left
to raise Mark and 3 younger siblings. The prospect of Mark pursuing his modeling interests came to an abrupt halt as he felt it important
to take on odd jobs to help his mother financially. However, Mark couldn't land a good job for some reason. The modeling interest was more of a hobby and
there were few prospects in that area.

June struggled and suffered emotionally being alone. She sought out dating ads in the newspaper and eventually hit things off with Dave. Dave was a man's man. He worked
in construction and had recently been promoted to supervisor. June loved Dave. He and Mark got long well - for the most part. He wasn't too impressed with Mark's
modeling ambition and thought it a waste of time and money. He often encouraged Mark to join him to learn a trade. Mark did not have much interest
in doing manual labor. That attitude kind of pissed Dave off, but he held his tongue for June's sake.

After a year of dating, Dave proposed to June and they got married. After which, everything changed between Dave and Mark. Dave would often ride Marks a$$
about not helping out his mom more at the house. He was growing tired of Mark's constant preening and hogging the bathroom. Mark wasn't doing any modeling for
money, or any work for that matter. The family was solely reliant upon Dave's salary which kept the family comfortable.

The prospect of being selected to audition for a young mens grooming products line really interested Mark. He had the look the company was targeting - the casual surfer look.
Despite having what he thought was a good audition, he was met with "Thanks for coming in today. We'll get back to you." He knew what that meant.

Mark had prided himself on his best feature - his hair. It was ash brown, flowing, with a curtain hairstyle that was shoulder length. He looked great wearing
a cap or without. His chiseled features were accentuated by his gorgeous hair. He took well care of it too. Having used the products himself,
he thought would be a big plus. He adored how the hair on the sides covered his ears - which Mark felt were his only negative aspect to his looks. He thought
his ears looked big; in actuality, they were rather average sized. Still, he was very self conscious about them and purposely kept them well hid
under his hair. And the center parted style was just cool.

Dave mentioned to June that Mark's attitude had soured a lot since they got hitched. Dave thought Mark should be more respectful and responsible
than he had been and should start pulling his own weight. Dave mentioned that he could get Mark a job at the construction company. June thought that
was a great idea. Dave told Mark the idea and told him there might even be an opportunity to appear in some TV ads. Mark gave Dave some attitude over the
idea. This made Dave infuriated. He explained that it was Dave paying all the bills and financing his modelling 'hobby' and that it was time Mark grew up, took some
responsibility, and learned to be a man. Dave said the reason Mark had such a hard time getting a job was the fact that few places would want to hire a long haired
hippy and he'd have better chances if he got a haircut and started looking like a man should. The argument only escalated from there with Mark throwing a lamp out of anger
accompanied by a "F$$$ YOU!" directed at Dave. The lamp had been a family heirloom that June inherited; now it lay shattered in pieces on the floor.

Dave did not waste anytime. He grabbed Mark by the arm and out they went to Dave's truck.

"Get your a$$ in the truck now" Dave shouted."

They drove downtown and parked.

"I'm only going to say this once. That attitude of yours ends here. You are going to learn respect. I've been supporting you and you act like a little privileged
piece of sh$t. You don't give me or your mother respect. You won't get a job or pull your weight. You're too busy preening that damn hair to notice
there is anyone but yourself. Look, if you want to go into modelling fine, but you first need to learn a few things. That starts today. Now get out of the truck."

Mark was shocked. This was the first time Dave was ever firm with him. Mark did as he was told and hopped out of the truck.

"You have too many distractions, so I'm going to help you sort it out. I spoke with your mother about it and we both agree. Until you learn some respect
and act responsible, there are going to be some new rules. I have a great job lined up for you if you want it. Before you start, we
need to make you at least look responsible and respectable. So, we'll start by getting that hair cut. You'll spend the next few weeks following my
guys around at work to learn their jobs. Then, we'll give you some hands on. Nothing too difficult, but you'll get some hands on. Then, if things work out,
we have an idea for some TV ads that we could use you in if you're interested. But, that hair! Well, that won't work. That long a$$ hair just won't work."

Mark was nearly in tears: "But I like my hair as it is. I was hoping to get that modelling job with the shampoo company."

"Nonsense." Dave replied. "They gave you the brush off. I have a real job for you and one that could lead to big things for you. But you need to look like a man, not a hippy.
This isn't modeling for cosmetics you know. You'll be trying to convince prospective home buyers to consider us to build their home. They're not going to trust a long haired punk. So, the choice is yours - move out or move up."

Mark looked defeated and seemed resigned to the idea. It would be a job after all.

With that, Dave turned Mark around. Straight ahead they were facing "Shane's Barbershop" door.

"Go on." Dave ordered.

Mark opened the door, and the bell above signaled their entry.

"Greetings gentlemen." the barber said welcoming. "How are we today?"

Dave barked up "Fantastic. Mark here needs a haircut."

"Take a seat Mark." the barber said as he patted the back of the barber chair.

Mark made his way slowly to the chair.

"Move it along Mark." Dave said, his patience wearing thin. "The barber doesn't have all day. Let's get this over with."

Mark sat in the chair. After securing tissue around his neck, the barber wrapped the cotton blue and white striped cape around him.

"So, how you want it cut today?" the barber asked looking into Mark's eyes.

"Mark needs to be cleaned up for a new job." Dave interjected. "Something like that." Dave pointed to a picture of a man with medium short hair that had
high arches around the ears, was tapered up the back, and parted on the left side.

"A regular haircut. You know. Someone you'd be comfortable buying a house from or taking your daughter out on a date." Dave summarized.

"Is that OK with you son?" the barber asked.

"That's what I want." Dave replied.

"OK, one Regular Haircut coming up."

The barber pumped up the chair. He took a brush and brushed Mark's hair straight down. Mark soon looked like he had a mop on his head.

"You have very healthy hair son." the barber admired.

Looking at Dave, the barber asked "Do you still want this parted in the center?"

"Absolutely not! I want it just like the picture." Dave replied. "Part it on the side. He needs a man's haircut."

The barber went to work. He grabbed a pair of Oster clippers that hung on the counter and switched them on. He pulled a large comb from his jacket pocket and reached to grab a section of hair on the side. Suddenly, Mark raised his hands up to shield the hair that covered his ears.

The barber paused switching off the clippers.

"Let the barber do his job." Dave said.

"But I like my hair over the ears."

"I said, let the barber do his job. That hair is coming off those ears. Or are you rethinking the job offer?"

"No, please. Can't we just trim it but keep it so most of the ear is covered?" Mark pleaded.

"Off the ears or no job. Your choice. Decide now." Dave said impatiently. "Let the barber do his job."

Mark then lowered his hands and returned then under the cape.

The barber switched the on clippers and lifted the hair on the side with the comb and ran the Oster clippers over the comb. The long hair that once covered Mark's ear was now falling to his shoulder then cascading down the cape into his lap. The barber then parted the hair on the left side and continued to trim the side before moving to the back tapering it up off the collar. Long locks fell to the floor. The hair in back started out near stubble at the neckline and became longer the higher up toward toward the crown. It was still long enough to comn down, but was nowhere nearly the long locks they had been.

Then he attended to the hair on the other side. More hair cascaded down the cape.

Then he attacked the hair on top, blending it into the hair on the side. He then switched the clippers off and picked up shears and began detailing the haircut now
that most of the bulk had been reduced.

"I want you to spend extra attention clearing that hair from around the ears. There's no reason to be hiding those ears." Dave commanded.

The barber then very meticulously trimmed around the ears making a very subtle outline as the hair grazed them.

Dave looked on to inspect while Mark sat there in agony.

"I don't want hair to touch those ears." Dave updated his command.

"Does it have to be so short? around the ears?" Mark asked of Dave.

"Well, I could have him taper up the sides too you know so there isn't much to worry about combing. Is that what you'd like? Stubble on the sides off the ears?" Dave asked sarcastically.

"No." Mark replied.

The barber then trimmed arches around the ears to outline them and make clear no hair would be touching them.

"Is that what you had in mind?" the barber asked.

"Perfect!" Dave said.

The haircut continued as the barber took thinning shears to reduce the bulkiness of hair that was on top, back, and sides.

"Can you angle those bangs so he's encouraged to keep wearing it parted on the side?" Dave said.

Combing the fringe down and to the side, the barber trimmed the bangs at an angle as directed. The hair would now lay better when flipped over to the side.
Next, he put in a fine shaved line along the part. Not a thick line, but razor thin just enough to make the part stand out.

"Good. That should help him keep it parted on the side like it should be." Dave looked on.

The barber inspected his work and made minor final adjustments. He then applied shaving cream at the neck and around the ears. As if the trimmed arches around the ears weren't
enough, now it was shaved around the ears and very distinct making his sideburns stand out.

"Clean up those sideburns too." Dave remarked.

The barber shortened them to mid ear.

"That's better." Dave said.

The barber then did a final inspection of the cut.

"You want anything in it?" the barber looking to Dave asked.

"Yea. Might as well."

"You're going to make me have the wetlook too?" Mark said to Dave.

"Be grateful I think you look more professional this way than with a military crewcut." Dave responded.

The barber took a bottle of yellow liquid and shook it over Mark's head making the hair very wet and shinny looking. Then he scoped a wod of pomade from a jar and rubbed it into
Mark's hair. The barber then meticulously combed Mark's hair to be parted on the side and the front formed as nice quiff. Mark looked incredible. His hair glistened and looked
impeccably groomed, slick and smart. Every hair perfectly in place. Gone was the surfer fluffy curtain hair, replaced by a young businessman haircut. Neatly tapered off the collar,
parted on the left side, and off the ears framed by a very perfect outline around them, and sealed in place with Pomade and hair tonic.

Mark stepped out of the chair and looked at his new image in the mirror. What he saw could be a man from Wall Street on the cover of LOOK magazine.

Dave paid the barber and thanked him.

"OK, now to get you fitted for some dress clothes. A couple suits, shirts and ties and we'll be all set." Dave said as they left the barbershop. The aroma of barbershop
following Mark.

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