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Charles and Dave - an exchange of favors by Manny

Charles took the big, absorbent towel made of Egyptian cotton and began his post-shower routine with his wavy, blondish-brown hair. His thick mane was quite overgrown -- at least six inches on top. After removing the excessive moisture, he flicked his head so that his locks cascaded down in a very sexy manner across his face.

'You are so handsome!' Charles told himself. He preened for a while, indulging his vanity, like he did each morning. Then he began plying his wet hair with a brush. His locks lapped liberally over his ears and down his neck, as well. Definitely, time for a haircut.

If only Dave were interested in him as more than just a client, Charles thought, he'd be a lot more excited about visiting the barber shop. Barber Dave was such a hunk in his tight white tunic which was so form-fitting it showcased his sculpted torso! Charles always enjoyed observed the barber's every move in the mirror as Dave pivoted around him as he sat enthroned in the big comfortable chair.

Even though Dave showed no romantic interest in him, the handsome barber gave him solicitous care and attention. As his fingers snipped away at the sexy waves of shimmering hair, they would occasionally tussle the glossy locks. At times, Charles imagined the tender caresses were discreet come-ons.

Dave was generally the type of barber who followed instructions. "What will it be today for you?" was a typical start to the haircut.

But Barber Dave did not shy from offering his opinion either. In fact, he regularly suggested Charles get a much shorter haircut. "One day you'll tire of this shag and get a real haircut," he would say wistfully.

Barber Dave usually recommend a very short ivy or a crewcut for Charles. A minimalist look, in which his wavy locks were whacked back severely or almost obliterated. 'You'd look very handsome with your hair cropped close, cropped tight!'

Charles always laughed off those suggestions, of course.

One time, however, Charles sassed back, "Why do you always ask me how you should cut my hair if you know what will look best on me?" That was a day to remember! One that still made Charles tense up with anxious excitement whenever it came to mind.

After Charles' snarky comment, Dave paused and stared at the thatch of waves. His stare bordered on a glare. Dave pursed his lips and reached for the clippers.

For Charles, the next few moments seemed like they took place in slow motion, with adrenal etching to the very extremities of his stunned body.

Dave's strong grip forcefully bowed Charles' head, so that his chin nearly touched his caped chest.

Almost simultaneously, the naked teeth of the clippers came up through the wavy thatch at the nape. Dave plowed his pulsating machine up through the mass of wavy hair. The metal teeth vibrating directly on his sensitive nape sent a shiver down Charles' spine. It was like a bolt of energy shot through him. Then Dave pulled away, lifting off a mass of hair and flicking it away, so that Charles saw that a much shorter look was in the works for him.

"On your way to a real haircut, for a change," Dave commented firmly, as he continued to administer a short taper up the back of Charles' head.

The cool air conditioning hit the exposed nape and scalp, sending a secondary jolt through Charles' incredulous self. Dave was shearing him mercilessly -- and he loved the helpless feeling, watching torrent of cut hair fall to the cape.

Dave continued clipping off massive amounts of hair. Quickly, the white cape was turned a sandy brown.

When the grip was finally relaxed and Charles was allowed to look up a bit, he saw a very satisfied, mean-sort of a grin on Dave's face. Then Dave grasped the wavy mass on top and gave it a quick yank. "When this has been pruned down to a manageable length, you'll see how much better short hair suits you, Charles."

Charles gulped and gripped the arms of the chair tightly as he watched Barber Dave skillfully wield the clipper over comb, administering a very short, tidy haircut. What would Dave be like in bed, Charles wondered amid the excitement of an unexpected super-short crop?

The whole transformation had taken about ten minutes with Dave firmly in control of the transformation. Charles felt like a vulnerable recruit at the whim of the boot camp barber.

Dave brimmed with joyful authority as he asked, "Now, wasn't I right? Look at you! So handsome without all that hair." The barber ran his finger up the clipped nape, inflicting shivers on his stunned client.

The truth of the matter was that Charles had to reluctantly agree with Dave. The short crop suited him.

But, so did long hair. And, he was extremely fond of his thick waves. Even seeing them that day, shorn and forlorn on the cape, gave him a semi-sick feeling.

He hadn't visited the barber for nine months after that haircut, and not his locks were finally back into the shaggy, but sexy, mode.

Charles emerged from his trip down memory lane, studying his wavy wet locks in the mirror. His hair was so long!

Barber Dave would have a thrill if he were given the green light to unleash the clippers again! Charles dreamed of the make metal teeth vibrating against his sensitive nape and watching the first clump fly through the air.

What is Dave were tacitly encouraged to take his hair down even shorter this time? What if he were to emerge from the chair with a crewcut or a butch?!

Charles would signal a green light....perhaps recalling the surprise crop he got when he was last under the cape. Why not casually said something like, 'My only regret is that you hadn't used the #0000 blade.'

How he longed from Barber Dave to take control of the situation. No questions asked, no permission sought! One flippant, snarky remark might just unleash another thorough scalping and leave him with even a shorter length -- radically short!

Charles began blasting his locks with the strong, warm jet of his hair dryer. He had a diffuser on the end so as to not blow the waves away. Oh, the volume! Oh, the sheen!! Oh, the length!!!

Charles felt extremely anxious as he headed into Dave's Barber Shop.

And when he got there, he found Dave, alone, sitting in one of the barber thrones, waiting for a client.

Charles flicked his mass of wavy hair as he stepped inside.

"Hello, Dave!" he called out. His cheery tone masked the nervousness he was feeling.

Dave instinctively rose from the chair and straightened his tunic. What a dreamboat, Charles thought! So handsome, so muscular.

"I've been missing you, Charles," the barber's melodious voice sounded. "I see you haven't been going somewhere else -- seeing some other barber, that is. Look at how long your hair is!"

Charles turned to face the mirror. "It is long. But, it looks very good this length, don't you think?" he said, as he pawed at his tresses momentarily.

"You know damn well what I think!" Dave snapped playfully.

"If you had your way, I'd walk about of here with nothing but stubble. Buzzed down to the wood, right?" Charles taunted, with a hint of dare in this tone.

Dave plunged his fingers into the dense, wavy mane and grasped Charles by his hair. It was an authoritative grasp, like Charles was in his clutches. The barber's muscles bulged to drive the point home.

Charles' heart beat wildly. He felt a desire to be totally at Dave's mercy. And he knew the take-charge barber would strip him of his sexy waves.

Dave tightened his grip on Charles' mane, in a very possessive manner.

"If I had my way, I'd turn you into a cueball! How I'd enjoy shaving all of this off...and then finishing the job with warm lather and a straight edge razor. Scraped clean, Chuck! Nothing left but smooth, sensitive scalp," Dave teased, panting in a sexy-like tone into his ear.

Charles felt hot, his crotch beginning to throb. He would throw all caution to the wind.

"I'll give you that pleasure, if you indulge me with something that will excite me too," Charles offered, his voice brimming with desire.

"Is it something that we can accomplish in the privacy of my back room?" Dave asked, his eyes sparkling.

Charles nodded eagerly as he watched Dave flip the sign on the door of the shop to 'closed'. Then he took Charles by the hand, led him behind the curtain and began to fulfil his side of the bargain. The manly barber was absolutely exhilarating, leaving Charles breathless, panting for air.

"And now for these pretty tresses," Barber Dave murmured, pawing at Charles' wavy locks. "Your part of the deal....the cueball!"

"I'm ready for you to take me down, all the way!" Charles groaned with submissive delight. "Strip me bare, clean -- scalp smooth like silk."

Dave grinned from ear to ear as he led Charles and his mane of glorious waves back into the main shop and helped him into the chair. Then he reached for the cape and secured it extra tight before spinning the chair to face away from the mirror.

Charles could hear the barber's heavy, rhythmic breathing. It was almost as if he were approaching...

The clippers snapped to life.

Dave grabbed Charles by the plush locks above the nape and yanked his head back, like a recruit at boot camp.

Charles' throat felt constricted. There was not the slightest chance he could call it all off. Barber Dave had indulged his fantasy beyond his wildest dream, and now it was his turn to yield to the pulsating Oster's teeth.

The clippers hit at the forehead's hairline with the force of a hurricane. The jolt was amazing. Charles was being stripped down to 0000 length! The wavy locks began falling past his face in sheaves.

Barber Dave handled his prize just like a recruit in the boot camp barbershop. Quick, authoritative, powerful and smirking as he stripped Charles of his precious hair. Within minutes nothing but stubble remained. Dave stroked it vigorously, against the grain. Then he reclined the chair and guided Charles' neck and head into the notched sink. Gently, a warm stream of water began preparing Charles for the final divestiture.

Charles imagined how he would look with nothing on top but scalp. It didn't matter. He would have given up anything for the exciting interlude behind Barber Dave's curtain in the back of the shop.

Dave wrapped a steamy, moist towel around Charles' head as he continued to prepare him for the warm lather and razor. He raised the chair so that the stubble was easily accessible.

Off came the towel. Then Dave's strong fingers began applying the foamy lather to his head, vigorously stimulating his scalped.

"Ready?" Dave asked, brandishing the unsheathed straight-edge.

"I'm all yours," Charles murmured in reply.

The first swipe of the razor was exhilarating. "Ohhhhh," Charles gasped. "That was wonderful. Again!"

Dave gladly complied with an authoritative thrust. "I'm going to keep doing it until there is nothing left to take!"

Charles savored every moment as he imagined surrendering to Dave in more ways than just the cueball.

Dave squealed with glee as he announced, "There! Smooth as a baby's bottom. Not a trace left." With a new set of warm, moist towel he wiped away the lather remnants. And gave the bare scalp one last tender caress before splashing a generous portion of witch hazel that elicited a spontaneous yelp from poor Charles.

"What was that?" he gasped, as if a 220-volt current and been unleashed on him.

Dave grinned broadly, "Love to do that! Jerked back into reality."

Then he quickly spun the chair around and Charles got a first peek at the new him.

"OMG!" he gasped, unprepared for his radical new look. BALD! BALD TO THE BONE!!

Dave laughed uproariously at Charles' reaction.

"How does it feel to be bald?" he chided.

Charles was speechless. Then he lamely croaked, "How long do you think it will take to grow out?"

"Now why would you want to do that?" Dave asked, feeling the sensitive scalp with his strong hand. "No, this is how you are staying. BALD! Is that understood? No more pretty, wavy tresses for you to coo over and admire! Now let's pick up where we left off behind the curtain."

"Let's!" Charles replied, still blinking in disbelief at the way we looked with no hair.

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