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Buddy System by M DeMarlo

Story contains language and sexual situations that some may find offensive. ……
Buddy System By M DeMarlo

Stanly and Patrick have been buddies going back to when they were in the service together. Ironically, they met during boot camp, and did two tours in the same company; they saw a lot of fighting during the Vietnam War. Both are married to a couple of mousy girls, Missy, and Minnie. Minnie squeaks now and then when she is nervous, sort of shakes like Parkinson’s, she is just nervous. . Homely looking women, the two buddies married because "they were good girls". As a few years go by the two men realize marrying homely hook-nosed women does not get better, the noses just get bigger.

Soon the marriage vows have been broken; actually, these two men had never been faithful. Minnie sued Patrick for divorce because he broke her nose. She had been snooping. Missy tried to hang onto her marriage, but it failed, as Stanley was caught singing in the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir. His voice was way up and beyond all the other gay men.

However, both men have been very successful in life. Stanley is in law enforcement, and Patrick has a private security business and is the major stockholder in gated high-end condos outside of Ft Worth Texas. Stanly always nearby is a Dallas detective. He was ousted on a visit to San Francisco, by a shady drag queen that cuts hair. Her name is Bambi, seducing Stanly acting sexy and calling herself Bambi, the young fawn" Stanly had let his hair grow long for working under-cover and wore it in a ponytail hidden under a cowboy hat. He got drunk and though was not only seduced by Bambi giving him a blow job, she got him in a barber's chair where he passed out while she was snipping away his long light brownish blond mane. A heavy sleeper on top of being drunk the sound of clippers did not wake him. When he did wake up his hair was clipped close like he used to wear it when he was an active duty Marine. She had also moved all his luggage from his hotel into her studio apt. Sexy Stanley is the nickname Bambi called him. More than just sexy the man is a hunk and should be on a calendar or a magazine. The tyranny thought it was love at first sight and would not let him go. She did every shady thing she could think of to stay hooked up with sexy Stan. Finally, Stan has had enough of this tyranny slapped the s**t out of her. She fell hard in love after being slapped around. After roughing her up a bit he had sex with her but made it clear they were not a couple. As she would tell everyone Stan is her man, she fell hard in love, never even knowing the guy is a cop. She followed him to Dallas, and he beat her ass again, an abusive relationship. Finding out Stan is a cop just added fuel to Bambi’s obsession. Stan has friends on the force, had the drag queen picked up on prostitution charges. She left Dallas after 90 days in jail, but not before another ass beating from Stan. At least he paid for her ticket back to San Francisco putting her crying on a plane. Stan did not like the attention of people because of her. Most of the time she would pass, but now and then some little kid would point and say ‘look mommy that’s a man" Stanly did not like flying the gay flag. Still, at the airport, he hugged her and kissed her on the lips. Saying goodbye to his young fawn. Thinking to himself he would miss her talented lips, that men give the best blow jobs

With all the women and men cruising and trying to pick up on Stan, he realized he does look better with his hair cut real short, military haircuts stood out on a guy as it is the mid 80’s. Driving over to Ft Worth to see his buddy Patrick he decides it's haircut time for them both. Goes to a barber & beauty supply store and buys professional hair clippers, trimmers, some scissors, and a barber’s comb, along with a wide flat comb. Some crew cut pink wax, he has a big grin on his face. Stan learned the skill of barbering when he was a Marine. He loved giving short haircuts to hot men, and his buddy Patrick was going to get his first military haircut in five years.

Patrick looking at how short Stans hair is cut he says "oh no way dude, I’ve been growing my mane since we got out of the corps, only a few haircuts in five years. The last haircut was just weeks ago" Patrick had a mod looking over the top of his ears mullet, his party in the back reached between his shoulder blades.

Stan grabs a handful of Patrick’s hair and barks out at him "You haven’t had a real haircut in several years. Minnie kept it off your collar, around your ears, and out of your eyes. But this surfer boy fringe sweeping down across your forehead, you're always flipping it to the side. It's hanging in your eyes and down your back. NOW SIT DOWN, YOUR GETTING A HAIRCUT" Patrick a big handsome straight guy, but submissive as far as Stanley goes says like a teenager whose father has ordered a crew cut, he says, "awe gee whiz, and sits down. "Don’t scalp me, Stan, what, are those clippers you plugging in?" Stan turns the Oster 76 rotary off and on a few times dropping oil onto one of the four detachable blades." Stan throws a sheet around Patrick and squeezes his shoulder bending down and breathing in his ear. "Stan, stop that, don’t get queer on me dude, you know I’m not that way". Stan remembering nights alone drunk with Patrick in seedy hotels says. "ah-ha, sure and whispers in Patrick’s ear, "I better be the only one" Patrick smiles and says in a low voice "nobody but you". Seriously, don’t scalp me, Stan, please" The clippers come to life and starting at the nape mow Patrick’s black shiny hair leaving stubble. Up and up reaching the top of Patrick’s crown" Patrick moans, "oh man, Stan" Patrick in his boxer shorts has a humongous hard-on. As the clippers slowly continue to mow Patrick’s hair close to his scalp, Stan reaches down and grabs Patrick’s hard cock "Oh yea, we will be queering off, but I want you handsome. The mode is changing as Patrick answers a Yes Sir. Stan replies "that’s my pup, "I will leave a bumper for your stud, but you’re getting a crew cut, high and tight. Patrick is now slimy full of pre-cum. His hair is all around him on the cape and floor. Stan rubs some crew cut pink wax in Patrick’s hair and cuts his fringe down flat leaving just about an inch, buzzing a landing strip. Patrick’s black hair is stubbles showing through his white scalp. Buzz buzz off comes Patrick’s mustache. An arch around his ears is clipped to the skin, outlining a faint sideburn. Stanly is a handsome man, but in no comparison to Patrick, with his freshly clipped crew flat, and dark blue eyes. The men have not been together this way for over a year, Handcuffs, paddles, belts, leather harnesses, it all comes out.

The morning sun rays reaching two men entwined legs and arms still sleep peaceful, neither wants to brave the day. As if on cue, they both awake at the same time. "Your divorce goes through yet, why did you break her nose" "Why did you marry such a homely girl, my god Stan she is a hunchback." That chin and nose look witchy. You didn’t have to worry about anybody else getting in that, I would be scared. Her real name is Mary, right. Yes, it's Mary, Scary Mary, Missy Scary Mary! She has a cute brother, I forget his name
Isn’t Scary Mary’s brother's name Chet?"Yea, but you haven’t heard? He is involved in some pot-growing, and has long, real long hair now. Looks terrible, his good looks have gone down the drain. He now looks like he is a member of the Manson family." "You don’t say," Patrick tells Stan, he is a good kid, at least he used to be. You could rescue him, bring him down to earth" Stan replies, "I hate hippies, give me a redneck man and I bet he has a job. What else does Chet do now for a living? Patrick continues telling Stan everything he needs to know about Chet, all in detail. Right down to where Chet lives and when he will be home alone.

Stan interrupts Patrick and starts telling him about Bambi. "Did I tell you, a dude with tits followed me from San Francisco to Dallas"." Patrick interrupts "you mean she" "No, it was still a He" "Was it a morph?" "No, took estrogen to make his tits feminine like". "Had to kick his ass, I wanted to make him take that s**t off" "You could see he was once a good looking guy but had that female impersonator nasal voice and a five o’clock shadow, and wore a wig. Wouldn’t let me see what his real hair looked like. Pissed me off, dude was defiantly a three dollar bill." Patrick "why did you kick his ass, that was wrong, you know they have a place in this world just as you do" Just like you had no choice as far as being the fag you are". Stan slaps Patrick in the back of his head "I ain't no fag man". Patrick continues She probably had no choice as to her identity." Stan not liking it when he is at a loss in a debate" Alright SHE, just would not leave me alone. She is not my flavor, but dam could she give some good head. She had the suction of a Kirby vacuum cleaner." "Still haven’t said why you beat her up" " You can accept all that weirdness if you want, and honestly I agree with you. But that doesn’t mean I have to be in a heated relationship with her. I kicked her ass because she nagged me on, she pushed all the buttons wanting me to hit her. After a few drinks, I would let her have it. Then she was in Love. That’s not me, I’m not an abusive man" Patrick started laughing "the hell you aren’t". "Maybe so, but I like real women" Patrick laughs "which is ugly as a boil on a rat's ass. Like Scary Mary" Hey, your Minnie the moocher is just as ugly. Stan looks at Patrick smiling "You are one sexy pup, we need to maintain that haircut" Patrick adds "speaking of haircut, why do I look like a Marine again and your shaggy, that’s not fair" "Well, you don’t make the rules, I do" Stan snapped, reaching a feel of Patrick’s clipped nape." Patrick bends his head down and barely auditable says "yes sir" Stan replies as he leans back against the bed headboard, opening his arms "Come to daddy" Patrick slides into Stanley's arms burying his head, freshly clipped in Stan’s armpit. "Now what about your brother in law, you want me to rescue him, I will" "Yes Stan, make him one of us he is a fine-looking young man." Then Stan continues saying "we do this together after I arrest him" "One condition" Patrick adds, "don’t let him know I told you about his illegal drug business", "Well, I am not going to arrest him, rough him up yes, but it will be a fake arrest. As soon as he sees you Patrick he will know who ratted him out. Besides, our overall goal is to get him out of that drug bulls**t and bring him down to the real world. And if this kid is as pretty as you say I'm gonna pop that cherry and make him love it as you do. Then I will have two pups"

Minnie’s brother’s name is Fred, right? No, his name is Chet, not Fred. Where did you come up with Fred, who the hell is Fred". "What’s his last name? Altman" "his name is Chet Altman my size 5’11" maybe 6’." blond, dark blond. Probably be light brown after the haircut". Stan added, "I thought you said he is tall" Patrick said "Your tall Stan, what are you 6’4" or 6’5"? Stanly replied "I’m 6’5" and all muscle" "Will it be a haircut or are you going to shave him"? "You say he has spiraled down into the drug movement? I will be teaching him how to have respect for his man-hood, shaved down like in Bootcamp, psychologically strip him, then rebuild him better than before". "I’m going to enjoy watching you give him an induction cut he is really good looking; I can only imagine how hot he will look clean-shaven, after cutting all his hair off down to the wood. Can’t wait, and to see you in action. It comes naturally to you Stan, Sir" Patrick told Stanley "Your place is more private, it is going to be a long session, more like an event" "He will probably start crying" Said Patrick. "He starts to cry I will kick his ass good, and then yours for bringing me a crybaby" Stanly said to Patrick with an attitude. "You never told me he is a cry baby, this is some heavy s**t we will be putting him through. He turns out to be a bitch we could end up in jail. Just remember I’m doing this for you."

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