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Buddy System part 2 by M DeMarlo

Buddy System part 2

Driving back to Dallas Stan could not believe his train of thought. Usually after a heated weekend with
Patrick, he had no desire to let the freak in him surface for weeks, sometimes months. This time around he was satisfied yes, sexually satisfied. However, emotionally he felt a knot in his stomach over how badly he had treated Bambi. She had taken root and got inside his head. Thinking "maybe it will pass", but he couldn’t stop thinking about her. One of the female police officers at work noticed how quietly deep in thought Stan was. Saying to Stanly at lunch one afternoon. "She must be something special, did you get dumped or something? Who is this mystery woman, I know it’s not your X Missy is it?" No, replied Stan "Missy and I are not on speaking terms. She has a restraining order on me. All the better, I have nothing to say to her anyway." "Then who is it," asked the female cop Stan was sharing a corner of the lunch table with. Stan replied, Bambi, the chick that gave me this haircut. I put her on a plane to get her out of my life. I treated her badly and sent her away crying. Now I can’t get her off my mind, I miss her". The woman said again to Stanly "There must be something special about her." As she got up from the lunch table, gathering her trash to throw out and before walking away she said to Stan "go get her, send for her, get her back here or you’re going to be miserable, and by the way, the haircut looks great. Bambi, or whatever her name is cleaned you up good." Stan knew what he had to do, he had to go and get his young fawn. Laughing to himself thinking Bambi the young fawn sounds like a stripper. Having no way to contact Bambi he would have to go to San Francisco and find her. Before finding Bambi he wants to see what this Chet guy is all about. Only working a half-day today and off for the weekend he headed out toward Fort Worth.

Patrick passing through the front gates of his building he noticed Minnie’s car parked near his Condo. Aw hell, what is she doing here? Thinking to himself "I signed the lousy divorce papers, now what does she want" Minnie sued Patrick for divorce after he allegedly broke her nose. Even though it wasn’t entirely Patrick’s fault she was blaming him, even though it was an accident. Patrick never punched her, never laid a hand on her. She had been chasing him, throwing anything and everything she could get her hands on at the back of his head. He didn’t know she was so close behind him and he slammed the bathroom door shut. The door connected with her huge nose breaking it.

She had been snooping through Patrick’s things and he caught her. Words were exchanged, a few comments about her snout. Her nose is something Patrick cruelly used against her when they would argue. Minnie is the violent one, she makes simple disagreements ugly. Always the one to start the name-calling and when Patrick verbally cuts her down she turns violent. She lied fabricating a story painting Patrick to be a jealous violent wife beater. When he was anything but the monster she made him out to be. The complete opposite, Patrick is a nonviolent, gentle, peaceful man that would never hit let alone beat up a woman. The bathroom door did a number on Minnie’s nose. Along with her nose being broken she also had two black eyes as a result of side effects of the broken nose.

Entering his condo Minnie was at the kitchen sink. When she turned around bandages were on her nose
And her eyes were black & blue. She looked different though; her nose was much, actually, a lot smaller. Patrick asked Minnie how she got in the apartment/condo; she lied telling him she waited for his house cleaning service to show up. When how she gained entry was using a key, she had made an extra key for herself before returning Patrick’s house keys.
Minnie had gotten a nose job, half her nose was gone. Her once Jimmy Durante honker was reduced to a Barbara Streisand size snout. That was the first thing Patrick noticed, she looked more feminine, even pretty. Minnie is very childish, spoiled, selfish with the mindset of a 16-year-old.

Acting as if there were no pending divorce as if all was peachy between the two of them she gave Patrick a big kiss on the lips. Rubbing her hands on his fresh stubble, up the back of his nape, she smiled and told Patrick how much she liked the haircut. "What made you decide on such a short haircut," Minnie asked Patrick. She has a twinkle in her eyes eyeballing him saying "you look good, real good". Patrick’s dark blue eyes with his long black eyelashes stood out even more with his black hair clipped close. His good looks stood out with him being clean-shaven. Minnie remarked that is the way he looked when they first met one another. Minnie is the daughter of a General. She rarely went on dates, never asked out by any of the young men at the military base. She was homely, a huge hook nose like Jimmy Durante and a small hunch in her back. Because of uneven buck teeth, she wore braces up until just recently. Told she was a rare beauty by her father all her sheltered life, she believed it.

Patrick loved his short H&T flat crew cut rubbed, it brought out the submissive role he played out in his sexual encounters. So when Minnie began rubbing his fresh stubble he bent into her touch. Saying to Patrick "that’s my good boy". Patrick picked her up and sat her on the kitchen counter. In between her legs, Minnie’s hands rubbing the stubble on the back of Patrick’s head she pulled his face into her cleavage, he was submitting to her touch. Running his hands up under Minnie’s blouse he unhooked her bra releasing a large soft breast. He also felt a big bandaged wound. Pulling his hands back quickly he asked Minnie "have you been hurt, what happened." Minnie pulled Patrick’s head by keeping her hands on his clipped nape back into her cleavage. She confessed telling him that along with the nose job daddy paid to have her hunch removed. Patrick retreated stepping back a bit. He asked when the bandages come off. Minnie replied "soon, but I’m getting one more nose job, yes, I’m going to have a normal-sized nose. I should have done this years ago. All thanks to you for breaking it just want to say thanks. "But I didn’t break your nose Minnie; you ran screaming at me into a closed-door". Minnie began rubbing Patrick’s closely clipped head, the sides and back stubble. "This feels like it was just cut, makes you so sexy" twinkle in her eyes, "tell me, Patrick, what made you decide to get a crew cut? When I wanted to cut your hair super short like this you said no. Why the change of mind?" Patrick confessed telling Minnie that Stan gave him the haircut. Minnie cannot stand Stan, she is aware of the bond they have and is jealous, not wanting to share any part of Patrick. "I figured he was behind the haircut, he is a bad influence on you. Did you know he sleeps with men, he’s a queer? You’re probably a queer also, do you and Stan queer off together? Well Mr. Queer, we are getting a divorce. I’m going to tell daddy. She picked up a plastic drinking glass half-filled with soda pop and slung it at Patrick screaming "I hate you, I hate you" crying, grabbing her purse sobbing, and running out the door. Patrick shook his head saying out loud "crazy bitch" then hollering back at her "that’s right, run home to your daddy, and stay there this time" Slamming the door Patrick noticed Minnie’s keys on the coffee table. After waiting about half an hour he took them out to her as she was sitting in her car. Handing the keys to Minnie, he stood there for a few minutes in silence. Then he said, "Your still here, what, you waiting for that nose to get bigger? Go on; get the hell out of here." Minnie started up the car and drove off quickly sobbing. Saying out loud "crazy bitch am I, call me a crazy bitch, he’s going to find out just how crazy this crazy bitch is".

Instead of going to her father’s house, Minnie drove to her brother Chet’s apartment. To look at the two one would never know that they are siblings, even more strangely that they are twins. Not identical, but fraternal (dizygotic) twins. Two separate eggs fertilized by two separate sperm, no more identical than siblings born at separate times years apart.

Chet got the good looks after his mother, Minnie looked like her dad, inheriting a thick masculine neck and jawline, and an oversized hook nose. Chet was the pretty one, not effeminate in any way, but most defiantly a pretty boy. Their father General Altman, being top brass military, Chet had short haircuts maintained barbershop fresh up to the day he left home. The General did not allow any type of shaggy, overgrown, or needing a haircut look on his son. Chet was required to pass his father’s weekly haircut inspection, like a Marine. Chet learned at an early age never to fail an inspection. After graduation from high school at a military academy, Chet went to the Texas A&M ROTC program. After two years when he was 20, he did not return, running off with a crowd of criminals. He was disowned by his father telling Chet he would be arrested for trespassing if he tried to visit his mother or sister.

A year passed, Chet fell deeper and deeper into the criminal drug world. His hair past his shoulders, thick light brown hair golden kissed by the sun, tight blue jean hip-huggers, and belled bottom. From behind many times mistaken for a hot babe. Guys would pinch his ass, Chet quickly turning around; now with a scruffy beard, the guy pinching would retreat in horror that he just pinched a dude’s ass. Several times this happened and Chet would be told "GET A HAIRCUT" On his mountain bike bent down and stopped, another guy on a bike rode by him and slapped Chet on his ass. When the guy sees that Chet is a guy he picked a fight with Chet. The guy who picked the fight found out that Chet is no joke, Chet scrapped with the instigator kicking his ass, and kicked his ass good beating the tar out of the guy. Chet has heart, a pretty boy yes, but not a sissy, or a wuss, and is no punk.

Glad to see his sister, Chet says he will return in a minute. He has a sale he has to make and asks Minnie to "hold the fort" saying he won’t belong. Looking out the window waiting for her brother she sees an unmarked car with a flashing blue light in its windshield pulling Chet over. Looking closer she recognizes Stanly with a short haircut, looking different yes, but unmistakably Stanly. To her horror, Stanley is handcuffing Chet and being noticeably rough with her brother. Putting Chet in the back seat she watches the car drive off.

Minnie thinks this is very unusual. Stan is with the Dallas PD, this is Fort Worth. Stan is out of
His jurisdiction, she knows Stan is up to something. Minnie may have gotten a nose job but she is still very nosy and decides to get in her car and catch up to Stan and follow them to see what they are up to.

To be continued

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