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Track Star gets taught a lesson by Boi

Class 2-A was abuzz with excitement as news of a new transfer student at the start of the new term. Supposedly he was a track star that the school has managed to poach from another school. Though you wouldn’t expect him to be an athlete, much less a star from the way he looked.

"Class, as some of you have heard, we have a new classmate. In fact, he has been granted a scholarship by the school, so I expect all of you to be on your best behaviour. Come on in."

Instead of some jacked dude, what was essentially an emo kid walked in. Hoodie over his uniform, a mop of unruly hair flopping one eye. There was a certain indifference in the way he carried himself, just introducing his name before taking a seat at the empty table at the back. The girls seemed fascinated by his demeanour, the boys seemed jealous of one thing. His hair. Being a traditional Catholic school, the rules were ridiculously strict, with a 3 page guide just on uniform alone. Likewise, hair for boys and girls were also restricted for the image of the school. Hair not allowed to touch the eyebrow, ears or neck for boys, and hair must always be tied for girls with no fringes allowed. Even for jackets, it must be open facing, showing the school uniform, but Charlie was wearing a pullover hoodie.

As the day went on, the boys expected to be called out by a teacher eventually, but nothing happened. He also mysteriously disappeared during recess, not making any effort to hang out with the other classmates. Last lesson of the day was Physical Education.

Unfortunately for the class 1-A, their PE teacher Mr Jones was also the school discipline master, resulting in no one in the class being able to grow their hair. The moment a strand of hair crosses their eyebrow, they had one day to have it rectified, before facing the Jones special. The boys in class, put off by Charlie's cold and distant attitude, were excited to see him in trouble with Jones. To their utter dismay, Jones said absolutely nothing about Charles, just asking the class to change to their gym clothes.

During the class itself, Charles proved his athleticism. He had a slim but well-defined body, earning looks from the girls. During their 10×400m run, he was impossible to catch, easily lapping the entire class twice over. While running, his hair flapping in the wind like a lion's mane, his two sky blue eyes finally revealed, he easily attracted the attention of more than a few girls.

By the time the class was completed, he had already finished his cooldown, the sweat making his hair floppier than usual, covering both eyes with the longest seemingly near his lip. Seeing the girls swoon over him, being completely trashed and seeing his current mop, Jack, whose every attempt to grow his hair was thwarted by teachers, even when he greased it up, could not stand Charlie anymore. Jack was also part of the track team, and was the previous fastest in the class. He did not take getting lapped by Charlie well. He went up to Mr Jone and said, "Sir, look at Charlie. Does that look acceptable?" To his utter dismay, Mr Jones reply was simply, "It seems acceptable to me. Do Not Question Me Again. Or Charlie. If not, you might receive my trademark haircut."

Jack was just more infuriated, sulking for the rest of the class, relaying the plain favouritism of Charlie to the rest of the boys. Not like the Charlie cared. Once PE had ended, he disappeared again, with track training in 2 hours.

Apparently 2h was all that was needed for news of Charlie to spread like wildfire to the school, annoying Jack everytime he heard Charlie’s name. By the time it was track training, it was clear that there were more girls at the track stand than usual. The men’s track team likewise had the same reaction as Class 1-A, and his aloof attitude did not help him make friends. He just came in, dethroned the seniors with ease, and barely interacted with the rest during practice, in comparison with the rest who trained together and shared a camadrie. As strenuous as training was, no matter what event, he was simply just better. By the end of training, the team seemed to dislike him, and the fact he got so much attention from girls barely helped.

This went on for a full week before Jack lost it. A full week has passed and not a single teacher has made a comment about his hair. Was it envy? Probably. Charlie has his dream hair, and girls try to impress him constantly. The track team seemed to be sick of him too, but it was undeniable that he was going to be a valuable asset to the team. So, they put up with him, until it was competition season.

Competition season meant one thing for the team. The most hated tradition of the team. They all had to get crewcuts. A no. 1 on the sides, and a no.2 on the top. Coach would invite the local barber to come to school to conduct it during a training session. There was someone missing that session. Charlie of course. The team had been expectantly waiting for him to show. He hadn’t gotten a haircut since school started, his fringe hovering at his lip on most days. His fanclub has simply gotten bigger, with him getting at least one love letter in his locker every week. And no one in the track team was coming close to Charlie in terms of timings. The team kept holding out hope of him being forced to join, but nothing happened. One by one, their already short hair was stripped from their head, with a small pile on the floor slowly growing. By the time it was Jack’s turn, most of the team had almost no hair left, whitewalls on the sides and barely nothing on the top. Normally the team would be teasing one another, but it was noticeably tense. As Jack’s right side got stripped off in one go, reducing his carefully grown hair to be just on the edge of breaking the rules, he couldn’t hold it back anymore. "Coach, where is Charlie? Isn’t this a team bonding event?" As soon as he said it, he regretted it.

"How dare you. Charlie literally trashes you in every event. You get to protest when you’re as fast as him. Meanwhile, I think you need to be taught a lesson for insulting those better than you. Barber, a no. 0 all round. And if I hear a complaint from the rest of you, you’ll receive the exact same treatment."

Seeing the barber remove the guard and place it on his forehead, Jack only had 2 feelings. Regret as his fringe fell onto the pile on the floor. And rage at Charlie.

"Ok, go wash up and change into proper attire. I expect all of you to be back in 10 minutes."

The showers were tense. No one said anything. And then, Charlie walked in, with his magnificent mane. His lone eye scanned the room, smirked and started changing. The silence was suffocating as they all glared at Charlie, only for him to act oblivious. The moment he left, Jack spoke up. "He needs to be taught a lesson." Everyone seemed to be in agreement as they hatched a plan. He might be strong, but even he can't stop 20 boys.
Training began and ended as expected. Charlie being the fastest, with his mop covering both eyes. As they were dismissed, the plan was put into practice. Charlie went off while everyone went to change. Only he was allowed to leave the school in his sweaty attire, while the rest were forced to change and leave in the proper school attire. Before he could leave the school gate, the captain, John, jogged up to him.

"Charlie, Coach needs to talk to you. Get back to the locker room."

As annoyed as he was, he had no choice, slowly walking back with the captain behind him. As he approached the locker rooms, he had an inkling something was off. Usually it was full of those idiots screaming, but it was silent. Well, who cares. He opened the door to utter darkness. Before he could turn around to ask what the hell was going on, he was pushed in. Or dragged. He couldn’t tell. Too many people were trying to pin him down. Try as he might to struggle, it was simply too much. He tried screaming, only for someone’s sweaty hand to cover his mouth before someone duct taped it. The door, providing the only light source in the dark room, was closed and he could hear the lock click. He still struggled, but slowly and surely, his hands and feet were taped together, before being dragged onto a chair and forced down. Then, while pinned down by at least 4 people, they began tying him up to a chair using rope around his body and the chair. Finally satisfied, they let go. In the struggle, his mop had fully blocked his eyes, reducing his visibility even more. F*** I’m screwed.

Finally the lights were turned on. Through the veil of his fringe, he could see it was the entire track team. And they looked pissed. Jack removed the duct tape. "How dare you f***ing idiots. Untie me now or I’ll have Coach remove all of you from the team. You -" Before he could say another word, he was shut up by tape again. And then, he saw it. A pair of scissors and clippers. Again, he tried his best to remove his hands from the tape, but it was no use. 3 people held him down to stop him from struggling as someone approached with the scissors. He couldn’t tell who, their stupid haircuts made them look the same. S**t. What he heard next sent chills down his spine. It was his stupid classmate Jack. "The fringe is mine. Yall can do whatever you want with the rest."

F***. No. He tried to scream. Nothing came out. Some grabbed him but the back of his head. He could hear the snip. And his neck was suddenly exposed. The chunk of hair cut was dangled in front of him before being dropped on the floor. More and more chunks were being cut off the back. Then he could feel his right ear being exposed. Then his left ear was exposed. All that was left now was the top and his fringe. Finally, Jack stepped in front of him, scissors in hand. By now, Charlie was just trying to hold back tears. Jack yanked him forward by his fringe, before sliding the open scissors under his fringe and to his forehead. 2 snips, and the room was bright again. Jack was looking satisfied holding his fringe in his hands. The rest of the team was laughing their ass off. And Charlie broke down, making the team laugh even louder. James took the clippers, placed it at Charlie’s forehead, and ran it back. Causing even more of his thick hair to fall. One by one, they took turns shaving Charlie’s hair, until there was nothing left. Just white scalp and forehead on tanned skin. Charlie had stopped sobbing by then and quietened down. Satisfied, they unbound him, before throwing him out the door. The teachers had all gone home. Charlie ran off before the team could do anything else, leaving the team to burst into another round of laughter.

It almost made the aftermath worth it. Almost. The entire team was given detention for a month while Charlie was absent for a week. They were all shaved to the bone, and not allowed to grow it out until competition season was over. By the time Charlie returned, his white scalp and forehead were tanned, and his buzz cut had grown out slightly, with a skin fade on the sides. His fanclub went crazy over it, with some fanboys even cutting their hair to follow him. Meanwhile the track team with their completely bald heads were mocked and laughed at. Most of them regretted it. But Jack was content. He kept Charlie’s fringe tied together in a drawer in his room, and fantasizes for the day he would be able to reach that length as well.

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