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I Love the Rain by Shant

One Saturday night while at the bar, it unexpectedly started raining really hard. The rain was so heavy you could barely see more than a few inches in front of you.

I was ready to go home, but kept putting it off, hoping the rain would let up a little, and I would be able to get to my car without getting totally soaked.

I eventually decided it didn’t look like the rain was going to let up any and I was just going to have to make a run for it. I ran out the door, and even though it was just a short distance to my car, I ended up dripping wet.

As I turned on my headlights and started backing out of the parking lot, I saw this young guy standing just a few feet from my car. He was wearing a trenchcoat, but had no covering at all on his head, and the rain was just relentlessly pouring down on him. I guess he was so soaked it no longer mattered. He certainly couldn’t get any wetter!

He stood looking down at his feet and seemed oblivious to how hard it was raining. I couldn’t see his face, but I could see he was a fairly young guy, probably in his early twenties. He looked about average size, but it was hard to tell due to the bulky trenchcoat.

Despite all the pouring rain and him being so drenched, you could still see he had a really gorgeous head of thick, long dark brown hair that was nearly to his shoulders. Even with it plastered to his head, you could see he had a tremendous amount of hair.

I thought maybe he was trying to make some money, because why would he be standing out in the rain like this, if not for any other reason?

I felt sorry for him, and was also really intrigued by all that hair he had. A great head of hair is a major turn on for me. I love it when I get the chance to play with a beautiful head of hair. I really don’t have a favorite color, but the thicker it is, and the more body it has, the more I want to run my hands through it.

If a guy has long hair and it has a slight wave to it, it is even more of a turn on for me. This guy seemed to have it all. On the spur of the moment, I rolled down my window and asked him if he would like to hop in and get out of the rain for awhile?

"Man, that would be really great! It’s been a slow night and it would be fantastic to get out of this rain! I’m just passing through on my way to the coast and it’s just my luck to get caught in the middle of a heavy rainstorm," he said as he got in my car.

He definitely was a very good looking young man. "This is certainly a night you don’t want to be stuck outside," I said. "My name is Mike, by the way. What’s yours?"

"I’m Ryan," he said. "I really appreciate you picking me up and letting me get out of the rain for awhile. I was hoping I could find a place to stay for the night but I’m starting to worry that I might get stuck out here all night long."

"I think we might be able to do something about that," I said, with a smile. "I tell you what, I’m going to drive around a bit while we talk, instead of sitting here in the parking lot. I get paranoid just sitting out here with the police driving by on a regular basis. I don’t like to risk attracting any unnecessary attention."

We rode around for awhile and Ryan seemed like a nice guy and he was certainly comfortable to be around. I could hardly keep myself from not wanting to reach over and run my hands through his hair. It was even more beautiful than I thought it would be.

I kind of knew where the conversation was heading, and it did not surprise me when he said, "I know that this is extremely forward, but is there any chance you might be looking for a good time and would be interested in having company for the evening?"

"I’m pretty adventurous and open minded. Not much surprises me and I’m usually up for just about anything, as long as it is safe. You’re a good looking man, and it would be a hell of a lot more fun playing with you, than standing out in this rain all night. If I’m way off base here, please don’t be offended."

I told him I would definitely enjoy some company. The town I lived in was small and rarely did I get the chance to hook up with someone, especially someone as good looking as this guy was. Usually if I wanted to have some fun, it meant driving 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours to one of the closest, nearby cities.

"So, what kind of things are you interested in?" he asked. "Any special things you really like to do?"

"I’m all up for getting together and playing," I replied. "I’m pretty much like you. I’m up for a good time and like to be adventurous and am willing to try different things. If you’re into role playing, I even enjoy that too, as long as I’m with the right person."

"If I’m comfortable around a guy, I’m up for really, just about anything. I like being, I guess what you would call "playful." I actually prefer the word, "frisky," myself. I’m not at all shy about being aggressive or passive. It all just depends on the person I am with and what we are both comfortable doing. Being totally uninhibited with someone is really great. It’s not often I get lucky enough to meet someone like that, but when I do, it usually results in a really hot time."

"Being totally up front with you, I’m really turned on by great hair and I would love to get to play with yours. It really is something to see, even with it all dripping wet. I’d love to comb it and brush it and see how it would look. You seem to have a massive head of hair there and it would really be awesome to get my hands in it. Would that be okay with you, or is that a little too strange?"

Ryan smiled when I said that and said he would really enjoy having me play with his hair. "I’m really attracted by great hair, too. I love my hair and nothing turns me on more than having someone play with it. Mine has gotten a little long, but that makes me enjoy it even more."

"You’ve got a nice head of hair there, yourself, and I’d love to play with your hair too, if you would like," Ryan said. "If you do, I bet we would have a wild time just playing with each other’s fantastic manes, especially now knowing how much we each love our hair! It would be a total rush playing together. Who knows what things it could lead too, if we started out doing that?"

I knew I was fortunate to have a good head of hair. I had just turned 40. My hair was a dark, chestnut color and did not have any gray in it. I was lucky, my hairline had not receeded at all. I had my hair tapered above the ears on the sides and back and left the top about four inches long, which I brushed with a slight part on the left, and then brushed it all straight up and towards the back. It stood up almost to its full heighth without any help at all, and it really did look very thick and full. I was always getting compliments about how great my hair looked and how lucky I was that at 40, I still had such beautiful hair.

I also knew how vain I was about my hair, but I couldn’t help myself. I could spend hours in front of a mirror brushing my hair. I loved running my hands through it, over and over again, all the time telling myself how awesome it was. It’s length and thickness turned me on if I spent too much time admiring it. I could get aroused just running my hands through my hair and looking at it from all different sides.

The only thing I loved more than how much I loved my own hair, was getting to play with another guy’s great hair. The longer and thicker it was, the better!

I couldn’t wait to get home. I was super psyched, thinking of the fun evening that might be ahead. We got to my house and dried off. I had Ryan sit in a chair facing a large mirror and took a towel and dried his hair a bit more. I left it a little wet because I couldn’t wait to comb it and see all his beautiful locks fall perfectly into place. He had the wavy hair that I loved so much and I was eager to begin playing with it.

I took a wide toothed comb and combed all his long, fantastic hair on the top and sides straight back. The top was easily six inches long and the sides and back were at least three or four.

"Man, you really do have an awesome head of hair," I said to him. "I get charged up just running my hands through it. It is a real turn on seeing all those beautiful curls you have and then brushing them back and seeing them fall into such wonderful waves."

"I think a guy that has a really full head of hair with a slight wave to it, is a lot more sexy than the guy who has hair that is perfectly straight. With the curls you have, you can comb them back, and it can look different every time you do."

"I totally understand why you are so in love with your hair. It really is awesome! It’s so thick and the texture is so great! Hardly anyone has hair as nice as yours. I wish you lived here so I could play with it all the time."

"What’s going on here in the back though?" I asked. "It seems like a huge chunk is missing and is so much shorter than all the rest?"

"I was getting tired of dealing with all my long hair and just got fed up with it. I had a few too many beers one night and pulled it all back into a ponytail and had a friend chop it off for me."

"Big mistake! I figured it wouldn’t look all that bad, and that he would be able to just blend the sides in a little and it would be fine, but he was so freaked out by how horrible it looked, he refused to cut it any more. He said he knew he would never be able to blend the sides together and that it would end up looking even worse than it already did."

"When I looked in the mirror, I realized he was right and I could not believe what I had done to my hair! I love my hair more than anything else, and couldn’t believe what I had done to it! I should have known you don’t just do something stupid like chop off a huge chunk of it and think it would look alright."

"In order for it to look good again, I knew I was going to have to go to a barber shop and get a real haircut. It’s been years since I have done that. Cash has been pretty tight due to traveling lately and I have just kept putting off getting it cut, not wanting to spend the money. I just try not to think about it, and I never look at the back. I hope it won’t take too long before it grows out enough so that it will start to blend in together and will look better," Ryan said.

"Well, it definitely is pretty ragged back here," I said, as I continued brushing his hair and running my hands through it over and over again. I just couldn’t get enough of it! The front of my jeans were dripping wet and it was not from the rain!

If you’re into hair, usually one of your greatest desires is to cut a guy that has long, wonderful hair down short. Cutting a guy’s awesome mane totally off is definitely one of my greatest fantasies and is probably something I will never get to do.

I also enjoy just getting to play with great hair, brushing it, running my hands through it over and over again, tugging on it, doing whatever I want with it, especially if I know the guy is enjoying what I am doing.

If I met a guy with great hair and he was willing to let me cut it, I would first ask if he was just passing through or did he live here? If he were passing through, and I knew that I probably would never see him again, I would want to cut his hair as short as he would let me cut it.

If he lived in the area and there was the possibility of seeing him again, I knew I would rather enjoy his long beautiful hair more often, as opposed to cutting it all off at once. Cutting long hair off may be the ultimate fantasy, but it’s just for one night only, and that’s it. Getting to play with great hair over and over again, is definitely so much better.

I felt pretty certain if I played it right that Ryan would at least let me trim the back of his hair for him. That would require taking off a couple inches from the sides and back and would really be great fun to do. I had not cut anyone’s hair in a long time and was practically salivating at the thought of taking my scissors to his awesome mane.

He had mentioned earlier that money was tight, and I knew I would gladly pay almost any amount, if he would let me give him a haircut. I even thought I might be able to persuade him to let me cut it even shorter, if I were willing to pay him enough.

"I started out as a barber and cut hair for over six years, before changing to the job I have now," I said. "I always enjoyed cutting a good head of hair. I’d be glad to even up the back for you, if you’d like, so that it doesn’t look so ragged. I know that I can definitely make it look a whole lot better than it does now."

"Hell, your hair is so beautiful that I would pay you if you would let me give you a haircut! With that incredible mane you have, instead of just a trim, I would love to give you a really sharp looking haircut. I know it would really look fantastic. What would you say to that?"

"Seriously, you’d pay me to cut my hair?" he said. "How much would you pay to cut my hair?"

"That would all depend on how short you would be willing to get it cut," I said. "You have such thick hair that it will look great however you cut it. Have you worn it the way it is now for a long time?" I asked.

"It’s been at least a couple of years since I have had much shorter hair than it is now. The longer I grow it out, the more I love it!" he said.

"I definitely would like to have you blend in the back for me, though, and get it to look even again. I realize an inch or two will probably have to come off to make it look good, but I’m okay with that. I guess it’s the price I have to pay for doing something so stupid to my hair!"

"How about if you even up the back for me and I can then see how it looks? I don’t know if I really want to go any shorter than that, but if I like it, I might have you take a little more off."

"It’s been so long since I have had short hair that I’m worried if it will look good or not, but I could really use the extra money. I guess I really do have a lot of hair, though, and could part with a little more than you just blending it in. It probably wouldn’t be all that big a deal if I had you take a little more off."

That was exactly what I was hoping to hear. I told Ryan how much I would be willing to pay to cut his hair each time and he felt that I was being more than generous. Little did he know that this was just the beginning of my plan to cut off so much of his luscious locks!

"What I am paying you now will be just for evening up the back and sides," I said. "If you decide to then go shorter, I’ll pay you the same amount again. Each time we cut it, I’ll pay you the same amount again. You can make as much extra money as you want. It all depends on how short you would be willing to cut your hair."

"That really sounds great!" Ryan said. "I really don’t think that I would want to get very much more cut off though. I probably would just have you trim it again for me."

"That’s fine too. Once I’ve finished cutting it though, you may end up liking it so much that you might want me to cut it again. I’ve had that happen before with guys that have good hair. I think it surprises them once they start seeing all the different ways they can wear their hair if it is shorter, especially after wearing it long for years."

"Once it’s really long, about the only way you can wear it is tied back in a ponytail, which really doesn’t show it off all that much. If your hair has great texture and body, you can really create some great looking hairstyles with it being shorter."

"A guy that really loves his hair will quickly realize how much he will enjoy combing his hair as many ways as he can and then seeing all the different ways it can look. He’ll have a lot more fun getting to do that as opposed to just brushing it back into the ponytail that he has worn forever."

"When was the last time you had a really short haircut? I’d love to run my hands through your long beautiful hair and grab a handful of those gorgeous curls and slowly cut them off! It would be a rush having you face the mirror and watching all your pretty hair falling to the floor! Like I said, I really am into great hair!"

"I don’t want you to get freaked out or anything by what I just said. I’m totally harmless! I’m just really excited about getting to play with your hair. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to run my hands through such beautiful long hair. It’s one of my favorite all time fantasies!"

"I want you to understand it’s totally up to you how short you would let me cut your hair. I promise I won’t cut it any shorter than you want. I would never do anything you didn’t want me to do because you seem like a really nice guy and I’m so thankful that you and I are doing this! I rarely get the chance to play with such a wonderful mane as yours. Being totally honest, though, it would be a really huge rush to see you with such a different type haircut. I think you would really look hot with shorter hair!"

"Man, I’m not sure about that," he said. "Having some extra money would really help me out though. Getting rid of this mess in the back and getting paid to have it looking good again, would also be great."

"Feel up for a little role playing?" I asked. "I’d enjoy having you be my boy and letting me be totally in charge. All that beautiful hair of yours will be mine to do whatever I want with it. Just the thought of playing with all your hair and telling you that I am going to cut it all off gets me excited."

"If you agreed to be my boy, we could really have some hot scenes with me telling you all the things I would do to that precious mane of yours! Your hair is so awesome that it totally blows me away! I don’t think I could get any more turned on than I am right now!"

"I give you my word I won’t cut your hair any shorter than we agree upon. I just get turned on thinking about all the "trash" talk we can have, and playing out some fantasies I think we both might have!"

"I have always fantasized about being with a really handsome young guy and getting to act out some of the things I have always wanted to do. You definitely are the handsome guy that I have always hoped to find! It would be great fun just pretending what we would do if you were my boy, and I was totally in charge."

"Again, I want you to completely understand that we wouldn’t really do the things we say we were going to do. Even though we’re only pretending, just getting to tell someone all the things I want to do to their beautiful hair, makes me horny as hell!"

"Actually that sounds like a lot of fun and would be a real turn on for me, as well. I have always fantasized about being submissive with an older guy, especially one that really turns me on, and you definitely do that! I’m really glad it was raining, or we probably never would have met, and this night would have never happened."

"I hope you don’t think that I’m being too arrogant," Ryan said. "But let’s be honest, here. We both know that we are good looking men and we both know we have really great hair that we both really love. Who would have guessed though, that we also shared the same fantasies? Maybe a lot of guys that have really great hair think about getting someone to cut it off for them. I don’t know, because you’re the first guy that I’ve ever opened up to about this, and I love it that I’m getting to do this, and I’m having such a great time!"

"I’ve never said this to anyone before, but I’d really get a big charge out of you being aggressive with me. Go ahead and treat me like I’m your boy. Say whatever you want to me. Tell me that I’ve been bad and you’re going to punish me and cut all my beautiful locks off!"

"Be a little rough with my hair if you want. Run your hands through it, and pull on it while you threaten to cut it all off! Tell me you are going to buzz my head because I have been so vain about my pretty hair and you are not going to let me have it anymore! I would love to play like that. It will be unbelievable getting to act out one of my greatest fantasies too!"

"As long as I know you won’t really cut off my hair and we are just pretending, we can play as much as you want and you can say whatever you want to me. I also would love to do the same thing with you. I feel comfortable around you and feel I can totally trust you. I know we’ll have a really hot time!"

My plan was to first just trim his hair and get it looking good again and then get him to agree to a second haircut. The second haircut was when I planned to start being more aggressive in our role playing. The first cut, I just wanted him to relax and feel confident that he could trust me.

I began the haircut at the butchered back. I combed it all back and then started taking a lock at a time, cutting it down so that his hair was now all the same length and blended in together. This meant taking off a little more than an inch of his hair. When I finished the back, you could no longer see where it had all been chopped off and it now all blended in together.

After finishing the chopped area, I started working my way forward, blending in the sides and back, taking off a little more than an inch again. I then took off about the same amount on top. This still left him with plenty of hair to comb the way he did before I started his haircut, but it now looked so much better.

When I finished, Ryan said he really liked the way the haircut had turned out and was so happy that the back no longer looked like such a wreck.

I continued brushing and playing with his hair long after I had finished the haircut. It was evident he was happy with how the haircut had turned out and how much he liked the way it now looked. It surprised him that getting his hair cut a little shorter really did show off his hair more and actually looked much better than he had thought it would. I was fairly certain he was almost ready to go shorter and let me cut it again.

"So, what do you think? Do you want me to cut your hair shorter? If you do, I will pay you as much as I did for the first haircut. This time, I’d like to taper the sides and back above the ears and leave most of the length on top. I want you to keep all that thick beautiful, wavy hair on top, so I can continue playing with it."

"Go ahead and do it!" Ryan said. He seemed really excited about getting his hair cut shorter. He actually seemed eager for me to cut it.

"Give me the haircut you just described! It’s been a long time since I’ve had short hair but you have convinced me it will look good. I can’t wait to see how different it is going to look with the sides and back tapered down short and still having my curls on top! It’s been such a long time since my hair has been cut anywhere near that short."

"I’m so turned on right now that I don’t want this evening to end! I wish my hair was a lot longer so you could just keep cutting it shorter and shorter all night long. I’m positive that once you finish cutting it, that I will end up with a sharp looking haircut!"

The second cut was going to be the start of what I hoped would be the beginning of a wild night! I’d love to give him three or four haircuts if he would let me, each time resulting with him having a totally different look. I didn’t care what it would cost! I knew that I would probably never get an opportunity to do something like this ever again and I was going to take advantage of it!

I’d gladly pay Ryan whatever he wanted if he were willing to let me do that, and I think that it might possibly just happen! I had never done anything as wild as this before and the thought that I might get to do what I had always fantasized about, was totally intoxicating!

I placed the #2 guard on my clippers. I started at the bottom of his left sideburn and ran them up the side until they were about two inches above the top of his ears. This would still leave him more than an inch on the sides, which I would then blend into the top.

I ran the clippers up the back of his head. He had so much beautiful hair coming off! Waves and waves were falling to his shoulders and then onto the floor! I could see in the mirror that he was really enjoying watching his hair being cut, which made me want to keep cutting it even more.

I took less than an inch off the top and then blended it into the sides and back. With the sides and back now shorter, his hair on top stood out even more and looked even more awesome!

He still had a huge mop on top that was all thick, gorgeous curls. He really did look striking and would easily stand out in a crowd, definitely more than he ever did with the long hair he had before the haircuts began.

As soon as I finished the second haircut, Ryan surprised me by immediately saying, "I’m loving this, and I’m having such a great time! I’m really surprised by how much I like my hair shorter each time you cut it. Would you want to cut it again? How short would my hair be if you gave me another haircut?"

"I could stand here all night and cut your hair as many times as you will let me," I said. "I can’t tell you what a rush this has been for me, too! Your hair really does look great shorter. It actually shows it off even better than when it was long."

"For the next haircut, I would like to taper up the sides and back just a little bit more. So little will actually come off, that you will hardly notice it. What I really want to do this time is to cut that top and get my hands on those curls of yours! I’d like to see about half of them come off!"

"You’ll still end up with about three inches on top, which will leave you plenty to brush back and run your hands through and continue to play with."

"Go ahead and do it!" he said. "I really want to see you do that! I doubt that I would want it to be any shorter than that though, but I’m liking the way it looks the more and more I look at it. If I do end up liking it, and if I can get up my nerve enough, I might decide to have you cut it even shorter."

"I never thought I would want to have my hair this short ever again, but I think it really looks great and it looks so different! It has looked the same way for so long that I'm really into how different you can make it look! Right now, I’m really eager to see how it will look when it’s even shorter!"

The third haircut was not going to take all that long because all I basically had to do was take about half the length off the top. I stood behind him, brushed his hair all back again and took my scissors and then, lock by lock, lifted each curl up and took off almost another two inches. This still left Ryan with about three inches on top, plenty long enough for him to brush back and a lot more than enough for me to give him the flattop that I hoped I could convince him to let me give him.

I continued to brush his hair some more, enjoying how thick and soft it was. The shorter curls still left me so hot that I didn’t know how much longer I would be able to contain myself.

Ryan had said if he liked the haircut I was just finishing, he might let me cut his hair one more time. I could easily tell he liked the haircut and I hoped I was going to give him another one. He looked so different not having mounds of curls atop his head, but even then, he still had quite a bit of hair left.

I decided it was time to go for it and try to get Ryan to let me cut his hair one last time. I just had to give him a flattop! He didn’t know that was the haircut I had in mind, but he soon would! I would bet anything that he had never had a flattop in his life! I didn’t care how much it might cost me. I was going to make it happen!

"So, how do you like this haircut?" I asked, as I brushed his hair all straight up and back with no part at all. "Look how great your hair stands up! Man, it is so thick! You really have fantastic hair no matter what length it is! Come on and let me cut it one more time. I know exactly the haircut I want to give you!" I said.

Ryan was enjoying himself so much that he didn’t even hesitate about me cutting his hair again. "I’m being serious now, and I’m telling you that I want you to cut my hair however you really want to cut it!" he said. "Let’s keep on playing that I am your boy, though. I’m really enjoying that too!"

"I really mean it about my hair! Do whatever you want with it! I don’t want you to shave it all off or give me some weird looking haircut, but other than that, go ahead and give me the haircut you have fantasized about giving someone. Completely live out your fantasy with me! I'm definitely as turned on as you are!"

"This is the wildest time I have ever had!" he said. "I’ve fantasized about this happening forever, but thought that it never would! I can’t believe how much I really like my hair short! Let’s go for it! I want you to do whatever you want!" Both of us had huge smiles on our faces and also, huge bulges in our pants!

"So, you want to be my boy do you?" I said, as I ran my hands through his hair. "If that’s what you want to do, then I’m going to cut all these curls of yours off! No more pretty boy hair for you! No sir, you are going to lose all of it! I’m going to just grab handfuls of your beautiful locks and chop them off! I want you to watch me take that awesome hair of yours down to almost nothing! You’re going to end up looking like a real stud when I am done. That’s the way my boy has to look. No more girlie hair for you! It’s time for you to start looking like a real man!"

"I’m going to finish your haircut by squaring up the sides and back and then blending it into the hair on top. I’m going to brush all your thick, beautiful hair on top back and make it stand up as high as I can. Then I’m going to take my clippers and give you a flattop! I bet you’ve never had a flattop before, have you? No, I’m sure you have never had enough nerve to cut all your pretty hair off. You love that hair of yours way too much! Well, you’re going to get a flattop now! I’m not going to give you a short, military flattop, but a longer one. I’m going to leave the front just long enough so that you can brush it back. The rest of the top is going to be shorter and is going to be standing up perfectly straight."

"You are going to look amazingly hot! You are so handsome that I might never let you leave here, and have you stay, and have you really be my boy! I’d love to watch you grow out that pretty hair of yours, knowing that it is mine to do whatever I want with. I would want you to grow those awesome curls back again so that I could run my hands through them and play with them again."

"I know you really want me to cut all your pretty hair off, don’t you, boy? You’ll really get turned on watching me cut that awesome mane of yours down to almost nothing! You’ve fantasized about having someone do this for a long time, haven’t you?"

"Well, the time has come, and it’s going to happen! Do you want me to go ahead and do it? Ready to have your first flattop?" I asked, as I firmly grabbed ahold of his hair. "Tell me to go ahead and cut your hair off! I want you to say, "Please Sir, cut all my hair off! I want it all gone!"

"Oh man, that sounds really intense!" Ryan said. "I’m so turned on just thinking about you doing that to me! I’ve only ever fantasized about getting my hair cut down to almost nothing! I’ve thought about it often, but have never seriously considered doing it!"

"I’ve certainly never had a flattop before, but I’ve always wondered if I would look good if I got one. I’ve always been too afraid to ever go ahead and actually do something that dramatic. The thought of getting all my great hair cut off has always scared the living daylights out of me! I have always loved my hair so much that I couldn’t imagine ever parting with it! I know how vain that sounds, but I know you understand."

"I’ve had several barbers tell me that I have the perfect hair for a flattop and they thought it would really look fantastic, but I was always afraid that all they really wanted to do was get me in their chair and cut all my hair off! I trust you though. I know that you would want my hair to look as good as it possibly could. What do you think? Should I do it? Should I get up the nerve and go for it and let you give me a flattop? Yes!!! Go ahead and do it! Please Sir. Give me a flattop! Cut off all my beautiful hair!"

I just kept smiling as I continued brushing his hair and didn’t say a word. I couldn’t wait to do this next cut. All the remaining curls he had were going to be cut almost completely off! The sides were already about as short as I wanted them to be. I only had to square it up on top.

I dampened his hair a little and then used a little styling gel and then took my hair dryer and vigorously brushed his remaining hair all straight up and back. His hair stood up so high and you could tell by how thick and full it was, that it was going to stay perfectly in place. I found myself getting more and more aroused at the thought of cutting down his remaining hair on top.

I took my clippers and placed them at the center of his forehead and ran them straight back to the crown. I did this all over the top, leaving it just under an inch at the back, near the crown, and a little over an inch long in the front.

When I finished and stood back to look at it, I could not believe how great he looked! You would not have recognized him as the guy you had seen earlier in the evening. Striking was the first word that came to my mind. He was a natural for a flattop! He had one of the best looking flattops I had ever seen! Ryan was totally in awe of how different he looked! His hair had never been this short, but he loved how sharp he felt it made him look and feel.

For many years, he had been so afraid about cutting his hair, but he didn’t regret doing this at all. "I wish I had gotten up the nerve to do this a long time ago," he said. "I’m glad I didn’t though, because then tonight probably would not have happened, and believe me, this is a night I am never going to forget!"

I thought we would now be heading to my bedroom to finish the really amazing evening we had just had. Ryan, however, surprised me by saying, "Now that you have finished cutting my hair and have lived out one of your all time fantasies, I think it’s only fair for me to get to do the same."

"I want to switch roles and have you sit in the barber chair and let me play with that gorgeous hair of yours! All evening long I have been thinking about how much I was going to enjoy getting to play with that mane! It really is a fantastic looking head of hair!"

I didn’t hesitate at all and sat down in the chair, looking forward to Ryan playing with my hair. It had been a long time since anyone had done that. I had planned on getting my hair cut this past week, but I was glad that I hadn’t, so that he had more hair to play with.

"I think you might be in need of a haircut yourself!" he said, as he ran his fingers through my hair. "Maybe I’ll give you one! I bet it’s been a long time since you’ve had your hair much shorter than it is now."

"Your hair is thick and full, just like mine, and stands up so great already! I am going to enjoy cutting about half of it off! I bet just thinking about that really turns you on, doesn’t it? You’d love it if I just manhandled that beautiful hair of yours! When’s the last time you had someone play with your pretty hair? Have you ever let someone cut it before that wasn’t a barber?"

I turned to Ryan and said, "Do whatever you want. Just leave my hair long enough so that I can still comb it and look presentable when I go to work."

"You’re right though. The thought of you playing with my hair and cutting it is such a great turn on! I’ve had guys play with my hair, but I’ve never had anyone cut it! Like you, I’ve thought about it many times, but have never actually done it. I just knew that I needed to wait and find the right person. I can’t wait for you to do whatever you want to my hair!"

I couldn’t believe that I was going to actually go through with this and let this young guy I had just met, cut my hair. My hair was my pride and joy, and secretly, I was proud of how great it looked and loved how many compliments I was always getting. And now, here I was, actually going to let Ryan cut my hair! I had no idea how it was going to end up looking, and right at that moment, I didn’t even care!

Ryan had the biggest smile on his face as he picked up the scissors and moved towards me. He combed my hair into place and then played with it, running his hands all through it, all the while telling me how much he loved my hair and how much it turned him on.

He then picked up a long lock, and said, "Now what shall we do with all this pretty hair here? If I can’t have long hair, then I don’t think my daddy should have long hair either! I think I should give you the same haircut you gave me! Does that turn you on and get you excited too?" he said as he put the scissors near my ear, so I could hear the sound of them opening and closing.

I shuddered, wondering how I was going to look the next morning, but knew that regardless of how this haircut turned out, it was going to be worth it! What the hell, it would always grow back! I also wondered if Ryan would be heading back from the coast any time soon?

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