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Franks Self Control Slips by P.J.

Franks self control slips
I knew the second I laid eyes on him as he walked thru the shop door. He was going to leave with a lot less hair than he had now.

"Good afternoon son" I said pleasantly, giving him a disarming smile.

"You've come at a good time, you won't have to wait" I said patting the back of the red leather and chrome chair expectantly.
He gave a small smile back, turning a light shade of pink. "Ahem, ah, good afternoon sir" He replied.
He reluctantly proceeded to the chair and gingerly sat in it, keeping to the edge of the seat.

"Ah, son, relax now I said, sit all the way back and sit up straight please." I could feel my pulse increase as he slid towards me. I got a close up of his lush locks. I gauged him to be mid twenties. His thick chestnut locks were a bit below his collar in back, ears just completely covered nicely, and a gorgeous thick shank of bangs, creating an arch from side to side over his face. What I knew as a good 'ol fashioned delta swoop. Hugely overgrown of course, and a bit out of fashion too. The lush side bangs hung low over his left ear, then the long bangs arched across his forehead, almost covering his right ear. I could feel a serious case of clipper lust taking over. I was fighting with myself as to whether or not to just go with it, or exercise at least some restraint. I supposed I should at least find out what the young lad had in mind before I sheared him.

I quickly got a sterri strip around his neck, and fastened a fresh cape around it quickly after.
"So, young man, " I said, retrieving a comb from the ever present blue goo jar, wiping it dry on my trusty towel. "It would appear that you haven't been under a cape for quite some time now, am I right?"

I started at his crown and proceeded to comb the thick heavy bang mop straight down in front. I was excited to see exactly what I had to work with. Thick heavy chestnut locks fell straight down, Oh, my, I thought to myself as they extended below even his chin. I could feel my self control slipping as I combed.

"Well, um, sir," the lad said, squirming a bit in the chair. "I just need a bit of a tidy up sir. My fringe is getting a bit long, even for me sir. If you could just give me a good trim up that would do fine sir."

He was clearly nervous as I proceeded to comb the rest of his plush well cared for chestnut locks straight down all around.
"Hmm, yes, I'd say you are in definite need of a good trim up son." I knew I'd have to walk a delicate line here in order to shear a maximum amount of the bulk off, and not have a hostile client on my hands.

"I think taking some length and a bit of the bulk off of the sides and back would suit you nicely, We should probably take a few inches off of the fringe too."
He gasped audibly at the suggestion of reducing his fringe length drastically. "Oh, sir, I rather like the long fringe sir. I was thinking just an inch or two sir, maybe just above my chin?"
I'd already determined pretty much how I was going to cut all of it but didn't want to divulge details to him. I wanted him to be surprised at the result.
"Do you want to keep the same general style son?" I asked. "Or did you have anything different in mind?. A nice Princeton, or a smart short back and sides perhaps?" ( No harm in asking, right?)
This elicited another much deeper gasp from the lad. "Oh, no sir, I think a trim up will do just fine sir, please. Although it's not popular anymore, I quite like this style sir."
"Very well son" I said, turning the chair away from the big mirror, glancing at the clock, noticing it was just ticking past closing time. "Excuse me just a minute son" I chirped. I walked to the door and clicked the lock, flipping the sign over, and pulling the shade. I definitely did not want to be disturbed for this haircut. Returning to the chair I smiled disarmingly and said, "Sorry, but If I don't do that, sometimes I'll never get out of here."

"No worries sir," he replied. " I completely understand".

I reached for my trusty Osters, snapping a #2 guard on and combed the plush locks down over his left ear for the last time.
"Now then, let's get started shall we" I flicked the clippers on, swiftly sliding the comb under, and lifting the thick bulk up to gain access to his bushy sideburn and quickly carving up and around the front of his ear, leaving some bulk up near the ridge line. I could feel him give a sharp intake of breath, but he remained quiet. I lifted the thick flap hanging just behind his left ear now and deftly removed the rest of the bulk over his ear, tapering above it again. The thick pad of hair hit his shoulder and tumbled down into his lap to join the first bit. His thick bang shank was still covering his face so I was reasonably sure he couldn't see much, if anything at the moment. Surely he must have felt the heavy bulk land squarely in his lap though, hmm.

Emboldened by his silence, I pushed his head down, sliding the comb in under the plush thick locks hanging from his nape, and quickly dispatched another generous handful of bulk to the cape, stopping around his occipital bone for the moment. Still no protest from the young lad about the frightfully short "trim" he was receiving. I loved the look of the short stubby chestnut bristles appearing below the clippers as the plush locks were severed and slid away. There was something invigorating about giving an unwanted shearing. This was shaping up to be a good one too.
I decided to engage him in a bit of conversation, hopefully further distracting him from removal of his lush locks.

"There now lad, this is shaping up quite nicely." I chirped. I'll just finish trimming up the back and the other side, then we can move on to your fringe and you'll be done."
"Sir, I can feel that you're removing quite a bit from the back and sides. Much more than we discussed sir. I was hoping for a nice trim. It would seem that you're intent on giving me a bit more of a severe pruning sir. I was hoping to give you a generous tip for allowing me to keep my hair as I liked. Even though I can't see it at the moment, I can fell that that is surely not going to be the case is it sir?"

Drat, I hate being found out before I can complete a surprise shearing. I thought I was moving quick enough.
I made another quick pass up the back while replying. "Nonsense son, we're just sharpening up the taper in the back here and around your ears. It had become quite overgrown." I realized I was going to now have to leave most of the upper sides and back on the longer side, instead of my planned major removal using scissors and comb.

The lad replied rather sharply. "I must admit sir, I expected you to take scissors and comb to the back and sides, not clippers. After your first frightfully short pass up the side, in front of my ear. I realized all was lost sir. If my hands, resting in my lap below the cape are any gage at all, I feel quite a bit of hair resting on the cape above them. I can feel the cool air on the lower part of my head. I can only conclude that I'm all but bald on the lower half of my head now sir. Is that correct?"

I continued shearing the rest of the back, coming around to his right side. Handfuls of severed locks adding to the growing pile in his lap."Not at all son" I replied patiently. I've only just done a smart taper on the lower half. Starting with a #2, and getting progressively longer to meet the upper sides and back. "I'll only do a bit of scissor work to blend the upper and lower." I knew I dared not show him, or worse, run my hand up the back from his nape, and give away the game.

"I would suggest sir, that if you have expectations of getting paid at all for your handiwork, you'll keep the scissor work on the back and sides to a minimum. Do we have an understanding sir?" He replied curtly. I'd rather not think of myself as a charity case for you to indulge your heavy handedness on if possible."

Wow, I thought. I'd never been rebuked so smoothly, yet so sharply, by such a young man. I was a bit irked at being found out. I toyed for just a moment to give it up and go back over what I'd just finished, this time continuing on up to the crown and ridges, removing everything. That thought passed quickly however. I realized I didn't want to end the day with an angry confrontation and a non paying customer. Just for a little self indulgent fun.

"Now son, I realize that it might be a bit shorter than you anticipated, but there is still a goodly length on the sides, while being neat and sharp along the bottom. I will surely keep the further trimming of the sides and back to a minimum, as you've requested. I can assure you, my intentions were honorable as to the length I've removed. It's quite a normal amount to be sure. I had hoped you'd appreciate the crispness of the result, but I see I've provoked your displeasure. I've no wish for you to feel you are a charity case son."
" See that you trim lightly from this point on sir, please" He replied curtly.

I realized I'd misjudged hm for one of those young lads who didn't pay attention to what was going on while they were in the chair, letting their mind wander after a vague description of what they wanted for a cut. This lad was acutely attuned to what I was doing."

" I did a fair amount of blending on the upper sides and back into the freshly sheared lower portion. Far less than I'd intended though. I had also planned on a good amount of thinning to further reduce it. I would have to forgo that altogether unless I wanted to incur further wrath.

I trimmed the edges with the peanut clippers, admiring my handiwork. It did look good, just nowhere near as short as I'd first intended. Now to see just how much I could successfully reduce the bang length, and the bulk of it on top and in front. I also quickly realized that in my haste to wield the clippers, I hadn't even ascertained the clients name. Shame on me.
As I came around the front of him I said " by the way lad, what 's your name?"
He replied "Mark , sir."

"Well then Mark, seems all we've left to address are these over long bangs lad." I pulled the comb through them, combing all straight down over his face once more. I almost groaned as I felt the heavy plush thickness. I noticed they were quite blunted on the ends too. "By any chance, have you had a go at these yourself now Mark?"

"Why yes sir" He replied quietly. "Only to address the split ends though sir. I like to keep it nice sir. That's why I'd come in sir. I didn't feel comfortable trimming the rest myself. I received rather more than I bargained for in that department now though didn't I sir." He replied a bit more brusquely.
"Well now Mark, maybe a wee bit more, but it looks quite handsome lad."

"A barbers version of handsome isn't what I was going for sir, sorry."

This wasn't going where I wanted it to at all, so I decided to be direct this time. "Now then, I'm thinking that with the length on the back and sides, trimming about this much off the fringe would do quite nicely." I indicated a small measure above his eye brows. Intending to give the fringe a steep angle.

"I see sir, I guess I'll be getting that charity cut after all then?" Mark replied, quite tersely. "If you expect any form of payment for this unwanted shearing, I'd suggest you go no shorter than the tip of my nose, sir!"

Seizing the opportunity, I quickly snipped my way across just above the tip of his nose. 4 inches of thick locks fell away, adding to the sizeable pile in his lap. I quickly combed the remaining bulk over to the side.

"Now then, there's what you asked for Mark" I replied matter of factly. " All that remains is a bit of thinning on the top for it to lay better, and some judicious blending along the ridge lines. Personally, I'd shorten it a bit more, say perhaps to the bridge of your nose, given the length on the sides. It would lay much better.
Mark gave a disgusted sigh. "Well sir, if you'd done as requested, and left the sides longer, this would be quite sufficient. You'll not be blending anything along the sides either sir. I prefer a heavy weight line there and complete disconnect. There'll be no thinning either, understood? I prefer a thicker more edgy look to the fringe. The whole of the cut was supposed to be more edgy , less prim and proper, too sir. But that's all water under the bridge now isn't it?"
"Err, yes, I suppose so lad" I replied quietly.

"I suppose to keep it somewhat in proportion, the fringe could come up just a smidge more sir. He replied dejectedly. "and are you familiar with the difference between thinning and texturizing at all sir?"

"Well, yes, why" I replied.

I suppose with this greatly shortened length that a bit of texturizing, a small bit mind you, could be done up top. Do not go near the edges though understand sir?"

"MMM, yes, of course" I replied. I had several pairs of texturizing shears. Fine to heavy.
First I shortened his fringe as requested. Then, choosing the texturizing shears that would leave a thick heavy texture, I quickly did just a bit along the lower edge, before he could protest. Then a quick once through on the top.
"Now then Mark" I said, running the comb through the fringe one last time. "Shall I leave the styling to you, or do you have a specific product and style in mind?"

His hands emerged from beneath the cape. He ran his hands over his shorn hair and fluffed through the shorter fringe, pushing it to the side. It immediately slid back across his face, the parting side sliding off the edge and giving the classic Delta swoop effect. Only now with it shorter, it covered his eyes.
"Sir, he barked in frustration, please turn me to face the mirrors!"

I slowly spun the chair. As I did so, he twitched his neck turning his head to the side, attempting to flick his bangs to the side.
"Ugh, as I suspected, frightfully short, now they won't stay over to the side without some sort of product to assist. Really sir, I am inclined to become charity case , given this debacle of a 'Trim' sir!"

I tried to salvage my fee. "Now Mark, while it might be a bit shorter than you were expecting, I think we can make it work. Sit tight here and let me try a bit of Matte finish crème to help hold the fringe for you."

I reached in a drawer and found the correct tin. Extracting a small amount, I warmed it rubbing my palms and finger tips together for a minute. Then I gently lifted his fringe and worked the product thoroughly through. I combed the fringe to the side. There was just enough hold to prevent it from sliding down all the way into his eyes.
"There now, I believe that's what you were going for, Yes?" I said, nodding at him.

"Well, I guess that's the best we're going to do for the next couple of months, until this grows back out sufficiently."

Instead of feeling victorious that I'd executed a successful unwanted shearing, I felt as though I'd just gone three rounds in the ring with a prize fighter. He'd certainly conveyed his extreme displeasure without ever raising his voice.

"Are we finished then sir?" Mark asked.

I believe so Mark, I replied, plucking my brush from its hook and giving him a quick brush down.
Unsnapping the cape, I removed it quickly so as not to attract attention to the large amount of hair on it. Unsuccessfully I found out quickly.
"What a pity sir" Mark said, noticing the large pile of hair sliding to the floor next to the chair. "I'd intended for most of that to remain on my head sir. Gone with that forlorn pile is any chance of a tip you might have earned."

"I believe you charge $15 for a cut , correct sir?" Mark intoned.

I'd originally intended not to charge him, as I knew I'd be taking great advantage of him for my own pleasure but, seeing how it all turned out, and he was still offering payment, I said, "Yes, that's correct" Taking the proffered bills from his extended hand.

As he made his way to the door he stated " I am sorry that this wasn't the pleasant experience I'd hoped when I came in here sir. You've only served to reinforce my anxiety regarding barbers and their insistence on doing as they pleased with the customers hair, instead of following a customer's request. If you treat all your young customers this way, I hope they have sense enough not to return. I know I won't. Good day to you sir."

With that parting remark, he'd thumbed the lock button, opened the door and was through it before I could form a reply.

That, was a new experience for me. I had never before been so quietly and thoroughly called out and reprimanded by a young person before. I'd completely misjudged him for someone who didn't pay attention to his appearance and could easily be duped. Clearly he was well bred and knew exactly what he was about. He'd given me enough rope to hang myself and I took it all. I couldn't be mad, he'd never raised his voice, he even paid me. For the first time though, I felt like a total heal for indulging my fetish.

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