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Summer headshave and horseshoe part 1 by Layton Leib

So it all began when I was six. I had been growing my hair for 5 years as non of my younger sisters were born yet and mum mother wanted someone else's long hair to mess with. So I had to hold my hair up in a ponytail and hair Clipped to my head to stop it falling out and moving But my dad, who thinks long haired men are wimps, wanted me to be normal, in his mind.

July came round when I finished a year of school with a massive heatwave to follow that caused my dad to shave his head to stubbel. But my mum kept on finding new ways for me and my long hair to cool down by poring ice and water on me or dipping me in ice baths. But my dad had had it and told me at "any chance you cut it off" which shocked me firstly and secondly made me think in what short hair was like.

Now to the actual event.
It was still July and I was still six and I was out with my best friend and his parents and we had just been to the beach for ice cream. Me and my friend ran off ahead slightly not noticing a old style American barbershop we pasted. My friends pearants noticed it and told my friend "you need a big cut. We're going to your sisters wedding tomorrow". My friend had chin length brown hair that often got in the way of his vision. so I had to stick with them and go in.

My friend got in one of the old fashion brown leather and metal chairs and a barber came round and placed the cap round him. "so what we doing today? Nice slick back? Flattop? Horseshoe?" he asked feeling my friends hair, I don't remember what he looked like. "A horseshoe for him. So zero guard for back, sides and middle and a number 2 for the horseshoe itself" my friends mother said "shaving cream smooth?" the barber asked "yes" my friends mother replied. The barber went to work placing and number 2 on his classic 76 clippers and buzzcuting my friends hair toa start. While this was going on my friends father asked "do you want yours done?" and instantly the words my father said sprung to mind. I said "yes but I have something in mind" my friends dad said "no problem. I'll call you dad" he stood up, got his phone out and walked outside to call my dad so he wouldn't have any issues.

My friends Buzzcut was finished. He looked so different and it suited his face shape. So the barber removed the guard and placed on a 0. He then shaved upwards from my friends neck to the front of his head leaving only 20cm of hair for the thickness of his new horseshoe. He then did the back, sides and finished the middle. The barber then placed down the clippers and picked up a can and squirted some white cream into the bald spot in the centre of my freinds head then rubs in downwards to the neck. Then spreads it to the sides adding more as he goes. He then places the can down and picked up a black wooden case and pushed a long straight silver blade out of it. He brought it to the cream on my friend's head and shaved it away.

During all this my friends dad came back in and told me "all good do want you want". I waited and watched as my friend lost more and more hair. My friend was finished he got of the chair when the Cape came off and the barbers equipment went down on the desk by the mirror. "right. Anyone else?" the barber asked I stood up and said "yes me". I walked and sat on the chair. The Cape came round. My hair was unclipped and let down. "wow that's a lot of hair. What are we doing? A big trim?" the barber asked "no" i said I reached forward picked up a large, black, cordless clipper, removed the guard on it, turned it on and said "shave it all off. Smooth"

To be continued in part 2

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