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Induction Cut by Snifffffff

First story. Hoping to improve. Leave comments to help me with that. Hope you enjoy!

The stillness in my body was dispelled as the barber called for the next recruit. This was it. I was becoming a soldier. This was the mark that signaled the start of my journey. After today every recruit would look the same. I would have to work hard to be noticed and remembered. Not that my hair had ever done much for me anyway. My brown hair swirled as my torso turned and shook to a stop when I rested in the seat. The hair now touched my upper lip, and the sides spilled over my ears. My dad had let my hair grow out from the usual short back and sides to make this cut all the more brutal.

My heart raced as I moved to the chair and my legs folded. The barber threw a cape around my neck and the clippers resumed their humming. He put his hand on my forehead and pulled back my bangs to expose the fringe. For a brief moment I saw the rest of the recruits waiting in line without emotion. From being there, I knew their faces masked fear and anxiety that now peaked within me, but soon were released. Without a guard, the clippers came into view and plunged into my forehead. The consistent humming remained unimpeded as it raged through my hair. It left behind a stubbly streak and white scalp as it came up for air and rained hair onto my lap. I gripped the chair on instinct as excitement flooded my system and my crotch became tight. Above the barber swiped over and over again to make the head uniform. I closed my eyes and paid attention to the feeling and lived in the moment of pleasure and bliss.. The clippers were warm from their continued use and graced the stripped scalp heat as the hair conditioning cooled it. I relished the moment as I felt the long hair ripped away, leaving only stubble. Tension grew as the clippers repeated its path to make sure no trace of my former identity was left.

Then it was over. Still my crotched for more action. I felt a wetness, but was unable to resolve it under scrutiny. The barber threw off the cape and my straw-like brown hair fell away as my legs carried me up. They moved with haste to a trashcan where another boy with a blonde high and tight stood. I folded my body forward and positioned my head over the trash can as we had been instructed to do. I gripped the sides of the gray can for stability as the blonde boy took a wet wipe and ran it over my scalp to collect excess hair. As he dropped it into the can I tried to move my head away, but his hand clamped onto my head and kept it there. For a split second I thought I had done something wrong and my heart fell, but then he began to move hand along my head. I tried as hard as I could not to react as he raced his hand over the fine and soft stubble. Each pass felt incredible and my crotch twitched in turn as he came into contact with each fiber. I grimaced as his hand reached max speed and I let out a soft moan that couldn’t be heard over the noises of the shop as my tension was released. To my disappointment the boy took his hand off as soon as this happened. I looked up and found him smiling mischievously.
"There’s plenty left to enjoy, don’t worry. And don’t be ashamed, that’s the standard response."
With that he motioned me away from the bucket and out of the shop and set me back on course for my journey.

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