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Waiting in line by P.J.

Waiting in line
I awoke with a start. Feeling cheated out of finishing the amazing dream I was having. At the same time I realize that my hand was at my crotch. damn, I'd had another wet dream. That was the second time this week. I hadn't had one of those since I was in middle school. What was going on? I knew deep down exactly what was going on. That was also the 2nd time this week I'd been dreaming about Mark. Wow.

Let me fill you all in on how I got to this point though.

I'd gotten to work a bit on the late side. Realizing that now I'd have to join the queue slowly plodding along towards the turnstile. Having first to scan ourselves and find out if our temperature would release the turnstile and let us enter. Gotta love Covid. Ugh.

As I slowed to join the end of the line I scanned the person in front of me. Oh my! This would be a pleasant wait after all. He had Vans on his feet, skinny jeans that were skinny in all the right places, and a fisherman's sun shirt on, you know, the long sleeved kind with the vented sleeves and back. And from my vantage point, the most amazing chestnut mane I'd seen in awhile. Cut long and full, the back dipping down towards his shoulder blades. I was curious to see what the front looked like. Ahem, I cleared my throat and gave a small cough. That worked, he turned to see who was behind him. To my surprise it was Mark.

Due to Covid, we were only now just being allowed to return to work from more than a year and a half of mandatory working from home. I knew Mark and I were going to be working on the same new project too. That's why we were here today, to attend the project kick off meeting. We'd worked together before on other projects so we had a pleasant working relationship. He didn't know it but ...he was also the object of one of the biggest crushes I'd had in a long time. I'm a sucker for a great head of hair, few guys in my opinion had one, but Mark did. I'd paid close attention over the last several years to the various styles he'd had. All hot as far as I was concerned. Whom ever got to cut it for him was very lucky indeed. I assumed that Covid had allowed him to grow it out in to the gorgeous mane I was now ogling. I had to watch myself, I could feel things stirring down below. The last thing I needed was for Mark to see Little Nick at full attention. Yikes.

"Mark, hey, great to see you man! I didn't recognize you there for a minute" I said, smiling, and trying to maintain eye contact so he didn't see what was happening below the belt.

"Nick, Hi, great to see you too. I don't think I'd have a problem recognizing you though man. That great deep auburn mane of yours is a dead giveaway." I blushed slightly. I'd allowed my own plush auburn locks to really come into their own during lock down too. The heavy mane was solidly on my shoulders, similar to Marks, With a thick fringe well below my chin now. Fortunately I had enough experience cutting my own, and other guys hair, that I could keep it relatively good looking during lock down.

Mark smiled and said "I know right" running a hand through his thick fringe and tucking it behind his right ear. A move that I found incredibly arousing.
My fondest hope that he might actually be gay was immediately dashed when he replied with

"This mop is totally out of control. I was doing O.K. while my housemate was here, she kept it pretty well in check. 6 months in and she had to leave to go take care of her parents who'd contracted Covid. That's the last time I had anything touched."

"Oh, wow, sorry to hear that. It must be tough being away from your partner for that long. This Covid is screwing everyone's lives up."

Mark laughed, "Oh, no, she's just a house mate, an friend from college who works, or worked here too. My tastes runs toward our gender." He had a hopeful expression as he finished his thought.
I was back on cloud nine. He was gay! Yay! And he needed a haircut, double yay! I thought to myself.

We'd been shuffling along towards the turnstile while talking, it was now Marks turn. He scanned and made it in. I did the same. We both headed for the conference center for the kick off meeting.
As we entered the room, Mark leaned towards me and asked "Hey, when we finish here, how about grabbing some lunch with me?"

I tried to reign in my excitement," yeah, sure, that would be great" I replied as casually as I could. "Meet you outside when we're finished here" He said. I nodded and we found seats with our respective groups. I positioned myself so I could have a clear view of him throughout the presentation. It was incredibly hard to concentrate during the meeting though. He kept absentmindedly running his hand through his fringe an pushing it back as he was taking notes. I didn't know till then that I could stay hard for that long without release. Ugh. I did bust him starring at me several times though, and he'd given me a smirk on one of those occasions. Hmm.

After the meeting ended we got take out subs for lunch and met up in one of the pocket parks in the industrial complex so we could enjoy the outdoors and have a bit of privacy.
Despite having worked together on several projects in the past few years, this was the first time I got to really take a good look at Mark close up, we were sitting opposite one another at a picnic table.

I discretely started checking him out. His hair was amazing. Thick ,more or less straight with just the right amount of subtle wave to it. Giving him a critical eye, I decided he needed a haircut. It was just too long and not cut quite to my taste. I'd have to see if I could convince him to let me have a go at it. I didn't want to shave him bald but it needed some tweaking to get that Hot As F*** look I knew he had in him. His eyes were mesmerizing, Dark, and at the moment almost blazing blue, wow.

His ears, or ear as the case may be, his thick fringe was pushed behind his right ear, exposing most of it at the moment, looked to be perfectly proportioned. I wonder if they match, I thought to myself. I'd only need a few minutes with the clippers to find out, I mused. My cock twitched again at the thought of stripping away enough lush bulk to fully expose both ears. Oh, my. I decided I wanted to get acquainted with the lush bulk more fully first.

He had a cute nose, and a perfectly proportioned mouth with full lips just begging to be kissed. They concealed perfectly pearly white teeth. They could also convey a myriad of emotions.
Yikes, I was getting hard just looking at him. His broad shoulders were evident but from there down, everything was well covered by his fishing shirt, bummer.

I concentrated on my sub for a moment. Hmm, I could almost feel him checking me out too. I couldn't quite catch him in the act though.

Mark busted me ogling his mane. "I know, I know, I need a haircut right?" He ran his hand through his fringe and gave an exasperated sigh.

"What, no, well, I mean, not exactly, ah." was all I could manage stuttering back to him. "I've seen you with all kinds of haircuts Mark. I don't think I've ever taken the time to appreciate just how great your hair is though. Maybe because I've never seen it this long. I wouldn't say you need a full on haircut exactly, maybe just a tune up?" His plush mane was curling behind his shoulders with the thick fringe draping from left to right over his right eye. The fringe was hot and sexy, the rest, not so much. At least not yet.

"Well, the last time it was this long was senior year of college, before I chopped it all off for job interviews." I'm about ready to take the clippers to it and do the #1 butch thing if you must know." Mark replied thoughtfully.

"Oh, please don't do that. It would be such a waste. A snip here and there is all you need guy." I chirped back. "Even I'm not ready to get the big chop. In fact I'm kinda liking the longer locks." I said running my hand through my own fringe and smiling back.

Mark smiled warmly at me. "Nick, you have the advantage of having that amazing shade of auburn to set off any cut you get. You always look fantastic when ever I've seen you".
I blushed a bit at the unexpected compliment. "I know, this hair color is kind of a family trait. I've grown to like it too.
The discussion moved on to what we'd be doing together for the next few months on the new project. Primarily working from home and on Zoom calls.
"Hey, Nick, are you vaccinated fully? "Mark inquired?

"Ooooh yeah", I replied. "Are you?"

Mark smiled and shrugged, "Yep, fully"

I said, "hey , if you don't feel uncomfortable, I'd be up for you coming over to my place once in awhile and working face to face. It's cool if you don't want to also. I'm just puttin it out there is all. I'm beginning to feel like a hermit with all this lockdown bull s**t, I don't know about you. Seeing your friendly face would be great."

Mark laughed and smiled warmly back at me. "Oh, man, that would be great. Even if it's only once a week for a couple of hours it would be a welcome break from staring at the 4 walls if you get my drift."

"O.K. how about next week, Tuesday?" I replied. he nodded yes.

We exchanged phone numbers and addresses . We found out we could actually walk to each other's place if we wanted to.
We finished lunch, agreed on a time Tuesday and headed our separate ways. The last thing I saw was the rear view of mark and his glorious mane. That would have to keep me going till Tuesday.
Finally Tuesday arrived. At 8:30 I answered the knock on my door to find a smiling Mark with donuts and Coffee from Dunkin standing outside. I hastily ushered him inside and pointed him to the table where my makeshift office was set up. I immediately noticed that he was freshly showered with his lush locks still damp. Oh, my. He was good enough to eat, screw the donuts.
He caught me staring, ran his hand through his damp mane to push the thick fringe back and offered me a coffee. He said, 'I know, I know, I didn't even dry my hair. I figured we were being casual right?"

"What, oh, yes, of course." I replied. "No biggie, you look great dude."

"I was wondering if I might ask a favor too" he said tentatively.

"Ask away, the worst that I'll do is say no, right" I smirked back at him.

Mark quietly asked "Well, um, I was wondering. You said you had been trimming you own hair during lock down, right?"

I smiled warmly back, surmising where the conversation was going, and loving it. Yeah, sure, why?" I innocently replied, smiling wickedly.

Mark was getting nervous, I could tell. "well, um, would you help a guy out and give me a bit of a trim up? If you think you can, that is."

"Ah, of course man" I replied, blatantly ogling his mane. Let's get a few hours work in and we can discuss what you want me to do with it over lunch?" I said, hoping to conceal my eagerness to get my hand into that lush bulk. I was glad we were sitting across a table again so he couldn't see the huge tent in my sweatpants. Yikes.

We both hunkered down and got to work. It was incredibly hard for me to concentrate. Being across the table from him and watching as he absent mindedly played with his fringe. It was a loooong morning.
Breaking our concentration I said "I'll get lunch started, soup and sandwiches if you're O.K. with that?" "mmmn, yeah , perfect, thanks" he replied.

We were soon sitting at the counter. Both spooning soup into our mouths and munching ham sandwiches.
"So", I started with, what exactly were you thinking about having me do with that fantastic mane of yours?"

"Well," Mark replied, flipping both the sides behind his ears so he could lean in and sip his soup without getting hair in his mouth. "This is kinda what's been bugging me. The long tips are getting in the way when I eat. But, I love to run my hands through it when I'm thinking hard. I'm torn about chopping it short or leaving it to get longer still. Then I could gather it behind my shoulders and keep it out of the way more. Does that make any sense?" He gave an exasperated sigh. "maybe if you can just trim it now, when the shops finally open I can get a shorter cut. Summer is coming and long hair is kind of a pain when it's hot. I donno. Maybe you an cut it short later on towards summer also. As you can see I'm just frustrated and confused."

I smiled running my hand through my own plush mane and chuckling softly. "Mmmnn, yeah, makes perfect sense actually " I replied. " I have the same issue when eating. I don't tend to touch mine throughout the day like you do though. Have you ever seen any pics of a style you'd like to try?"

He got a little flushed at my comment. "Ha, funny you should ask." He snickered back."As a matter of fact, I do. I'll show em to you if you promise not to laugh."
"Mark, one thing I would never do is laugh about your hair dude. It's amazing. Unless, of course, you wanted me to dye it green or something."

"Oh, no, nothing like that." He said shaking his head. "It's just, well, here, take a look" he handed me his cell phone. "Just swipe to the right, there's more than one pic."
I nodded and smiled as I swiped through several pics. I looked up and studied his face when I finished with them.

"Crazy huh," Mark said. Reaching for his phone. " too girly? I've never had hair this long so I thought it'd be cool to try, at least once that is."
"Not at all man" I replied. I was thinking about something along those lines if you'd asked me what I thought. I'd change a couple of things maybe, depending on what you thought. I wouldn't chop it all short. At least not now anyway."

Mark smiled warmly at me. "Really, you don't think it's too girly?"

I laughed back. "NO!, in fact it's what I'm aiming for actually. I think it's ironic that we're interested in the same style, wow."

"What did you want to change about it" Mark inquired, clearly intrigued by the direction of the conversation.

"Well, I'd leave the fringe quite a bit longer for one thing. Trimmed so it can be parted anywhere. I think your hair has the right texture for it to stay back pretty well if you flip it back, and not fall immediately in your face. It would work well for you since you are constantly touching it."

"Hmm, I know, it's a bad habit" Mark chirped back. "I picked it up in college and haven't been able to shake it. I even tried a short haircut once. That just about drove me nuts actually."
I smiled. "I think I remember that, you looked Ho....I mean you looked handsome with that." (My turn to blush)

Mark smiled back demurely. "Wow, thanks, I didn't realize you'd notice something like that."

I decided to do a bit of confessing. "When we worked together on projects, and even when we didn't work together. I always noticed you. You are a super handsome guy and have one of the best heads of hair in this company. And you know how to take care of it. C'mon, you have to know how hot you look right? Let's be honest."
"Nick, seriously," Mark quipped turning crimson red. "I'm just a dude with a mop is all." he said, shrugging his shoulders. "No big deal. I don't exactly turn many heads, at least not the kind I'd like to have turn anyway."

"Hmm, you certainly turn mine anyway. Just want you to know." I said, smiling shyly back at him.
"So, finish eating, I want show you something on my laptop, then come into the bathroom with me for a sec. I want to show you kinda what I mean."
I powered up my personal laptop and searched for the right video.
Mark wolfed down the rest of his lunch, then swung his chair around to sit next to me.
"You're not offended by gay porn are you."I asked sounding serious.

Mark busted a gut laughing. "Ah, no, with the pandemic, I think I've seen about every gay porn video made in the last 20 years. I've never had the guts to join any of the sites though, have you?"
"Nah, there's enough free stuff to fill my imagination. I indicated the screen and clicked on the play button. Here's one of my favorite styles. It's kinda what I was thinking for you. Watch a few minutes of this and see what you think.

Mark concentrated, staring at the screen. I stared at Marks crotch. Yep, it certainly had the same affect on Mark that it had on me.
"Wow", Mark barked. "I like this, his hair is great too". He said snickering at me.

I paused the video, and motioned for him to follow me into the bathroom. "Sit " I said, indicating the vanity bench.
I grabbed a paddle brush, brushed his mane straight down all around. Ungh, wow, I was in heaven. What a mane. "Now", I said. "Give your fringe a flip up and over to the side, like the guy in the video".

His long fringe stayed back, even when he moved his head. Ungh, God, he looked hot! I wanted to jump him here and now. (Patience Nick, patience. He's worth the wait I had to tell myself)
Mark looked at his reflection. "Ah, yeah, I see where you're going with this. It does look cool. I could get used to it."

"It needs some trimming to get it the right lengths in the front and on the sides, we can adjust the back however you want it also." I shyly added "I'd love to try it on you if you'd let me."
Mark looked at me with piercing eyes, holding my gaze. "Sure, I'd love for you to cut it. When do you want to do it?"

"Um, well, How about Saturday afternoon. I'll wash and condition it for you, then trim it up. If you want, we could grab dinner out and show you off, I mean, show it off, see how it works for you." I blushed at my Freudian slip.

We continued to lock eyes, Marks now blazing back at me. "That work, and yes, I'd love to grab dinner out with you so you can show me, err I mean it off" He replied, smirking widely.
We went back to the table(office) and finished out our days work. The rest of the week we spent Skyping and working independently from our respective homes. The suspense of waiting till Saturday was slowly killing me. Dreaming about him every night was exhausting.

Saturday has finally arrived. I can't wait. I told Mark to come any time after 3:00, and bring a change of clothes for going out afterwards. He arrived around 3:15, gym bag in hand, hair pulled into a low ponytail. I saw for the first time that his ears were perfectly matched, exposing them with the Osters would be no problem at all I thought wickedly.
I told him to remove his T shirt so we could wash his hair. I'd gotten things ready at the kitchen sink for this. There was no way we could have done it naked in the shower. I know I'd have had a woody that wouldn't quit. Heck, I had one now just getting a look at his v shaped torso and six pack abs. Also thinking about getting my hands in that mane.
He leaned over the sink and I wet his mane down with the spray from the pull out faucet. I lathered him up and enjoyed running my hands through the thick wet locks. Wondering what it would feel like, us in the shower, him kneeling in front of me, to have his lips wrapped around my rock hard cock while I shampooed and conditioned him. Yikes, flashbacks to my wet dreams this week, ugh. Ah, well, maybe someday, not today though. I rinsed him, then applied the conditioner. Mark moaned "wow, I've missed this, it's been so long since my hairs had any attention by anyone other than me. It feels so good. I bet you give great head massages too."

"Oh, yes, as a matter of fact I do" I replied. "Maybe we can arrange for you to get one of those someday too" I purred. I rinsed him off, wrapped him in a thirsty towel, and pointed to the bathroom. I gave him a friendly slap on the ass as he went by me. Oh, yeah, those ass cheeks are firm. Yum.

He gave a playful yelp and hurried along. I noticed his gym shorts tenting provocatively. Hmm.

"Park those buns on the swivel chair there" I said. Nodding at the chair set in front of the big vanity mirror.
I stood behind him, adjusted the towel, and squeezed and patted as much water from his mane as I could. Next came the cape. I fluffed it out with a flourish, and draped it around him. Deftly pulling the thick mane up out of the way I snapped it snuggly around his neck. "Feel O.K. guy?" I asked.

"Sure" he replied quietly. I noticed his demeanor had changed and he was studying himself in the mirror intently.

I softly pinched his shoulder. "Mark, what's up? We don't have to do this if you don't want to. It's perfectly O.K. with me if you want me to stop."
"No, no, it's O.K. It's, um, well, the cape always gives me a momentary flash back to all the bad cuts I've had, and the nightmares of getting scalped. I know you'll do a great job though. Don't stop." he replied, giving me a weak smile.

"Ah, you have those too huh" I said. Nodding my head and beginning to brush the luscious locks out. I was brushing straight down all around. I wanted to see what the length was in the front.
"Oh, Mark" I cooed. "This is going to turn out great. You have a good amount of extra length in front, just like I thought. It just needs to be trimmed properly. I need it to be damp dry too". I reached for the blow dryer and gently worked the fringe, running it through my hands. I got to have lots of touch time with it in the process. Mmmn.
"I hope you aren't going to take much length off on the sides and back though" Mark replied, when I'd stopped drying.

"Nope" I said. "Just going to even it up. I'll see about maybe doing some additional layering but I don't think it needs much.
There was an abrupt change in length from the sides to the fringe, almost 3 inches. "Wow, you must have had a pretty short side, long top style as your last cut dude" I quipped.
"MMM, yeah, it was an undercut with a long top" Mark said.

I brushed the top from right to left, with a slightly low parting. On his left side I trimmed the fringe so it angled from the long top at his chin, back to join the shorter side. I then switched it, brushing everything from left to right and repeated the trim. To check it, I brushed the fringe straight down in front again. Now he had a deep V shape the crotch of the V was about 3 inches past his chin. Each side of the fringe angled back to the length of the sides. Just what I wanted to see. "O.K. now do the flip up and over with the fringe Mark, Like the guy in the video" I said.
Marks hand appeared from under the cape. He worked it up under his fringe and flipped the fringe up and back to the right side. The result was just what I wanted. Ungh, god he looked soooo hot. It stayed back for the most part, gradually slipping so it just covered part of his right eye. "Wow dude" I exclaimed. You Look HOT."
Mark chuckled softly. "Uh, yeah, I guess I kinda do, don't I. Are you done trimming"?

"No, not quite I replied" smiling at his reflection in the mirror. I want to even up the back and check the layers for you. I slowly worked my way from right to left across the sides and back of his mane. Working my hands through the mane as I went. Mark elicited an occasional moan as he received somewhat of a head massage in the process. I was glad to see he was enjoying this as much as I was. I noticed he was hard as a rock under the cape too. I'd surreptitiously tucked it so it lay flat in his lap. That was also good.

After what seemed like forever , what resulted was a nicely layered mane that gradually got just a bit longer towards the center of his back. I was now rock hard. I wanted to stay behind him so he wouldn't see just how aroused he made me at the moment. I had to think of naked grandmothers or something to make my rigid cock droop.
"There, that parts finished." I said. Setting the comb and scissors down and picking up a hair tie.

I brushed his hair back and gathered it up into a mid height ponytail. I wanted to expose the lower edge of his nape and around his ears. I picked up the scissors again and started trimming the stray short hairs that hung down, never getting long enough to be caught up in the tail. I just evened them up, leaving a bit of length. Then the peanut clippers came out. I gently scraped the neck fuzzies from his nape down, and boxed out his sideburns. I removed the hair tie, his mane falling into place in all of its glory. He reflexively flipped the fringe back again.

"Nick" he proclaimed, moving his head side to side, scrutinizing himself in the big mirror. "This looks amazing man. I never would have tried this style on my own. It's fantastic though.
I brushed him down and removed the cape. A small amount of hair sliding to the floor.

"Wow", Mark barked. "You hardly cut anything off man" He nodded to the small accumulation now on the floor.

"Told you man" I replied. All you needed was a tweak. Sorry it took so long though. I wanted to get it perfect for you. I think I succeeded though, huh."I ran my hand into the thick locks on the side of his head and pushed them back behind his ear.

"Oh yeah" Mark said. "I love it, really, honestly, Nick. You can be my barber from now on if you want."

"Oh, I want, all right" I replied quietly. "I really want" I smiled demurely back at him. I was already thinking about a nice summer cut for him, mmm.

He stood up, leaning in closer to the mirror. "I especially like how neat looking it is when I pull it back. It looks very deliberate now. I don't look like a bum with unkempt hair."
I laughed. "Mark, there's nothing even remotely bum like about you man.(well, O.K. there was one VERY cute bum like thing about him) I'm just glad you like it".

Mark turned and touched my arm gently. "No, seriously man, thank you for taking the time. No one's ever taken the time to make me look this good before. Thank you." His eyes locked with mine.
"Mark, you are so worth it man. Now we need to show you off. It's got to be after 5:00. I checked my phone, breaking eye contact. Holy cow, it's 5:30. Let's get cleaned up and head out for something to eat." I needed a break from him or I was going to jump his bones right there in the bathroom. God he looked hot.

He nodded and smiled warmly back at me. "Hop in the shower while I clean up" I told him. "Then I'll take one and we can get going.

He turned and faced the shower, dropping his shorts. My jaw dropped at the sight of his perfect butt cheeks. Oh, MY, God. I was instantly hard again. Praying he didn't look back before opening the shower door. He didn't. He stepped in and turned the water on dodging the spray. As he closed the door I thought I caught a wicked grin on his face. That little s**t!

I was all cleaned up and ready to jump in as he got out of the shower. I'd told him to leave the water running. I handed him a bath sheet to dry off with, getting a glimpse of his perfect cock.
He of course was able to see me in all my naked glory for a brief moment as I stepped in. I gave him a quick smirk as I caught him checking me out as the door closed. I hope he liked what he saw.
We both dried and dressed, damp drying our thick manes and left the house. He said "I'm driving, it's my treat tonight" I wasn't going to argue so we hopped in his car. He drove to a great steak house not far away.

"I hope you like this place" Mark said. "It's one of my favorite places."

"Oh, I'm sure if you like it I'll enjoy it as well" I replied. We walked in and got seated in a booth towards the back. I noticed that Mark made several heads turn, both guys and girls. I smiled to myself and thought, eat your heart of folks, he mine, all mine.

We discovered we both liked prime cuts of beef, cooked medium rare. I wondered what else Mark might like that was red and dripping juice. Hmm.
"So", I said. "I guess that's it for us for awhile now that I've trimmed your mane for you, huh. We'll just go back to Skyping and occasional meetings?" I was deliberately baiting him to see what he was thinking.

"What, no, Nick, c'mon man, really. I like you man. I enjoy your company, outside of work that is." Mark blushed a bit as he finished that statement.
"Whew, I'm so glad you said that " I replied sighing deeply. "Actually I feel the same way about you Mark. I wouldn't mind getting together any time you wanted to. I'd love more hair play too if you're up for it".

Mark blushed deeper. "I'd really like the chance to have a go with yours" Nick he replied, eyeing my mane with a lusty look.

"Oh, ah, well, I'm really not ready for a haircut yet though. I quickly replied. Running a hand through my thick fringe defensively.

Mark laughed "Ha, not what I meant at all dude. I'd love to push my fingers through your plush locks, combing , brushing, washing, styling, whatever you wanted to do man.
My turn to blush. "Oh, I see. Well it's been awhile since I had anyone to play with you know." I eyed him back mischievously." There might even be an opportunity later this evening.
We ate and drank, the conversation flowing as if we'd been friends forever. "Mark, when I settled the cape over you this afternoon, you said it gave you flashbacks to all the bad cuts you'd had. Tell me the worst one, and the best one."

"Oh, yeah" Mark replied, a thoughtful expression on his handsome face. "Well, the worst ones, and there were quite a few, were the end of June schools out butch cuts I always got on the first Saturday after school got out for the summer. I was allowed to grow my hair out for the whole year, that being the only "required" cut if you will. I'd have a whole years worth of hair unceremoniously shaved while usually a few of my buddies watched from the waiting area chairs as they contemplated similar fates. Most of them got cuts, but not a baldie like me. It took everything I had to not start balling like a baby as my lush mane was plowed off into my lap". He shuddered at the mere thought of it now I noticed.

"Ah, the dreaded summer butches" I replied. "I got a few of those myself while growing up. I, unlike you, did howl like a baby while my precious mane was being sheared off. That eventually led to more normal summer cuts. for me though. What's the best haircut experience you ever had." I replied.

Mark blushed a bit. "Uh, well, I'm not sure yet" he replied demurely. That experience isn't over with quite yet."
My turn to blush. "Oh", was all I could muster.

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