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Complete femboy role reversal by DoctorHair

Section 1 - A Hail Mary

Jonathan is in his mid twenties, and after graduating from college he settled into a fairly normal adult routine.  His overgrown brown hair, beard, and skinny build has led his coworkers to call him Shaggy at work.  He works nine to five Monday through Friday, goes to the gym three days a week to keep himself in somewhat normal shape, and tends to just relax on the weekends.  

On a Saturday evening, Jonathan finds himself sitting at home, alone, and bored, a fairly typical Saturday for him.  He’s contemplating life in general, thinking about how his life has gone since college.  Has it been three years since he graduated college?  Four?  It all feels the same to him, his routine is just an endless loop.  He laments how he thought he’d experiment more when he was an adult, after he got his work done in college, now he wishes he had done more during his time there.  

Jonathan isn’t a completely regular individual though, he has multiple fetishes, his strongest being his hair fetish, and his love of femboys.  His boredom on this Saturday evening has led him to search for new material.  After a few minutes of searching he quickly comes upon a fetish social media website that covers a multitude of different fetishes.  He quickly sets up a profile and begins to join as many groups as he can relating to his fetishes.  

Perusing these groups, he sees there are a bunch of personal ads for people looking for specific scenarios.  Jonathan gathers ideas as he looks through the assorted ads and decides it’s worth a shot to put up his own ad.  He has next week off, and types up an ad that’s going to make his year if it works.  Jonathan’s plan is to combine the fetishes most important to him into a single ad, his ultimate fantasy.  

Section 2 - Intrigue

Danni is a self-proclaimed femboy, he has a slender frame, and pink chin length hair with very grown out brown roots.   This Saturday evening he comes home early from another disappointing date, and unwinds the way he normally does, browsing the internet on his phone from bed.  

After answering his unread messages on discord, he heads over to the fetish social media website to browse the personal ads.  In the groups that he’s in, what encompasses nearly all of the personal ads are hook up posts, nothing very inspiring.  As he’s scrolling through the ads he comes across one that is very unique to the rest, the title reads "Femboy wanted for complete role reversal."  Danni arches his eyebrow as he clicks on the post to read it, the text reads: 

"Looking for a femboy who would be open to changing their style.  I want to work with a guy who is open to the idea of turning into an alpha or a super macho guy.  Message me for more details."

Danni huffs at the idea of potentially changing how he looks, and backs out of the page.  He continues scrolling for a bit before deciding that he’s had enough internet for one day and heads to sleep.  

Danni wakes up the next morning, and goes about his day running errands after a quick shower.  As he’s sitting in traffic heading to his next errand, his mind starts to wander, specifically back to the personal ad he read last night.  

"Truthfully, I’m not sure I could ever go through with something like that." Danni thinks to himself, "but maybe it’s worth talking about?  It sounds interesting, and different from what I normally see posted."  

As Danni runs his errands, his mind periodically goes back to this topic.  It reaches a point where Danni just has to message this person to talk about it, or it’ll never leave his mind.  

"Even if nothing comes out of it, he can satisfy his curiosity to learn more about the situation."   Danni says to himself."

When Danni returns home, he immediately logs onto the website to send a message to the owner of that ad.  

"You free tomorrow around lunch?  I’d like to meet up and talk about this…"  Danni typed.  

Section 3 - A Response!

Jonathan spent the rest of his Saturday evening refreshing his inbox, hoping for a message, but not expecting much.  He understands it would take a special type of person to be interested in combining his multiple fetishes into one experience. 

The next morning Jonathan vows to not check the site until later that evening, he doesn’t want to obsess over his desire for someone to message him about it.  There is a good chance that no one ever does message him, he tells himself.  

Later that evening he decides that it’s time to check the site, in the rare instance that someone did message him.  He loads up the site, excitement fills inside him as he notices a red 1 over the dm icon.  

"Someone messaged me!"  Jonathan exclaims to himself, "be chill, it might just be a scammer or something, don’t get your hopes up."  

Jonathan clicks on the message to read, to him it appears to be a real person.  He quickly replies:

"I’d definitely like to meet up, can we meet at the coffee shop in the center of town?  Around 12:30?"

His fingers shaking on the mouse as he clicks the send button to reply.  As soon as he sits back to take a sigh of relief, he sees the notification pop back up.  He clicks it to read:

"Sure thing, see you there!"  

Jonathan is ecstatic at this point, it seems like an actual person is interested in his fantasy.  As he tries to sleep that night it is noticeably difficult.  His mind is racing with so many different scenarios as to what could happen tomorrow, and he wants to be planned for all of them.  Eventually Jonathan’s mind is satisfied with his game plan for assorted scenarios and he passes out with exhaustion.  

Section 4 - Coffee Time

The next day, Jonathan wakes up early, unable to sleep because of excitement.  After eating breakfast he takes a quick shower, and carefully decides his outfit.  He decides on a black tank top, and green cargo shorts  before heading out the door to the coffee shop.  Jonathan wants to arrive early, as he thinks it would be a bad look for him to arrive late to his own personal ad.

Jonathan pulls up to the coffee shop in his SUV about fifteen minutes early, and heads inside to order a coffee before grabbing a table.  As he sits down with his coffee he realizes he never thought to check to see what the person he’s supposed to be meeting looks like.  He pulls open his phone to browse to the profile of the person messaging him when the door to the coffee shop pushes open.  In steps Danni, whom Jonathan can tell immediately is the one he is supposed to meet.  Danni's aforementioned hair now adorned with a pink barrette with a flower on it to keep his hair out of his head.  His outfit consisting of a slightly oversized pink long sleeve shirt he can pull his hands into, very short black shorts, and black/pink striped socks clearly showing what his two favorite colors are.  

Jonathan waves at Danni excitedly until he notices.  Danni sees Jonathan waving at him, pulls one shirt covered hand up to his face, and waves at him shyly with the other.  He then motions he’s going to order a drink first before coming to sit down.  

"He’s kiiiinda cute," Danni thinks to himself, "that’s going to lead me to trouble isn’t it."  

After receiving his coffee, Danni comes to sit down at the table.  They introduce themselves and exchange pleasant formalities before Danni dives into the topic at hand. 

"Ok so.. I saw your ad, and I’m really intrigued by it.  Can you tell me what you had in mind for this whole thing?" asks Danni.

"Yes!  For sure!  Sorry I’m a little excited and really nervous all at the same time, please don’t hold that against me.  Also this might be a little long, so bear with me" Jonathan says as he laughs.

Danni laughs and responds, "Sure let's hear it."  

"To begin with, I have two main interests that I want to combine, my hair fetish, and my love of femboys.  To explain my hair fetish simply, because you probably aren't familiar with that, it consists of seeing people get makeovers, or really unique haircuts."  Jonathan explains.

"Hmm ok, I haven’t heard that one before." says Danni.

"Yeah it’s not super common I guess, but it’s the hand I was dealt.  I also think that haircuts can be like.. really powerful when it comes to altering people's perceptions.  So that’s where this idea comes from." says Jonathan.

"That makes sense to me, never really thought about that kind of thing, but it does make sense." Danni responds.  

"What I think would be fun is if we use a haircut to change the perception and attitude of that person.  The extremely short explanation of this fantasy is this, I find a beta/sub femboy to go get a really manly haircut.  After said haircut they now take on the role of being the alpha/dom in the dynamic.  So I start off being the one in control, but afterwards now the other person is.  If said person wants to continue dealing with me after they see their new haircut or not is another question entirely."  Jonathan explains as he finishes with a laugh. 

"I see how it all fits together now.  So when you say a manly haircut, I presume you mean something like super short?"  asks Danni.

"That’s correct, I don’t really want to spoil what I have in mind if the person who does this with me wants surprises, but it would be something super short, something extreme." Jonathan responds. 

Danni sits for a moment before responding, "And do you already have a barber shop in mind that will be able to do what you want?"

"I for sure have that all planned out, I’ve done lots of research." Jonathan says as he laughs. 

"And what happens after said person gets the haircut?  Is that all there is to it?  Do you just go home to jerk off to your fantasy?" Danni asks.

"Well that’s up in the air, at that point if the dynamic shifts properly, it really becomes up to the other person.  If they don’t hate me for making me cut their hair like I choose." Jonathan laughs as he responds.

"I see, so you’re at the whim of that other person then?  To do what THEY want then?" asks Danni. 

"I can’t say I’d do aaaaaanything that person wants, but I’m game for a lot of things.  I wouldn’t do anything that’s permanent, or involving some other gross topics, but I think there are still plenty of things I’d do." Jonathan responds. 

Danni hmms to himself before responding, "I’m not saying that I’m going to do this, but… you still have me intrigued."  

Jonathan laughs and says, "That’s good enough for me right now.  Think about the situation as long as you want." 

Danni says that he is only intrigued, but he’s lying to Jonathan when he says that.  He’s already made up his mind that he wants to do this, he just wants to make sure Jonathan isn’t a total creep before committing.   The two exchange small talk for another hour or so before Danni excuses himself to the bathroom.  

Danni walks into the bathroom and stands in front of the mirror.  He bends forward and uses the sink to wash off the light amount of makeup he had put on before he left before drying his face off with paper towels.  Danni looks back into the mirror and pulls his hair tight back against his head, envisioning what he’d look like with short hair. 

"I’d still look cute right?  Wait… cute isn’t the right word, the aesthetic I’d have isn’t supposed to be cute.  I’d be handsome right?"  Danni questions himself.  

While looking at himself from all angles, Danni feels a mix of nervousness, and excitement as he becomes comfortable with the idea of transforming himself.    Danni fixes his hair back into place, and heads back out to the table. 

"So where are we going?" asks Danni.  

Section 5 - Nervous anticipation

"... what?"  Jonathan says in surprise. 

"I think I’m the right type of person to do this for your fantasy, and I’ve determined I want to do it.  Just … don’t tell me what haircut it’s going to be.  Text me a picture when I’m in the chair or something, otherwise I might back out."  says Danni.  

"Ok no problem!" Jonathan says excitedly.  "I’ll text you the barbershop, I’ll meet you there!"  

They leave the coffee shop in their cars, and meet up in the parking lot of the shop. Jonathan reaches for Danni’s hand to hold as he walks to the shop.  Jonathan pushes open the door to the shop, walks in, and pulls Danni with him.  They have a seat in the waiting area with a couple other guys as they wait their turn.  

Danni leans in and whispers to Jonathan, "I don’t think this is exactly my type of place, I stick out like a sore thumb."  

Jonathan whispers back, "Don’t worry, you’ll have a ton of street cred after you get your haircut."

Danni leans back and ponders that statement, "What the hell does he mean by that?"  

Danni pulls his hands back into his sleeves and sits quietly waiting his turn in the chair, the nervousness growing by the minute.  

After what feels like an eternity the barber looks at Jonathan and announces that he’s next.  

"Oh it’s not my turn, it’s his turn."  he says as he points at Danni. 

Danni looks up quickly, his turn has finally come after what felt like forever.  He takes a deep breath, walks to the chair and has a seat.  While Danni walks up to the chair, Jonathan quickly texts him a picture of what he wants Danni to get. 

The barber clips up Danni’s hair while he applies a paper neck strip, and cape.  The barber unclips the flower barrette from his hair and hands it to him.  

"Oh thanks, I forgot about that." Danni says as he nervously laughs.  

"So what are we doing today?" the barber asks Danni.

"I have a picture of what I want, let me open my phone." says Danni.  

Danni unlocks his phone, quickly clicks the text message from Jonathan and hands it to the barber before he can see it.

"This is what you want?" asks the barber.

"Yeah as you can see my roots are really grown out, I just want something where I can start fresh."  Danni says, presuming that it’s something really short.

Section 6 - Transformation

The barber gets to work, pulling out his clippers with no guard, and taking as much off the sides and back as he can.  Heaps of pink hair fall on the cape in front of Danni.  Danni takes a big gulp as he sees the pink hair pile up.  

After removing the majority of the hair on the sides and back, the barber grabs a comb.  He works quickly on the top of his head, removing all of what is left of the pink hair at the top.  After he’s through, only the grown out brown roots remain, a couple inches in length.  The barber sets his clippers down and grabs a can of hairspray, with which he sprays all over the top of Danni’s head.  He then sets the hairspray down before grabbing his blow dryer.  The blow dryer goes to work on the hairspray soaked hair, combined with his comb the barber is able to make Danni’s hair stand perfectly straight up all around his head.  

The barber sets down the blow dryer and reaches for his guardless clippers.  Carefully he sets the comb at the front of Danni’s hair about half an inch high, perfectly level, and clips straight across.  Over and over the top he goes, setting that comb level, clipping straight across.  When he gets to the middle of Danni’s head, Danni can feel the clippers graze the center of his scalp with every pass.  

Stopping the haircut for a moment, the barber steps back to admire his work, he moves Danni’s head in multiple directions to ensure he’s satisfied from all angles.  Being satisfied with his work, the barber sets down the clippers and comb.  He walks to the hot lather machine, squirts a bunch into his palm, and walks back to Danni.  The barber lathers up the sides, back, and landing strip going from the center of Danni’s head down to the back.  Every single thing that has happened to Danni during this haircut has been unnatural to him, this being the weirdest moment yet.  

"Hold very still for a little bit." the barber says to Danni. 

The straight razor comes next, as the barber scratches away at Danni’s head.  First the sides, then the back, completely smooth and clean.  The barber angles Danni’s head down and works on the landing strip, making it too, completely smooth.  He grabs a towel to wipe off the remaining shaving cream, then uses the blow dryer to blow any remaining bits of hair off of Danni’s head.  The rush of air over Danni’s new haircut is enough to send him into bewilderment as he cannot imagine what haircut he just received.  

The barber unclips the cape, removes the neck strip, and spins Danni around to look in the mirror.  Danni’s eyes almost bulge out of his head at the sight of his new look. 

"You won’t need that flower barrette for a little bit." the barber jokes.  

Danni is not happy with the haircut that’s just been given to him, a severe horseshoe flattop.  He doesn’t want to let it show though, he doesn’t want the anxiety of causing a scene in public.  

"That’s just what I asked for.. thanks."  Danni says to the barber.  

Technically not a lie, he did ask for this, he just wasn’t aware of what he was asking for.  

"Are you next?" the barber asks Jonathan as he looks over at him.  

"He’s definitely next." Danni interrupts as he answers for Jonathan. 

"Oh I uh…" Jonathan stumbles to make out a sentence.  

"You were telling me you were going to shave your beard off right?  You might as well let him do it, he’s reeeallly good with a straight razor."  Danni says.  

"Su-su-sure, that’s a good idea Danni."  Jonathan replies meekly.  

Danni heads to the waiting area to have a seat, directly across from an empty chair so that he can inspect himself more in the mirror.  

While Jonathan is in the chair, Danni can only focus on himself, a multitude of thoughts running through his mind.  

"This is what he wanted isn’t it, he got me annoyed, and now it’s bringing out my bossy side.  I have so many things I want to do to this boy in retribution." Danni thinks and laughs to himself.  

Danni’s hands come out from their natural hiding spot in his long sleeves to rub his new haircut.  

"Maybe I’ll end up liking the style eventually, but… not yet.  The feel of the shaved parts though is extremely pleasing." Danni thinks to himself. 

Danni spends so much time investigating his new look in the mirror, and thinking to himself that he completely misses Jonathan being finished.  Jonathan walks over to him, curious about what is to come after they leave this shop.

"All set, do you like me beardless?" Jonathan asks as he laughs. 

Danni rubs his hands on Jonathan’s now smooth face, "Much better, now go pay the barber." 

Jonathan pays the barber, and Danni grabs his hand to pull him out of the barber shop.  

Section 7 - Aftermath 

As Danni pulls Jonathan to their vehicles, Jonathan says, "I really like the haircut on you, I think you look really hot with it."

Danni turns his head back for a second to glare at him.  

"I guess you’re not as much of a fan are you…" Jonathan says meekly.  

"I like how it feels, I’m not sold on how it looks yet."  Danni replies.  

"I understand, I will just leave you be then.." Jonathan replies.  

"Whoa, where do you think you’re going?"  Danni snaps back.  

"Open up the tailgate to your SUV, get in.  We’re swapping clothes"  says Danni.

Jonathan does as requested, and climbs into the SUV, with Danni following right behind.  They emerge moments later, outfits completely swapped.  Jonathan is now wearing the long pink shirt, short black shorts, pink/black striped socks, and the flower barrette.  Danni emerges with the black tank top, and green cargo shorts.  

"I’m texting you my address, come back to my place." Danni tells Jonathan as he taps away at his phone.

"I … have plans Danni." Jonathan quietly replies. 

Danni looks up annoyed, "Yeah you do, coming back to my place, that’s your plans."  

"No, that’s not what I mea-" says Jonathan before being interrupted.    

"I know exactly what you meant, and your plans are now with me." Danni says. 

Danni quickly follows up, "And you know what?  Don’t call me Danni anymore, you call me Daddy instead."

"Yes Dan-, Daddy."  Jonathan says as he resigns himself to Danni’s whim.  

"Until I grow this hair back out, you’re my little femboy, you got it?" Danni asks Jonathan.

Jonathan gulps, "Yeah I get it…"  

"Now get your ass in your car and come to my place, we’re gonna have some fun." Danni says. 

At a stoplight on the way back to Danni’s house, he inspects himself in his mirror.  

"I mean I guess I don’t hate the haircut thaaaaat much, I look like someone I’d f***."  he says to himself as he laughs.  

"Telling Jonathan he’s mine until I grow my hair out was a nice touch, maybe I’ll go back to the barber in a couple weeks."  he tells himself as he smirks.  

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