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The Wonders of Regulation by Snifffffff

I couldn’t believe my luck when he walked in. Two in one day was rare. And to sweeten the deal his face was unfamiliar. He was at least six foot tall and muscular with overgrown brown hair. The top was maybe 4 inches while the sides were around a number 6 guard if I had to take a guess. Very slight stubble on the face. He wore the standard camo outfit of the soldiers and his name patch read "Knight." Jackpot.
We greeted each other and he took a seat. My shop was a small hole in the wall with only enough room for one chair along with a mirror and barber station setup. The look was classic, catering to the watchful eye to let them know they were in for a treat. The rest of the space was the utilities in the back and a makeshift shower I had made. I positioned myself behind the chair and set my hands on his shoulders. I took a deep breath and started the routine.
"Before we get started I just wanted to tell you that I offer a, um, ‘special service’ to active military members. It helps, uh, relieve tension some would say. Interested?"
He looked puzzled for a moment before the realization dawned on him. He was awestruck by the opportunity and he sat motionless as his brain whirred and he began to shake and pant. I looked to his crotch and saw a bulge signalling his answer. Their bodies usually betrayed them. Finally, his head began to bob up and down in affirmation.
"I need a verbal yes," I responded kurtly. He collected himself and his body stabilized.
"-Sir." I finished for him. I smiled and clapped his shoulders before moving to the entrance. I flipped the sign to closed and lowered the blinds, blocking the sunlight and any unwanted eyes.
"So, you’d touch me?" He asked in a deep, fake-confident voice.
"Only if you want. Besides sexual touches, I control everything. Don’t move without my word. Even your head. That includes the haircut." He simply nodded. A sacrifice he was willing to make. They never had much alone time, so this shop was heaven for the soldiers from the base close by.They’d do what they had too for my services..
"Just a high and tight. Nothing you haven’t had before." I informed him.
As I came back I ordered him to stand up and strip. He complied and faced me, his camo outfit now piled on the floor. He was a bit bulky and very muscular. His skin was a golden brown tan except for his midsection where the sun had never gotten a chance to touch. I had him sit back in the chair and watched as he cringed at the coldness of the chair’s red leather.
"Hope you aren’t busy. I want to enjoy this."
I took a paper strip and pulled it tight around his neck then caped him. I turned him away from the mirror. I grabbed a comb and began to run it through his hair.
"Getting out the knots. Shouldn’t be allowed to even get knots."
His hair was thick. That was fine. More fun for me. I snatched my scissors and turned around.
"This is going to take a while. That’s because you waited so long to get a haircut. No matter, I can fix that."
First I wet his thick hair to prepare it for cutting. Then I put my comb into his hair and began to pull up hair and cut it as I pulled the comb backward.
"While I reduce the bulk, answer this: How many weeks should you wait between haircuts?"
"6?" he said unsure.
"I asked the question."
"6." he said decisively.
"If you want to look like an animal." I chided
"4." He tried.
"At least you’re human." I said, trying to steer him into the answer
"Stop guessing."
"And why?"
"It’s when the haircut starts to lose freshness."
"Good boy." After that was finished I swapped my scissors for thinning shears.
"Thinning your thatch out. If you clog my clippers, I’ll shave you bald."
I remember the one time that happened. The boy moaning as I rubbed his bald scalp. How embarrassed he was when he left. How he begged me to shave him against the grain when he came back the following week
In the present my new recruit didn’t react. More hair came off his head from the previous trim. His top was now at least two inches. When I finished the thinning, I used the blow dryer to clean him off. I played with the hair a little bit. Satisfying softness on my fingers was the reward for my work. He moaned a bit at this and beneath the cape there was slight motion. I pulled the cape to the side and found him stroking himself. Anger filled me as hair toppled to the floor.
"Hands off! On the armrests! For that you’re losing the cape!"
He whimpered and his hands released his excited cock and listened to me. To his horror I removed the neck strip and cape, leaving his body exposed to the shop air. I took a breath to calm down and waited a second before trying to continue.
"Excited are we? How excited?"
I ordered him to spread his legs apart so I could measure his excitement.Next, I took one of his hands and ran it through his hair. I watched his penis twitch and leak as I did so. So sensitive. Just how I liked them. I picked up my oster clippers and attached a guard.
"This is a number 2 guard. If a barber tries to use a bigger clipper size on you: leave. He doesn’t know anything. This will be your top length unless you try something funny again. Then it’ll be a zero."
Suddenly a nasty thought entered my mind and I followed it without hesitation. I turned on the clippers then put them right next to his ear and moved them through the air to mimic cutting. They roared in the air, but no satisfaction came from their noise. Nonetheless his body responded out of habit. He squirmed in the chair as they droned on and mimicked cutting noises. I watched him further leak onto the red leather of the chair. I would have to clean it later, but this was worth it. I used my free hand to strongarm his head and pulled it back so his eyes were locked on to mine.
"Are you gonna misbehave again or do you want the clippers?"
"Yes, sir! I’ll behave!" He moaned out.
"You want a clipper cut like a good boy?" I pushed further.
"Like a good boy!" He whimpered.
"Say the whole thing." I ordered
"I’ll behave so I can get my hair buzzed down like a good boy!"
"Maybe you are a good boy after all." I remarked.
I let his head go and rubbed it as a reward. He was a fast learner albeit too eager if there was such a thing. Finally the real cut could begin. I pulled his fringe back, then put the clippers on his forehead and gazed at his shaking body. I pulled the clippers backward, making the first swath of hair tumble off and the first path of stubble appear. With the first cut made, I turned off the clippers and set them down to admire my work. Though his hair was thick, white scalp poked through. I took two fingers and rubbed the soft bristles. I felt the first inkling of an erection begin in my pants as the boy moaned to the touch. It was hard to believe that in not too long his hair would like that all over. I picked a hand off the armrest and forced him to rub it too. I smiled as he moaned gently at the touch. I decided that was enough and picked the clippers back up. I repositioned them and made another pass through his hair. Intentionally, they were slower than normal, but not painfully so. Finally the boy relaxed into the chair as the cut began for real. His eyes drifted shut. He was trying to escape the shearing. I couldn’t let that happen. I wanted every reaction.from him. He needed stimulation.
"Tell me boy, do you have a fixation on hair like me?" A question to make him squirm.
"Yes, sir."
"What started it?" I prodded
"Summer butch cuts, sir." his breath on the word butch as he answered.
"Continue." I said, pretending to be intrigued. Intrigued. In reality it wasn’t a story I hadn’t heard before.
"My dad would haul us to the garage and take off our shirts. Then he would pick a random guard or sometimes none and shear us." Brutal. Not sure how much you’ll have left. My cock twitched at the thought of such a game. Maybe I would do that to a boy someday.
"And the rest of the year?"
"Bowl cut or a very short ivy league. Our choice." Humiliation either way. The choice was whether or not to look presentable to others.
"And you chose?"
"Ivy." Smart boy.
"Your father was a smart man." A genius of a man. I’d have to find out more on future visits.
Finally the top was finished. I couldn’t help, but chuckle as the shorn locks slid down his perfect body. It must have been so itchy, but he couldn’t move it off. I leaned his head to the left and moved his ear away before the whirring clippers came tightly around his ear. I moved the clippers up again and cut away the hair on the ridge of his skull.
"Why do you think I’m giving you this haircut in particular?" I asked.
"Because it’s your favorite haircut." Good answer. Quick learner.
"True, but that’s not entirely why." With the right side finished I shoved his head downward to cut the nape. He let out a slight yelp at the sudden movement and he squirted a bit onto the chair. I chuckled a bit and rubbed his top playfully.
"The hair stays out of your eyes, it always looks neat, and it has soft bristles and rough stubble at the same time."
"Perfect answer!" I said gleefully. I began to palm his head vigorously. He moaned loudly as I closed my eyes and appreciated the sweet mix from my senses. The soft bristles mixing with his moans and the twitching of my own cock. He grunted loudly and his breath quickened.
"Sir I can’t..ungh!" he moaned even louder. My eyes widened as I realized what was happening. I leveled the clippers on his nape and pushed upward slowly, watching the hair collect on the clippers. I used my free hand to catch some of it and as my boy cried out I sprinkled it onto his chest and began to pet his nape against the grain. His hands jumped into action suddenly and collected his shorn locks over his crotch as he exploded. I rubbed his half shorn head as he came down from his orgasm whimpering. I quickly finished the buzz on his left side before hanging my clippers up.
"Let’s get you cleaned up," I said with a smile and rubbed the buzz another time, sending hair clippings into the air.
I used a towel to collect the hair and cum mixture and dispose of it into a trash can. I pulled Knight out of the chair and walked him to the shower. The stall I had made lacked a door so I could watch. And watch I did as water washed his body down. When he finished I held up a white fluffy towel for him. Hesitantly he walked towards me. When he was close enough I embraced with the towel and started to dry him off. He sighed gently as I pushed his head into the crook of my neck and let him rest there while I dried what I could. I again used one of his hands to feel the damp bristles. This caused him to elicit a sigh into my shoulder. After I was done I looked him in the eyes and shifted back to business.
"You look so handsome, but we’re not done. How long until you can cum again?"
"5 minutes, Sir." A short refractory period and sensitive? He really was a perfect boy.
I led him back to the chair and used his towel to obscure his view of the mirror. I grabbed my clippers again and pulled the guard off.
"This is no guard. Not quite a complete strip but very close. Close as these clippers can go. I’m using this to strip your bottom."
I used the clippers to shear his back first. I stopped the clippers high up on the head. I gave him a feel and my cock twitched stronger than before. Even in his cooled down state the boy sighed at the feel of the shorter bristles. I continued the clippers over the sides, leaving him with an awkward shelf. I put a number one onto the clippers, and for the next couple of minutes worked away at the fade.
"While I fade this I wanted to ask, how long did your father control your hair?"
"Until I was fourteen."
"What happened then?"
"As the eldest I got the big slap in the face. On my fourteenth birthday he gifted me a pair of clippers and told me he was never giving me another haircut or bringing me to the barbershop again. When I tried to go with my own money, the barbershops refused me. I had to learn to cut my own hair."
"Why are you in my chair?" I asked.
"I can only cut a buzz cut," he said, embarrassed, "I want some style." I nodded in understanding. Finally his stubbled graduated beautifully into dark bristles. He moaned as I ran a hand over the fade. His cock was once again erect and sprinkled with clippings. I walked over to the hot foam machine and filled a bowl with cream. Behind me, he whimpered.
"You’re gonna shave it?" he asked as I dipped my brush in and rounded the chair.
"Yes. Trust me you’ll love it."
I listened to the rasp of the bristles as I spread the foam around the bottom of his head. My pants throbbed as my razor scratched away more of his stubble. The boy moaned as I felt the exposed skin. Eventually, I took a towel and wiped away the last of the foam. I grabbed the foil shavers and listened to their loud loud whir as they ate more stubble and erased the point I had shaven at.
"Be a good boy for this last bit."
I reclined the chair and got more foam. I spread it over his cheeks and throat. The razor reemerged as I took away his five o’clock shadow. He let out small whimpers, but tried not to move so much with a razor at his throat. Half way through I retrieved a towel and wiped down his abdomen of bristles as a tease. He quivered in response and leaked more. It took all my willpower not to take a taste of him, or grab my clippers and cut away the bush around his rod. I reminded myself of the shave on pause and pulled myself away.
I again wiped away the cream when I was finished and put the chair back into normal position. He hissed as I finished with aftershave on his face and head.
I rubbed the boy's head all over. Different lengths let out different noises and feels, but every one was equally euphoric. Suddenly I whipped the chair around to the mirror and the boy saw himself. He groaned loudly and began to stroke himself as he remained mesmerized by his own image. I continued to feel his head and my cock throbbed in pleasure. Eventually the boy reached his breaking point and let out a loud moan as he exploded. At the same time I became overwhelmed and pulled my pants down as I released my load onto the floor.
After panting for a moment, I pulled my pants up and helped Knight out of the chair. He took a minute to feel his head and see how it looked with clothes on before he asked how much he had to pay.
"Nothing," I said, "I enjoyed this too much." Knight took out his wallet and shoved two twenties and a ten into the pocket of my apron. I nodded in understanding of it being a tip. Knight tipped his head to me and I gave it one final rub before he set off toward the door.
"Come back in two weeks. If you come in here with more than an inch I’ll make you give yourself no guard buzz cut. If you have more than two it’ll be a headshave with growth retardant."
Knight looked temporarily shocked at the harsh punishments before smiling and walking out of the shop. I smiled two myself as the next appointment was booked. As I looked back at the shop and the mess we had made and knew it was worth it.

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