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Complete femboy role reversal - Part 2 by doctorhair

(Author's notes: 
This section does become sexually explicit later on, this is your warning if you don't want to read that type of thing.
Since this is a continuation of my earlier story, any hair related stuff is interacting with the haircut that was done in part 1. Kind of a spoiler alert there is no cutting in this part.)

Section 1 - Arrival

Danni and Jonathan park their cars in the parking lot of Danni’s apartment building.  Danni exits his car, then waits for Jonathan to reach him before he grabs his hand and they walk together to the building.  

"I was hoping you lived in a house or something."  Jonathan says as he laughs.

"Why are you embarrassed for people to see you?" asks Danni.

"No, no no, not embarrassed, just… not comfortable yet." Jonathan answers.

"I get it, my neighbors are going to freak out if they see me." says Danni.

Danni stops in the middle of the parking lot to look Jonathan in the face.

"Before we get up to my apartment, if at any point you’re uncomfortable with something I ask you to do, just let me know and we’ll stop it.  I’m obviously new to being the person in charge, I don’t know how far is too far." says Danni.

"Oh I 100% will tell you if I don’t think I can handle it or don’t want it."  Jonathan replies. 

They make their way through the apartment building lobby, the elevator, and the hallway to Danni’s place without too much human interaction.  The middle of the afternoon on a Monday doesn’t have too much foot traffic, most people are still at work.  This is a small relief to both Danni and Jonathan.  

Danni pushes open the door to his apartment and drags Jonathan in. 

"Hey sluuuuuut."  Danni yells enthusiastically into the apartment.  

"Hey girrrrrl"  a voice yells back.

"Oh god he has a roommate."  Jonathan thinks to himself.

Section 2 - The Roommate

On the couch is Danni’s roommate Jessie.  Jessie is in her mid 20’s with shoulder blade length brown hair, her slightly thick build accentuated by her white halter top and short black shorts.  She’s had a very productive day of watching netflix on the couch, which she pauses to say hello to Danni.  As Jessie pauses her movie, she looks over at Danni and her mouth drops wide open.  She stands up, and walks over to the two of them, questions spewing from her mouth at rapid speed. 

"What the F*** happened to your cute ass pink hair?"

"What the F*** is this haircut?"

"Where the F*** did you get these clothes?"

"Who the F*** is this guy?"

"Why is he wearing your F***ING clothes?"  Jessie asks loudly.

"Chillll, everything is cool, don’t make the neighbors call the landlord on us again." Danni responds.

"Oh f*** them, I’ll be as loud as I want." Jessie says.

Jonathan gets a sense that colorful language is part of their normal vocabulary around here.  He’s intimidated by Jessie’s bold personality, and he’s only been here for about 15 seconds.  The nervousness brought on by this quick interaction causes his hands to retreat into the long sleeves of Danni’s shirt as he pulls one hand up to cover his mouth

Danni notices Jonathan’s retreat, he doesn’t want him immediately leaving the apartment, so he needs to talk Jessie down from her outrage.

"Ok well, at least chill so you don’t scare this boy anymore." says Danni.

"Am I scaring you?" Jessie looks at Jonathan and asks loudly.

Jonathan slightly retreats behind Danni as Jessie focuses her attention on him. 

"Oh my gosh, ok I’m scaring you, I promise I’m not scary.  I’ll chill now." says Jessie as she notices his reaction.

Jessie turns her attention back to Danni and says, "You’re still going to have to explain to me what the f*** is going on here." 

"It’s a loooong story."  Danni says as he laughs. "I want some help with this boy, come with us and I’ll explain it all."

Section 3 - Danni explains it all

Danni pulls Jonathan to his room, with Jessie following closely behind, inspecting this new man that Danni brought home.  Jessie slaps Jonathan on the butt as they walk down the hall, causing Jonathan to jump slightly.

Upon entering the room, Danni motions Jonathan to a spot in front of his bed, "Go stand over there." Danni says. 

Jonathan walks over to the spot, as Danni and Jessie have a seat on the bed.  Both Danni and Jessie make a thinking pose by crossing their legs, and putting their hands under their chin.

"Ok, now strip." Danni requests Jonathan. 

"Oooo I like this take-charge Danni." Jessie comments.

Danni laughs and says, "Yeeeeah that’s part of what I’m going to explain to you."

Jonathan complies and nervously strips himself completely naked.  

"He’s too hairy, right Jessie?" Danni asks.

"I was thinking the same thing." Jessie responds.

"Ok Jonathan, go down the hall to the bathroom.  Hop in our shower, there you’ll find my razor and shaving cream.  When you’re done I don’t want to see a single hair below your neck, you got it?" Danni asks.

"Yes Daddy, I’ll do it." Jonathan responds.

"You’re making him call you DADDY?  This new Danni is so hot." Jessie exclaims.

Jonathan leaves the room, and heads down the hallway to the bathroom as he was told.  Once there he turns on the shower, steps in, and gets to work on making his body completely hairless. 

Back in the bedroom, Danni explains to Jessie what this deal is about.  

"So about this whole thing." Danni says as he makes some wild hand movements.

"He had posted this personal ad that was super unique compared to everything else out there, you’ve seen the s**t that gets posted, it’s all hookup stuff." says Danni.

"Duh, that’s what the internet’s for, hookups." Jessie responds.

"You’re not wrong, but his ad was intriguing.  He wanted to like flip roles with a femboy, where the person starts out listening to him, but then they switch roles after they change styles.  I figured it was worth meeting up with him for coffee to hear more about it, and see if he wasn’t a weirdo." Danni explains, "After talking to him for a while and determining he wasn’t a creep, I was really open to the idea, why not change it up and explore new stuff?"  

"Soooo he made you get your haircut like this?  And change clothes?" Jessie asks. 

"The haircut, yes that was his idea.  As for the changing of clothes, that was my idea, if I was gonna be the alpha, I need to look the part more than just a haircut." Danni says as he laughs.

"What even is this haircut?  You’re so military right now." asks Jessie

"He said it was a horseshoe flattop, I don’t know how I feel about how it looks, but I love how it feels." Danni responds.

Jessie responds to Danni’s statement by standing up and grabbing his head with both of her hands.  She examines every inch of Danni’s new haircut, running her hands across the smooth parts, the buzzed flat parts, and finishing by running her fingers down the landing strip.  Danni closes his eyes, enjoying someone else's hands exploring his haircut. 

"It’s not horrible, I mean if I saw a hot guy with one I’d still f*** him." Jessie says as she laughs. 

"Girrrl that’s why we’re roommates, I said the exact same thing." says Danni. 

"So after the haircut, I really took on a new role between the two of us, partially due to me being annoyed.  My annoyance lead me to became really bossy, and I think he was scared of me so he was being really submissive.  I determined then I was gonna make him into a cute lil femboy." explains Danni. 

"I get it, so now you’re dominating this poor guy?" asks Jessie as she laughs.

"Hey he asked for this!  He can stop at any point, but obviously he's enjoying it." says Danni

"How long are you going to keep this up?  Are you gonna go back to being that hot bitch from before?" asks Jessie. 

"I told him he’s mine until I grow my hair out and I let him go, but I don’t know how long that’ll be.  I'll get back to being my old self at some point..."  says Danni.

"So I don’t have to worry about you trying to boss me around then?"  jokes Jessie.

"Listen slut, you better watch your tone, or I’ll make you get this same haircut." jokes Danni pointing at his head..

"Ugggh this is so hot, why did you have to only like men.  Marry me right now."  jokes Jessie as she gets down on one knee.  

Danni laughs and responds, "Sooorrrrry, I’ll try to help you find a hot bossy military man for you.  I’m sure if you hang out at the barbershop with me you’ll find someone."  

Their conversation is interrupted by Jonathan returning from the bathroom.

Section 4 - Transformation complete

"I think I got it all, do you want to inspect?" asks Jonathan.

"You’re damn right I do, I better not see a single hair." says Danni.

Danni walks over to him and provides a thorough inspection.  He rubs his hands all over his body, making sure he can’t feel any stubble whatsoever, ending the inspection by running his finger along Jonathan’s hard cock.

"I can see you enjoyed that, didn’t you?" asks Danni.

Jonathan blushes and answers, "Ye-yeah I guess I did."

"You did a good job, you’re completely hairless as I asked for.  For the next part, head over to my makeup desk." Danni says as he points at his desk.  "Jessie, can you help him out with some quick cute makeup?"

"Let’s go bitch!" exclaims Jessie.

"I can’t tell if she’s comfortable with me now that she’s calling me bitch, or if she’s also being bossy."  a confused Jonathan thinks to himself as he follows her over to the desk.  

While Jessie handles Jonathan on the other side of the room, Danni prepares a care package that Jonathan will be taking home with him.  Danni goes through his closet and his drawers, throwing a bunch of extra clothes and accessories he has lying around into a pink backpack with the word ‘Queen’ written on the back in cursive.  

After Danni fills the backpack, he walks back over to the desk where Jessie is finishing up.  He looks at the reflection of Jonathan in the mirror, and his hands instinctively go up to his cheeks.

"Aww you are soooo cute now!" Danni exclaims. 

Danni walks over to the pile of clothes Jonathan stripped off earlier and pulls the flower barrette from it.  

"This will make you perfect." he says as he puts the clip back in his hair. 

Jonathan looks back in the mirror, stunned that this is him now.  He can’t help but blush looking at himself, he knows he’s cute. 

Danni grabs Jonathan’s hand and walks him over to his bed where they each have a seat.  

"You’re welcome to stay for this next part if you want Jessie." says Danni.

"F*** yeah I want to stay." proclaims Jessie, as she has a seat in the desk chair, eager for what’s about to happen.

Section 5 - Becoming Danni’s

Danni runs one hand over Jonathan’s hard cock, and the other over his new haircut as he moves his head in different directions.  

"Are you glad I responded to your ad?"  asks Danni.

"Yes Daddy." Jonathan replies meekly.

"Do you think I’m hot with this haircut?" asks Danni.

"Yes Daddy." Jonathan replies.

Danni leans in and whispers, "Do you want get f***ed by Daddy?"

Jonathan turns bright red and replies, "Yes Daddy."

"Mmmhmm that’s what I thought." says Danni.

Danni stands up from the bed and strips himself naked, then makes a request, "Get on your knees and show your appreciation for me."

Jonathan doesn’t need any explanation as to what that means, as he drops to his knees from the bed in front of Danni.  His drop to his knees is greeted by Danni’s hard cock, which he quickly puts his mouth around and starts to pleasure.  

"Ooooh we have an eager one." Jessie proclaims. 

The comment isn’t humiliating to Jonathan, it only leads to him being turned on even more.  His fantasy is humming at full speed at this moment.  Over and over he goes on Danni’s hard cock, doing his best to please him.  Danni is standing in ecstasy, one hand on the back of Jonathan’s head, and the other rubbing the completely smooth sides of his own head.  

"You look so happy right now." Jessie remarks.

Danni smiles and bites his lip, confirming to Jessie what she is saying is correct.  After a few more minutes of sucking, Danni pulls Jonathan off of him, and has him stand up.  

"Are you ready to become mine?" Danni whispers into his ear.

Jonathan blushes and nods back in affirmation.  He responds by kissing Jonathan, thrusting his tongue deep into his mouth for a few seconds before pushing him onto his bed.  Danni walks over to his dresser and opens the top drawer, pulling out a condom and his bottle of lube.  He opens up the condom wrapper and rolls the condom onto his throbbing erect cock, then walks over to the bed.  

"Legs up." Danni says to Jonathan.  

Jonathan complies immediately, as Danni squirts some lube onto his fingers.  He rubs the lube all over Jonathan’s smoothly shaven hole before preparing to mount him.  Danni slowly slides his cock into Jonathan, he’s so tight he can’t go any faster, even though he wants to be inside of him immediately.  As his cock slides into Jonathan, Jonathan’s mouth opens up the widest it’s ever been, and lets out a huge moan, this is the first time he’s been f***ed like this in his life.   Jonathan’s head can’t help but fall backwards as Danni’s cock completely enters him. 

"Look at this good boy, you two are so f***ing hot right now.  Just try to relax honey, it’ll feel even better." Jessie comments.  

He does his best to relax the muscles surrounding his asshole, not something he’s accustomed to.  Danni continues to slide in and out of Jonathan, with each thrust becoming easier as Jonathan’s ass becomes used to Danni’s cock.  The thrusts pick up the pace with each revolution, until Danni is entering Jonathan’s ass freely, without any slowdown.  Danni reaches his maximum thrusting speed, as Jonathan grips the bed tightly with both hands and moans continuously.  For a brief moment, Danni pulls his cock out of Jonathan, and bends over to kiss him on the lips, before shoving his cock back into Jonathan.  

"Oh make me cum Daddy, make me cum Daddy." Jonathan says.

"Mmmmm what a good boy." Jessie proclaims.

Jonathan grips the bed even tighter, the pitch of his voice ever increasing.  He moans, and repeats in his highest pitch, "Make me cum Daddy, make me cum Daddy." 

Danni orgasms as the condom fills with hot cum.  The act of Danni climaxing makes Jonathan let out his loudest moan yet and orgasm simultaneously.   It's visually apparent how turned on he's been all day, he shoots huge streams of cum all over his chest and onto his face.    Danni exits Jonathan, letting his legs back down to the bed, they twitch uncontrollably from orgasming so hard.  

"That was so f***ing sexy you two, I’m gonna go to my room to…do some stuff." Jessie says, as she throws the roll of paper towels from the desk at the bed before exiting the room.  

The two of them clean themselves up quickly, and lay back down in the bed to cuddle.  Jonathan lays on his side, snuggling in Danni’s arms, with one hand making its way to Danni’s head to stroke his haircut.  They lay there for a couple hours, so comfortable they end up taking a nap together in their snuggling position.  

A loud knock on the apartment door wakes them up from their nap.  

"I bet the landlord finally showed up." Danni says.

They hear Jessie walk to the door to open it, an argument immediately ensues.

"Yeah, that’s the landlord." Danni says.  

They each laugh before settling back in to continue snuggling.

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