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Second Family Reunion by Shant

This is a sequel to Family Reunion Surprises and I would suggest reading that story before reading this one. I had some requests to do a sequel, but really didn’t have a story line in mind then, so I put it aside for awhile. I finally decided to give it a try and see what I could come up with and I hope you enjoy it. I thought you also might like knowing that I really do have an Uncle Don, who is a barber, and that a large part of this story actually happened,

Due to Covid, our yearly family reunion was cancelled the summer of 2020. I lived on the west coast, while all my family lived on the east coast, resulting in not seeing many family members for two years. We decided to have our reunion again this summer and I looked forward to seeing everyone again.

At the last reunion, I surprised everyone by showing up with my hair down to my shoulders. All the time growing up, my dad had insisted that I kept my hair really short and it was probably never much more than a little over an inch long.

When I graduated from college and moved almost 3000 miles away, I decided to let my hair grow out for as long as I continued liking the way it looked. Over two years passed and my hair now touched my shoulders. I received a lot of compliments from people. I knew that I was really lucky to have such nice hair and I really loved having it.

My hair was sandy brown, very thick, and with great texture. If I kept it at a certain length, I could brush it in the morning and it would never move throughout the entire day. I could shake my head as hard as possible and still not a hair would fall out of place.

At the last reunion, my biggest surprise, however, was that after the reunion ended, I let my Uncle Don, who is a barber, cut my shoulder length hair off and give me a flattop! I certainly had not expected to do anything like that, but I ended up having a great time letting him cut my hair.

I really liked my Uncle Don a lot and we always had great times when we were able to get together. He was only seven years older than I was, so I thought of him more like an older brother, than an uncle.

At that reunion, the moment I saw Uncle Don, I could tell by the look in his eyes that he wanted to cut my hair. When I lived back home, I had always wanted him to cut my hair, but it was never long enough for him to really do anything with, other than give me a buzzcut.

Throughout the reunion, Uncle Don kept trying to get me to let him cut my hair. He kept telling me how much he would love to give me a flattop, just like the one he wore. I really liked how his flattop looked and I knew that since he and I had practically the same, identical hair, that I could probably have him cut me a sharp looking one, just like his. I just didn’t know if I had enough nerve to go ahead and let him do it and lose all my hair that had taken over two years for me to grow.

After two days of him teasing me and telling me over and over again how much I should get a flattop and how badly he wanted to give me one, I finally just blurted out, "Alright! Go ahead and do it!"

I had been building up my nerve to have him cut my hair since the very beginning of the reunion. The thought of him actually doing it was really exciting. I had often fantasized about Uncle Don sitting me in his barber chair and just giving me the haircut he wanted. I couldn’t even begin to imagine the rush that it was going to be. I also knew it would be a tremendous rush for him to get to do it.

You should have seen the look on his face when I told him that he could cut my hair. He became so animated, practically jumping up and down like a little kid. He said he thought that I would never let him cut my hair, and especially not cut it that short!

"I don’t think I have ever had a guy with such long, beautiful hair have me cut it nearly almost all off, and into a flattop. Seeing that much awesome hair coming off will be the greatest moment in all the year’s that I have been a barber. It is going to be unbelieveable to do!"

We decided to cut my hair after the reunion ended and everyone had left. That night, we had a fantastic time playing with each other’s hair. Uncle Don eagerly went to work, brushing my hair, running his hands through it, just playing with it in general. Like I have said before, for me, there is nothing hotter than a really thick head of hair.

I was nervous as hell when he picked up his scissors and approached me. He didn’t just buzz it all off at once, but took his scissors and would take a lock at a time and chop it off.

Once he had cut it down really short, he took his clippers and gave me my first flattop ever. It felt surreal, like I was almost in a trance. I could see all my beautiful thick mane falling to the cape, but it didn’t seem like it really was happening to me.

Much to my surprise, I really liked the way the flattop looked and really enjoyed the fantastic time we had getting to play with each other’s hair.

The next morning before leaving, we agreed that we would do this again at our next reunion. Again, due to Covid, it was two years before our next reunion took place.

When we first got to this summer’s reunion and saw each other, we couldn’t believe that we were wearing almost the exact same looking haircut.

We had not said anything to each other about what our hair looked like now. Both of us were definitely hoping that we each had grown our hair long again. Neither of us was disappointed.

We immediately broke into huge smiles, knowing what a great time was ahead of us. We couldn’t wait to bury our hands in each other’s manes and do all kinds of things with them. We were really stoked thinking about the fun we were going to have.

Our hair was almost eight inches long on top, with the sides very full and brushed back above the ears. The sides met in the back and hung about two inches below the collar. We both had a really massive head of thick hair.

I was glad Uncle Don had grown his hair out. He really had looked fantastic with the flattop he had last time, but he had such great hair, and looked even more handsome with it now being so long and thick.

Throughout both days of the reunion, we would walk past each other and say how much fun we were going to have getting our hands in each other’s hair. We teased each other about how much hair we were going to cut off each other and about all the other things we wanted to do. The excitement grew more and more as each hour went by.

After the reunion ended, we went out to dinner, both eager to return to our hotel rooms and make plans for the evening. We both knew we were going to get, and going to give, each other haircuts, but so far, that was all that had been discussed.

"Okay, so how are we going to do this?" I asked. "I guess we need to figure out who’s going to go first and what kind of haircuts we are each willing to get. It’s great that our hair is almost exactly the same length. I think it really will be more fun if we both get the same, or nearly the same, identical haircut."

"I’ve been looking forward to this and have thought about it many times since we were last together. It was such an unbelievable rush having you cut all my hair off and give me a flattop! I know you also had a great time getting to do that!"

"Okay, so, how shall we start?" I asked. Uncle Don pulled out a deck of cards and said, "How about if we each draw a card and the one with the highest card gets to decide whether he wants to be the barber first, or the one getting his hair cut first?"

"We both know that we can totally trust each other to not do anything crazy or wild and ruin each other’s hair. Neither of us want to end up looking like cue balls. We both love our hair way too much to do anything like that to each other."

"We could set some rules before we begin. A major one would be that neither of us gets our hair cut shorter than we agree upon. No surprises allowed!"

"I do think we could make it a little more fun if the barber gets to decide the type haircut that he would like to do. The person getting his hair cut would then have to say whether or not he wanted to have that kind of haircut. The person getting the haircut always gets the final word. It would be interesting to see what kind of haircuts we would select for each other."

That sounded like a fair enough way to start. It scared me a little, but the last time was so awesome that I knew we would definitely have that great a time again.

We each drew a card. Uncle Don drew the jack of spades. I knew that the odds of drawing a higher card were against me. I cut the deck and flipped the card over, revealing the ten of diamonds. I was pretty sure that I would be the first one sitting in the barber chair.

"Seeing that I get to be barber first, I want to cut your hair a couple of times, instead of just once. With that great hair you have, I would like seeing how many different ways I can make you look."

"Oh man, this is going to be awesome!" Uncle Don said. "Sit down in that chair there. I want to work on that hair of yours for awhile and spend some time brushing it and running my hands through it, before I even start cutting it!"

"Two years ago was so great! It’s even going to be more fun tonight because I no longer have a flattop and you will now get to have all my hair to play with. I'm sure you will enjoy doing that."

"I guess it’s because we are related, but I have absolutely no fear in you cutting my hair, and don’t feel at all self-conscious about us doing this. We both know how much we love our hair and getting to play with each other’s hair. I think it’s great we share this special bond," he said.

We were both excited about getting ready to begin. Both of us had always had a strong attraction for great hair. I don’t know why we were like that, but once we discovered we each were attracted to great hair, we knew we would be doing this many times.

Uncle Don had a wife and daughter and had been married for over ten years. As soon as he was old enough, he had started cutting hair. Several of his high school buddies had him cut their hair all through high school. All he ever wanted to be was a barber.

I probably loved a great head of hair as much as Uncle Don did, but I also had another reason why I loved great hair so much. In college, I accepted the fact that I was gay. I not only had fun getting my hands in great hair, I also got physically aroused by it too.

No one in my family knew that I was gay. I was perfectly fine with my sexuality and knew that when the time was right, I would speak up, but until then, it was no one’s business, but my own.

Uncle Don had no idea how aroused I got just running my hands through his beautiful tresses. His hair had always been a major thing for me and I had fantasized about running my hands through it many times. It was hard for me to believe that I was actually was going to cut it! I couldn’t be any more turned on!

Uncle Don first started by brushing my hair all back and then running his hands through it over and over again, enjoying feeling how thick and lush each individual lock was. I could have let him do that forever!

"So?" Uncle Don said, "How do you want me to cut your hair tonight? Are you going to let me cut it short again? Last time was such a rush! To be totally honest with you, I still have your ponytail tucked away in a dresser drawer."

"How about another flattop? I had the best time taking that pretty hair of yours down and giving you a flattop and you really did look fantastic! I’d love to do that again."

"You’ve obviously been hitting the gym a lot since we last saw each other and you will look even more muscular with your hair shorter. If you watch a body building competition you always see that all the competitors have really short hair." Uncle Don said.

"The first haircut I want to give you is to take just a little off the top and then shorten the sides as I work my way towards the back. I’d like to see your hair be just above your collar. You’d be losing a lot of length in back, but we’ll keep the sides full. That way when I’m finished you’ll still have almost all that great hair on top which you can still brush straight back."

"Once I finish that haircut you can decide whether you want a shorter haircut or not. I’ve got a great idea. Why don’t I cut your hair like I just described, and then let you give me my first haircut?"

"We could take turns back and forth, cutting each other’s hair. I bet you’d like to cut my hair more than once, wouldn’t you? You can then take a little time to decide how much more of your awesome mane you are willing to lose before I give you your next haircut."

"That sounds good to me," I said. "For the entire past year I have really been looking forward to this."

Uncle Don turned me to face the mirror and brushed all my hair back perfectly into place. "Such pretty hair," he said. "It’s going to be a big rush to cut it again. It really is awesome. I know how much you really love it."

Uncle Don parted my hair on each side and brushed it to the middle. He then took his scissors and started at the front left side and combed a lock of hair that was about four inches long and chopped off about two inches. The rush was immediate! I became more and more excited as he lifted up each lock of hair and then cut it off, taking more and more off as he worked his way towards the back.

After he finished the back and sides, he combed my hair on top all forward. The front was long enough to just touch my lips. He took his comb and lifted up my thick forelock and took off about two inches.

After doing that, he wet my hair and then dried and styled it. When he finished, the hair on top was standing up really high and the sides looked great as they blended into the back. I knew I could be perfectly happy keeping my hair cut this way, but I knew that was not going to happen. If we only got to do this once a year, at most, we were going to make it an evening to remember.

Uncle Don then sat down in the chair, letting me cut his hair before he gave me my second haircut. It really was awesome with us both having almost identical hair. Playing with his hair was just like playing with my own.

I started off just like Uncle Don did. I spent a lot of time brushing his hair and running my hands through it, trying to see how many different ways I could get it to look.

At the last reunion he had his flattop and so all I did was get to brush his hair. This time, I would be cutting his hair for the very first time. I had been fantasizing about doing this for years! I first wanted to just enjoy working my hands through his hair over and over again, wanting to delay starting the haircut as long as possible.

His hair was just so thick! I couldn’t keep my hands out of it! To have looked at his beautiful hair for so many years and always wished that I could reach out and touch it was more than I imagined I would ever get to do. To be standing here, and getting ready to cut it, was unbelievable!

I had decided I was pretty much going to give him the same haircut he had just given me. I didn’t want to cut too much off because I also wanted to cut his hair several times, instead of just once. I was going to take the sides and the back down, leaving them long enough to meet together in the back.

I was going to take about an inch or two off the top, but instead of brushing it all straight back like he did mine, I was going to give him the pompadour that he had worn in high school. I continued brushing his hair, creating a slight part in the very front on his left side and then brushed everything up and back.

It was such a rush getting to see all his thick, wavy hair get combed into a pompadour. His hair stood up so tall and it really was beautiful. It was like creating a sculpture. I think it would be absolutely impossible for any person to not notice how great his hair was. I kept brushing his hair over and over because it was so sensual running my hands through it.

Uncle Don told me to go ahead and cut his hair how I said I wanted to cut it. "Two years ago, I remember how charged up I got giving you a pompadour like I had in high school. I haven’t worn my hair like that since I joined the Navy. I couldn’t wait to get out and let my hair get longer again, but the pompadour was no longer a popular look then, so I just let it grow long."

I took my scissors, and just like Uncle Don had done, started at the front side and combed out a thick lock of his glorious hair and took off about two inches. I continued working my way to the back, taking more off with each cut.

When I reached the top, I was so excited that I was now going to cut his forelock. I lifted it up and took off the two inches we had agreed upon. I wanted to cut off so much more, but knew I had to honor the agreement we had made. Uncle Don looked like he was really enjoying himself and the haircut was really looking good.

When I finished cutting his hair, I wet it slightly and then took some styling product and ran it through his hair. I took the blowdryer and combed his hair into the most beautiful pompadour that I had ever seen. Man, he really did have awesome hair! I was so stoked!

"So, what do you think of your haircut?" I asked. "I love the way it looks. When our hair gets a little too long, you know it gets too heavy to stand up as much as it can, but just by taking it down a little, it stands up even higher, and looks even fuller. Your hair really looks fantastic."

"I think it looks great," Uncle Don said. "I’d say that a pompadour is a little outdated, but it does show off my hair really well."

"Now, are you ready to sit back in the chair and let me give you another haircut? How would you like me to cut it this time? You enjoyed that flattop so much last time, why don’t I cut it like that again? With you having put on so much muscle, you will look even better with a flattop than before. You will look super hot!"

Before I went to the reunion, I had already decided I would let Uncle Don give me another flattop, so I told him to go ahead and do it. I really did like the way it had looked and I was looking forward to having him give me another one.

I also knew that I had enjoyed growing my hair out again after the flattop. It was fun to change my hairstyle as my hair got longer and longer. I realized it was more fun to constantly change how my hair looked, as opposed to just having it long and always looking the same.

Uncle Don took me into the bathroom and proceeded to wash my hair. It felt wonderful having his strong hands aggressively running through my hair. I was glad that he could not see my lap, because I could feel that I had quite a boner going on down there.

He then took his blowdryer and brushed all my hair straight up and back. The top was still over six inches long, so it really did stand up high.

"This is going to be so great, seeing your gorgeous hair falling to the cape! It will be even more fun than last time because I know you aren’t afraid, like you were then. I bet that you have been looking forward to watching me give you a flattop again!"

He placed a #1 guard on the clippers, took his hand and placed it on top of my head, pushing my chin down almost to my chest. "Get ready for the first swipe!" he gleefully said. It was obvious he was really enjoying himself.

He ran the clippers starting at the base of my neck and drove them almost all the way up to the crown. He made certain that he flipped all the long locks onto my lap so I could see how much hair I was losing.

I thought I was going to explode right then, but knew that I had to contain myself, if I wanted this evening to continue, and I definitely had great plans for Uncle Don’s pretty hair.

He ran the clippers up the sides and back and squared them up. He then brushed the top one more time, wanting it to stand as tall as it possibly could. He then stood directly behind me and took his clippers and placed them at the center of my forehead.

"Get ready to see some major hair falling into your lap! I’m going to take off about five inches of that wonderful hair of yours! We both know that you are going to end up with an awesome looking flattop!"

The clippers came to life and I sat mesmerized watching him cut so much of my treasured hair off. The pile in my lap was unbelievable!

After finishing the cut, he worked on brushing it perfectly into place. It was so square and I loved it so much, that I wished it could just stay like this forever.

"This getting together once a year is really awesome!" I said. "It gives us plenty of time to grow our hair long again, and when we get together, we have a great head of hair to get our hands in. I love it that we discovered we had this in common."

"Okay, Uncle Don, it’s your turn to sit in the chair again," I said. "I can’t wait to cut your hair this time, and I know exactly how I want to cut it."

"Have you been thinking about what kind of haircut you want to get? I bet you’ve thought about me giving you a flattop, haven’t you? Yours looked so great two years ago and I think it’s time for you to get one again. I think it’s the greatest rush getting a flattop. It’s definitely more exciting to watch than any other haircut, but I have another haircut I want to give you first."

"I want to take your hair down shorter, but not into a flattop yet. I’d like to taper the sides and back short, not quite as short as a flattop, but short. I then want to comb all your hair forward and start at the back, and lock by lock, take off about two-thirds of the length of your hair. The top will be shorter on the sides, but longer in the middle, and longer as it gets to the front."

"I’d like to lift up each lock between my fingers and then cut off the hair you see standing above them. I want your hair to just get gradually longer as we get to the front."

"With your hair having such great texture and body, I then want to take some product and run it through your hair and see how I can make it look by just using my hands and running them through your hair. I want to see how it can look without even using a comb or brush."

"I think it will look so hot mussed up like that, as opposed to having it all brushed perfectly into place. I hope you’ll let me do it. It will be a look that people would really sit up and notice."

"I don’t know," said Uncle Don. "We did agree to cut our hair pretty much the same length. You are right though. I did enjoy growing it out again."

"I still want to end up with a flattop at the end of the evening. As long as you leave my hair long enough to cut me a flattop, go ahead and cut it the way you just described. I think it’s kind of a younger look, but I think I can probably pull it off. Anyway, I won’t be wearing it that way for very long. I have to admit that for months I have really been looking forward to having you give me a flattop!"

I put the #2 guard on the clippers and tipped his head forward and began running them all the way up to his crown and the parts that I had made on each side. You should have seen the amount of hair that was falling into his lap! It was so beautiful and I loved watching it all come off!

I then combed his hair on top forward and began cutting it like I had described. When I lifted up the first lock in the back, I thought I saw Uncle Don grimace slightly as the scissors sliced through his hair and he watched it fall into his lap. I had taken off about five inches of his awesome mane in one cut!

Once the initial cut was made, he seemed to relax, and I knew he was enjoying watching his hair he loved so much, get cut off. I kept working my way to the front, cutting it shorter along the part on each side, but letting it be a little longer as it went towards the middle.

It was actually a lot more enjoyable to cut his hair slowly, lock by lock, and get to feel how great it was, than taking the clippers and buzzing it off all at once.

After finishing the cut, I wet his hair a little. I took an extra strong holding gel because I wanted his hair to stand up as much as I could. I started taking my hands and vigorously ran them from the front to the back, over and over again, making his hair stand up as high as it could. I loved how "edgy" the haircut looked, and to my surprise, Uncle Don really liked it, too.

After I finished his new look, he said to me, "Okay, I want to cut your hair one more time tonight and I have the perfect haircut in mind!"

"You really have put on a lot of muscle. I think there is nothing hotter than a young guy with a great body with really thick hair buzzed down short. Especially in the summer, with just a little tan, he could not look any better!"

"You need three things to successfully pull off that look. You need to be good looking, have great muscles and really thick hair. You definitely have all three, and I think you would look unbelievable. Will you let me cut it like that? You know that if you don’t like it, that in a month it will have grown out half an inch, and you can then get a flattop, so it really would only be four weeks if you didn’t like it, but I bet that you will."

"I don’t know Uncle Don. That’s pretty drastic! How about if we just leave the flattop the way it is now? I really like how it looks."

"I do think it’s only fair though that I still get to give you a flattop tonight, especially since you have now given me two of them. I was willing to let you cut all my hair off again because it really was a rush and I know how much we both enjoyed it. I want you to experience the same thing I did!"

"We’ve each cut each other’s hair twice, and I think we both really like how our haircuts turned out," Uncle Don said. "Do you want to stop now and not get another haircut?"

"I was hoping we would go one more round since we probably will only get to do this once a year. I’m having such a great time and really don’t want to end our playing right yet. You decide what you want to do, and that’s what we’ll do. I guess that will determine whether or not I get a flattop," he said.

Man, I was really itching to give him a flattop! I had actually been planning on giving him the square boxy sides, but then I was going to shoe him on top! I thought he would look even hunkier with a shorter, more military haircut. Seeing that he wanted to cut my hair so short, I didn’t see how he could complain if I did the same to him.

I knew that I had to quickly decide what I wanted to do. My mind bounced back and forth. It all boiled down to if I had enough nerve to have my hair cut that short. Uncle Don was talking about a #1 on the sides and back and a #2 on top. I had never had my hair that short in my entire life! My father would be thrilled when he saw it!

I had to decide what mattered more to me, getting my hair taken down about four weeks shorter than I had planned, or going for it, and really have a wild time with my uncle. That made it easy for me to decide.

Without saying a word, I sat back down in the chair and told him to go ahead and give me a buzzcut. This was going to be the biggest rush of all time! I was actually freaking out a little, but I just kept telling myself to go ahead and do this, and that it would only take a few weeks to be long enough to cut into a flattop if I really didn’t like it. Secretly, I thought to myself that it might look really good.

I sat and watched in disbelief as he put the #2 guard on and started right at the center of my forehead and kept running the clippers from front to back over my entire head.

My hair was a little over an inch long before the cut, so it did seem like a lot of hair was still coming off. The square sides came off with just one swipe of the clippers. I could also feel myself getting harder and harder as more and more of my hair fell into my lap.

Uncle Don then put the #1 guard on and ran them up the sides and back and blended them into what little hair there was remaining on top.

The haircut really didn’t take all that long to do. After Uncle Don put the clippers down, he took a towel and then brushed me off and then took his hands and rubbed them firmly all over my head.

It felt unbelievable! I think Uncle Don enjoyed rubbing his hands over my head as much as I enjoyed having him do it. Neither of us had felt bristles in a long time. I can not even begin to tell you how turned on I was!

I was relieved to see with my hair being so thick that I didn’t look bald with it cut so short. I knew it wouldn’t take any time to grow out, but at the same time I did like the way it looked.

"Okay, Uncle Don, just one more haircut this evening. I’m going to give you that flattop that I know you have been looking forward to getting. Since you cut my hair this short, and since we agreed that we would both end up having our hair cut about the same length, I’m going to give you a little shorter flattop than the one you had two years ago."

"I’m going to keep it looking perfectly square and boxy. I’m going to take the sides down just a bit more, maybe even leave a little skin showing."

"I’ll still keep the front long enough for you to brush slightly back, but as I make my way towards the back, I’m going to cut it a little shorter than before. The final thing I am going to do is shoe you on top! I want to see a landing strip up there! I bet that you definitely have never had one!"

"You are going to look like a really sharp military looking guy. I think you will look really hot! In a month it will be long enough for you to get the flattop that you had last time if you want. I think that you will end up looking super masculine."

"Go for it!" Uncle Don said. "Why not? I get so pumped up when we do this! We’ve both looked forward to this for two years and it couldn’t have turned out any better. We’ll now have a year to grow our hair back out and then get to do this all over again at the next reunion!"

I used the #1 clipper on the back and sides, just like Uncle Don had used on me. I then wet his hair, used some product, and brushed his hair back and had it stand up as much as it possibly could. I started at his forelock and lifted it up and taking the clippers, buzzed it down to an inch. I then worked my way to the back.

At that point I could have just left it like that because it did look so hot, but I really wanted to shoe him. He looked a little nervous in the mirror, as I took the clippers with no guard on them at all and ran them right down the middle, towards the back of his head. Skin was showing! This was such a rush for me! I had never cut anyone's hair this short before!

With his hair so thick it really looked awesome with the landing strip! When I finished he said he really liked the way the haircut made him look.

The haircuts were complete. We were spent. As we were cleaning up the hair that was all over the floor, it was impossible to tell our hair apart. It really did look exactly alike, and anyone would have assumed that only one person had gotten a haircut, instead of two.

When we finished, we sat back and partied a little more to celebrate, and talked about what a great time we had just had.

Uncle Don said, "I think when we get together, we bring out the aggressiveness in each other that has been building up inside us all year long. That results in us being even bolder when we get to do this. It certainly is an awesome time for both of us. Seeing that we so rarely get to do this, I think we push each other a little more each time. The energy we release makes our time together even more intense!"

"Man, this was awesome! What are we going to do next year to top this?" he asked.

"We’ve got a whole year to figure that out, but I’m sure we’ll come up with something," I said. "Just remember to keep letting your hair grow long again!"

"I had always thought that family reunions were a little boring, but this has added a whole new dimension to them!" I said. "I can't wait for the next one!"

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