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Tom's Change by Alan Antony Jose

Tom is a smart boy who lives with his mom in a flat have long hair. He cares his hair daily. His neighbour Mrs.Alan cut his hair for regrowth. She is very friendly and help help him to care his hair.
His mother also like Mrs Alan she always gave his mother boy cut and she looks pretty on it.

One day while Tom was coming back from school Mrs Alan saw him and told him to get fresh and come to her flat. He get fresh and went to Mr's Alan's house.
Mrs Alan greeted him and told him to come in and gave him coffee.

After drinking coffee she asked Tom to go to the room where he always get haircut he went inside. After some time she enter into the room and she said Tom to sit in the chair Tom went and sat in the chair.
Mrs Alan Caped him untied his bun and took a Comb and started combing his hair.
She put down the Comb and said Tom that

"We are going to take a new style."
Tom asked "Which style....?"
"We are going bald for a change"
Alan said.
"But why for what reason....?"Tom Asked.

"I will say you the reason why you are
going bald" Tom look back and surprised.
It was his mother's voice.

"Why are you saying like this mom" Tom
"Shut Up Tom , i feel ashamed when i came
to your school for your open house you
have no marks and all teachers are saying
that you are always playing with your
hair so I took a decision by asking Alan
that you would be ok and comfort when you
are bald. You should be punished. His
Mother said and took a chair and sit.
Tom started crying .

Tom's Mother told Mr's To start her work
and don't consider what Tom says.
Mrs Alan took a Scissors and started
cutting Toms hair she take hair from back
and sides and put the Scissors down.
She took a clippers and came beside him.
Tom started crying loud.
She took two tissue rolled it and put it
in his mouth she again turn on the
clippers gave him a boy cut. Asked Toms
mom is this okay...???

Tom's Mother replied
"Did I ask you to do him boy cut do what
I say Mrs Alan."

Mrs Alan again took the clippers and make him bald she took the shaving cream and gave him a smooth shave. Cleaned hair and untie his Cape and mouth. Tom looked his mom and asked forgiveness about his low mark. He again started to study and get headshave between every 2 months.

He lived peacefully.....

THE END......



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