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The Final Cut by Shant

As I closed the door to the barber shop for the final time, I think it was actually then that it hit me that I was ending a major chapter of my life, and was now going to start a new one.

I had been cutting hair for over 35 years. I still enjoyed doing it, and I imagined there would be a handful of guys I would continue to cut at my home.

I wasn’t retiring for any negative reasons. I had always planned on retiring as soon as possible so I could get to do as many things on my bucket list that I could.

I had planned well, and I hoped, had saved enough, and decided it was time to get on with the next chapter of my life. I certainly did not want to wait until I was not physically able to do all the things I hoped to do.

My appointments for the entire day were filled with my favorite customers. I had probably cut several of these guy’s hair for twenty years or more, but I also had a good sized group of younger guys, that liked the haircuts I did.

The guys scheduled today were the guys I always looked forward seeing come into the shop. Many had been customers for so long that I occasionally had convinced them to go ahead and try a different hairstyle every once in awhile. It’s always more fun to give a guy a different style haircut, than to just trim it up and have it always end up looking the same. This was especially true if the guy had a good head of hair.

One thing that all these guys had in common was they all had really awesome hair. I cut about every hairstyle imaginable that final day. I could not have had a greater time.

I cut some awesome pompadour type haircuts, with sides brushed all back and the top standing up as high as possible. This was actually one of my favorite haircuts to do.

Getting to run my hands through a thick head of hair was probably one of the things I enjoyed most about being a barber. I loved getting to feel how thick and long the guy’s hair was. I secretly enjoyed it that I could run my hands through their hair without causing any suspicions of how turned on I was.

A couple of the younger guys that day wanted me to take them down to a square boxy looking flattop, leaving the front just long enough to brush back and then cut perfectly level back towards the crown. I had a reputation for giving really sharp looking flattops. As much as I loved running my hands through a guy’s hair, nothing was more fun than taking a guy that did not have a flattop and giving him one. The more hair he had, the better. It was definitely my all time favorite haircut to do!

On that final day, my last appointment was with one of the guys who had long, thick hair. He surprised me by asking me to give him a flattop. He said that he wanted to make his final time in my barbershop special and one that he would remember. It was definitely a special treat for me and I could not have planned any better way to end the day.

When I got home, I made myself a drink, sat myself down, and just reflected on how great my final day had been. I felt totally content.

I knew that I wanted to make almost a totally clean break from being a barber. I would always look forward to seeing the guys that I would cut at my home. In addition to being good customers, they had become good friends, and it would be a great way to keep seeing them on a regular basis. Also, there was certainly no reason to entirely rob myself of the pleasure I got from cutting their hair.

I had made up my mind that since I was no longer going to be cutting hair that I was going to quit writing stories as well. They took a tremendous amount of time and I wanted to devote that time to other interests.

I enjoy writing. It was fun to rough out an outline and then over time, keep writing and rewriting it until I felt happy with the finished result.

I’m sure guys that have submitted stories know how long it can take before you are satisfied with what you have written. I would estimate most of my longer stories probably took twenty to thirty hours before I was satisfied with them.

The writing part is enjoyable because you are creating something. I eagerly looked forward to finishing a story and then waiting to see the comments I hoped to receive. When you put that much work and time into something, you hope there are people enjoying it. It’s only natural to want to hear there are people out there that like what you are writing.

To be truthful, I usually found myself disappointed with how few comments I would get. I didn’t need dozens of responses to stroke my ego, but it really was anticlimatic to spend all that time writing and getting almost no feedback.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a handful of guys out there that I really appreciate taking the time to thank me and write a comment. They made me feel really good about my writing and that encouraged me to continue to write stories for as long as I have.

I would never say never. Someday I may find myself inspired to write stories again. I may discover that all I really need is a break for awhile. I just have several other interests that I want to try right now.

Again, thanks to all you guys that have been kind enough to write me comments. They really have meant a lot to me.

Best wishes,


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