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First Lesson by Snifffffff

First Lesson
Pissed. I was pissed. More than pissed. How could they not see it? That bat had it out for me. A single hair brushes my collar and Ms. Adams hands me a prewritten pass for the barbershop. I swear, she looks at Malcolm Harris with hair to his shoulders everyday and she still picks on me. Seriously! Wasn’t my fault I wasn’t a fan of the place.
My dress shoes clicked loudly through the empty halls as I stomped toward the barbershop. I flung the door loudly open and threw myself into the vacant chair. "Let’s get this over with," I groaned. Mr. McKenna peaked out from behind a magazine with his blank stare. He was a billion years old. His face sagged and wrinkled, but somehow his hair had hung on and was slicked back neatly. His barber’s tunic clinked as he performed the miracle of standing up and walked up to me.
"I’d love to," he grumbled, "But there’s been a change of plans. I’m supposed to direct you to Mr. Graham." The social studies teacher? What the hell?
"What? Why?" I demanded impatiently.
"Mr. Graham will explain everything." Mr. McKenna dismissed as he walked to the door and held it open for me. "Now out."
I puzzled further over the situation as I journeyed to Mr. Graham’s room. Was he saving me? I hoped so. Wasn’t out of character. Everyone loved Mr. Graham for that. And other reasons. The fact that he was a newer teacher gave him bonus points. Along with his youth (only 23!) and his looks. Lucious brown curls in a business man's cut with a beautiful and immaculately groomed beard. To top it all off: tanned skin and emerald green eyes looked behind black glasses. Every girl would have had a crush on him if there were any at this boarding school. Then again, gender hadn’t stopped some boys, including myself, from taking a liking to him.
I knocked politely at his door as I came into it. The walls were covered with maps and charts. The chalkboard was neatly cleaned with only the necessary to read chapters remaining in the top left corner. The 36 seat-desk fusions lined up in a neat 6x6 array with the filing cabinets and bookshelves neatly organized with his favorite novels. Across from the door, he sat typing away on a computer surrounded with small keepsakes and photos. He looked wonderful as ever in brown pants, a dark green dress shirt, and a tasteful tie.
"Ian," Mr. Graham greeted me warmly, "Nice to see you."
"You too. Respectfully, sir, what did you want me for?" Mr. Graham silently motioned with an open hand to a desk near him and I quickly took a seat.
"I heard you violated dress code policy again," he remarked as he got up and began to pace.
"It’s whatever," I said with a roll of my eyes, "I get a short back and sides from McKenna and we call it a day."
"Not really," he contradicted, "‘McKenna’ is at his wit’s end with you. He was gonna shave you bald."
"No way!? He can’t do that!"
"Actually he can. Policy states he can put you back into code however he pleases," Mr. Graham rattled off from memory.
"You’re making him change his mind, right?" I asked hopefully.
"In a way," Mr. Graham took a seat on his desk and locked eyes with me. "I want to make a deal. I give you a buzz cut and you suck me off." I was blown away by his forwardness. My throat refused to make noises. My brain tried to wrap my head around his proposition unsuccessfully. "Don’t tell me," Mr. Graham continued, "You don’t have experience, because I know you do. I’ve heard about the exchanges that happen around exam week. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to blackmail you. I think it’s great how you play rough with the other boys. If you refuse, you;ll end up with a bald head and my lips will remain sealed. On the other hand, you’ll get a modest buzz, I’ll make sure your scalp stays hidden, and an experience I don’t think either of us will forget anytime soon. "
My head began to spin and weigh my options. I was eighteen. This was legal. Mr. Graham would never let this get out. There were no strings attached. And a longer haircut. The only downside was my own embarrassment of sucking my own teacher off. The hottest teacher in the school. It was all that or a bald head. The choice was obvious.
"I accept."
He smiled warmly and relocated himself to his chair. He undid his belt and shoved his pants into a puddle, exposing himself to me. He took off my blazer as I crouched in front of him, along with my tie and my own white dress shirt. I was so horny, I wasted no time digging in. He was large, but not to an extreme extent. I closed my eyes and worked with my mouth as I listened for his own mouth to tell me what to do. Instantly I recognized how he was different from the other boys. He didn;t whine or whimper like the nerdy boys or push and shove impatiently like the jocks. He let me be. Enjoy myself enjoying him. He spread out his legs and breathed deeply as he softly rested a hand on my head.
His breathing quickened suddenly and I heard a scuffle. Then a loud click followed by a distinct buzz getting closer as his hand clamped tighter. I unlatched from my position and ducked down as I pushed myself across the tile away from him. In his hand a pair of cordless clippers hummed.
"Calm down," he spoke softly, "I’m just following through on our deal."
"Both at the same time?" I asked, breathless.
"Of course," he said, as though stating the obvious.
"Why? That makes no sense."
"It makes perfect sense. Let me ask you a question," he lectured, "Why do you think Mr. McKenna cuts hair so fast? I’ll bet your answer is because he’s busy. You’re wrong. The real reason is because he’s trying to prevent ‘accidents’ in his chair. He hates cleaning them up. And the shuddering really ruins haircuts. I, on the other hand, want those ‘accidents’ and this is how I get them."
My cheeks burned at the thought of an "accident" in a barber chair. Mr. Graham stole my thoughts as he motioned back to himself. I stared nervously at the clippers as I crawled back to him.
"I’ll be gentle," he reassured me. I knew he would be. He sighed quietly as I took him back into my mouth. The clippers buzzed closer like a fly. He paused the machine on my neck, drawing out the moment, then he brought them into my hair. I felt them pull gently as their hum was muffled before they cut the hair and tugged away a chunk. Mr. Graham felt the fresh stubble with one stable hand as the other continued the haircut. I could tell from the feel he had stuck to his word, it was not as short as the short back and sides McKenna gave out. As he rubbed the soft bristles he leaked into my mouth, a sweet taste reminding me of my duty. I sucked diligently as he buzzed on and got more excited. Strangely, I got more excited too. I couldn’t wait to rub the stubble after hearing all the fun he was having with my hair. He carefully moved my head around as he shore sections and moved on. This was the best haircut ever. Each stroke brought my hair shorter, and us closer to being moaning messes. As he rid my head of bulk I could have sworn I was in heaven.
As he finished up I realized my underwear was soaking wet. The silence surprised me as the clippers clicked off and I felt a final cascade of hair brush my shoulders. Mr. Graham started to rub my head and his breathing began to accelerate. His legs straightened out and he held his breath. His cock pulsed stronger than ever before a wave of fluid shot into my mouth. I drank dutifully as he felt my buzzed skull against the grain. The sweet liquid was gone in no time as his dick shrank in my mouth.
He helped me to my shaky knees after I was done. He gazed at me gleefully. He peered just over my eyes at my head. I could feel the lack of hair. How the air no longer caught through my locks. I tried to reach up and touch the results, but Mr. Graham swatted my hand away.
"Not yet. Couple more things." To my shock he dove his hand into my pants and then quickly withdrew it. I whimpered as his fingers brushed the head. He took a moment to stare at his now wet fingers before licking them off and moaning in satisfaction. Outwardly I was taken aback, but my penis told a different story as it twitched at his boldness.
Mr. Graham reached into a desk drawer and retrieved a blue bag before standing up and grabbing me and my clothes as he moved toward the door. Still shirtless, I dragged my feet, but he reassured me "Our destination isn’t far." I realized with horror as he flung the door wide, that it had been unlocked the entire time. He quickly marched me through the halls until we came to a staff bathroom. He locked the door behind me as I took in the simple room. A sink with a counter stretching from wall to wall in an alcove and a toilet in front of me. I glanced to the side and saw myself. I looked hot. I had seen my ears poke out awkwardly before after barbershop shearings, but now they looked cute and cohesive as the lack of style on top brought out my sharp jaw and brown eyes. Mr. Graham brought me back to reality as he pantsed me from behind. As he squeezed around me in the small space, I took off my shoes, pants, and underwear then shoved them under the sink. Mr. Graham took a seat on the closed toilet and pulled me closer. I realized now I was becoming soft. He quickly fixed that. I moaned uncontrollably as he cleaned off my penis of precum. The session ended quickly as he gazed up at me mischievously. He stood up quickly then turned me quickly towards the mirror so that my erect cock was positioned over the sink, and pinned me there with his body. He opened the Fawcett and plugged the drain. From his bag he took out shaving cream and a razor. He then wet my face and gingerly applied the cream.
"No facial hair until you have a full beard. That was the rule in my house. The same applies to you."
He turned off the faucet, the basin now full. He held my head still and took the first swipe. A week's worth of growth was peeled away then shook out into the water. His chest vibrated as he hummed and shaved. As he softly caressed me, I reached my breaking point. He was so much. Too much. I let out a moan between strokes. Instantly the razor was dropped and he changed positions. One hand on my head, one stroking my member, and his mouth kissing me. The soft bristles, His rough hands. Skin on skin. Loving kisses. This was it. I cried out in euphoria as I exploded into the sink, the fluid mixing with the foam.
"Good boy," Mr. Graham mused as he kissed my head despite my deep pants. He took back up the razor and continued to shave me.
When all was said and done I moved to re-clothe myself, but he stopped me. "One more gift." He reached into his back and brought out a jockstrap. "This underwear is way too dirty, so I got you a replacement."
I thanked him and acted like nothing was out of the ordinary. I finished redressing and Mr. Graham sent me with some final words.
"You did great today! This first lesson was over head hair. Our next couple will be over body hair." He kissed my head again. "Same time next week."
I wasn’t quite sure what class I had enrolled in, but it seemed enjoyable. For once I wished there was homework.

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