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mature by Tim

I just turned 30 and was proud of it. Not because of anything special, I just liked being older. I like the idea of older guys and going out with them. They seemed more reliable and gentle and I liked the less frenzied pace with them. Even more I liked their look. A touch of grey and even the cover up with hair color a bit too solid to look natural.Their more relaxed habits in dress also was attractive to me. Yes, I was definitely into older guys. Masculine, self-confident and relaxed gentility, that was hot stuff indeed.
I was already making friends in their fourties and 50's and met a few guys over 60. I liked them all, and did not miss any commonality with those my own age.
In particular I was attracted to their grey hair and the manuy variations of style and amount of grey. While not attracted to grey sideburns, I did like a bit at the temples or scattered on top. Looking in the mirror was a bit let down by my solid dark brown mop. No hint of white or temple recession which I thought a handsome mark of the truly mature.
One day while shopping I noticed the hair coloring by the shampoos. Then I saw a color that was a dark but striking shade of grey I did not ever see and stopped. It was perfect. I bought 2 boxes and rushed home. I quickly read the directions and went to work. An hour later I was looking at an older looking guyin the mirror. It was pleasing to see that my greyed hair really did make me look older. My goatee now looked silly and I immediately shave it leaving my mustache. After making it match my hair I looked again and smiled at the older guy who now looked more like he lived the '60's. Next, I combed a side part and realized I needed a mature hairline to go with the style. I carefully cut back a small circular area above the temple and repeated it on the opposite side. After shaving it I was really suprized at the added years it gave me. I combed my hair straight back and it was great I looked about 20 years older, I thought. Finally I realized I would have to modify my wardrobe to enhance the older physical look. I went to a conservative men's srore and asked for "dress down friday" clothes. It was great. I got 2 polo shirts and brown beltless pants and stenceled brown wing tip shoes to match. When I pulled the pants down in front while I was looking in the dressing room mirror, I was happy to see a smallprotusion that could be almost mistaken for a middle aged spread. Still loooking in the mirror, I slouched a bit and hunched my sholders just slightly letting my stomach protrude just a bit more. Yes, this new me was definitely able to pass as well into his 50's. My longish hair and mustache were period, but I wondered if I could go a bit further. Even older guys would have shorter haircuts. The thought of the 1950 styles was hot. On the way out of the store I practiced my new posture and added a slower walk. In thecar, I combed my hair into a bit of a pompadore and da type sides and back. It looked a bit much so I toned it down to what might be called a modest quif or long businessman's look. I need a profession hand in a new haircut.
I remembered a wrinkle room bar downtown which had a barber shopnext door to it. I set out and was there in 15 minutes. I parked and got out. I looked across the street into the barber shop. It was a small two chair shopand had both chairs occupied. As I slowly walked to it, I could see that both heads in the chairs were solid grey like mine. As I got to the door one gent was just getting up and the other was nearing completion. I entered as the first gentleman left and I got a close look at his cut. It was a long taper which showed a bit of skin with his fine and thinned hair. It seemed to have some pomade which flattened and gave shine to what seemed to me a perfect 68 year old head. Just as I took a seat the other customer rose with his handsome grey burr and was gone in a flash. I was left with two barbers. I chose the younger one and slowly walked to his chair. The older one with a bit of grey himself said he was off to lunch and back in an hour. As I sat I got A good look at the young barber who appeared no more than early 20's.
"Good mornin' sir. How may I help youtoday" he smiled as he placed the striped cape over me . I said I would like a nice trim with a bit off the top since my arthritis was acting up. I get a lot of snags if it gets to long. He smiled broadly. "Might I suggest a bit of thinning to eliminate the problem" he returned. I could see he was into short hair by his own short back & sides with small bumper. I said that sounded good and left it at that. He turned me away from the mirror andhe took a pair of thinning shears ans starting cutting rapidly. After a few minutes I saw little hair fall but felt the difference. He quickly combed my hair and then I heard the click and buzz of the clippers. he was quick and circled my head in a very few minutes. then alao quickly combed my hair foward into bangs and cut then half way up my forehead. I knew this was shorter than expected. After a couple of minutes cutting on top. He said "May I trim your mustache, sir?" " thank you, young man" I replied, smiling to myself. With razor and sponge he wet and cut and shaved. In a few mor minutes he pronounced me done. He removed the cape and slowly turned me to the mirror.
Somewhere between suprise and shock, I was looking at a guy with a short, flattened, thinned and cremed short back & sides with a small wave the same hight as this young man's bumper. Topping it off with a Don Amiche pencil mustache, I look at the new old me. I smiled thinking I looked 70!Getting out of the chair slowly I said I looked 10 years younger. I tipped him and he said," I hope to see you again soon, sir. I do enjoy taking care of our seniors." I walked out the door feeling an old man in a young body. Perfect for the company I craved.

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