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MOVEMBER Part 2 by John

As the month progressed, Adam and I both grew fairly impressive moustaches. In keeping with the rules, we both kept the rest of our faces clean shaven; I shaved daily with my foil shaver, while my moustache soon grew to a size and style reminiscent of "Magnum PI" in the 80s. Adam opted for a more drooping, Zapata-style look.
The fund raising went well, and we managed to get over £200 between us from friends and colleagues.
Of course, during those weeks, our fades grew out. As the end of November drew closer, I started thinking about my next visit to the barber, Matt. I grew my sideburns down to my earlobes. I’d had sideburns before I grew my beard, but never this long; they flared out in parallel to my jawline.
"Well, what’s the plan buddy?" asked Adam one day as we stood outside the office having a smoke break.
I drew on my cigarette, and exhaled before replying, "I think I’ll get the tache off, but keep my hair as it is. I like it but I’m not sure that bald fade is for me."
Adam chuckled, and said, "You need to get those sideburns off, man. They were OK in the nineties! Grow the beard back."
I shrugged. "I like this look. I might just stay clean shaven."
A few days later, I found myself walking towards the barbershop where Adam and I had been for our skin fades and hot towel shaves a month earlier. It was December 1st, and Movember was over. It was time to get the moustache off, and get a fresh haircut.
It was a chilly but bright winter morning. I decided to get my hair cut on my way into the office, and I parked my car near the barbershop.
As I approached the shop, I could see Matt, the big bearded barber, standing out front smoking a cigarette. He was wearing his uniform of black trousers and white shirt, with a black waistcoat over the shirt. His shirtsleeves were rolled up above the elbows, exposing his many tattoos.
"Hey John!" Matt exclaimed as I approached. "Ready for another shave? The tache looks good, by the way."
I chuckled, replying, "Yeah, time to take it off. We raised quite a bit of money for the charity."
"Good man," Matt smiled. "Let’s get started."
I followed Matt into the shop, and hung my suit jacket on a hook on the wall. Matt got his clippers and equipment ready, then invited me to take my place in the red leather chair.
I sat down and Matt adjusted the chair, resting his big tattooed hands lightly on my shoulders.
"How are you having it cut today buddy?" he grinned at me in the mirror. His own thick black hair was faded high, with the slicked side parted look on top. His beard was massive, but well groomed.
"Just a nice tidy up, trim the top with scissors, and take the tache off for me, please," I smiled back.
Matt ran his fingers through my hair, examining its condition and length. Tracing the length of my sideburns with his index fingers, he said, "Are the sideburns coming off?"
I replied, "No. I’d like to keep them…just trim them back to about half the length."
Matt chuckled, and said, "Let’s shave the tache first. Then we’ll see."

He reached around and loosened my tie, opening my top two shirt buttons. He folded the collar down, then tucked a small towel into my shirt front. The top of chest was exposed. Matt glanced down, and ran a hand briefly across by bared chest.
"You know, if you want we can do something about that body hair, too," he winked.
I swallowed hard, my heart racing. "Um….it’s okay," I chuckled nervously.
Matt shrugged and went over to the steam cabinet, returning with a steaming towel which he wrapped around my face, leaving only my nose exposed.
I lay back, feeling the warmth of the towel open my pores, enjoying the menthol scent of the preshave oil Matt had sprinkled on the towel. A little drop of water ran down from the wet towel and onto my chest.
I could hear Matt whistling as he mixed the lather in the metal bowl. He removed the towel, then began to lather me up with rapid circular brush strokes. The lather covered my entire face, including my sideburns. I assumed Matt would wipe away the lather from that area.
Matt tilted my head to one side, and began shaving me with the first stroke passing right over my right sideburn area.
"I’m taking the sideburns off for you, John," Matt explained. "There’s no need for them. I’m giving you another skin fade today, probably higher and tighter than the first. The sideburns will be gone."
I didn’t demur. There was no point…I was in safe hands…Matt knew best. I felt almost hypnotised as he skilfully took control, and shaved me.
Within barely ten minutes, I was clean shaven. My moustache and sideburns had gone. Matt carefully wiped off the excess foam before turning his attention to my hair.
"How about a coffee and a smoke before I fade you hair?" he smiled. I nodded.
Matt removed the towel from my shirt front, and I stood up.
"May as well just slip that tie off, buddy," Matt said as he went over to the back room and started making coffee.
I obeyed, removing my tie and hanging it up beside my jacket. Matt soon returned with coffee for us. I followed him outside where he offered me a cigarette and we both lit up.
Matt sipped his coffee and looked at my hair. "That fade suited you, buddy. I think we go shorter and higher today. Really take the sides smooth, last you longer."

I found myself nodding in agreement. Matt was so charismatic and persuasive, and he was such a great barber.
Once we’d finished our coffee and had a smoke, we headed back inside. I sat in the chair once more and Matt threw the cape around me, tucking the towel into the back of my collar, then fastening the neck strip around my shaven throat.

He started higher with the fade this time…well above the occipital bone. I watched with a thrill as he faded it right down to the skin, leaving me with bare skin below the o-bone, then a zero, one and finally a two. He kept the length on top, just trimming the top, leaving me with the slickest and highest fade I’d ever seen.
As before, he finished by shaving the back and sides smooth with the straight razor.
When he’d finished, I got up and thanked him, and paid the bill.

"Come back and see me soon," Matt winked as I pulled on my jacket.
I knew that I definitely would.

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