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Addicted to the Shave by BaldSurfer

Joey hadn't been bald in almost 3 years.

Joey loved to keep changing his hair styles. Never afraid to cut it short, try something trendy, even bleach it blonde. And with his classic good looks and gym-toned body, every style seemed to suit him well. But for as long as he could remember, there was a point in every year where Joey would shave his head completely bald. He loved the way it looked and felt. He enjoyed asking a barber to shave a full head of hair or the wild abandon of standing in front of the mirror, clippers roaring to life and shearing himself to the skin. So whether the excuse was summer heat, a halloween costume or some charity event, he always found an excuse to shave his head and keep it until he again needed a change of style. But then he met Jennifer...

When they met, Joey's hair was spiky on top (no more than 2 inches) with the sides buzzed to a #2. The attraction was instant. Jen thought Joey was the hottest guy she'd ever met, and he felt the same about her. The sex was passionate. She could always make him laugh. But she was also smart enough to always challenge him and keep him on his toes. In short - they were in love.

Early on, after spending the night in Joey's apartment, Jen noticed a picture of Joey on the beach, his head shaved as smooth and tan as his shaven muscled torso. She asked him why he was bald in the picture and Joey explained that it was just a look he enjoyed every now and then. "You'll always be hot to me, baby," Jen said, "but I hope you don't do that again. You're too handsome to be bald." He loved her so much that he promised to not shave his head, although he warned her that he'd still change hair styles whenever the mood struck.

They'd been together over a year, when the urge to shave got strong again. Joey even started growing the goatee that he always sported when he shaved his head. The summer was hot and he wished he could get shave. He wanted to feel the glide of a razor across his head. He wanted to feel smooth skin where thick hair now grew. But Jen begged him not to do it. A #4 buzz was as short as she would agree to. Joey's need to shave SOMETHING wouldn't go away, so instead he took the clippers and razor to his lean muscular body. He'd always shaved his chest hair, but now he ran the clippers up his arms, clearing away the black hair that covered his forearms. Then he lifted his left arm and clipped away his arm pit hair, repeating the same for his right. Then he razored away ever last bit of pubic hair. Then the clippers tore through the hair on his long, thick legs. Lather and razor in the shower left him smooth and clean from the neck down. Jen loved it, as long as he didn't shave his head and maintained a stubble-free body. 3 inches of hair, in a casually, purposefully messy style on his head, fulfilled his promise to Jen, while he shaved his body nearly every day to soothe the urges he fought.

But a few months ago, Jen started coming home from work later and later. She'd make plans that didn't include Joey. And finally, he thumbed through her text messages while she slept and realized that she'd been cheating on him for almost 6 months. The final fight was loud and vicious but brief, and two days later, Jen was gone. Joey tried to move on, and suddenly it hit him. He could take back control of how he looked - and start to take back control of his life - by giving in to the urge Jen demanded he resist. It was finally time to be bald again. Joey hated to shave his head without at least a goatee to balance it out, so he gave himself a week before taking action. But after a weekend of face stubble, Joey carved out a shadow of goatee and decided it was enough. He took out the clippers, cleaned them, oiled them and plugged them in.He ran his hand through his hair one last time, flipped the switch and felt the comforting hum of the clippers in his hand. He placed them in the center of his forehead and grinned as he pushed them back, carving a valley of flesh down the middle of his head. With every pass, 3 inch long chunks of hair rained down, leaving pale white flesh exposed. In a steaming hot shower, he covered the last of the stubble with shaving cream as his vibrating Mach 3 razor scraped his head clean. He lathered up again, just to be sure he was as smooth as he could be. Joey stepped out of the shower, his eyebrows and stubbly goatee now the only hair on his entire body. He'd shaved the last of his feelings for Jen away with the hair and he finally felt free.

Despite the objections of his friends, who all told him he looked younger and more handsome with hair, Joey shaved himself bald every day for the next few months. But the maintenance was starting to get old. And more women kept saying he'd look better with at least SOME hair on his head. So finally, when he felt it was on his terms, not the demands of his cheating lover, Joey decided to grow some hair back on his head.

The first few days were odd, as shadow turned to stubble. Pulling a t-shirt on and off was difficult as it caught on the velcro growing on his head. Nearly every day, Joey fought back the urge to just shave it all again. One morning, he grabbed the beard trimmers and shaved away the goatee, just because he knew he'd hate a shaved head when his face was clean shaven. 3 weeks in, his thick brown hair no longer let even a hint of scalp show through. Joey was starting to like the way he looked. But then he'd take a shower and hate how his hair was long enough to hold water as he stepped out. He missed the feeling of a smooth shaved scalp against the cool pillow case when he went to bed. And one warm day, as a spring rainstorm fell, he missed the way it felt as the falling drops used to hit his hairless scalp.

He went inside and stripped out of his soaked clothes. Naked, he looked in the mirror. His face was still clean shaven. His body, lean muscular and ripped was still shaved hairless, displaying the six pack abs and defined muscles of his chest and arms. And nearly an inch of thick dark wet hair was plastered to his scalp. Before he even realized it, the clippers were in his hand, gently purring. The wet hair fell in sodden clumps into the sink, onto his shoulders and onto the floor. Minutes later, Joey was bald again - and for the first time, without even a goatee.He felt free again. Felt more like himself than he had in a month. And he liked the look of the bare face and bare skull. For a moment, he thought about taking off the eyebrows that were the last hair on his body, but that was a line he wouldn't cross. And Joey knew one thing: he'd need to stock up on razor blades, because he knew those eyebrows were the only hair he'd ever allow on his body again...

But a few weeks ago, Joey

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