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Ron Couldn't Remember by Shant

This story was a little difficult to get to flow smoothly. Everything that happened that night is included in the story. Ron could not remember large pieces of time throughout the evening and couldn’t remember everything that had happened. If I took out what he couldn’t remember, there would not have been much of a story to tell, so I did the best I could. Hope you enjoy. Shant


A group of us were sitting around one night telling stories of some of the wild, crazy, and foolish things we had done when we were young. Everyone had a story to tell, and there were some really great ones, but no story could compete with the doozy Ron told that night.

One Saturday night, Ron and his friend, Dan, drove to another town ninety miles away to go to a bar. Some nights they would be lucky and each hook up with someone, and some nights, it was a long drive back home.

This night, they both hooked up with a guy. As they were leaving, Ron said he felt kind of woozy and knew there was no way he was going to drive, so Dan took his car, and Ron rode with Andy, the guy he had met.

As Andy drove to his house, Ron said he started to realize that he was feeling really strange. He had only three beers and knew he should not be feeling this intoxicated.

For the remainder of the evening, time just kept fading in and out. Ron said he could remember bits and pieces of the evening, but most of the night was a blank.

He realized the guy must have put something in his drink because he had never felt so spaced out before. He said he felt like he was immersed in thick layers of fog.

He said he vaguely remembered going into a backyard and having sex with the guy. The next thing he remembered was waking up and wondering where the hell he was. He realized that he must have fallen asleep and looked at his watch and saw that it was after three in the morning.

He then realized that Andy was nowhere around! He couldn’t believe it! The guy had just left him in someone’s backyard! He didn’t have his cell phone on him and said he had never felt so helpless in his life. He didn’t have a clue how to deal with all this.

There was a car in the driveway and it was unlocked. Ron crawled into the back seat and tried to go to sleep. He hoped he would wake up in a few hours and it would then be okay to knock on the door of the house. Ron remembered Andy saying that the guy was a friend of his, and that he was gay, so at least that made it seem a little less embarrassing.

A few hours later, Ron woke up, went to the front door and knocked, knowing he knew absolutely nothing about this guy and had no idea what to expect.

Ron said the guy answered the door, wearing only his briefs. The guy was in his mid-forties and over six feet tall. He was extremely muscular and was a little stocky, with a hairy chest, and was really good looking. He also had his head totally shaved.

In contrast, Ron had a beautiful head of super thick, long, dark red hair which he had braided and reached the middle of his shoulder blades. I remember him one time saying it had taken four years to get his hair the length it now was. It really was fantastic looking and it was obvious that he was really proud of it.

Ron said the guy reminded him of one of those guys you see pictured in an ad for a leather bar. He said he was relieved to see the guy seemed like he was a good guy, and Ron said all he wanted to do was just pass out and have this night be over.

He said he felt terribly awkward having to tell this guy what a stupid thing he had done. He had the number where Dan was staying and he was hoping the guy would let him use his phone and call him and have him come pick him up as soon as possible.

The guy, whose name was Jeff, was actually nice about the whole thing. He wasted no time though, and said, "It’s still a little early to be calling them. I’m going to go on in and go back to sleep for a few more hours. I partied a little too much last night, too. If you’d like to come in and cuddle and catch a few more hours sleep, you’re welcome to join me."

Ron said he was still feeling so lightheaded that all he cared about at that moment was just crashing and not feeling so dizzy. He told Jeff that would be great and that he really appreciated him helping him out. He would have said anything just to get to lie down.

They went in the bedroom and Ron started to undress. Jeff went into the bathroom and closed the door. When he came out, he was wearing a leather vest.

Even in the daze he was in, Ron thought the guy looked really hot. He wasn’t the type guy Ron usually would try to hook up with, but he was just so relieved that things looked like they were going to work out okay, that he didn’t object when Jeff started running his hands all over his body. As soon as Ron sat down, he immediately fell asleep, or passed out, he wasn't sure which.

Being so spaced out, he didn’t care about anything. It took everything in him just to try and stay awake. He said he felt comfortable with this guy, and he knew he was way too high, and just wanted to go back to sleep.

Ron said that there were large chunks of time he could not remember. He said he just kept fading in and out. He would be aware of what was going on for a few moments, and then he would black out, and not remember anything that happened.

Ron said, "I remember this guy untying my braid and running his hands through my hair. He brushed it and said he wanted to see how it looked hanging all down around my shoulders."

"I remember him saying something about how beautiful my hair was and how much he was enjoying getting his hands in it. He said he had never played with a guy’s hair that was anywhere near as nice as mine."

Ron said one of the last things he remembered was Jeff brushing his hair. He could feel him running his hands all through his hair in every direction, and it actually felt great.

Everyone knew what great hair Ron had. When it was all tied back and in a braid, you did not realize the massive amount of hair he had. When it was not tied back, it was amazing to see all the hair he actually did have. It really was an awesome mane that any guy would be proud to have.

It was rare to see anyone that had hair that looked anywhere near as nice as his did. We were all envious of Ron’s hair and it was impossible not to admire it. We all knew how vain he was about his hair, but he was a really great guy, and it didn’t really bother us. He definitely had a mane like the guy you would see on the cover of a romance novel.

Ron said he must have fallen asleep for awhile. When he woke up from the daze he was in, he felt something unusual was going on, and as his head cleared up a little, he realized that Jeff had just cut off a lock of his hair!

"What are you doing? You’re not cutting my hair are you? It’s taken me over four years to get it to this length! You’re really not going to cut my hair, are you? Please don’t cut my hair! I really love it!" Ron said, all the while struggling to stay awake.

"I sure am," Jeff said with a smile. "You can think of this as a way of thanking me for saving your butt. That car you slept in was not mine. It belongs to my neighbor, who lives on the other side of the driveway. The guy also happens to be a cop. I don’t know what he would have done if he had found you sleeping in his car."

"I think it’s only fitting that you do something for me in return for my helping you out. I know exactly what I want you to do for me, and actually, we’ve already started doing it."

"I always love getting my hands in a really awesome mane!" Jeff said. "Your hair is so thick and full. The color is unreal! Anyone would be thrilled to have hair as nice as yours. I’m really going to enjoy cutting all these lovely long locks of yours off!"

Ron said that he vaguely heard what Jeff was saying, but it really didn’t register with him. He was just so wasted from whatever he had been given, that he just sat there, unable to do anything about what was going on.

"I have quite a nice collection of ponytails already," Jeff said. "I don’t have a red one though. Yours is going to be a great addition to my collection. I don’t think I have ever seen hair that is such a fantastic color. I think that your ponytail is going to be the best one that I have in my entire collection. It really is awesome!"

Jeff then brushed all Ron’s gorgeous hair back and pulled it into a ponytail, lifted it up, and took his scissors and chopped it off right above the collar. It was probably about fifteen inches long.

"Man, your hair is so awesome! It is so thick! I bet it is the thickest and one of the longest ponytails that I have. I can’t wait to see it compared to all the others!"

Ron said that everything was just a blur and he really wasn’t sure what was going on. It was about this time, that he passed out for good, and did not wake up for several hours.

"When I woke up a few hours later," he said, "Jeff was already awake and making us breakfast."

"How’s my handsome boy feel this morning?" he asked with a big smile on his face. "Did you have fun last night?" Jeff was so cordial that Ron said it took awhile for his head to clear, and then he started remembering bits and pieces of last night.

He reached up to run his hands back through his hair and couldn’t believe that most of his hair had been cut off! He thought he remembered Jeff at one point in time, standing behind him and brushing his ponytail. He was so out of it that he never even realized that Jeff had cut off his hair!

"What the f***? You cut off my hair? Why in hell would you do that?" Ron asked.

Jeff said, "What do you mean? Don’t you remember we started out by my brushing your hair for you. I told you how beautiful it was. I told you about my ponytail collection I had in back and that I wanted to show it to you."

"I told you how beautiful the color your hair was and that I had nothing that came even close to it in my collection."

"You surprised the hell out of me when you said, "You want to add my ponytail to your collection? Go ahead! Cut it off if you want! I don’t care what you do!"

"I asked you more than once if you were sure you really wanted me to cut your hair, and you kept saying yes."

"After I cut the ponytail off, I evened up the back and sides so you would have a good looking haircut. I think it looks really great. I hope once you get used to it, you will think so too."

"I’m really sorry if somehow I misunderstood you. You seemed to be having a good time and we certainly had a good time after I finished cutting your hair." he said with a big smile on his face.

"You’re a hot guy and I had a great time with you. I’d like to see you again if you were interested. I promise that I will never cut your hair again, unless you first put it in writing," he said with a big grin.

"Come on back with me and let me show you where I am going to place your ponytail. It’s by far the most beautiful hair I have ever cut, and it has to be shown in the best possible spot. I already know where I am going to hang it!"

We went into another room and there were over twenty ponytails and braids hanging on the wall. There were spotlights, highlighting the one’s that were the best.

There were so many different types of hair that it really was something to see. There was thick hair, straight hair, wavy hair, hair with tremendous texture and length, and just about every color imaginable.

Every lock of hair that was hanging looked great. Seeing them all together was really striking. It was amazing to see so much beautiful hair all in one place. There was however, no red hair trophy, and Ron’s was really going to stand out from all the others.

"I have always been envious when I see a guy with really awesome hair. I felt it was so unfair that I didn’t have great hair because I love hair so much." Jeff said.

"I decided a few years back that I was going to get even with some of these guys that had really awesome manes and were so vain about them."

"When I saw a guy strutting around with every hair perfectly in place, I knew that I wanted to teach him a lesson. I was going to do everything I could to get him to come home with me, and then cut off that great mane that he obviously loved so much."

"It’s easy to see if a guy really loves his hair. All you have to do is just watch and see how often he runs his hands through it and plays with it."

"A lot of guys are really vain about their hair. When you see them out at the bar, it’s obvious that they spent a lot of time in front of a mirror, getting their hair to look as fantastic as they could, before going out for the night. They loved showing off their gorgeous mane. It was the best part of the evening for them. They really loved knowing that guys were envious of their beautiful hair."

"These were the guys I especially wanted to bring home. I wanted them to sit down in a chair and see them totally helpless, as I cut off all their long, beautiful hair. I wanted them to know what it feels like to not have all that beautiful hair that they are always flaunting in front of everyone!"

"I would start by cutting off the guy’s ponytail and then would keep it as a souvenir. After awhile, I had so many of them that I decided to hang them on my wall. That way I could always see all the beautiful hair each guy had lost after I finished cutting it."

"Whenever I come in this room, I get to see all this awesome hair I have cut off a lot of really hot guys. They were all so in love with their awesome hair! I loved sitting them down and chopping off their fantastic manes!"

"Whenever I’m feeling horny, I come in here and look at all the beautiful hair that I have cut off and I instantly get turned on."

Ron said he realized that what was done was done, and there was nothing he could do about it. Jeff seemed to be a good guy, and maybe it all had been a misunderstanding, but he couldn’t really remember.

Fortunately, he did give him a good looking haircut. Jeff could have totally butchered his hair if he had wanted, but thankfully he didn’t.

They had breakfast and then they got back in bed and played around some more. They called Dan and said they would shortly be on their way over.

When they got there, Dan immediately freaked out when he saw Ron without all his long hair. "What the hell have you done? Are you crazy? You cut off all your beautiful hair? I can’t believe it!" Dan exclaimed.

"Yeah, it was quite a night. I’ll tell you about it on our ride home." Ron said. As they drove back home, Ron told Dan about what he could and couldn’t remember about last night. "There are just large chunks of time that I don’t remember at all and have no idea what went on. Obviously, I got my hair cut."

"Believe it or not, but Jeff actually seems like a good guy and we’re planning on getting together again. I may not remember last night, but I definitely remember this morning!"

A little time passed as they headed home and suddenly, Ron said, "Something just came to me. I remember when Jeff opened the door, he said something like, "Well, well, I can see that my friend, Andy, has left another little gift for me. I’m sure the moment he saw me, he knew exactly what he was going to do to me, and how much he was going to enjoy doing it."

Suddenly, everything became very clear. Andy had obviously put something in Ron’s drink causing him to be so spaced out. He had already planned on taking him to Jeff’s house and let him cut his hair. He knew that Jeff would really be excited when he saw the beautiful mane that Ron had.

"After Jeff made the comment about Andy leaving him another gift, it’s obvious that these guys had done this before. It had definitely happened several times when you saw all the braids and ponytails that were displayed on the wall. It was really unreal seeing so much beautiful hair all together."

"Many guys that had really great hair had been brought there and had their hair cut off, most likely against their will." Ron said. "I wonder how they are able to do this and get away with it and not get in trouble?"

Dan said, "I bet that probably most guys are not going to want to go to the police to make a complaint and have to explain everything that happened. Would anything really come of it if you filed a complaint? I wouldn’t want to tell the cops anything that had happened to me."

The surprise ending to the story was that Ron did go back to see Jeff again. They really got along great and became good friends.

It ended up being the perfect situation for them both. Getting to have a really hot "friend with benefits" and play every couple of weeks was fantastic and it was always great, looking forward to getting together again.

Over the years, Ron had his hair cut many times by Jeff. He looked forward to having Jeff play with his hair and cut it for him. It was always a major turn on for them both. The sexual attraction never diminished, and they always had a hot time. They still continue to see each other to this day.

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