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Clean Shave Part 2: Zach's Temptation by Another Shaver

There is quite a bit of adult content here, please don't read if that kind of thing bothers you.

This is part 2, if you haven't read the first part, I would recommend that you do so. And thank you to all of the people who left kind words about the first part, I hope this lives up to your expectation.

Zach’s Voice

As I sat in Barber Jeff’s chair, I had to squirm a bit to get my raging erection under control. I’d always had a fascination with shaved heads, but especially in heads that were shaved by choice, not shaved because the guy had to, and suddenly here was a guy with a perfectly shaved head, who was letting me watch him shave, and even rub the shaved skin.

I didn’t even know why I was in the shop. I had gotten a trim a couple of weeks before, but when I saw this hot, half naked guy lathering up his head, I knew I needed to see if there was a way I could watch. I had hoped that he would be too involved in shaving to see me standing outside the window, and that I could watch for a little bit, then run home and jack off. If I’m going to be totally honest, I was looking for spank-bank material, and this was a fantasy come to life. But then he opened the door, and I was trapped.

After a few seconds of hesitation, I went in because I had never seen a guy shave his head in real life. I had watched guys do it for years on YouTube, but I’d never had the guts to try to hook up with a bald guy, or any man to be honest. My curtain of hair was my own personal closet, I figured the type of guy that I was interested in would never give me a second look because of my hair, and I would consequently never have to try to come to terms with my sexuality. And now, the man of my literal fantasy was inviting me into his barber shop and if I played it right, was going to shave his head in front of me. I figured he was just being friendly, there was no chance he could be gay on top of everything else that was perfect, but I did let myself fantasize about it. I hoped he didn’t notice my growing erection. I decided I could watch him shave, get another trim, and then have the most amazing memory.

But when I got into the shop, it became more. e was willing to talk about shaving his head, which was almost more than I could take. I had always dreamed of talking to a guy about being bald, learning why they would shave their head, what it was like, everything else, and suddenly, it was happening. And further, he was doing it stripped to the waist, so I could see the muscles rippling under the hair on his chest. The only thing that could have been better was if he was fully naked, instead of wearing cargo shorts and sandals. By this point I didn’t even think where it might lead, I just wanted to watch him make himself totally bald.
When he finished his shave, he let me rub his bald head. I had never touched a shaved head before, and I was surprised that it wasn’t as smooth as I had imagined. It was pretty smooth, but there was still a hint of sandpaper. I rubbed it for as long as I thought I could get away with. He looked at my crotch, and I was terrified that he’d freak out if he saw that it was making me hard to rub his head, but he didn’t say a word about it.

As he was unknowingly letting me get closer to my ultimate fantasy, he told me that he was going to shave it again, against the grain, so that it would be really smooth. I couldn’t believe it. Not only was I going to get to see the hottest man I have ever seen shave his head once, but he was also going to shave it a second time. Then, he made a joke about shaving me if I wanted him to, and I actually thought about it for a second.

He offered to cut my hair before he finished his own head, but there was no way I was going to miss getting a second show, so I told him to finish his shave first. I got the suspicion that he knew I was fascinated by his shaving, but he didn’t say anything about it, and continued like this was the most normal thing in the world.

All through the second shave, I watched as the shaving cream was wiped away by the razor, leaving perfectly smooth, beautiful scalp in its place. It was like watching someone undress, but in the most intimate way possible. He wasn’t removing clothes, he was removing his hair, and each pass of the razor was leaving him more naked than I could imagine.

Adding to my excitement was how Jeff kept talking about how he was never going to grow hair again, that he was bald for the rest of his life. That made me harder than I had ever been in my life. I’d always figured that unless a guy was losing their hair, baldness would be a temporary thing, that they would shave their head for a while, then grow it back, then maybe shave again, but I never thought I’d meet a guy who was totally shaved bald and who never planned to have hair again. Even the bald porn stars I watched seemed to shift between having hair and being shaved, unless they were actually losing their hair, so I never imagined that anyone outside of a story was that into shaving. With his revelation, I realized that my fantasy of finding a shaven man who was always going to be bald was actually possible.

If I'm going to be really honest, I had never pursued anything with a guy because I didn’t want to impose my fetish for shaved heads on someone else. Guys with hair didn’t turn me on in the slightest, and I also wasn’t all that into the look of a guy who shaved because he had to. It was the idea of a guy deliberately choosing to be bald that really turned me on, and that was what I really wanted to find. Sadly, as much as I wanted it, I never really tried to see if I could actually meet a man who would be my ideal. I’d seen some shaved guys that were really hot, but I always believed that was proabably just a phase for them, and sooner or later they'd get tired of being hairless. I figured that I might even be able to talk a guy into staying bald for me, because he loved me, but that on some level, he’d resent having to shave. I was sure that at some point, he’d want to grow hair again, and that I would lose interest in him because of that. I know that’s shallow of me, but my fetish was really deeply rooted, and had been made worse by years of jacking off to guys getting shaved or looking at porn and pictures of guys who were totally bald.

Now, thanks to this encounter, I knew that there were at least some guys who would be willing to shave a full head of hair for the rest of their lives because they loved being bald, not because someone else wanted them to be bald. It didn’t matter whether this guy was straight or not, suddenly my world had opened up, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay in the closet anymore. I discovered that I might be able to find the guy of my dreams. I couldn’t believe it, but I was actually starting to think about shaving my own head, and hopefully look like the kind of guy that a man like this might find attractive, and even more, to look like the kind of guy I find attractive.

After he shaved the second time, he let me rub his head again. This time, it was perfectly smooth and exactly how I imagined it would feel. It made him so incredibly sexy to me. I couldn’t stop rubbing his shaved head, and I was afraid I’d freak him out with how much I wanted to touch it. But then I saw the telltale signs that he was getting hard as well, and I relaxed just a little bit and enjoyed rubbing his head. I had no idea what was happening, but I knew at this point that I didn’t want it to stop.

He told me to get into the chair, and I gleefully did. From the way he walked, I could tell that he wasn’t even going to try to hide his erection, which just turned me on that much more. At this point, I decided that he could cut my hair any way he wanted to, even bald, as long as I got to run my hands over his head again. I wanted to look sexy for him, however that made me look, but I knew I had to play it a bit cool, I couldn’t seem too excited. That resolve faltered a bit when he called me "stud," and I almost blurted out "shave me completely bald."

In fact, I actually started to say it, but fortunately, he saved me by interjecting, "but now you’re not so sure." I was back into a bit of control again.

"Yeah." I tried to act casual, even slightly distant, but I had no idea if my face reflected the tone that I was trying to have in my voice.

"The shaved head is interesting, and it really looks good on you, but I don’t think I could pull it off. I was thinking about doing it when I got to rub your head, but I don’t know that it would suit me."

Jeff cleared his throat and said, "In general, I think most guys look better bald."

Ok, that was it, I knew at that moment I was leaving the shop hairless. But I still wanted him to talk me into it. I figured that if I just said yes right then and there, he’d shave me, and I would leave, and that would be that. I wanted him to be invested in getting me bald, in the hopes that there might be something more.

"Yes, I got that impression hearing you talk about your own head, but you’re a barber, and I assume you don’t just shave every guy who comes into the shop. Why do you think I would look better bald?" I was probably being almost rude, but I really needed to know why he wanted me to be bald. Despite how hot this all was, I was still going to give up a lot of hair, and I needed to know that it would be worth it, and that I would actually look good shaved.

Jeff cleared his throat again, and then smiled. He put on what I can only describe as a sales pitch. He wanted me bald, I could feel it, and he didn’t just want me bald for aesthetic reasons. I was sure he wanted me bald because he thought shaving me would be hot, and that he would think I was hot, or at least, I hoped that was the case.

"Well," he said, "there are a lot of reasons why I think you would look better with a shaved head." He pulled my hair back and tied it with a band. "First, there are your eyes. They are getting lost in the curtain of your hair. They are an amazing shape, and such a striking blue, they would really stand out against the clean look of a shaved head. Then, there is your jawline. Even though you have that beard, which in my opinion, you absolutely need to keep if your head is shaved, you can tell how strong your jawline is. But the hair on your head makes your jaw softer, and your facial features a bit more feminine. Without the hair, you would look far more rugged."

He rubbed my head, going over every inch of my scalp. It was so erotic; I was afraid I was going to cum with no other stimulation, but I managed to keep that from happening. When he finished, he said, you also don’t feel like you have any lumps or odd bumps to your head. It’s also not too pointy or too flat, so it should be a perfectly shaped dome when its shaved."

"Ok," I said, getting into this. "Any other reasons?"

Jeff was starting to get a bit flushed, and I was certain this was turning him on as much as I was being turned on. He turned my head, pulling the hair flat and away from my ear.

"Well, some guys don’t have the best ears for a shaved head, they are big, or they stick out, or something like that. You, on the other hand, have really good ears. They are neither too big or too small, they are well positioned, and they lay back nicely. They would look really good next to the curve of a shaved head. Plus, you could really see your earrings, especially those upper hoops which completely disappear in your hair right now."

I looked at Jeff’s ears, and I could see what he meant. I never really noticed his ears until he pointed out mine, but his did look oddly sexy against his smooth skull. I also noticed he had his ears pierced as well, and that looked amazing paired with the bald head. It was funny, I’d been so completely fixated on his scalp, that I didn’t notice his ears at all, now I realized that his shaved head was actually a whole package of perfection, eyes, ears, and his very short stubble beard.

"Another thing," Jeff pointed at my tattoo, "That gets totally lost in your hair. Half of it is covered up."

"I’m not shaving my chest," I said, deliberately misunderstanding, just to see if he wanted that off as well. I figured he wouldn’t as he was fairly hairy himself, but I didn’t know for sure. I also had to draw a line, shaved heads were a total turn on for me, a shaved body was not.

"Oh God no," he replied." You don’t want to shave your chest. I think guys with shaved heads generally look like Chemo patients if they shave their body hair, and besides, you have really good body hair." He stopped, and I could tell that he thought he’d said to much on that. However, I was happy that he approved of my body hair, so many of the guys I saw on YouTube who were bald shaved their chests and pits, and that wasn’t a look I wanted for myself. For a second, I imagined what it would be like rubbing our hairy chests together, but his voice brought me back to reality.

"No, I mean it is lost in the long hair on your head. It totally obscures the ink on your neck, and you should be showing that off. It’s an amazing piece."

"Thank you. That makes sense. Since I got it last year, I’ve been taking my shirt off whenever possible. Thank God we live in Arizona, where I can do that most of the year." S**t, why did I say that? That made me sound like some kind of freak.

"Chalk up another reason to live in the desert, you can always whip your shirt off and no one will really care." he replied. Good, he didn’t think I was a freak. "And if you don’t wear a lot of shirts, those muscles will look great with a shaved head. There is a reason that most body builders are bald, it makes them look bigger."

"Well. I don’t want to look like a muscle-bound freak." Perfect, I had control back and I could get him to keep trying to convince me.

"Oh, you wouldn’t. You just would look better, more cut. And people could actually see the muscles on your back as well. Right now, they are completely hidden by your hair. All of the women would be falling all over themselves for you with those muscles and a bald head."

Instantly, I was lost. Had I completely misread the signs? Was I stupid to think he was into me, or that he was even gay? Had I accidently sent signals that I was straight? I suddenly didn’t want to shave my head, I just wanted out of the shop, to run home in humiliation.

"Women aren’t really my thing." In my shame, the words just popped out, and I said something that I had never admitted to anyone else. I squirmed in my seat for a second. "I’ll go now." And I started to get up.

He grabbed my shoulder and pushed me back into the chair, saying, "if you aren’t into women, I assure you, gay men, and probably more than a few straight ones, will also lose their minds at the sight of you with a beautiful, shaved head. In fact, if you shave your head, I know of at least one guy who will have to fight every urge in his body to not throw you on the ground and have his way with you." He ran his fingers through my chest hair.

With that statement, everything was again right in the world. I knew I was going to get my head shaved, and that I was probably going to get more than that. I knew I was going to have my ultimate fantasy fulfilled.

"Would this guy happen to be an incredibly hot barber, with a freshly shaved head?"

Jeff ran his hand over his head, with a giant grin and said, "I’m not sure he is ‘incredibly hot,’ but, he did just shave his head."

"Then make me totally bald. Shave my head as clean as yours is. And please don’t fight any urges you might have along the way." Jeff gave me a huge grin in response.

To be Continued....

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