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Clean Shave Part 3: Zach Shaves by Another Shaver

This has significant gay content, please don't read it unless you are into that kind of thing.

Also, thank you all for the encouragement and kind words. I hope this brings the story to an enjoyable close.

Zach’s Voice

That was it. It was official, I was getting my head shaved. And, I wasn’t afraid, I was excited. I knew, deep down, that this was probably going to be a forever thing, just like it was for Jeff. I had loved the look of shaved heads on guys, had jacked off to them since I was a teen, and now I was going to have my own head shaved. And it was going to be given to me by literally the hottest man I had ever seen.

Jeff went over to the windows and pulled the blinds completely closed and locked the door. "We don’t want to be disturbed." He pulled me out of the chair and undid my belt. "I don’t want to throw a cape over this amazing body, but I don’t want to get hair all over your pants, so we will need to get these off." He pulled down my pants and underwear and ran his hand over my dick. I pulled his shorts down, and we stood there, completely naked, and both totally turned on. This reality was better than any fantasy I’d ever dared to have.

Jeff ran his hands through my hair, caressing it. "Are you sure you want this? Just so you know, I’m totally into you, hair or not. I don’t want to push you into this. We can get dressed and go out on a date and get to know each other. Then, if you still want to be bald, I can shave your head later."
"No," I said. "I want this, and I want it now. I want to be completely bald for our first date." First date, I loved the sound of that. It implied that there might be more than one.

Jeff smiled broadly, and then leaned in to kiss my forehead. I turned my face upwards and kissed him on the lips. It was as amazing as I had imagined. The kiss turned intense, and we started pawing at each other’s bodies. He pulled away and said, "if we don’t stop, you’re never going to get bald."
‘S**t, I said, "then get to it. I want to be bald. Right now. I want to be bald more than anything." And with that, I realized, I really did want to be bald, not to turn Jeff on, not even because I though shaved heads were hot. I just wanted to have a completely shaved head because I did not want to have hair anymore. I wanted it so badly I couldn’t believe it. I flopped back into the chair.

Jeff’s voice

This day had turned out better than I could have ever imagined. With only a little coaxing, I had the opportunity to shave the head of the hottest guy who had ever walked into my shop. And he was totally into me, which amazed me, because I never thought of myself as that attractive. He could have had any guy he wanted, and he wanted to be with me enough that he was willing to cut off all of his hair just to make me happy. It was both exciting and a little humbling, to be honest.

He sat in the chair, totally naked, with a raging hard on. I’d flirted with some guys in my shop before, but I’d never gotten one of them naked, even if they had given me hints they wanted me to do that. I’d also never had a boyfriend that let me shave his head. I had had a few one-night stands with bald guys, but both guys I had dated seriously had hair, although short, but I never pushed them to let me shave them. Now, suddenly, my ideal man was sitting here, telling me how much he wanted me to shave his head. I just hoped I could get through the shave without shooting a load.

I retied the band on his hair, making sure it was all pulled into a tight ponytail. "I’m going to cut this so that you can donate it, or keep it, whatever you prefer."

"How about you hang it from your belt… or your headboard." He laughed. "As a sign of your complete conquest of me."

I grabbed the scissors and cut the ponytail right up next to his scalp. As it came free, it hit me just how long it actually was. He had given up almost a foot and a half of hair for me. I held it out to him, and he took it.

"Jesus, I didn’t realize it was that long." He said, and he swallowed kind of hard. I worried that he was second guessing his decision.

"It will take about 3 years to grow it back to that length." I said. "I’m sorry."

"Sorry for what? I want this, it was just a little shocking to see my hair for the last time. I’m not growing it back out again. My long hair days are over. This is a whole new phase of my life." He said it with a total finality that honestly thrilled me.

I pulled out the clippers, without any guard, and turned them on. Their aggressive hum filled the room.

"These are my most powerful clippers, ones that I use to take off thick hair like yours. They cut to half a millimeter, which is essentially razor stubble." I put them next to his temple and pulled them back. His golden hair fell like rain, revealing the perfect scalp I knew had to be under that hair. It felt like I was stripping away the cover over a masterpiece.

Zach’s Voice

Jeff brought the clippers up to the side of my head and drove them into my hair. I’d never felt anything like it, even when I got buzzed as a kid. These were bare clipper blades right up against my scalp, and they were so powerful the vibration rattled through my whole body in almost orgasmic waves.
The hair fell away, onto my shoulder and down into my chest hair like the stroke of a feather. I started to breathe heavy, and Jeff wrapped his arm around me, and whispered in my ear, "go ahead and touch yourself. It’s OK, as long as you don’t squirm too much, I can keep cutting. Just don’t cum. I want to be the one to make you do that."

And just like that, for the first time in my life, I was masturbating with someone watching me. My inhibitions were falling away with my hair, and I totally loved that. I slowly ran my hand up and down my cock as Jeff ran the clippers over my head. It was the most erotic thing I had ever done. After every pass of the clippers, Jeff would run his hand over the stubble that was left behind, which added to my excitement. The feeling of his hand on the stubble, alternating with the vibration of the clippers shaving my hair off, all while I was fondling my dick almost brought me to the edge of what I could take. Shaving had always been a fetish, but this was something totally new for me, because it was me being shaved. As incredible as it was to watch Jeff shave, it was even better to be on the receiving end. I’d take myself to the brink, and then back off, stopping for a few moments to regain my composure. I wanted Jeff to be the one to make me cum.

Jeff’s voice

I could see how turned-on Zach was by me shaving his head, so I told him to go ahead and masturbate, which fulfilled a fantasy of mine. I had always wanted to shave a guy’s head while he jacked off from the pleasure of it. Seeing Zach’s total enjoyment as his scalp was stripped was almost more than I could take. I couldn’t believe that I had found someone who was as turned on by shaving as I was. Seeing how excited we both were, I knew that I needed to keep going. I didn’t want it to be over, but I also knew that if I took too long, we’d both shoot our loads.

I had cleared the sides of Zach’s head, and only a glorious golden crown was left. I put my clippers at his hairline and drove them back across the center of his scalp, which I knew was the most erotic part of a guy’s head, at least the head of a guy who had a shaving fetish. For a second, I thought Zach was going to cum, but he took a deep breath and stopped touching himself.

"I need to stop for a minute." he said.

"Shaving, or jacking off?" I asked.

"Both." So, I turned off the clippers and started rubbing the stubble on his head and running my fingers through the bits that were left. I savored the fell of the stiff bristles. He was moaning in pleasure at my touch.

"Do you want me to finish you off now?"

"No, I want to have it all down to stubble first. Go ahead and finish buzzing me but make it quick. I don’t know how much longer I can last."

I clicked on the clippers and quickly sheared the last hair down to stubble. He ran his hand over his head, "I’m bald," he said in wonderment. "I’m bald," he repeated joyfully. His hand left his dick, and both hands started to hungrily race back and forth across his almost shaved scalp. He looked absolutely glorious, even better than I had imagined.

"No, not yet. But close. This is about how long your hair will be every morning before I shave you." What did I just say? Did I just commit myself to something? And I realized that I wanted to commit to that. I had only known this guy for an hour, and I was already thinking of a long term. I was stunned.

"Say that again" he said. It wasn’t a question.

Trembling inside from the intensity of emotion ripping through me, I repeated, "That’s about how long your hair is going to be every morning before I shave you."

He let out a deep breath, and said, "Thank you."

"For what?"

"For shaving me. For wanting to keep me shaved. For making me realize my fetish doesn't make me a freak, and that someone else finds this all hot. Can you finish me off before you shave me the rest of the way?"

Zach’s Voice

Hearing Jeff tell me that he wanted to keep me bald was so exciting that I almost shot my load on the spot. Jeff reached out and took hold of my cock and started to stroke it, while I ran my hands across my head. I loved knowing that my scalp would feel like this every morning. I loved thinking about the fact that every morning, Jeff would shave it completely clean again. I couldn’t believe I was thinking about something long term, but the intensity of the connection we had already built made me want more.

I loved the sandpaper feel, even though I could hardly wait to feel it smooth. It was only a couple of minutes of Jeff masturbating me before I shot my load. I never imagined how good it would feel to have a guy jack me off, and I came harder than I ever had in my life. I shot all over my chest. Wave after wave of orgasm tore through me, and then it was over.

"I’m glad that didn’t happen while I was clipping you," he remarked. He played with my dick a bit more, squeezing the last orgasmic waves from me. He kept rubbing, seeing if I was ready to go another round. I surprised myself by starting to stiffen almost immediately. But rather than jump right into the next phase of the shave, I desperately wanted to give him some satisfaction.

I reached out my hand and stroked his dick. "You’ve done all of the work so far. Let me pay you back a bit, and then you can shave me." He sat in the chair, and I went to work on him. I had never jacked a guy off before but watching hours of porn had apparently taught me something, because in short order, he shot as massive of a load as I had.

He got up and asked if I wanted to clean up. For some reason, continuing with all of the mess on both of us excited me, and I said, "No. Let’s keep going." He smiled at that, and hugged me, running his hands across my stubble, while I stroked his smooth head. It only took a couple of minutes of this before we both started to get hard again. With a bit of reluctance, we stopped. It was time to make me completely bald.

I sat back down, and he wrapped my head in a warm towel. The warmth against my scalp was amazing, and I again realized this was my new normal. I was going to be bald forever. Like Jeff with his first shave, I knew that I could never not have a shaved head again. Even though I hadn’t seen it smooth yet, it was already a part of who I was.

He quickly mixed up the shaving cream and spread it across my head, right down to the top edge of my beard. It was so warm, and the way it felt getting worked into my stubble pushed me right back almost to the redline. I had to be very careful about touching myself, because the shaving cream alone felt so orgasmic. The way the brush tickled the sandpaper surface of my scalp was nothing I could have imagined. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and said, "I love how much this turns you on."

And then it was time to shave my head. If I thought the clippers felt wonderful, and the shaving cream incredible, they were nothing compared to the feeling of the straight razor sliding across my scalp. There was a scratching sound, and the feel of the blade made my whole head tingle. Nothing other than an orgasm had ever felt this good, and it felt so good that I thought I was going to have an orgasm on the spot. After each stroke of the blade, Jeff caressed the shaved spot, which was another amazing sensation. I never realized how sensitive my scalp was, and his fingers on it were the most erotic feeling imaginable.

Jeff’s voice

As I stripped the hair from Zach’s head, he kept moaning softly, almost, but not quite at orgasm. His scalp was every bit as flawless as I had imagined, and he looked better than I could have dreamed. I would shave a path, then rub the bald skin, lightly, to extract the maximum pleasure out of the act that I could. I wanted him to have the most intense experience possible for his first head shave. In short order, I had shaved him with the grain, and it was time for the final shave.

I spread a fresh layer of shaving cream on his head, and asked him, "Are you ready?"

He moaned, "God. Yes. I want this. So bad." Then he asked me something that I had never even dreamed he, or anyone, would ask. "Can I blow you while you shave me the second time? I want to you feel as good as I feel right now."

I couldn’t believe that he asked me to do what I had always fantasized about. He knelt on the floor and took me in his mouth as I put the straight razor up to his hairline. He sucked me gently at first, becoming more vigorous the further back I shaved. He paid very careful attention to me, making each moment as intense as he could. It was all I could do to keep focus on the shave, but somehow, I managed. As I removed the last trace of stubble from his head, I shot the biggest load I’d ever shot in my life and fell to my knees, wrapping him in my arms.

He pulled me tightly in and said "Thank you. This has been the most amazing day of my life."

He stood and looked in the mirror for the first time as a completely bald man, an Adonis with a totally smooth scalp and a full beard. "And the most amazing haircut I’ve ever had. I love this." He ran his hands all over his head, his cock getting harder with every rub. "This looks better than I ever could have imagined. I finally feel like I look like I’m supposed to look."

"The hottest man I’ve ever seen" I said. He blushed. "And we’re not quite done yet." I pointed at his cock. That tells me that I still need to return the blowjob." And I sank to my knees, turning all of my attention to his cock. I thought he’d keep stroking his own head like he’d done before, but instead, he started to rub mine passionately. I took him all the way to climax in my mouth, as he’d done the same for me.

He lifted me up and kissed me tenderly. Then, he smiled and said, "So I guess this means were official?"

"Yeah. I think it does. I barely know you, but I can’t imagine not having you in my life."

He said, "I feel the same. I love the thought of waking up next to you, shaving you, you shaving me."

"Then you really are going to stay bald? You didn’t just say that?"

"I can’t go back. There is no way I could ever have hair again." And then he kissed me again, and everything was right in the world.


Zach’s Voice.

We went to dinner that night and found out we had a lot more in common than a raging head shaving fetish. We liked the same foods, laughed at the same jokes, enjoyed travelling to the same places, doing the same hobbies. And we both thought the other was the hottest person we had ever seen, something that neither of us could really believe about ourselves. But we grew to accept how we saw each other.

We went back to Jeff’s place, and spent the night alternating between talking, lying in bed just rubbing each other’s heads, and having sex -- scratch that -- making love. What had blossomed in a few short hours could only be described as love. It sounds ridiculously sappy, but by the morning, we were both already deeply in love.

The next morning, we had the first mutual shaving session of our relationship. I couldn’t believe it, but it was even better the next day, different, but honestly, better. He shaved me, then taught me how to shave his head. I wasn’t nearly as good at it as he was, but he didn’t get too many cuts. After, we both fell into his bed, just holding each other. We still start every morning by shaving each other, which is the best way I can think of to start the day.

Those first few days were a whirlwind of new sensations for me. Pillowcases, showers, rain, wind, sun, all off them were so much more intense with a shaved head. And Jeff’s hands, the feel of his hands on my scalp, were the most amazing sensation possible. Every time I experienced something new with my baldness, I’d pop an instant boner, which would make Jeff laugh. Then he’d say, "See, this is why I say every guy should be bald" and take me someplace private to relieve my erection. I had more sex that first weekend than I’d have thought was physically possible.

A few weeks later, I let the lease on my apartment go, I hadn’t been there to do anything more than grab clean clothes since the day Jeff shaved my head, so it really was a pointless waste of money. I started hanging out in the shop more and more, and in short order, Jeff began to teach me to cut hair. Given my fetish, it was probably only natural that I’d want to learn. I enrolled in barber school, which was a much better career than the manual labor job I’d had when I met him. We married right after I finished my course, and I set up my chair next to his.

Every time I look across the shop at him, I still can’t believe how lucky I was to have found him, or how glad I am that I walked into the shop just to watch him shave himself. When he glances at me, I still rub my hand over my smoothly shaved head (going on 10 years now) and smile. He will come over and give my head a rub, and say "looking good, stud." I never imagined happiness like this.

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