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Flash of Light by Max

Normally Trent patronized "The Beach Salon", which specialized in very expensive, highly styled haircuts. There was also the specialty of the house - 'Beach Streaks'. Nobody walked out of The Beach Salon without some blonding. Trent sported a highly gelled Spiker, with just the tips Blonded, back and sides quite long for the style - just over the tops of the ears and slightly curling at the back. Such highly individual styles were almost compulsory in his profession as a stock exchange futures trader.

He had been thinking of going a little shorter, especially since he had not had a haircut for nearly two months, so his style was now well out of hand. Trouble was that he had been so busy on the exchange floor that he was not able to find the two hours in the chair at The Beach Salon - maybe even a longer time because he was considering going blonder with more of a ScruffCut.

Today he had found the time and was on his way to The Beach Salon, but his attention was taken by a new classy-looking BarberShop as he walked down the street. In a flash of inspiration Trent thought it might be fun for once to have a Barber cut his hair - yeah; sharp edged; tapered back; maybe they'd even be able to Blond his hair right through.

He wanted something new. Here was a chance for change. Into the BarberShop he went. Ultra modern. Two chairs. One empty. In the second chair a customer was just having the cape placed around his neck. As he and the Barber saw Trent come into the salon, the customer started to climb out of the BarberChair.

"Just having a turn myself. Jump in my chair and I'll be with you in a moment." Obviously the 'customer' was also a Barber. So there it was - the Barber about to be Barbered.

"No problem. Go ahead. I'm not in a hurry this afternoon - for once. I'll just sit here and watch." Trent had not been in a BarberShop for years and he was curious to see a genuine Barber use clippers and scissors.

The customer/barber, mid-twenties, in the chair didn't look like he needed a HairCut. His light brown hair was thick and longish, but well groomed, edged and tapered. Maybe Trent would get an idea of his own HairCut-to-be as he watched the Barbering. He made no pretence of reading a magazine but set himself to view the entertainment of the HairCut.

When the 'customer' had settled again, without a word, the active Barber #1 took up the clippers and a comb.

"You ready?" Barber #1 asked Barber #2 who turned to Trent. "You ought to find this interesting. Could be a good style for you", Barber #2 advised with a broad grin. Trent nodded. Barber #2 nodded. Without any further word or signal, Barber #1 snapped on the clippers and ploughed straight into the back of Barber #1's hair. Trent was shocked. But he was even more shocked when the clippers kept going - side to side - round and round - up and over. Barber #2 was having all his hair shorn off and looked quite pleased about it. When the clippering had finished, and Barber #2 was practically BALD! Barber #1 lathered the shorn head and began to razor off the remaining stubble. Trent was transfixed. He had never seen a head being shaved before and he was totally besotted with the Balding process.

The shaving was complete and oil was massaged into the smooth, hairless, pale, denuded scalp. Because Barber #2 had a good suntan the white of the freshly shaved head stood out like a lighthouse.

Barber #2 climbed from the chair and signaled Trent to take his place in then first chair. He did and the newly BaldBarber swung the cape over his awaiting neck. Trent could not help staring at the ShaveHead, now much closer and shining in the BarberShop lights. It was as though a spell had been cast on him. Every other vision disappeared and all he could see was the white beacon of Baldness.

"That!", he stammered and pointed to his Barber's glowing head. The shavee couldn't resist another glance in the mirror and a vigorous rub on his now HairlessHead.

"Like it?" asked the BaldBarber.


"Want to try it?"


"Hey. I was only joking."

"Yeah! That's what I want." By this time Trent was recovering his senses a little, enough to me aware of what he was saying. "I can't believe I'm asking you to do this. But yes. That's what I want. Shave my head - exactly as you have done."

"I'm happy to do it. I've wanted to be bald for a long time. But I don't think you should make a sudden decision just because you watched me have my head shaved. Think about it."

"I know this is crazy. But I don't have to think about it. Your shaving just triggered my need." It was like a flash of inspirational light to Trent. "That's it. Bald. I absolutely need to be Bald."

The next twenty minutes were a pleasure for Trent as his hair was all shorn off - blonde tips and all. The lathering and shaving proved to be an ecstasy. Soon his own white head was also gleaming in the salon lights. Funny thing, he really liked the paleness of his scalp. He realised that eventually the whiteness would give way to the tanning sun, but he was in no hurry for that to happen.

Trent's business success dramatically improved. No longer did he have to fight for recognition on the trading floor of the futures exchange. No longer were his bids lost in the confusion and chaos of the yelling and waving brokers. No longer did he have hair. Trent now had an enormous stand-out advantage. Trent had A BALD! Head.

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