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Suprise Buzz at the Beach by E johnson

It was a hot summer day in mid July. I had just arrived at the beach for a week long vacation with friends.

As soon as we arrived, my friends and I decided to head to the boardwalk. Instantly, the wind was annoying us. Our hair was getting blown into our faces and blocking our vision. Although annoying, we dealt with it that day.

That night, my friends and I had a lot of fun. We went to a party in a house across the street from the place we rented. My friend Michael and I could not stop making eye contact as we danced.

When we arrived back at our condo, we all decided it was time for bed. It was nearly 3 am when we got back.

Michael and I just so happened to share a room. As I got ready for bed, I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Michael. As I turned around, we locked eyes. In my drunken haze, Michael could have been mistaken for George Harrison on the "let it be" album cover.

" Can I borrow your toothpaste" he asked.

The next morning we all woke up groggy. Slightly nauseous from the previous nights activities, my friend Jack decided we should get breakfast sandwiches to cure the hangover.

On our way to the small breakfast shop, we were reminded of the annoyance that was the ocean breeze.

As we arrived at the shop, my friend Keith said he was sick his hair being blown around by the wind. We all agreed we had the same annoyance.

After eating, we all felt much better. Leaving the breakfast place, my friend Sam decided he would stop by a barber shop for a trim before going to the beach. We all though thins was a good idea, and decided to join him.

After searching for a bit, we found a barber shop called "The Gentalmans Cove" near the boardwalk. My friends and I corralled into the shop.

As we entered, a young and well dressed barber greeted us. To our delight their was no wait. The barber asked who was going first. Most of us hesitantly looked at each other, but my friend Keith was ready.

He walked towards the barber, and sat down in the chair. The rest of my group and I sat in the waiting area. As I sat on the end, Michael quickly sat next to me.

From the waiting area, it was hard to decipher what Keith had told the barber he wanted.

I watched as the barber picked up the electric clippers. I didn’t think much of this, as Keith had short hair on the back and sides of his head, with about 3 inches on the top.

The barber began on the back of his head. The clippers drove up his head and stopped just before the top. The barber worked around the sides and back of Keith’s head quickly.

The barber then began combing through the top of Keith’s hair. Oddly, he did not put down the clippers.

To my, and the rest of the groups suprise, we watched the clippers glide over the top of Keith’s head. A large mass of his shiny hair fell to the floor. Keith looked over at us with a smile on his face.

The barber quickly finished Keith’s buzzcut, and motioned for another one of us to come over.

Keith walked towards us with a sly smirk. His hair was cut shorter than I had ever seen on him. You could slightly see his scalp showing through the hair he had left. We all felt his head and made jokes. His hair felt soft, but a bit prickly. I sort of liked it. I wondered what it would look like on me. I began to get a hard on. I quickly sat down to disguise this.

My friend Sam was up next. I listened more intently to what he asked for. To my suprise, Sam asked for a buzzcut.

My two other friends Jack and Michael had heard this, and talked about if they should get one as well. I chimed in that I wanted one. Soon, we came to the consensus we would all get a buzzcut.

We all watched intently as Sam’s hair was shaved away. Sams hair was longer than Keith’s, with hair that partially covered his ears.

When Sam’s haircut was finished, he walked back to us with a genuine smile on his face. He looked very different. His sharp masculine features were on full display.

Next to go was Jack. Of course, he asked for a buzzcut. To one up Sam and Keith, however, he asked for a number 1 gaurd. The barber warned him that his hair would be very short. He smiled back at us and said go ahead.

Jacks hair was buzzed with surprising speed. Jack had curly, dense hair that fell to about his eyebrow. After the haircut was finished, the hair remaining was just longer than stubble. The short haircut really suited him. Jack had very thick hair, so the number one did not leave his head looking bare.

Next up was Michael. I would go last. As Michael’s sat in the chair, he looked directly as me and smiled. He then turned to the barber and told him quietly what he wanted. The barber looked at him with wide eyes, but eventually shook his head and walked to grab the clippers.

Michael then turned and locked eyes with me again. Me motioned for me to come over. I wasn’t sure why he would do this, but I wasn’t going to decline. I discretely tucked my boner into my waistband, and made my way towards him.

Michael asked the barber if I could cut his hair. My mouth fell wide open with excitement. The barber obliged and handed me the clippers.

As I went to make the first cut, I realized the clippers did not have a gaurd on them. I quickly mentioned this to the barber. He said it’s what Michael asked for. Michael looked up at me with a smirk.

Michael had the longest hair out of the whole group. As I had noticed the night before, he resembled George Harrison on the "Let It Be" album cover. His shiny, and thick hair was complimented by a well grown mustache. It truely suited him.

With some hesitation, I drove the clippers though the top of Michael’s head. He looked equally as excited as me. I noticed his boner showing though the cape. I continued cutting his hair, getting more enthralled with each movement of the clippers. When I was done, all that was left of Michael’s hair was a 5 o’clock shadow.

I was nervous that he would look odd with such a dramitc change. Instead, he looked even more attractive. His thick eyebrows and mustache complimented the short haircut. He looked older, and more masculine than he had before. The only thing was that his head was quite pale without his hair. Good thing we where at the beach for the week.

As his haircut concluded, my other friends came over. They all added their thoughts on Michael’s new haircut.

After some time, they headed back to the waiting room. I sat in the chair ready for my haircut. As Michael began to walk away, I grabbed his hand.

I asked if he would return the favor, and cut my hair. He looked at me and smirked. The barber handed him the clippers.

My hair was a bit shorter than Michael’s but it had a similar style. I couldn’t imagine what I was going to look like with a buzzcut.

Michael’s looked at me though the large mirror on the wall, and asked what number I wanted.

I looked at the barber and asked what he recommended. He said since my hair was so thick, a number 1 or even a 0 would suit me well.

With the barbers knowledge in mind, and a newfound confidence, I looked back at Michael and told him a 0.

Michael looked confident with the clippers in his hand. He deftly pressed to bare clippers to my forehead and quickly swiped over the top of my head.

The vibrating feeling of the clippers over my head was indescribable. I could feel the cool air of the barber shop hit my head instantly. I liked the feeling.

Michael swiftly continued over my head. As he moved to the sides, I could feel his boner against my arm. I looked up at him when this happened, and he smiled intametly at me. It seemed as soon as the haircut began, it was done.

Michael’s turned the chair around for me to see the result. I didn’t recognize myself. I looked similar to Jack, my thick hair keeping me from looking completely shaved. I suprisingly liked the new look.

Michael and I walked back towards our friends. They greeted us with smiles, all of us a bit shocked at what just happened. We all could not get over how much better we looked with short hair.

We paid the barber and left the shop for the beach. Once we arrived, we went right into the ocean to wash off any loose hair.

While we were at the beach, I could not stop looking at Michael. Michael was an athlete. He was tall and tastefully muscular. He had beautiful abs. These features complimented his new haircut.

A couple of times, I caught Michael staring at me. When this happened, we would laugh and smile at each other. Throughout the day, the intimate tension built.

When we arrived back at the condo, I was the first to take a shower. I left the door unlocked in case anyone needed something from the bathroom.

Partway though my shower, I heard someone come into the bathroom. I didn’t think much of this until I heard the shower curtain move. Before I could process what was happening, Michael was standing in the shower with me.

I turned to greet him and smiled. He put his muscular arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. His previously pale head had tanned perfectly at the beach that day. In that moment, he was possibly the most attractive person I had ever seen. We looked intametly into each other’s eyes and began kissing passionately.

You can imagine what went on the rest of the week.

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