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Birthday Gift From My Barber by Shant

It was the first of January and I was turning forty the end of June. I decided this would be the perfect time to try some new things I had wanted to do, but had never done.

One of the things I wanted to do was change the way I looked and get a totally different style haircut. I had probably been wearing my hair the same way for over ten years and I was just sick of it looking the same all the time.

I had a pretty traditional looking haircut, short on the sides and back and longer on top. My hair was a dark blond color with lighter highlights. It was thick, had great texture and great body. I decided I was going to keep my hair short on the sides and back, but let the top, which was a little over three inches long, keep growing until my birthday.

I figured in six months my hair would be three inches longer than it was now. Added to the three inches I already had, my hair would be over six inches long on top. I had not had my hair anywhere near that length since my college days.

I was lucky that my hair was still pretty much the way it was twenty years ago. It was still thick and had not yet started to turn gray. Most of my friends had started turning gray and some had even started going bald. I would have hated it if that happened to me, because I had always loved my hair so much.

The thought of turning gray or white didn’t bother me at all. One of my friends had the thickest, whitest hair I had ever seen. His hair was whiter than white, it looked more like platinum. It really was striking. It was about four inches long on top and the sides were much shorter. Any guy, any age, would be thrilled to have hair as beautiful as his.

I would sometimes see an older guy with his hair cut really short and I thought he looked really great. As much as I thought how sharp his haircut was, I knew I loved my hair way too much to ever think about getting it cut short like that.

I don’t know why, but I have always been obsessed by great hair. As early as twelve years old, I can remember I’d see a guy with an awesome mane and it was hard for me to turn my head away and not stare. All I could think about was how beautiful his hair was.

Barbers often told me how great my hair looked. Several tried many times to convince me to get a really short haircut and did their utmost to encourage me to go ahead and go for it, and try something different.

Most of them wanted to give me a flattop more than anything. It seemed the majority of barbers loved to cut flattops, especially if the guy did not already have one. I had never had a flattop in my life and the thought of getting one was terrifying.

I doubted I would ever have the nerve to get a flattop, even though I saw many guys that had one and looked really sharp. I knew I had the right kind of hair for a good flattop, but it didn’t make much sense to me to cut off my hair that I loved so much. I thought to myself that I knew my hair looked great, and why should I get rid of probably my best feature?

Marcus had been cutting my hair for over two years now. My previous barber retired after the first covid shutdown and I had dreaded having to find a new barber.

Marcus was the first barber I went to and he has been cutting my hair ever since. He did a great job the very first time he cut it. I thought my hair looked better than it ever had, and knew that I was lucky to have found him.

Marcus was about 32. He was about six feet tall and was in good shape. He and I both went to the same gym and if we happened to be there at the same time, would work out together.

His hair on the sides and back was probably buzzed with a #1 guard all the way to the crown. You could see he had hair, but you certainly could not grab hold of it.

The top however was another story. It was a beautiful honey colored brown/blond and was about four inches long and brushed to the side and fell down across his forehead.

His hair was also very thick and had great texture and had just a slight wave. There probably would have been a lot more waves if he grew it longer. He looked exactly like a guy you would expect to see in an ad about the wheat fields of the midwest.

I hadn’t told Marcus yet that I was thinking about cutting my hair. I knew he would love to give me a really different looking haircut. Almost every time I sat in his chair, he would make some comment about how great my hair was. We talked many times about how much we enjoyed seeing a guy with a really good head of hair.

Marcus and I hit it off really great from the first moment I sat in his chair. The first time he cut my hair he told me he knew that he had always wanted to be a barber. He went to barber school right out of high school and then started working immediately. He was such a good barber, and such a nice guy, that you had to schedule an appointment at least two weeks in advance, if you wanted him to cut your hair.

One time while Marcus was cutting my hair, I told him about my Uncle Don, who was only a few years older than I was, and was also a barber. I told him that he was also into great hair, and that Marcus reminded me of him.

"Uncle Don is a lot like you and all he ever wanted was to be a barber. He cut most of his friends hair in high school and then immediately went to barber school and has been cutting hair ever since."

"I remember one time my uncle saying that all he ever wanted to do was cut hair. You said almost the exact same words to me when you cut my hair the very first time." I said.

"The next time he comes to visit I would definitely like to have you guys meet. There’s no doubt in my mind that you would get along really great because I think you have a lot in common."

One time I said to Marcus, "If I had a chance to do it all over again, I could easily see myself being a barber just like you and Uncle Don. I cut all my frat brothers hair in college and I really enjoyed cutting a great head of hair."

"He and I have talked many times and wondered why it was that we are both so attracted by great looking hair?" I said. "Was it something in our genes? For as long as we both can remember, we have always loved great hair."

Marcus replied he was exactly the same way. He didn’t know what caused him to enjoy cutting hair so much, but once he gave his first haircut to a friend, he knew that from then on that was all he ever wanted to do. He said, "I totally understand how much you and your uncle like great hair. I love it when I get the chance to work on a really awesome looking mane."

"It doesn’t happen very often, but every once in awhile, a guy will come in with really fantastic hair and want me to cut it really short. A few weeks ago a guy that was probably a senior in high school, and had never been in my shop before, came in for a haircut."

"His hair was a very light blond color, it was really thick, and probably about six inches long. He really did have a great head of hair. He blew me away when he told me he wanted me to put a #1 guard on the clippers and then buzz his head."

"I asked him if he was sure he wanted me to do that because his hair would really be super short. I wanted him to fully understand that I thought he might not like what he was telling me he wanted to do."

"I spent some time combing his hair and asked him several more times if he was certain he really wanted his hair cut that short? I even told him that with his hair so blond that if he had me cut it with a #1 guard, he would probably end up looking like he didn’t have any hair at all."

"I thought that he would look incredible with a flattop. With his hair so blond and thick it would have looked fantastic, but he wasn’t at all interested. All he wanted to do was have his hair buzzed off. After a few more attempts at trying to get him to not cut his hair so short, I gave up and decided to just give him what he asked for."

"He was not facing a mirror so he had no idea what it was going to look like as I cut his hair. He could see the tremendous amount of locks falling all around him though, and he didn’t seem to mind it one bit."

"I wondered what in the world had caused him to come up with the idea of cutting off all his hair, especially when it was so awesome looking? Any guy would be envious if he could have hair as great as this guy’s and here he was buzzing it all off."

"When I finished buzzing his head, I turned him around so he could see himself in the mirror. He really freaked out when he saw himself in the mirror! He couldn’t believe how short his hair was, and because it was so blond, it looked like he was totally bald, just like I told him he would look."

"He obviously regretted doing it, and I reminded him that I had repeatedly tried to get him not to cut his hair as short as he said he wanted me to cut it. There was no way I was going to be blamed for what he had me do to his hair."

"It ended up being an awful experience for him, but a really great time for me!" Marcus said. "I think it was probably one of the most fun times I have ever had cutting someone’s hair."

As Marcus started cutting my hair, he said, "So, you’ve got the big 40 this year, don’t you? Any special plans to celebrate the big day?"

"I have an idea how you could celebrate your birthday," he said. "I know how much you love that hair of yours. How about trying a different looking haircut to start out your next decade? I think you should try a totally new look."

"You’ve been wearing your hair the same way ever since I have been cutting it. I think it would be awesome to see how you would look with a different haircut. You’ve got really great hair and could cut it so many different ways. I say flaunt it, if you have it, and man, do you ever have it! I think that it’s the perfect time to try a new look."

"Your hair will look good however you have me cut it. It’s so thick and already stands up so well that it will really look sharp whatever length you decide you want it to be."

"I’d like to see you get a little more trendy looking haircut. I think guy’s around your age that have really thick hair, can have some of the sharpest looking haircuts. Their hair can stand out even more now than when they were younger."

"If the idea of a short haircut scares you a little, you don’t have to go for a really big change all at once. If I were you though, and had all that great hair you have, I’d really be stoked about trying a different looking haircut. I’d love to give you one. I know exactly how I would want to cut it for you and I know you would look fantastic."

I told Marcus, "It’s funny you said that because I’ve been thinking the exact same thing for a few months now. I admit that turning 40 has made me think about wanting to get a different looking haircut even more."

"Every now and then I ask myself why do I always keep my hair looking the same way? I know I have good hair and I should try cutting it different ways. I’ve worn it the same way for so long. I think it would be fun to try something different."

"I really liked that last haircut you gave me. Can you keep the back and sides short like they are now, but let the top continue to grow out for the next six months? Do you think that would look good?"

"I haven’t had my hair that long in years and I’d like to see how it would look. If I did grow my hair out and then you cut it, what do you think would look best? Any suggestions?"

"You’ve cut my hair for over two years now and you have never given me a bad haircut. I’d like to see what type haircut you would give me, if I told you to just cut it however you wanted."

"You know that I totally trust you cutting my hair. Obviously, I would not want it cut so short that there is skin showing on the sides and back, but other than that, I’d feel comfortable with you deciding however you wanted to cut it."

"I really think that would be a lot of fun," Marcus said. "I’m not totally sure how I would cut it just yet, but I do have some ideas and there will be plenty of time to decide. I always look forward to cutting your hair because you really do have such great hair. It’s always my favorite appointment of the day."

Two months went by and Marcus continued to cut my hair the way we had discussed. Much to my surprise, I really liked it as it got longer. The top was now over four inches and the sides and back were still tapered short. I had rarely let my hair get longer than three inches on top and I was surprised that just an inch longer really did make a big difference in how it looked.

Another month went by and as Marcus was cutting my hair, he asked me, "So how are you liking the longer hair? I think it really looks great and you should definitely keep growing it until your birthday."

"I’m really liking it," I said to him. "It’s been so long since my hair has been this length. You have thick hair like I do, so I’m sure you understand how much I’m enjoying having my hair the longest it has probably been in over ten years."

"I’ll definitely make it to my birthday before I have you take any off the top. That will be almost another inch and that will be about as long as I’ll let it grow, because it will then be the start of summer and it will be too hot having so much hair."

June arrived and the next day was my birthday, and it was also the day of the big haircut. It didn’t bother me turning 40 at all, but I was pretty excited about the haircut I knew I was going to get. I had been looking forward to this haircut for six months now.

I made my appointment for the last time slot of the day. When I walked into the barbershop, only Marcus was there. Tom, the other barber, did not have anyone scheduled for his last time slot, so he decided to leave early. That was great with me.

"How’s the big day been so far?" Marcus asked as he caped me up. "How’s it feel to be 40? Are you starting to feel like you’re an old man?" he jokingly said.

"It doesn’t feel any different than being 39 did," I said as he began brushing my hair.

"So, are you ready to go ahead and let me give you a totally different looking haircut or do you want to keep it the way it is now? It really does look great at this length."

"I hope you still want to go ahead and let me give you a different looking haircut though. I have really been looking forward to cutting it and I now know exactly the haircut I want to give you." Marcus said.

"I’ve been looking forward to this haircut, too, and I’m anxious to see how different I will look," I said. "I think I’ve always been way too self conscious and have been afraid a different haircut might attract too much attention from people. It’s rather ironic to have great hair, but never do anything different with it, fearing what the reaction will be."

"Turning 40 has given me a whole new perspective. I’m now at the age that I realize it’s really no one’s business how I cut my hair. Screw it if someone doesn’t like how it looks. Why should I be so concerned about what other people might think? I’m sure they don’t give my hair a second thought."

"From now on, I’m going to have you change the way you cut my hair all the time. I think that I’ve missed out on a lot of fun having it always looking the same. I don’t want you to even tell me how you are going to cut it today. Just go ahead, have fun, and cut it however you want."

Three walls of the shop were all mirrors so I had a great view of the haircut Marcus was going to give me. I had no idea what type of haircut he had in mind, but I was fairly certain that it would be a short one.

I thought he might give me a flattop because he had never given me one, and I knew that he really liked to cut them. I knew that he was going to love cutting about five inches of my hair off, and I knew that I was going to really be excited watching him do it.

Marcus spent a good deal of time brushing my hair and running his fingers through it. "This is definitely the longest your hair has been since I’ve been cutting it." he said. "Your hair really looks great after I finish combing it, but your hair is just like mine, and in the summer, the hotter it gets, the worse my hair looks if it starts getting too long."

"Ready for your new look?" he said. "I can’t wait to see how you are going to look with an entirely different style haircut. I’m going to have a fantastic time doing this, and I know you’re going to have a great time, too!"

"Let’s do it!" I said. I tipped my head forward, expecting him to start by running the clippers up the back of my head like he usually did, but he surprised me instead by combing all my hair back, and then started tapering the sides and back using his scissors.

Having Marcus comb my hair, lift up a lock, and then cut it off, was extremely sensual. I enjoyed seeing the long hair come off a little at a time, instead of just all in one big swipe. It was definitely going to take a lot longer to cut my hair with scissors than clippers and that was fine with me. The longer the haircut took, the better.

Marcus took his time and tapered the sides and the back. I thought that he would then start working on the top, but again, to my surprise, he then reached for his clippers, put a #2 guard on them, and began tapering up the sides and back even higher and tighter.

"You really didn’t think I was going to let you get out of my chair with all that hair still on your head, did you?" Marcus smiled. "I’m just getting started on this haircut."

Marcus proceeded to run the clippers to about three fingers above the top of my ears. This still left about an inch of hair on the sides that had not yet been cut, and it was still about six inches long on the top. I was anxious to see what he was going to do with the rest of my hair.

Marcus then sprayed my hair and brushed it all back. I thought for sure that this was going to be the beginning of my flattop, but again, I was wrong. Marcus took his comb and scissors and stood directly behind me. He lifted up my six inch forelock and combed it straight up so I could see how long it was, and with one swift slice, took off more than half of it! I thought I was going to explode!

It actually didn’t bother me getting my hair cut down shorter. My hair had not been this long in years and it was a major rush seeing so much hair falling into my lap. I couldn’t have been any more turned on than I was.

"Your hair really is beautiful," Marcus said. "The thickness and texture make it easy to comb just about any way that I want. It’s a lot of fun getting to comb it so many ways."

Marcus then proceeded to lift and cut, lift and cut, all my hair on top all the way back towards the crown. He then began working on blending the sides into the top.

I could see that this was not going to be a flattop after all. The top was about two inches long and Marcus had brushed it all up and back. The sides were not as short as a flattop and were just long enough to blend into the top and were brushed back too.

I loved the haircut. My hair did stand up really well and there was not a hair out of place. It was actually a perfect haircut for the end of June. I knew Marcus would cut my hair shorter when I got my next haircut and I would keep it that way until fall.

Beginning the first of September I knew I would then have nine months to grow my hair long again. I’d have about six inches of hair for Marcus to work with again next year. I was already looking forward to all the different haircuts he would give me throughout the coming year.

"Man, I really like this haircut!" I said. "Even though I really liked the long hair, it feels so great having most of it cut off. It will be so much easier to deal with throughout the summer."

When I got out of the chair, Marcus asked me, "Are you in a rush or do you have some free time? If you don’t have to hurry off, I have a few more birthday surprises for you, that I was thinking you might enjoy."

I told him that I didn’t have anything I had to do, and was in no hurry at all. I certainly was interested in what kind of surprises he was talking about, seeing that he had already cut my hair.

"We’ve become such good friends that I wanted to do something special for your birthday. I know you love great hair as much as I do, and I imagine that you rarely get an opportunity to brush anyone’s hair, especially a guy with an awesome mane like mine," he said with a big grin.

"Every time I get you in my chair, I see your eyes immediately go to my hair!" Marcus said. "There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a really awesome head of hair. We both know how lucky we are to have it."

"I really enjoy having someone brush my hair, but that hardly ever happens. I get to brush a lot of great hair, but other than the guy that cuts my hair, no one ever brushes mine for me." Marcus said.

"I thought maybe you would like to brush my hair for me. I know that I would like to have you do it. This is the longest my hair has been in years for me, too, and I’d enjoy watching you have some fun with it. I want to see you brush it as many different ways as you can."

"Are you serious? I’m sure you know how much I would love to do that," I said. "I have always thought your hair was fantastic and getting to brush it for you would be really awesome."

Marcus sat down in the chair and I spent about thirty minutes just brushing his hair, running my hands through it, seeing how many ways I could make it look. I was really in heaven and I could tell that Marcus was enjoying himself too.

Marcus’ hair tended to fall forward. After brushing it for a long time, I wet his hair a little and took some product and ran it all through his luscious locks. I took the blowdryer and vigorously brushed all his awesome hair straight back. It was so thick!

His hair was over six inches long on top and I was determined to see how high I could get it to stand up. It ended up being even higher than I thought it could possibly be.

He looked so different with his hair brushed back, as opposed to all falling forward. "With your hair brushed back you can really see how thick it is. It stands up so great! Since I’ve known you, your hair has always fallen forward. With it brushed back, you look like you have so much more hair."

"Have you ever worn your hair like this before? Have you ever had a flattop? I bet you could wear a fantastic flattop with the way your hair stands up so great." Marcus and I had talked many times about how great we thought flattops looked, but only if a guy had the right hair to wear one.

"You’ve actually been growing your hair out a little too, haven’t you?" I said. "When you first started cutting my hair, your hair was really short on the sides and back. It looks like you’ve grown it out quite a bit since then. I think it looks great. How much longer are you going to let it grow?"

"I’m going to get it cut one day very soon," he said. Marcus had the biggest smile on his face when he said that, and then said to me, "I have an additional surprise for you that I think you are going to enjoy even more than just brushing my hair."

"Tomorrow after work, I am going to get my hair cut and I had planned on getting it cut just like the haircut I gave you. When you asked me if I had ever had a flattop before, it got me thinking, and, what the hell! I’m going to go ahead and get a flattop to celebrate your birthday! I haven’t had one in years. It really isn’t all that much shorter than the haircut I just gave you, and I really like the way my hair looks brushed back and standing up. There’s just way too much of it though!"

"I’m not going to get a short military flattop, but one that is square on the sides and back and is a bit longer on top. I want to be able to just brush the very front back, but have the rest be flat all the way to the crown."

"What do you think? Should I go ahead and do it? That’ll be over five inches of hair coming off. I bet you’d really love to watch that happen, wouldn’t you? It’s been years since I’ve had that much hair cut off all at once. It will be a tremendous rush to see it all coming off!"

"I remember you telling me how you cut all your fraternity brother’s hair when you were in college. With my hair being so long on top, I thought if you’d like, you could go ahead and cut two or three inches off the top before I get it cut tomorrow."

"If you took even three inches off the top, that will still leave me way more than enough hair to get a flattop. Do you think you would have fun cutting my hair? I bet you would. How long has it been since you’ve done that?" he smiled.

"That would be totally mindblowing!" I said. "I can’t think of any better birthday present! When I come to get my hair cut, I always look forward to seeing what your hair is going to look like and can’t wait to see how mine is going to look when you are finished cutting it. I’m glad I can be so comfortable talking with you about how much I love my hair."

"Other than Uncle Don, you are the only person I have ever talked with about how much I’m awestruck by someone with an awesome head of hair. It’s great getting to talk about it with someone that I know feels exactly the same way I do."

"I would totally love to cut your hair! That would be so fantastic! The thought would have never entered my mind that you would be willing to let me cut your hair. I can’t wait to do it! Are you going to let me cut it right now?"

Marcus just gave me a big smile and sat back down in the barber chair and I caped him up again. It really was fantastic having all the mirrors surrounding us so that I could see his hair from all sides.

I took my brush and immediately started working on his gorgeous mane again. It was so beautiful. Marcus just sat back, and it was obvious he enjoyed having me play with his beautiful hair.

When I finished brushing his hair into place, I stood behind him and lifted up his fantastic forelock and combed it to stand up as high as I could get it. I then took my scissors and placed them almost at the middle of the lock I had sectioned off and cut off three inches of his wonderful mane! Seeing his thick, beautiful hair falling onto his lap made me really glad that I had worn a long shirt that covered up the front of my jeans.

I continued lifting up a lock at a time and taking off the same amount. I had not cut hair in so long, and it was tremendous getting to do it, especially with him having such great hair. I think at that moment we were both experiencing a huge rush.

When I finished cutting his hair and brushing it the way I wanted it to look, I asked him, "What do you think? You look so different! You should be changing your hairstyle all the time, too, since you have such great looking hair."

I asked Marcus if Tom, the other barber that worked there, was going to cut his hair? "Does he know what you are planning to do?" I asked. "What does he think about you going for such a big change?"

"Oh yeah, he said that he can’t wait to do it! He loves hair as much as we do and has always wanted to give me a flattop. I haven’t told him that is the haircut I am going to get. He’s going to really flip out when I tell him that I want him to give me the flattop that he has always wanted to give me!"

"Last month, I told Tom that at the beginning of the year, you and I had talked about you turning forty this year and that you had decided to grow your hair long, and not cut anything off the top until your birthday came. I also told him that I had convinced you that on your birthday, I wanted you to let me give you a totally different looking haircut."

"You should have seen the smile on Tom’s face when I told him that! There’s nothing a barber enjoys more than cutting a guy’s hair totally different from the way it is cut now, especially if the guy has great hair. Tom said he couldn’t wait to see you with an entirely new looking haircut!"

"After we close tomorrow, he’s going to have a great time cutting almost all my hair off! He’s been talking about it for days. He likes to cut a flattop more than anything, but has never given me one. He’s tried so many times to talk me into getting a flattop, but I never have. He’s looking so forward to getting me in his chair tomorrow and when he finds out that I’m going to let him give me a flattop, he’s going to be totally blown away!"

"Would you like to come down as we’re closing and watch me get my hair cut?" Marcus asked. "Tom said that he would actually enjoy having an audience watch him remove all my lovely locks. He knows how much all three of us are into our hair and he said he was sure that you would love to watch my transformation!"

"Another reason I’d like you to come and watch me get my hair cut, is that I want you to see the haircut that you are going to get the next time I get you in my chair! Your hair is going to be even shorter than it is now. If you think I should get a flattop, then I think you should certainly get one too."

"That would be great! I’d love to see all your hair falling to the cape! I know your haircut will look fantastic! You are going to look so different! I can’t wait to see you with a flattop!" I said. "Hopefully, I will like yours so much that it will give me the courage to have you give me one the next time you cut my hair."

"I would love to give you a flattop! Maybe this will be the beginning of a yearly routine for us if we end up liking it," Marcus said. "We’ll cut our hair short in the spring and keep it short all summer. In the fall we’ll start growing it out again. That will give us plenty of time to grow our hair long again by your birthday."

"I’m sure I could teach you how to use clippers, if you have never used them before. That will make our haircutting sessions even more awesome." he said.

The thought of that really made me smile. This had definitely been a fantastic day, and one that I would never forget. Who knew that turning 40 would end up being such a blast?

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