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Ray and David Cut My Hair by Shant



I came out when I was about 25. When I first started going to a gay bar it was exciting because it was so new to me, but at the same time, it was also a little intimidating.

Throughout my life, I had not been at all shy, and had always enjoyed meeting new people. When I first came out, I had no gay friends, and not knowing anyone, made me feel a little uncomfortable going to the bar by myself.

I remember the first time I saw Ray and David. Friends told me they had been a couple for over ten years and were great guys. I was also told they were very confident in their sexual relationship and neither was jealous if one of them picked up a guy and played for a night. To them, it was impossible to have enough hot sex. They also enjoyed having three ways and did them as often as possible.

As a couple, they were the most masculine, handsome men I had ever seen. They were both around 35 and about six feet tall and had great bodies. Ray had been in the army and David in the marines and you knew just by looking at them that they had been in the military. Each had brown hair, which they always kept cut short.

When I first saw them I would just stand and watch them because they were so fantastic looking. You know how it often is with a couple, one of the guys is usually much better looking than the other. With Ray and David, I never could decide which one I thought was better looking. They were both such hunks.

They were so good looking that I was afraid to speak to them, fearing they might not even want to be bothered by me. It was probably more than two years before we actually did speak to each other.

Before we ever did speak, I did know that they were aware of me, as much as I was aware of them. We made eye contact many times, but never approached each other. We would pass each other in the bar and just nod and say something like, "How’s it going?" but that’s as far as things ever progressed.

When I finally did meet them, I was surprised when they told me they had feared I might not be interested in them and they kept hoping that I would be the one to first introduce myself.

That really surprised me. I thought they were the most fantastic looking guys I had ever seen together, and when they said they were afraid that I might reject them, I found it really hard to believe. It just didn’t seem possible that these guys would ever be rejected by anyone.

One night, I was standing by myself along a wall at the bar. I didn’t realize it, but Ray was standing directly behind me. All of a sudden, I felt someone’s knee push up against the back of my knee, causing me to start falling forward.

Before I fell down, I felt a strong arm wrap around my chest and pull me up tight against the guy’s body. When I saw it was Ray, I was stunned! I had always had a crush on these guys, and hoped someday we would actually meet, and I was pretty sure that it was now finally going to happen.

That began the beginning of a long, fantastic relationship. Over the years, I had many three ways with them and I also had times when I had sex with just Ray, or just David. They were both so hot that I would play with them whenever they wanted. We functioned really well as a three some. No jealousy, no drama, and really great sex.

David worked in town and would often come by on his lunch hour. I wouldn’t know that he was coming over, but I would immediately drop anything I was doing, because we always had such great times playing together.

I now wish that we had filmed the three of us having sex. I was a pretty good looking guy, but Ray and David were really handsome. It would have been great to get to watch the three of us in action. We literally would play for hours at a time. The three of us just couldn’t get enough sex!

We all enjoyed being either a top or bottom, so it never got boring. We constantly were changing positions all night long. Getting to have sex with the two of them at the same time made me understand why they enjoyed three ways so much.

Every once in awhile we would pick up a hot looking guy and the four of us would play. This was back before Aids, and it was such a great time to be gay, and just enjoy having as much sex as you wanted. The three of us had extremely strong sex drives so our get togethers were always intense.

After I had known Ray and David for awhile, they told me one thing that really turned them on was picking up some young guy who wanted to go home and play with them, and be treated like he was their boy.

They especially loved it when the guy had long hair, because when they were playing, they would at some point tell him if he really wanted to be their boy, they were going to cut his hair.

They both really disliked guys having long hair. I remember David saying, "Why do these guys want to look like such pretty boys when they can look like such hot studs?" That was when they decided they were going to start cutting a guy’s hair if they wanted too.

The guy didn’t really have any say in this at all. A lot of guys did not want their hair cut, but Ray and David didn’t care. It didn’t bother them in the least to take the clippers and buzz a guy down. Actually, the more of a struggle the guy put up, the more intense it was for them, and the more fun they had.

When they told me about some guy they had picked up and cut his hair, I would find myself getting a hard on just listening to them telling me about it. I really had a thing for great hair, too, and the thought of watching these two hot men manhandling some young guy was a tremendous rush.

It took me forever to eventually tell them how much the thought of them cutting off some guy’s hair really turned me on, too. They told me some night when they found a guy, they’d take me home with them and let me watch them cut off all the guy’s hair. "Maybe we’ll even let you take the scissors and cut off some of his pretty locks yourself, if you want," they said.

One night, we decided to just stay in and play together. We were having a hot, intense time, when all of a sudden, Ray said to me, "You know Mike, David and I have been thinking that your hair is getting a little too long."

"You’re starting to look more like a pretty boy with all that hair you have, instead of the hot looking stud that we first met. How would you like it if we cut your hair for you?" he said with a big smile.

"Are you guys serious? Thanks, but I really don’t want to get my hair cut. I really like the way it looks now and I think I’m going to keep it like this for awhile. I know you guys like to cut hair, but you need to find someone else if you want to give someone a haircut."

David reached over and grabbed my forelock. "Look how long your hair is when I pull it straight down. Your hair is below your eyebrows and is almost touching your nose! Are you sure you don’t want me to take a couple inches off the front for you?" he said.

"Maybe someday I’ll let you guys cut my hair for me. The beginning of summer would be the best time if I were going to let you do it." I said, hoping I could change the conversation, because I didn’t like the direction it was heading.

"I know you guys are good at cutting hair. I’ve seen you cut a lot of guys with great hair down really short. Wait a minute! That’s not what you want to do to me, is it? You’re not saying you want to cut my hair as short as yours, are you? I think you both look great with your hair cut the way it is, but that’s way too short for me!"

"You don’t understand, Mike," Ray said with a smile. "When we asked you how would you like it if we cut your hair for you, we really didn’t care what your answer would be. We were just letting you know that we are cutting your hair tonight. Come on, it’ll be a lot of fun, and a really hot time for all three of us! You definitely need a good haircut!"

"David and I have talked about this several times as we’ve watched your hair get longer and longer. We decided it’s time for you to look like a hot stud again. You do have great looking hair, but we think you look so much better with it shorter, especially with that great body you have. You’re getting your hair cut tonight and that’s all there is to it!"

"Sit yourself down in that chair and let’s see how much hair you have there," David said. He started combing my hair and running his fingers through it. "Man, you really do have a lot of hair, even more than I thought you had. It really feels great. I’m going to love cutting it for you."

I was really in a panic because I knew these guys could do whatever they wanted to me and they knew that I would let them. They both were bigger and stronger than I was, and I liked them so much, that I knew I would go along with anything they wanted.

Being honest, the thought of them doing to me what I had seen them do to so many other guys was a real turn on. On more than one occasion, I had thought to myself that I should get up my nerve and tell them I wanted them to cut my hair.

It was a tremendous rush thinking about them cutting my hair however they wanted to cut it. I had fantasized about them cutting my hair so many times, and now they were actually getting ready to do it! It was both terrifying and exciting at the same time!

I really didn’t want to get my hair cut, but I knew that we would have an amazing time if I did. I knew I would let them do whatever they wanted and just hoped they wouldn’t cut my hair too short. They were such great friends that I felt pretty confident they wouldn’t do that to me.

Ray left the room and came back with a box in his hands. When he opened it, I could see that it held his barbering tools. He took out the clippers, plugged them in and turned them on, just so that I could hear them. "Don’t the clippers sound great? Just you wait and see how different they sound as I run them up the sides of your head!" he said.

"You really do have beautiful hair, Mike, but there is just way too much of it. We promise we won’t cut it as short as ours, but quite a bit of it is going to be coming off."

"Please guys! I really don’t want my hair cut! Why don’t we go out and find some guy and you can cut his hair, instead of mine? I promise that I’ll let you cut my hair at the beginning of summer."

"Oh, no!" Ray said. "David and I have always agreed that we were going to cut your hair if you ever let it get too long, and that’s what has happened. We both know how much you love that thick mane of yours."

"We decided that the next time we got together with you, that if you hadn’t cut your hair by then, that we were going to cut it for you, whether you wanted to get it cut or not. You definitely need to get a sharp looking haircut, and tonight is the night that you are going to get one!"

"You know how we both feel about long hair on a guy. We really hate that pretty boy look, especially when you can look so much more like a hot stud. We’ve really been looking forward to doing this," Ray said. "We have been wanting to give you a haircut for the past couple months."

"When just the two of us are playing together, we sometimes have some really hot times, telling each other how we are going to manhandle that mane of yours and all the things we are going to do to it. We really turn each other on, getting each other more and more pumped up saying what we are going to do to all that hair you have. We can’t wait to see you looking like you did when we first met you."

"We always enjoy getting together with you and we think of you as one of our closest friends. We have the best three ways when we get together and play with you. The sex is always intense and very physical. It’s your attitude, though, that really attracted you to us. You’re an easy guy to be around and are sexy as hell and your sex drive is as strong as ours. It nearly killed us waiting so long before we ever finally got up the nerve to approach you."

"You just sit back now and enjoy this. We know that once we start cutting your hair, it will be as great a rush for you as it will be for us. You don’t need to worry. We promise we will still leave your hair long enough that you will like the way it looks. Trust us. You are going to end up with a really sharp looking haircut. We hope you’ll like it so much, that we’ll become your regular barbers. Just think of all the fun times we would have!"

I knew there was nothing I could do about what they were going to do, and actually I was pretty stoked about it happening. David started combing my hair and telling me how great it looked, and how much fun he was having running his hands through it.

As he said this however, with absolutely no notice, he lifted up my forelock and chopped off about three inches. I thought I was going to explode right then and there. I could see David knew how turned on I was, and I could see that he was pretty stoked too!

"You know, Ray, maybe we should give Mike a little added gift since we’re cutting his hair tonight. We want this to be a haircut experience that he will never forget."

Without saying another word, Ray got down on his knees and got down between my legs and started playing with my dick. Ray probably turned me on more than any guy I had ever played with. I was already so hard I hoped I didn’t come anytime soon.

"I can see our friend here is really turned on by getting his hair cut," Ray said. "This is just the beginning of the night we have planned for you." Ray then took my dick in his mouth and started giving me a blowjob. I was so horny they could have shaved my head right then and there if they wanted, but I certainly would never tell them that!

Ray kept playing with my dick, fondling it and sucking on it, while David lifted up lock after lock of my hair and chopped it off. I could see that he was removing between two to three inches. It was a lot of hair to lose at one time, but it still was long enough that I knew I was going to be okay with it. "You’re really going to look good when I finish your haircut," he said. "Your hair is so thick and stands up so great. I’ve cut a lot of guy’s hair, but your hair is definitely one of the best I have ever cut."

"It’s really awesome seeing your beautiful locks come off as I’m cutting them. I couldn’t be any more turned on than I am right now. I have wanted to get my hands in your thick, beautiful hair ever since I first saw you. I hope this is going to be the beginning of us cutting your hair all the time."

After David finished cutting my hair with the scissors, he and Ray changed places. Ray turned his clippers on and said, "Get ready, Mike! I’m going to run these up the sides and back of your head! You are really going to get a huge rush when I begin!"

"You and David go ahead and play while I take my turn and cut your hair," Ray said. "I want to see David suck you off while I’m buzzing your head. It’s obvious he really got turned on while he cut your pretty hair!"

It had been quite awhile since I had clippers used when I got my hair cut. The initial sound of them startled me a little, but as Ray ran them up the sides and back of my head, I instantly loved the feeling of them. At this point, I really didn’t care what they did to my hair. I was so stoked by what was going on, that I didn’t even think about whether my hair was going to look good or not.

I grabbed David’s dick and started playing with it, as Ray continued buzzing off my hair. There was so much hair falling everywhere. I was amazed I had all that hair on my head, as I watched it fall onto my shoulders, and then onto the floor.

When all the hair David cut was added to the pile that Ray had made, I couldn’t believe how much hair they had cut off! Looking at the huge pile made me realize even more what great hair I had. I knew I was going to miss my long hair at first, but I didn’t regret them cutting it at all. It had really been a wild time!

As Ray finished the haircut, I looked in the mirror to see what these guys had done to me. It was a shock at first, but I liked the way it looked. They had left my hair about two inches long on top and had tapered the sides and back really short. As I ran my hands up the sides of my head, I could feel the bristles all the way up to the crown. It felt really great and got me even more horny than I already was.

Having someone just play with my hair was a major turn on. Getting a blowjob at the same time was beyond my wildest imagination. It was unreal how intense it was and it was probably the hottest experience that I had ever had. I didn’t think it was possible to be any more turned on than this.

I knew right then and there that I would grow my hair out again, and would look forward to these guys cutting it again. I felt pretty confident that I had definitely found not one, but two new barbers.

Having a hot barber cut my hair had always been a big fantasy of mine. Having two hot looking guys cut my hair and having sex at the same time was wilder than anything I could have ever imagined.

I knew that I would never go to a regular barbershop again, knowing that this would happen every time they cut my hair. They said they didn’t like guys having long hair, but it was easy to see that they really enjoyed getting to cut it. I was already certain that I would be getting my hair cut a lot more often.

From that point on, Ray and David were more than happy to cut my hair whenever I wanted, or whenever they wanted. Our times together just kept getting better and better. I eventually persuaded them to let me cut their hair too. After all, why should I be the only one getting a haircut all the time? Practically every time we got together, at least one of us would get a haircut. I found myself getting a hard on just driving to their place because I knew the fantastic evening that was ahead,

Over time, they cut my hair several different ways, including cutting it short like theirs. After the first haircut, it didn’t bother me at all anymore. I really did like my hair when it was long and I knew that I would grow it out again, but I also realized how much I liked my hair short, too. I loved having the two of them run their hands all over my head. It made me wonder why in the world I had ever let my hair get so long?

One additional bonus I discovered after getting my hair cut short, was that whenever the three of us went out together, we were definitely noticed. All three of us were in great physical shape and wearing such sharp, short looking haircuts, really did make us stand out in a crowd. I thought we looked our best when the three of us all had flattops. We all had the right kind of hair to wear a good flattop and I think we were probably noticed more then, than at any other time.

I knew the pretty boy look would probably not be returning for quite awhile. I did want to grow my hair out again sometime because I really did like it long. Once I grew it out, though, I knew that there would come a night when they would decide that I needed to get my hair cut and they were going to do it right then. I actually looked forward to them cutting it because I knew it would be such a hot time for us.

Thinking that this was something we would now be doing over and over again was fantastic! I really was lucky to have these two guys as such great friends. It certainly didn’t hurt that they were so hot, either!

We talked about how we had wasted two whole years because we feared being rejected by each other. We promised we would have to make up for all that lost time, and, we probably achieved that goal in just a few months. Life didn’t get much better than this!

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