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The boyfriend with the longest hair by THFTD

Sorry for the history, My English is still quite basic.

My name is dannae, I am 22 years old and I moved to the city to continue my studies (I am currently a chef), I have hair above my shoulders in a cute Bob, all my life I have chosen hair styles that do not exceed my shoulders.
When I arrived in the city, I quickly made some friends in the university, and after a couple of months we decided to move to a flat at 4 o 'clock, that's where I met my current boyfriend... Samuel.
A tall, pale boy with brown eyes, black hair and the now-used surfer/book hairstyle, was basically an "e-boy" when I met him, my new roommates and the handsome boy I had met during the first month in town could not make me feel better received.
The relationship with Samuel was advancing, at first it was nice to play with his long tufts, he would take hours braiding all his hair to then brush it and return it to its natural shape.
Perhaps the greatest attraction of Samuel was his hair, he was very proud and I realized it when combing or playing with his hair, it was softer than mine, to some extent I was a little envious.
The spark diminished a little after 1 month of going out together, there were days where I had to wait 1 or 2 hours because I was fixing his hair, there was even a time when he left me planted in the reception of the building all because he could not moisturize his hair in time, it became a bit annoying.
Just after a week the spark will start

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