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The boyfriend with the longest hair (C) by THFTD

This history is complete, in the previous one I had a problem with loading the text to the page.

Sorry for the english, it's not my native lenguage.

My name is Dannae, I am 22 years old and I moved to the city to continue my studies (I'm chef now), I have the hair over the shoulders in a nice bob, all my life I have opted for hair styles that do not exceed my shoulders. When I arrived in the city, fast I made some friends in the university, and after a couple of months we decided to go to live a floor 4, that's where I met my current boyfriend ... Samuel. A tall, pale boy, brown eyes, black hair and with the so now used surfer style / book hairstyle, was basically an "e-boy" when I met him, my new fan partners and the handsome guy who had known during the first month in the city, they could not make me feel better received. The relationship with Samuel was moving forward, at first he was nice to play with his long strands, he took hours by braking his whole hair and then brush it and that he returned to his natural shape. Perhaps the most attractiveness of Samuel was his hair, he proudly proud and he realized it to combing him or playing with his hair, was softer than mine, to some extent he gave me some envy. The spark was a little then a month after 1st out of all, there were days where I had to wait 1 or 2 hours that I was fixing his hair, there was even once where he left me planted at the reception of the building all that he did not manage to humidize his hair on time, he became something annoying. Just after a week that the spark will start disappearing, Samuel moved from one to one another one floor above me, now I would live with a partner who knew from the primary school. The interesting thing about the new friend, which was certainly called Adam, is that it was Barber and had just opened its local a couple of streets down the building, Adam complained followed by Samuel, said he was quite common to capture the drain with masses of black and silky hair, obviously they were from Samuel as Adam had a shaved style. At the two months of relationship, it occurred to me to make a small "joke" to Sammy (I'll now call it like this,) I did in the city I discovered that the boys were stuck with short hair or affected hair styles, the rough feeling of the scalp seemed very ecitizing so that my "joke" became more a whims / obsession. He planned planning a way to make Sammy to cut his hair, he was looking to persuade him with insults or comments out of place on his hair, such as by calling him; Broader, telling him that he smelled his hair, he had open tips, which looked like a street dog and a hundred things extra, but Sammy irrationally seemed that he gave him more reasons for not cutting it back. So much to bother, even his apartment mate Adam started to help me, asking him to need a model, which could make a free court, who came close to her summer and her hair was unavailable, but your same success as I, I have none. At 3 months, we live in an ADAM and I plan on Saturday, May 24, my friends would go out of excursion, so I would have the apartment for my single, my plan was to quote to Sammy to my department and based on deceit to tend for a trap, which is where Adam comes in, the boy was willing to not open his barbarian that day with strip of that mop Sammy. The plan lacked details, but we both had strong motivations, Adam wanted a video of transformation for the instagram page of his barber and I wanted a boyfriend who shook cleaner, he lost less time arranging and above all that he did not have the hair losing as I, caused me a conflict that latter part. Then Adam and I put us hands to the work, my plan was to bless Sammy and tell him that he had planned a surprise and as cherry of the cake so that he did not suspect, baked cookies, who are his favorites. On the other hand, Adam would have everything ready in my room, I would install a provisional chair with hydraulic pump and would carry all its additives and tools. The plan was perfect, it was enough that Adam will use one of the machines to cut some hair and force Sammy to stay sitting and receiving his full spike. Now we just was missing choosing my new boyfriend's look, if they shaved like ADAM may be very angry too much and could even finish finish, I thought of a modern cut, make a "comb-over" or a "low pad" and leave the top up to the eye of the eyebrows so that it was peinable, Adam suggested the first option, because it requires more elements and that would come well for the content that plan to record. I was confimed, 26 is our anniversary, last month I forgot him again for his stupid but cute hair, was my perfect excuse to raise it and interpret that spike as my anniversary gift. The day came, Adam began to settle from 9 in the morning, when my partners left, I started baking and I told Sammy to come back to the text. When he touched the door, I responded gently; - Wait for love, I have to tie your eyes so you do not suspect anything. I was confident, I made sure that the cookies will fill the aroma all the floor, it was impossible for me to suspect something. Then I took the bless and the fee on his eyes. Guide Sammy to the room, where she was sitting in the middle of the room. It was then when I went to the kitchen and gave her sign to Adam to jump to action, he walked to Sammy's back, and placing his hand in position to push the neck, he lit the grill and with a single moved detached a huge hair tin, Sammy had no time to react to such a movement and alarmed Quito the band of his eyes, to discover that the chair where I sat about it was an old chair that had Adam in his apartment. Sammy obviously alarmed said; - What kind of joke is this Dannae? -. I answered smiling; - Do not worry, it's a small innocent joke, you will also not cut yourself so much. Adam had thought about using the 6-piner feet so that it will not be alarmed from the first moment, Sammy with insecurity touched his neck with the missing and unconviated mechon said: - Luckily it is not so short, then nothing serious. - Trying to get up from the seat. Then I interrupted it and with a small push Le Die: - Honey, you will not go out with a cut in half, you will be the Haze to laugh, let Adam finish, besides me, 1 anniversary gift and next is coming to come -. Sammy with a very deep sigh, sat down and said, "Okay, but without touching the part of itself. Poor guy, I did not know what I expected so I smiled at him and said, "Okay, I try. Parán wink the eye to Adam, we knew I was lying. Adam put his work to the work, and now if he placed a paper challenge on the sammy's neck, then cover it with a barber's layer. He looked so tender with the layer on his way, in not having mirro near close he was still relied on Adam and that he would fulfill his "conditions", Adam began to secure Sammy's hair and tied it in a small pigtar on his head, this reassured a Sammy a little. At last Adam started with the show, he took his corpidation, he removed the hiner, the corner killed in a Clack * and the room is full of a misconfused buzz, Adam approached the blades to the sammy's neck and with a slight push to his head lied to them full, Adam rose the metal-up-to-half-machine, in less than 3 minutes he had the rear side shaved at number 0, Sammy was not realized that maybe that he did not know the sensations, the hair of his hair on the floor was already huge and had hardly cut a little hair. Adam continued the massacre in the sides, first the right side, climbing the malquin at half an head, I was fascinated by watching the hair lots like and as they left behind it a white skin with imperceptible shaved hair. Sammy, on the other hand alone was limited to gestures while the blades were passed to the rasp of his head. Adam finally ended up using 0 with the sides, took a feet with number 1 and made the vancy, starting at 0 and ending with a 2. Adam finished with the sides, I took advantage of taking some photos of "remember", at the end would have the fun part; The upper part, Adam finally unleashed Sammy's hair, a black hair's waterfall fell on his face was so sexy, his hair was getting perceived. The shave looked like the typical Korean cut to two blocks, but Adam and I knew that would not be so, the deal was a style that kept the controlled mop, Adam began spraying water and brush Sammy's hair, for all that water gave the feeling of being longer than what was really. Sammy was impatient to get up from the chair, it was then where Adam attacked and in a quick movement * shick * cut a pump mechon at the height of the eyes, this was pretty considering that his hair covered his lips, Sammy only limited him to exclaim; - Let's go old! We had agreed not to touch the part of itself. I was excited, the samuel had a long longer than me. Sammy told Adam; - Give him, just once with this bad joke -. While resiaging the situation. Adam stretched the bangs and cut it in diagonal, reduced his hair with about 3 fingers long, translated to 10 cm cut off the top. Adam finished cutting the top, and carefully combed his hair carefully to remain in a hairstyle with the side to the side, he looked impeccable, Adam made the last arrangements in the contours, he gave gel to shave and marked the contours to knife next to the front line and the line at the top of the head, for when it ended, it took more to remove the layer than the time Sammy came to the mirror of the bathroom to see that "severe" had been mutilation. The final cut was a faded where number 0 was extended halfway from the skull, the longer parts were cut with number 2, at the top it was reduced to 3 long fed and was a sequid sideways, marking a philosa line on a side that delimits the top section of the sides, the pororation of his foreheter was remedied and cleaned, was a comb us over in a rule. So he finished the story of a boyfriend with the hair losing the bride that, the day that day Sammy did not let his hair touch every 4 weeks, maybe I did not have the value to try another style and finished it, I am now happy with my boyfriend and Adam published a great video on the networks of his local

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