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Forward Flat Top by Max

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Okay - for those of us across the pond who like this site but usually cannot access the right type of styles I downloaded a picture via Reocities of a brushed forward flat top with the hope one of the barbers in Nottingham UK - Robin Hood Country - might be able to do the business. So,this morning went to Jamie with the picture. He took one look and knew what to do. Caped up - clippers out - top combed forward to delieniate line and away he went. Open clippers - sorry not the Osters but we can't have everything - and round he went. Sides and back done - after he'd done that I knew it was going to work - thenb started fading in the top using thinning sissors. Simple but it worked. Bit of product to fix and I'm chuffed - an English expression indicating me - client - pleased with what Jamie - barber - has done.

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