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David and Darren by Tony

David and Darren part one
lots of gay content
It was near to the end of a fairly busy day at my barber shop, I was just about to close up when a young man walked in, so I told him to sit in the chair while I locked the door and pulled the blind down so I did not get anymore late customers. I noticed he was from the local boarding school as he had the traditional uniform on, the boys from there were not allowed out of the school with out uniform, it was quite strict.
He was obviously in the last year as he looked about seventeen, the only difference from normal was he had very long hair, I came back to the chair and caped him up ready for his cut, I knew it would have to be a short cut as the schools policy for hair was just that. I said to him, have you been here before as I don't recognize you, he said he had only just arrived at the school today as his parents had both gone to work in Switzerland that's why he was here at the school to do his last year which means I was right' about his age. Anyway I told him that the school did not allow long hair that's why he had been sent here, he said he knew that as he had already been in trouble for having long hair, he came straight out with the fact that he was gay and found he liked long hair more. I told him that he was ok here as I was gay too, so that made him feel more comfortable, to be honest he was very attractive too.
I started by running my fingers through his long blond hair before taking the comb to remove any tangles, his hair was straight and quite thick too, I started by parting it to one side, the long fringe hung across his face at this point, I said to him, it's no point me asking you how you want it cut as we already know it's got to be short and if I leave it too long they will just send you back, he nodded his head sadly. I said, did you realize that you would have to cut your hair when your parents got you into this school? , he told me he had no idea until he arrived here, it was when he went for his uniform they told him an appointment would be made for him to be told about all the school rules, his head of housekeeping explained all the rules after he picked up his uniform.
He asked me about the gay scene here in the town, I told him there wasn't much going on here, but if he needed anything to come and ask me, or if he was lonely he could chat with me although I thought he would prefer his own age group, he said he liked my age as he liked a dominant older guy, I said in that case come to me anytime.
I said I need to start cutting your hair now, I am sorry, but I need to cut it short, but to be honest, I think even with short hair you will look awesome, he smiled at me and said you are very sweet, and he said he would like to know me better.
I started by combing his fringe forward over his face, it came down way past the bottom of his chin, I cut it up to eye level, there was a huge amount of hair on the cape which I brushed off on to the floor, he sat there very quiet for a few minutes while I was busy shortening the top, then I picked up the clippers, I started with a grade two guard and gently pushed his head forward, his hair at the moment came about ten centimetres past his shirt collar, I lifted the first comb full and placed the clippers underneath it, slowly I pushed the clippers up the back of his neck, the hair fell to the floor and I could feel a little shudder from him as I went up the second time, it was obvious he had not had hair this short before, I chatted with him while doing this to put him at ease, I continued and then worked my way around to the first side, shaving up to the temples and removing all the long hair that covered his ears, then did the same the other side, it was now time to work with the detail clippers, he had sideburns almost to the bottom of the ear, this was not allowed at the school, all sideburns had to be shaved to the top of the ear at all times, I did this for him, although they weren't terribly thick, I cleaned them up and got a nice straight line at the top of the ear, this was the only thing he commented on, his reaction was, omg, that's harsh, I said I was sorry, but had to follow the regulation, he told me it was ok, he understood it wasn't my choice.
I finished by tapering the back very short and close, I wet the side and back of his neck and shaved it clean, removing any sign of sideburns, I noticed he had a little facial hair above his lip, I just shaved that clean too, finishing off, I took some brylcream and combed a side parting and slicking the fringe back clean off the forehead, I was now finished, I looked at him and told him he looked gorgeous, he replied by saying do you really prefer me with a short haircut?I said yes I do, its kinda very sexy on you, especially with your full school uniform too, he smiled at me and said, does that mean you fancy me then? I smiled at him, running my fingers up his neck, I said yes, very much, with that he got up from the chair, stood right in front of me and leant forward to kiss me, I could see how hard he was when he stood up, I felt that hard feeling too and kissed him passionately.
He asked me how often he needed to cut his hair, I said every two weeks, but next time it needs to be a little shorter, I think we will get away with it this time as your hair was so long when you were sent here, but next time I will have to do the regulation cut,but you can come anytime when I am closed to have some fun if you want, he smiled and said I like that idea, can we do that now?
Yes, I replied lets go up to my flat, with that he followed me upstairs, I told him under no circumstances was he to mention this to anyone, although what we were doing was quite legal as he was over sixteen, he agreed and promised to keep to ourselves. I asked him how he felt about his new look, I said I could see he was quite turned on after I had finished as it noticed in his trousers when he stood up, he smiled at me and said he loved being dominated by an older strict guy, that's what turned him on, I smiled at him and said that was perfect for me, I loved doing that. I said you can undress now if you feel comfortable with that, he could not get his clothes off quick enough and he was so hard, when he pulled his pants off I could see a bush of blond pubic hair, I said oh, that won't do, I like a guy to be shaved, he looked really disappointed, he said to me, does that mean I have to go and shave?, I said don't worry, I will shave you now, lay on the bed while I get a towel and a razor, he was on the bed in a second, waiting for me to return, I said to him, I don't ever want to see you not shaved again, he looked at me, his cock standing to attention, he said, yes sir, I will always be shaved for you.
I took a pair of clippers and removed most of his pubic hair before lathering him up and shaving every inch smooth, I ran my fingers over the freshly shaved area, it was like silk, his cock throbbing and him moaning for me to suck him.
We spent ages enjoying each other's bodies, then unfortunately it was time for him to get back, I watched him get dressed, his immaculate school uniform looked perfect, he put on his blazer and just before he went, I used a little more brylcream and slicked his hair into a perfect side parting with fringe neatly combed back, he looked awesome, I gave him my number to ring anytime and he left.
After a few days I got a call from him, he told me how he had enjoyed the whole experience, he explained to me that he had always fantasized about being totally dominated by an older more experienced guy, he said the thing he liked the most was being totally powerless and not being able to stop anything from happening, he was turned on by the fact that he had to cut his hair even though he did not want to and the fact that I was able to do what I wanted to a certain extent, what he found the biggest turn on was when I told him he had to be shaved, he said at first his heart sank, thinking he would have to go off back to his room at boarding school to shave himself and miss out on the experience he was expecting,to have sex with a really hot dominant guy, but when I said no, just lay on the bed and I will shave you now, he said that was heaven, being told how to have his hair cut, how to dress and being ordered to lay there and be shaved. I said to him that I enjoy being in control and any time he wants to experience the whole scenario again, just let me know.
He told me he had a best friend at home before he was sent to boarding school that he used to talk to a lot about being gay and the whole submissive thing, they apparently were very much the same, although neither of them had experienced it first hand. He said he had texted him and told him about the whole experience and his friend had said how lucky he was and that he wished he had enjoyed the same experience, I said jokingly, perhaps you better send him down to me. The reply I got back was, really? Would you be willing to do that? He said I know he would be up for it, but I don't want it to ruin what we have here. I assured him it would be just a one off meeting if he was happy with it, I said ask him first, but explain it would only happen once, so he said he would send a message and ask him.
I suggested that if his friend wanted it to happen he would have to come down on a Saturday evening and go back Sunday morning. I told him I would want to see some photos of him first, just to see what he looked like, He said he would call him now and call me back.
A few minutes later I got a message with some pictures attached, then a phone call from David, he said he had contacted Darren and he was really up for it and would send me some photos, I said to David I already have some photos but not opened them yet as he had rung me back just as I was about to open them. I asked him how much he had told Darren and asked did he tell him it has to be the whole experience the same as we had, David said he had told him to come in uniform and expect to be submissive and be told what to do. He said when you look at the photos you will see his hair is way longer than mine was, he is slightly shorter than me but a similar body, he will come this Saturday and arrive about 5-30 pm
I said that's fine by me, hope you and I will meet a few days later and have the same experience again, David said yes please, I look forward to that, hope you enjoy Darren.
Saturday came and it was a long day in the barber shop, not over busy, but I was thinking about this all day, I closed at 5-30 on the dot, a few minuted later there was a knock on the door, I felt quite excited about this, I opened the door and sure enough, Darren was there, he came in and I locked the door behind him, I was feeling hard already, he was just a little shorter than me, he had a coat on which he started to take off, his hair was tucked in under his coat and tied in a long pony tale, now I know why, under the coat he had a school blazer with white shirt and school tie on, he had a small holdall with him, so I guessed he had a change of clothes to go back in.
I introduced myself to him in quite a formal and firm voice, he was fairly quietly spoken, he said I have come to be told what I have to do, I looked at him, he was standing in front of me almost to attention, he had the most gorgeous dark olive skin and awesome dark brown eyes, totally opposite to David whose hair was blond and eyes were blue, his hair was black, long and very glossy, tied back in a small red band, his face was clean shaven apart from sideburns to the bottom of his ear, I walked around behind him and leaned forward to hold his hair tightly, gripping his long pony tale and slightly pulling it back, I said firmly, this has to be cut properly, so you better take off your blazer and sit in the barbers chair, I could see he was beginning to have a bulge in his trousers, he removed his blazer and sat straight in the barbers chair, I caped him up and as I did, he said softly, you won't cut it very short will you, I said, as short as it needs to be, you need to learn that this is not acceptable. I slipped the band off and his hair fell loose, I ran my fingers through the long silky hair, I turned the barbers chair around so he was not facing the mirror, I picked up the comb and started combing the long hair at the back, it was so long, probably mid back length, way longer than Davids hair, I parted it loosely to the side and combed the fringe forward covering his face, taking a pair of scissors, I started to cut the fringe to eye level, a cascade of long hair slid down the cape and to the floor, I pushed my hand under the cape to see how hard he was, he was rock hard and breathing very heavily, I lifted the hair at the sides and snipped off above the ears on both sides, his eyes were fixed on the amount of hair landing on the cape and sliding to the floor, I worked around to the back and cut the length to above his collar, the hair on the floor was mounting to quite a pile now, pushing it to one side with my foot, I looked at him, before picking up my clippers, I fixed a grade two guard on them and switched them on, it was silent in the shop until they came into life, the loud buzzing started, firstly I shaved up the back of the neck then worked around to the sides, then changing to a grade one guard, shaved again but not so high this time, I hung the large clippers up and picked up a pair of detail clippers, starting at the side lining around the ears and lining the back of the neck, it was now nice and short, next I lined the sideburns off at the top of the ear, shaving up the side of the face to just leave a dark shadow where the sideburns were, I now took a fine tooth comb and pushed his head forward, then started to shorten the back even more, I wanted a really short taper, I had taken his hair a lot shorter than David's, especially up the back of the neck, it always looks so sexy with black hair shaved very close to the neck and nice when it's shaved high too, he now has a proper schoolboy short back and sides, I ran my fingers gently up the shaved neck, he shuddered as I did that, he said to me, that feels so very short, I said to him it was the haircut I intended to do, I now just needed to soap up the neck and side of the face which I did, taking the straight razor I shaved him clean, it was good to see no shadow at the sides where his long sideburns were. I finished by using brylcream and a side parting with the fringe slicked back neatly, I removed the cape and turned the chair to face the mirror, there was a huge gasp from him as he looked at himself in the mirror, I stood behind him and gave a nice smile, I said, that's better now all that long hair has gone, he said to me as he felt the back of his neck with his fingers, sir, that is so short, I replied, showing him the back of his neck with the mirror, this is perfect for you.
I could see how turned on he was, his cock nearly bulging out of his trousers, I told him to stand up out of the barbers chair, I stood close behind him and kissed the back of his neck, he groaned softly as I did, I turned him to face me and kissed him passionately, he pushed himself against me, both of us hard, I said we had better go upstairs now.
I took him straight to the bedroom where I ordered him to undress, everything apart from his pants, his cock bulging inside them, his body was slim and very smooth, the gorgeous olive skin and such sexy brown eyes , he looked at me standing there very quiet, I pulled his pants down to reveal a very nice hard cock, slightly wet at the end where he had got so excited, I looked at his dark bush, I could see it had been slightly trimmed, I said to him, that bush needs shaving clean and smooth, yes sir, he replied, shall I do that now sir, I said, no, lay on the bed while I get a towel and razor, he did as he was told, I fetched a small pair of clippers a towel and a razor, I filled a bowl with warm water, placed the towel under him, his cock was standing so straight and hard, I switched the clippers on, shaved most of it off with them first before lathering him up, I shaved every inch of him smooth, then dried him with a clean towel, by this time I was so near to coming, I noticed under his arms there was a little hair too, I took the razor and shaved that too, after finishing him smooth, I kneeled on the bed, taking his hard cock in my mouth, I started sucking him off, before letting him come I ordered him to show me how good he was a sucking a cock. I layed on the bed with him on his knees beside me, he was good, I could feel as my fingers ran up the back of his neck, his hair shaved so short, it was such a turn on to see this gorgeous guy totally transformed from a lad with such long flowing black hair to a sexy young guy with extremely short shaved hair. I suggested he visit once a month for a repeat haircut, he said he would like that.
To be continued in part 2

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