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Shaved by my Girlfriend by pulp.fiction

A hot summer day in the middle of July wouldn't be pleasant for anyone.

Although he was on vacation, Josh was not pleased to be sweating bullets. Through his hair, down his face, he wiped the sweat off with his hand.
"Babe, I'm gonna go get another Icee," Josh wearily told his girlfriend.

"I keep telling you to get a buzzcut!" Lily laughed at him. "Fine. Go get your Icee." Lily crossed her arms, making a sarcastic smile towards Josh.
Josh flipped his hair out of his face and walked towards a concession stand. His hair wasn't that long, he thought, it was around two and a half inches on top and maybe an inch on the side, flowing around his head to the side of his face. He had really great hair, and most people wouldn't let him forget it.

Josh reached for his wallet while asking for a drink. "Hey, can I please get a Coke Icee?"
"Yeah, sure thing amigo," the stand worker filled up the cup and handed it to him. "That'll be 2.50." Josh grabbed the cup and payed the man.
"Thank you." He walked over to Lily, who had moved to stand under a beach umbrella. "So we're going to the beach before dinner, right?" Josh asked.
"Yes we are!" Lily answered enthusiastically. "Lets go!" Lily and Josh finished walking back to their hotel to grab their swimsuits.

"I have an idea." Lily told Josh as they walked into their hotel room. "Go sit in the bathroom."
"Why?" Josh asked Lily confused.
"Just go, ok? I'll be there in a minute."

Josh's mind filled with ideas of what could happen. He walked into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet seat.
"I'll be there in a sec!" Lily shouted from outside of the room. After a few seconds, Lily walked into the bathroom in her bikini holding a pair of electric clippers.

Lily had long, light brown hair in a messy bun. Her long eyelashes showcased her light blue eyes. Her hourglass figure was even more visible with her 5'6 height. If Josh was being honest, she was way out of his league, but their relationship had been great for the 1 1/2 years they had been together and this was their first vacation with each other.

"You've been so sweaty the last few days, so I thought I would clean you up," Lily said. "Also, I think you would look really hot with a buzz. Sound good?" Although Josh was skeptical about cutting his hair off, he was intrigued by the idea and the feeling of letting his girlfriend shave his head.
"Why not, lets do it."

Lily walked over to him and ran the clippers straight through his hair. No going back now. "Wait, wait. Is there no guard on these?" Josh asked fearfully. "I thought I would at least have some length?"
"It's a bit late for that, baby." Lily giggled at him. "Don't worry, you'll look cute."
Lily continued taking hair off, moving from the front to the back, and then the sides. After a few minutes, Lily rubbed Josh's smooth head. "Go see how it looks!" Lily said with excitement. Josh stood up and walked to the bathroom mirror. All his beautiful hair was gone, replaced with a head of stubble. "It's a zero guard." Lily told him. "Do you like it?"
Josh was surprised to say that he actually did like it. He hadn't had a buzz cut since his mom forced him to in elementary school, but even then it hadn't been this short. "Yeah, I really like it. It looks good."
Lily giggled with glee to see that Josh liked his shaved head.
"You look so hot. You should keep it like this."

"I don't know about that, but this buzzcut is definitely staying for the summer." Josh replied happily. "Ready for dinner?"
Lily smiled, rubbing Josh's head stubble again. "Well I can't go in this," Lily laughed, looking down at her bikini. "I'll change into some nicer clothes," Lily told Josh. "You take a shower and wash off all that hair."

Josh finished off showering and stepped out, putting on a towel. He changed into some khaki shorts and a polo shirt for dinner. "I'm ready to go!" Josh called. "You done yet?"
"Yeah hold on, I'm coming." Lily stepped out of a separate room in a slim black dress.
"You look beautiful," Josh looked at her.
"So do you," Lily responded. "Handsome, I mean. Especially with that buzzcut."

Lily and Josh walked from their hotel on the beach to the restaurant a few blocks away. They got seated quickly due to their reservation. After ordering their food, they talked to each other for a bit.
"This has been really fun," Lily smiled at Josh. "We should do this again next year once we're finally adults."

"What do you mean this has been?" Josh laughed. "We still have a week left before we have to go home."

"You're right," Lily conceded, "But I really have had a lot of fun with you."

"If we do this next year you gotta let me bring Austin." Josh said. "If him and Kayla are still together our whole vacation can be a double date."

"A double date with who?" Lily giggled. "If Austin comes you guys are gonna be the real couple."
Josh and Austin had been best friends since 6th grade. They were so close they had always made jokes about being a couple.

"Yeah, you're not wrong." Josh chuckled.

The waitress brought the food for them. "One Dynamite Crab Sushi and a Medium Rare Steak." Lily grabbed her steak and Josh took his sushi.
"You know, most of the time people think you're the one who orders steak." Lily commented. "They actually got it right this time."

Josh laughed at that.

After dinner, Josh and Lily walked back to the hotel holding hands. Once they made it to their room, Lily had another idea.
"Go sit in the bathroom again."

"What did I do?" Josh asked, "You already shaved my head, what else do you want?"

"Oh but I haven't." Lily laughed. "I only gave you a buzz. We've got more work to do."
Josh hoped for the best, trudging into the bathroom for the second surprise that day.

This time, Lily came into the bathroom with no clothes on at all, holding a razor. Josh couldn't help but stare at her perfect body.
"Huh." That was the only thing that came out of Josh's mouth before Lily put a hot towel on his head, lathering it.
"You look so hot with a buzzcut," Lily remarked, "I just have to shave your head, it'll look so good."

"You said that last time," Josh complained

"Was I wrong?"

Lily took 2 passes with the razor over Josh's head, removing any leftover stubble or grain from his previous buzzcut.
"Alright, you're done." Josh got up and looked in the mirror again. This time, he was completely bald. His head was smooth and shiny, with a light outline of where his hair used to be.

"It looks really good," Josh said as he tried to hold back a smile.

"You know you like it." Lily smiled at him as she rubbed his bald head. "Now get in the shower."
Josh was surprised by Lily's stern voice, but he did it anyway, taking his clothes off and getting in the shower as Lily stepped in after him. They explored each others bodies, and Lily couldn't stop rubbing Josh's bald head. "I love it so much," Lily told him. "You have to keep it this way."
"We'll see," Josh said, but he knew he really wanted to keep his head shaved bald.

After a steamy shower, the stepped out and dried off, immediately putting on PJs and getting in bed to have one of the greatest nights of their lives.

The End

Note from the Author: This is the first of Hopefully 3 stories, including a sequel (The next vacation once Josh and Lily graduate High School) and a prequel (Where Josh gets forced buzzcuts in elementary/middle school). Hope you enjoyed the story!

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