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Stevens haircut by Tony Bowers

Steven's haircut
It was 4-30 pm and I was really feeling hungry, I had been busy all through the lunch period and just did not have time to eat, the customers just kept coming in, my barber shop is not usually that busy at lunch time, I stuck a note on the door and locked it, back in ten minutes. I ran across to the high street to Mc Donald's I stood in the queue to order, as I waited I noticed a young guy in front of me, quite conspicuous with his long dark blond hair, it was quite thick and straight ,from the back I noticed it was about15 centimetres past his collar and quite straight, the reason I noticed him was every few seconds he was running his fingers through the top of his hair pulling it back off his face, then it would just flop back forward again, each time it did I could see the fringe came down past his chin, then again he pulled it back, each time as it flopped forward it sort of parted roughly in the centre. He was a really nice looking guy, maybe his features were slightly feminine, but never the less still quite sexy.
He was next to order followed by myself, we waited for our food and he went to a table, it was very busy in there and he managed to get the last available table, it was for four people, so I asked if he minded if I sat there too, he smiled and said that's fine. I sat there unwrapping my food and he did the same, he started making small talk and asked if I worked around here, I told him I owned the barber shop across the road, but just had to get something to eat, he seemed quite surprised and replied telling me he was a student at the local college, he joked saying he couldn't afford haircuts, hence the length of his hair, I laughed and said, well, if you don't mind me saying, it's very long,but your a very nice looking guy and you would look great with really short hair, he said, really, do you think so, I smiled and said, put it this way, I certainly fancy you. He replied to me saying thanks for the compliment, I had a feeling you were gay, that's the same as me, but I don't broadcast the fact, anyway he said he liked me too.
I asked him if he wanted to come over to the barber shop at 5-30 which was closing time, I said if you want, when I close up I will cut your hair for free. He said that's sweet of you, are you sure, I really can't afford to pay you, I said to him, it will be my pleasure, I would love to see you with a nice short cut. He said ok then, I will see you later, we had by now finished our food and I ran back across to the shop, fortunately nobody was waiting, it was now just gone five, I had no more customers and at five thirty I pulled the blind down and waited for this guy to arrive, a few minutes later he tapped on the door, I let him in and locked the door, I asked if he wanted a coffee or if he preferred, a beer, I always keep the fridge stocked up, he said if your having a beer I will too, so we sat chatting for a bit, I said to him, it's obviously a long time since you cut your hair, are you ready for a short cut, he looked at me and said, how short? I said I like the same as the picture on the first board, it's short and easy to handle, he looked and said, wow, I have not had my hair that short since primary school, do you think that cut will suit me? I said to him, stand up a minute, I just want to get the feel of your hair, I ran my fingers through it pulling it back and to one side, just to see if the side parting would look better than the centre one, it did look good and his hair felt so sexy, very silky and quite thick, I pushed it back behind his ears too, that looked awesome, the length at the back you could easily tie in a pony tale, my fingers went up the back of his neck, it felt so nice, I could see he was getting hard, so I slowly ran my fingers through the top again pulling it to one side, he was getting even harder now, he turned to face me and just leaned in to kiss me, I responded very well to that and we spent several minutes just kissing and enjoying the feel of each other's bodies, we could have quite easily ripped each other's clothes off there and then, I said softly, I want to see you with short hair, I find that so sexy, with that he said ok, I will trust you to do what you want.
Steven was so hot, I said to him, I am going to give you the full works, I will wash your hair first, shave your face, then give you a nice short haircut, just sit in the chair so I can start.
He sat in the chair very willingly, I caped him up and placed a towel tucked in to his neck, I started running the water in the sink, I asked him to lean over the sink and started washing his hair, two lots of shampoo and the finally some conditioner, I left it to soak in for a few minutes then washed it out, I placed the towel over the wet hair and sat him back in the chair, I towel dried it and then combed it all back behind the ears too, I reclined the chair back so I could shave him, his beard was not very strong, but the sides had not been shaved for a long time as his hair covered his face, it was just very soft, I lathered his face and with the straight razor started at the hairline at the top of the ear, gradually shaving down from there on both sides, shaving his face totally he looked very young and boyish, no sideburns left at all.
I raised the chair from the reclining position ready to start cutting his long hair short, I said to him I wanted to cut the top down from about 15 cm to about 4 or 5 cm just on the brink of standing up, Steven said he wanted me to decide how to cut it as I had more idea than he did, so I did just that, I got all the length from the top cut short including the long fringe which was now just about eye level, so no more hanging across his face and covering his eyes, I took the clippers now and placed a grade 2 guide on them, starting at the side I gradually pushed them up towards the temple, huge amounts of hair slid down the cape and on to the floor, working around to the back which was the longest, I gently pushed is head forward, firmly placing my hand on top of his head I started pushing the clippers up the back of his neck, the long hair just slid gently down to the floor I continued until it was all removed, now replacing the guide to a number 1 I continued shaving the back of the neck very short and close, it was looking really awesome now, I worked the sides the same, he was looking so sexy now, the long floppy hair was replaced by a very short neat boyish cut, finishing off with the detail clippers I got a straight line at the top of the sideburns and tapered the back quite high, brushing any loose hair from the neck, I took a good amount of brylcream to style a side parting, combing the fringe back he now could see the new look, taking the cape off now I was really surprised, he was so hard, he pulled me on top of him and kissed me for ages, I was running my fingers up the back of his neck, it felt so sexy the bristly feeling turned him on so much, I told him I wanted to show him the style from the back, he looked very shocked at first, he said , that is shaved so short, but it feels so hot, needless to say we ended upstairs in my flat enjoying each other's bodies.

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