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Sacks punishment haircut by Tony

Zack's humiliating punishment,
Zack was a sixteen year old boy, he had been brought up by his Mother until she met a new man, she had been far too lenient with Zack and let him get away with a lot, his hair was out of control and a real mess, it was about level with his shoulder blades at the back, the man his Mother was now living with came into my barber shop to ask if I would be willing to make a home visit to cut this boys hair, I told him it would have to be an evening after I close the shop, he told me that would be perfect and he would let me know when.
This guy was probably from military background, he was tall, muscular and quite rugged, his hair was always cut extremely short he always asked me for a grade one on the top with the sides shaved to the skin with a razor, he came in about every two weeks.He told me that he wanted Zack to have the same cut, but I had to do it when the boy's Mother was out, he said the following week she was going on a long weekend trip with all her girlfriends, I said that was fine, I could come at six pm on Saturday.
This day was busy for me in the shop, but I could not pass up the chance to give this disobedient boy a short cut, he sounded like a real brat, I arrived at the house at the agreed time, there was a kitchen chair in the middle of the room with an extension lead right next to the chair for me to plug my clippers into, I set up all my barbers gear ready, got my cape ready and my clippers already plugged in, Jack called Zack down, he came into the room and Jack told him to sit down as I was here to give him a haircut, Zack really kicked off, he did not want his long hair cut, but he did not have his Mum there to back him up, I could see Jack getting annoyed and I think Zack new just how far he could push him, very reluctantly he sat in the chair, I caped him up and started by running my comb through his extremely long hair, it was very silky soft and surprisingly clean, the comb just glided through with such ease, the centre parting was just natural for this boy's hair, I started by removing all the length with scissors, the pile of long hair seem to mount up on the floor, pushing it to one side with my foot, I carried on from the front now, I noticed the very sad look on Zack's face, in fact I could see a tear on his cheek, I almost felt sad for him, but I had a job to do and needed to get on with it.
I cut the fringe quite short with the scissors to make it easier for the clippers, I placed a number one guard on the clippers and switched them on, Zack looked completely alarmed by the sound of the clippers buzzing loudly, I placed them at the front of his hair, holding his head firmly with my other hand, I started by slowly running them through the centre of his head, huge amounts of hair fell to the cape, I could see another tear rolling down his cheek, the shudder as the clippers passed again and again, up the sides and up the back of the neck repeatedly until it was shaved all over to a meat stubble, I replaced the clippers for a small pair of detail clippers making a line all the way around from the temple on one side to the temple on the other side. I squeezed a small amount of shaving cream into the palm of my hand, with my fingers rubbing it gently into the hair below the line I had just made all around, I put a new blade into the razor and slowly shaving from the line downwards and down through the remaining stubble of the sideburns, I worked my way around to the back of the neck, shaving that clean and smooth too, I finished by drying it with a towel, the cut was almost complete, just a bit of blending in between the shaved area and the grade one above, this boy was just about finished, I ran my fingers up the neck to feel if I had shaved it properly, it was completely smooth and bare, quite white was the skin as no sun had managed to penetrate the previous long hair he had, I turned to Jack and asked if that was what he wanted, he to.d me it was perfect and said each time he came for his haircut he would bring Zack for that too.
Tony the barber

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