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Trip to the Sunday market by Tony

It was Sunday, a warm sunny morning and after showering I thought I would go and get some lunch out today, I close the barber shop and only work six days, I know a lot of other barbers open seven days a week, but when you work alone you need a break. I thought I would take a stroll down to the trendy food market today, it's always packed there on Sunday's so I did not want to drive today as it was hard to find parking there, so I jumped on a bus, it's only about a twenty minute ride to the market, I walked to the bus stop and waited about fifteen minutes before the bus arrived, there are always loads of hot men there too, it's just a general haunt for a lot of gay guys too. I got on the bus which was packed downstairs so I went upstairs, that was busy too, the only seat that was vacant was next to an Asian guy, he was about 25 I guess, very handsome too, although I am always attracted to that type of guy, so maybe a little glint in my eye about him, I asked if he minded me sitting next to him, he smiled and said no, not at all, we chatted a little and I established he was going to the market too. He asked me if I worked locally as he was new to the area, I told him I ran my own barber shop not far from where I got on the bus, he seemed quite interested in that which I was surprised about as he had the most awesome long hair tied back neatly in a long thick pony tale, it was black straight and extremely shiny, I said to him jokingly, well you have not cut your hair for a very long time, why do you seem to have an interest in my work? He told me he was gay and that when he was with his previous boyfriend, he was made to dress up for him and that he liked him looking feminine, which he said was ok for a while but he did not really enjoy it. I asked what happened, he told me they broke up last week and he now lived not far from where I got on the bus, he said he rents a room in a house there. He said he needed to get a new job in the area too, I asked him what sort of job did he want to get, he said anything really, he just needed to earn money as he did not have family to help him out.
I said to him that if he became desperate and could not find anything soon he could have a room for a short while in my flat, as I had a spare room, to be honest this guy seemed so nice, he was very polite and I could not bear the thought of him having to resort to living rough. I gave him one of my cards so he could keep in touch, he thanked me for being so understanding and generous, he asked me also if I was gay too, I said yes, of course.
He suggested that we walk around the market together if I didn't mind, I had a very nice feeling about this guy, he was definitely my type of guy, apart from the long hair, I much preferred a guy with very short hair, I don't mind a slightly fem guy as long as he is submissive, but really not into cross dressing like his previous boyfriend, I said that would be great, he seemed a very nice guy, I think I embarrassed him saying that, but it was true.
We chatted a lot as we arrived at the market, he told me a lot about himself and asked a lot about me, we found a little food place to eat some lunch, I told him that I insisted on paying as he needed to save his money, he was really appreciative, on the way back in the afternoon I asked him if he wanted to come back to my place, he said yes please, I would like to spend more time with you, so we got back on the bus to return to mine.
As my flat is over the top of my barber shop, he could see where I worked, he said it looks a nice barber shop, I said thank you for the compliment. It wasn't long before he was asking my advice about his hair, he pulled the band off and let it hang loose, it was looking much longer now, maybe to midway down his back, he just ran his fingers through it to separate it and shook his hair a little to leave it natural, I said to him, this is so long, did your previous boyfriend insist you keep it that long, he told me he wasn't allowed to cut it at all for nearly three years, I said I knew it had to be a long time, I picked a comb up from the side and stood behind him combing it through, it was very soft and silky and the comb just slid through it with ease, he asked me what did I think of his long hair, I told him it was beautiful hair and if it was to be kept long, it could do with about five centimeters cut off the bottom to get rid of any of the split ends, although to be honest, there were not many at all.
He asked me if I had time to do that for him, I said of course I would, I said just hang on there while I nip downstairs for some scissors. I came back with a cape and scissors, I pulled a chair out from the table in the kitchen and sat him down, putting the cape on him, I started to comb his hair, it had a natural tendency to part in the centre, I asked him if he preferred a centre parting or side parting, he said he didn't mind, do what ever I preferred, I told him I like a side parting a lot better, he said that's fine, I combed a side parting before starting to cut the ends, I checked that he just wanted about 5 centimeters cut off the bottom, he said, yes please, so I started cutting that amount, it was so nice and thick, his hair was in such good condition, I finished and showed him in the mirror, he liked the way I had parted it and cut it, I took the cape off to find him sitting there with a real hard on, I leaned forward and kissed him, rubbing my hand on his hard bulge, he responded too by feeling my now very hard cock, we kissed a lot and standing in front of him I ran my fingers through his hair pulling it back off his face and behind his ears, we really enjoyed each other's bodies and it wasn't long before we ended up in bed, I had to keep pulling his hair back as it was so long and getting in the way a lot, he said to me, you are not very keen on my hair getting in the way are you, and with that he tied it back into the pony tale, I told him that I was a guy who preferred short hair rather than long, but it was ok tied back.
After having fun for what seemed like ages, I suggested we had a shower and I would get us a drink after, Assif showered first then I had a quick shower and just slipped a pair of shorts on before going into the kitchen, to my surprise,Assif was sitting in the chair again where I had cut his hair, he looked up at me and said, will you cut my hair short how you like it?, I looked at him and said, are you sure, you have gorgeous hair at the moment, I know it's not what I like, but you must decide what you want.He said to me, to be honest not being allowed to cut my hair for nearly three years as my boyfriend wanted it long, it was quite a turn on for me to sit there and let you trim it for me and I had almost decided then it was time for me to decide what I wanted for a change, so I am asking you to give me a short style that you like and think will suit me, I know you have more idea than I have.
I agreed to cut his hair and I have a favorite style at the moment, it's a short fade with a side parting and a longer fringe which I like to slick back off the forehead with either gel or styling cream, so I suggested that and told him it's a big change and a drastic different look. He said very excitedly, yes yes, let's do that, I leaned forward and kissed him, I said you are going to look gorgeous.
I combed his hair all back into a pony tale and tied it tight, I picked up my scissors and asked him one last time, are you sure? He said to me, never been more sure, yes let's do it, with that I started cutting through the long thick pony tale, it was hard going as it was so thick, but eventually it was cut through, the pony tale was about 45 centimeters long, I placed it on the kitchen table, his hair was now a lot shorter, I plugged in a pair of clippers and started by shaving up the back of the neck, the look was starting to take place, the one thing I love about Asian guys hair is when you use the clippers and get it cut very close to the skin it looks awesome, Assif was from Bangladesh and had really gorgeous dark skin and beautiful dark eyes too, I started clippering up the sides now, he had no sideburns to speak of, I took the clippers up to his temples and gradually worked all round to the back again, I changed clipper grades this time to a number one, I started again at both sides but not going as high and then went to the back, I gently pushed his head right forward and started running the clippers up the back of the neck, I took them higher at the back than I did the sides, it was nice to see the neck tapered really short, I took the grade one guide off now and started to taper even shorter, almost to a skin fade this time, I now started cutting the long top down with scissors gradually blending it in with the back and sides, I cut the length of the fringe to about just to the bridge of his nose, so it just covered his eyes, he was now looking even more gorgeous, I finished by using a wet look gel and combing a side parting, taking the fringe back off the face, his hair looked awesome with the wet look gel, it brings out the black shiny hair even more. I took the cape off and I could see straight away how hard he was, I said look in the mirror and tell me what you think, he said, wow, it's never been that short before, but I think it looks good, it's just a shock after having such long hair for the last three years, he felt the back running his fingers up the close shaved neck, he said that feels so sexy, with that he turned to me and kissed me so passionately, he said I want you to be my permanent barber, I agreed, he was so hot.
Tony the barber

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