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Man bun by Tony

Man bun
It was a Wednesday afternoon and I close my barber shop at 12-30, I had decided to take a walk to the nature reserve, it was a gorgeous sunny day, I picked up my rucksack and put my binoculars in, it had all my hairdressing gear in too, but it wasn't heavy so I didn't worry about emptying it. I arrived there in about twenty minutes, walking along the grass path into the reserve I took my bins out to see what was around, a young guy came from behind me and asked if he could look through my bins for a moment, I said no problem, he looked quite a hot guy, it was a place where a few gay men hang around.
He had long blond hair tied up in a man bun, although I am not sure quite how long, he asked me what I was here looking for, I said I usually come here just to relax,and watch the wildlife, I said it's always quiet and very tranquil here, I usually just find somewhere secluded to sit especially after a busy morning at my barber shop, he looked quite surprised and said, so your a barber? I will have to come and see you soon, I am in my final year in college and do my exams in a few weeks, then it's down to looking for a job and with long hair that won't be easy, that's why I need to cut it. He told me he knows a really quiet spot where he goes to study, he said in the last couple of years he has never seen anyone else there, it's a bit out of the way and slightly overgrown getting there. He said there is a nice spot where he sits, if I was interested he could show me, I said yes please, so off we went, we walked for about half an hour, chatting and enjoying the nice sunshine, he asked me if I was gay, being a barber he thought I might be, I said yes I am, is that ok with you? He replied yes it is, I like a mature guy, what is your preference? I said to be honest I like a submissive younger guy.
We had now reached a fork in the path and it was becoming more overgrown and many trees around, we walked a little further in through some quite high grass, this was really secluded, no wonder no body came here, just as I thought that,we came to a clearing in the trees and it opened out to grassland,we walked a little further and came to the spot he liked to sit in, there was a huge tree trunk that was obviously years old, we sat down on this, I commented on how quiet it was, he said ,yes it's perfect to be alone here, I spend hours here studying. I asked what sort of job he was going to be looking for, he told me that ultimately he wanted to go into banking or may be insurance if he had no luck with banking, that's why he said I will need to cut my hair short.
I said well if you need to cut it, come see me at my barber shop, I told him where it was and he said he knew it, I could feel him sitting quite close to me now, he said it is getting quite warm here now and with that pulled his t shirt off, he looked at me and said, it's ok, nobody will see us here, he smiled and then reached up to his man bun, pulling the band off his blond hair it fell onto his shoulders, running his fingers through it and pulling it back past his shoulders it came down his back to his shoulder blades, it was very thick and quite straight, he moved himself even closer to me, I looked at him and said, wow, that hair is so long, now I understand why it needs to be cut, but it's such a lot of hair to cut off, he asked me if I liked long hair better as I seemed reluctant to cut it, I said no, not at all, I love a guy with really short hair preferably, that turns me on more, he smiled and said, I wish my hair was short now, I said to him, it's not that I don't fancy you with long hair, I think you are a really hot guy, but I have an idea.
He looked at me and said, tell me what your idea is, I said you may find it really wierd, but how would you like me to cut your hair right now, here in the open ? He gasped and said, oh my God, that is awesome, would you really do that? Can we make it even more exciting? I said maybe, what are you thinking? He said can we both be naked while you do it? I thought for a minute and said, what are the chances of anyone coming along here and catching us naked out here?, he said no chance at all, I have never seen anyone here in the last two years I have been coming here, I thought a little and to be totally honest I was so horny and turned on and I could see he was too, I pulled my shirt off too, he could not wait to get his hands on my body pulling me towards him, we kissed and thrust our bodies together, he then pulled his jeans off, to my surprise he had no pants on and his hard cock was standing up like a rocket ready to be launched, he was totally shaved smooth there too, that turned me on even more.
I got naked too, standing there ready to cut his long hair, running my fingers through it for the last time, I got him to sit back on the tree stump, I opened my rucksack and got out a comb and pair of scissors, standing behind him I lifted up a huge chunk of long hair and snipped through it right close to his neck, in my hand I had a thick chunk of hair about forty five centimetres long, I through it over his shoulder on to the ground beside the tree stump, we both seemed to get even harder, I carried on doing this again and again, there was a pile of long blond hair on the ground, as I continued to cut shorter and shorter, I stood in front of him now grabbing a load of long hair that was hanging across his face, I snipped this and through it on the ground too, the next thing I realised was he had leaned forward and grabbed my cock thrusting it in his mouth, I nearly blew my load then, but had to hold back, I had reduced his head of long hair to a short cut by now, I took out a pair of battery clippers from my rucksack, I shaved the back and sides to a nice short stubble , working up the back of the neck and shaving even shorter this time, he was looking so hot without all the long hair, the final thing left to do was to shave the sideburns short at the top of the ear, I finished by using some gel to comb the fringe back, he now had a proper office boy haircut, I pulled my small mirror out of my back and handed it to him to look at his new haircut, he was really shocked at this new look, he said I did not know you were going to cut it that short, but it's going to take a while to get used to it, we then continued where we had left off
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