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Andrews visit to the barber shop by Tony

Andrews visit to the barber shop

Brushing my long hair was always a long task, it had grown over the last couple of years to past my shoulders, it was dark brown with a slight wave to it, I had been at college now for the same amount of time I had been growing it since leaving school, I thought it was about time I got it cut, I had the longest hair in my group at college and often felt quite embarrassed when a lot of the other guys took the piss out of me for looking like a girl, most of the others had short cuts and buzz cuts, so I was very conspicuous with my long hair. I always kept my private life to myself and never went out with any of the other guys there, I was gay but never told anyone in college, if I wanted a night out I would go to a gay bar out of town.
I had finished college for the day and walked to the barber shop I used to go to before I started growing my hair long, I wasn't one of these trendy guys who spent more time on his hair and always having the latest hairstyle, that just didn't appeal to me. The barber shop was packed and it looked like I would be waiting over an hour, so I decided to try somewhere else, it didn't matter to me who cut my hair, I just needed to get it tidied up. I walked along the road past all the shops when I noticed a little side road on the left, as I looked down the road I could see a little barber shop with the barber pole outside, it looked a bit old fashioned, but I thought well a barber is a barber whatever his shop is like, so I made my way to the entrance, I noticed you could not see inside, there was like a glass panel just inside the main window that had like mottled glass so not see through, I decided to go in anyway, as I opened the door, a funny little bell tinkled, I closed the door behind me, nobody else was in the shop, a voice called from the back, take a seat in the chair, I will be there in a minute.
I noticed how old fashioned the entire barber shop was, I had never seen anything like that before, the barbers chair was very old and a dark brown leather which was very well worn, strangely it was facing into the shop and not facing the mirror like the shop I usually go to. I took a seat and waited for the barber to appear, I noticed also the old type electric clippers hanging next to the chair, nothing like the ones used in my usual shop, there was a small trolley next to the chair with a neatly folded cape hanging on it, on the counter a few bottles of what the label said tonic and friction, next to that a plastic pot which said brylcream on the trolley was a bowl with shaving brush and an old looking razor.
The barber came from out the back and greeted me, good afternoon sir he said, he was a small man probably in his sixties, he was wearing a white overal with a shirt and tie, I said hello.
He flicked the cape open and placed it over me, lifting my long hair to tuck it neatly in at the neck, he started combing through my hair asking what are we wanting done today sir, I wasn't sure what to say as I usually asked my barber to give it a good tidy up, so I said just that to him, he agreed with me the the long hair certainly need a god tidy up and with that he picked up a quite large pair of scissors from his overal pocket he started at the back which as I said was way past my shoulders now, he lifted the hair at the back with his comb and started cutting away happily, he was pushing my head forward too as he did this, I could hear the scissors clicking away and felt my hair getting a lot lighter , there seemed to be quite a lot of hair on the floor now and I was beginning to think it was going to be far too short, he moved to one side and snipped away then to the other side, he stood at the front lifting up my long hair which was hanging over my face, he made several quick snips and I could see all the long hair falling on to the cape, I could see quite clearly now the hair was cut above the eyes, no more having to push the long fringe back, I wasn't sure if the short fringe would look good, but it was too late to alter that now.
The old barber now put his scissors back in his breast pocket along with the other scissors, I thought that's great he has got it as short as he wants it now, but no, he picked up the clippers, I thought, oh no, please don't go too short, I plucked up enough courage to say to him, not too short with the clippers please, he did not acknowledge me and I wondered if he heard me, the minute I felt his hand push my head forward and he held it firmly there while I could feel the clippers running up the back of my neck, I shuddered to think how short it was now, he seemed to spend ages on the back of my neck, it was feeling quite cold now, I imagined the hair to be shaved to the skin now as the cold metal of the clippers was quite high on my neck now, he moved to one side and tilted my head before running the clippers up the side, I could feel the cold metal on the side of my head near to my temples, I thought this guy is doing a real short cut on me, I hate to think what everyone at college is going to say now, he started at the other side now to finish the cut, when the clippers stopped I was quite relieved, he placed them back on the hook, he then picked up the bottle of tonic and poured some into his cupped hand, he started rubbing the liquid into my hair, rubbing quite vigourasly, the smell was very strong, but not unpleasant, he picked up his comb and ran it through my hair slicking it back from the forehead, then he picked up the shaving brush and just wet round the side and back of my neck, he took the razor and flicked it open, picking up a leather strop which was hanging from the back of the chair, he started running the razor back and forth to sharpen it, he finished and then pushed my head to one side, I could feel the razor scraping away above my ears and round to the back behind my ears, it was so obvious he was shaving to the skin, he went down the back to the bottom of my neck, the cold feeling of the razor shaving the hair away, the to the other side, he tilted my head to the side holding it firmly while shaving above the ears , I felt quite anxious now thinking why did I allow myself to get such a drastic haircut, I should have waited at the other barber, my stomach was churning over thinking what am I going to look like, although to be honest I had a strange feeling inside, I could have been more assertive and stopped him when I thought he was about to clipper cut the rest, but I didn't, it seemed to excite me a little, perhaps this was meant to be for my pleasure, I just seem a little confused, I am sitting here feeling quite hard, was this the start of a haircut fetish? I don't really know much about that, maybe it was.
The barber picked up the other bottle called friction and tipped some into his hand, he rubbed his hands together and rubbed it in to the shaved area at the sides and back of my head, it really stung, but was very invigorating, finally he released the lock on the barber chair and spun it to face the mirror, I think my mouth must have dropped open as I saw my new short haircut for the first time in the mirror, I have never ever had a haircut so short, I was totally shocked, I felt the back of my neck, shaved up so high, but as I did, I got a very warm twinge in my trousers, it was turning me on, I didn't understand, but it felt really good, the barber asked if it was ok for me, my mouth was so dry, I think I managed to say yes, it's fine, he said to me, next time you come, just ask me for a short back and sides, with shaved edges, then I will know, he asked if I wanted some styling cream to hold it firm, I wasn't sure what he meant, I said what do you think, he said yes, so he just took a small amount on his fingers and massaged it into my hair before combing it back again. I was now finished and payed the barber, I was quite surprised how cheap it was, about half what I used to pay at my old shop.

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