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Sarah got her revenge by Tony

Sarah got her revenge
My girlfriend and I had been together for about eighteen months now, she moved into my house after about three months, I am twenty seven and she is twenty nine, sex between us has always been exciting, she is energetic, slim and has the most amazing long wavy blond hair, she is very dominant and likes to take control, I like that a lot as I am totally submissive. I have a spare room in the house that we have created what can only be described as a sex dungeon, I am a carpenter and have made several items we use a lot, one being a bench like a massage table, but bigger with straps attached, she likes to strap me there so I am completely defenseless, there are wall bars too which I get strapped to quite often, needless to say our sex life is really exciting. She likes to be shaved and loves me to do it for her laying on the bench, then when it is my turn, she straps me down and shaves me smooth too, I don't have a very hairy chest, but what I do have she waxes at the same time,I find that so hot and erotic, she climbs on top and rides my cock after the shave.
My hair is not quite as long as hers, but past my shoulders, it's dark blond and perfectly straight, I am obsessed with my hair always looking good, I wash it and condition it daily, my face is always clean shaven and I have perfect sideburns neatly trimmed to the bottom of the ear, she is always moaning at me for spending so much time on it, often making her wait if we are going out.
This particular evening I had got home from work and showered, washing and conditioning my hair as usual, I started drying my hair with the dryer and just slipped a pair of shorts on, as I was about to go downstairs Sarah called me into the spare room, she was laying on the bench naked and with her legs open and gently fingering her pussy, she said to me, get the razor and shave me smooth, I was hard already as I loved doing this for her, I loved the end result, a perfectly soft smooth pussy, she looked so good shaved too, I knew that it would be my turn next, but before that I started teasing her with my tongue getting her nice and wet, she said to me, that's enough, lay on the bench now, I need to get you shaved and waxed, so I layed on the bench, we had a nice waterproof padded cushion which we had made to size, I layed so my head was off the end and my hair was able to hang down, she strapped me down like she usually does and I could not move an inch, this always gets me so hard, she went out to get a clean bowl of warm water and returned, she shaved me smooth as per usual, waxed my chest smooth to, I thought that was it, but to my horror she produced a small pair of electric clippers, I screamed at her and asked what she was doing, she said, I am going to shave those long sideburns off, you know I don't like them, I pleaded with her not to, but this just seemed to make her even more determined, she turned on the clippers and I could hear the gentle buzz, she pushed my head to one side and made a straight line at the top of my ear, pulling the clippers down to the bottom of the ear, that was one sideburn completely gone, for some reason I seemed to get even harder, I don't know why because I hated the idea of them being shaved off like that, she did the same with the other side, then she wet the side of my face and with a new razor shaved them clean like the rest of my face. She could see how hard that made me and then just started sucking my cock as I lay there strapped down, she stopped just before I was about to come, she was so good at this.
She picked up a roll of tape and covered my mouth, I thought this is new, she has not done this before, she then picked up the clippers and put an attachment onto the head, it looked like a number two guide, I went cold with the thought of what she intended to do. She said to me that she was fed up with always having to wait for me as I fiddled with my hair, and with that she switched them on and starting at my forehead she slowly plunged them through my gorgeous long hair, all I could feel was the buzzing of the clippers over my head, she spent ages doing this making sure every last long strand was shaved, I didn't know what it would look like as I had always had long hair, but I found myself getting harder and harder with this, eventually she finished and rubbed her hands over my shaven head, she climbed on top of me and rode my cock like never before.

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