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David and Darren part two by Tony

David and Darren part 2

Darren stayed the night and we had an awesome time, he loved being dominated so much, in the morning I took him by the hand a lead him to the bathroom, I turned the shower on to warm up, we kissed so much while we stood there, his short back and sides haircut looked so sexy on him and his shaved cock was so soft and smooth, we entered the shower and I started by standing behind him and washing his hair, I soaped up his body with shower gel and spent a lot of time washing him down, I held him from behind my hard cock pushing against his wet body, he was moaning and really enjoying this, we enjoyed really hot sex in the shower.
We dried ourselves off in the bedroom, I told him to get himself dressed again and made sure he wore his shirt with his tie, I styled his hair with some wet look gel, his side parting and fringe combed back off his face, I asked if he had enjoyed his experience, he said to me the best ever if I am honest, I have always enjoyed being dominated, but with and older guy, this is a first, having my haircut by you was awesome, I was a little worried at first because this is the first time for years I have been made to have a short back and sides haircut, and to have my sideburns shaved too, that was a shock, but it turned me on, but the best part was when you shaved me, the precise way in which you did it gave me great pleasure.
I know you said it would be a one off thing, but can I please ask if we can do it again in a few weeks when my hair has grown a little, ? I promise I will come in my same clothes again and be totally submissive, you can even cut my hair shorter if that's what you want. I said to him, I will talk to David and see what he thinks, I did promise him it would only be a one off thing, with that he agreed and said he had better go.
A few hours later I got a call from David, he said how did your meeting with Darren go ? I told him it was awesome and that he asked if we could do it again, and said I would ask how you felt about it, David said he had been sent some pictures of Darren's haircut, he could not believe how short I had cut it for him, he said you really gave him a very short cut and considering the length his hair was it looked so different, he said if you want to do it again I don't mind as long as you still want to see me. I assured him I would love to see him again anytime he wanted, just let me know when your ready for your next cut.
I phoned Darren and told him he could come in four weeks time, but be prepared for the same again, he thanked me and said he would put it in his diary.
A week later David came and got to the barber shop at 5-30, I could see his hair had grown quite a bit, I closed up and pulled the blind down, he took his blazer off and sat in the chair, I turned the chair facing outwards into the shop away from the mirror, his blue eyes fixed on me and I could see how excited he was again, we kissed for a while getting quite hot and horny, he had kept his hair in the style I gave him first time with the side parting and the fringe combed back off his face, he even used the brylcream that I gave him, I caped him up and took my clippers off the hook, this time he was to get the shorter cut, I had not reminded him of that, I switched the clippers on and without any guard at all I shaved up the side of his head to the temples, this time he was getting a proper skin fade, I worked my way around to the back, pushing his head forward and firmly holding it still as I shaved up the back of the neck, I took it extremely high and close, it was looking ver sexy and awesome, I finished the other side and then started to blend the top down a little, purposely leaving his fringe as it was, I wanted it to be fraction longer than before. I took the shaving brush and lathered up the back and sides before placing a new blade in the razor, I shaved the back and side completely smooth unlike last time, it was so clean, no stubble this time left anywhere, I told him this time I was using a wet look gel as I wanted the fringe to stay in place as I slicked it back. As I finished I leaned forward kissing his lips softly and getting him very turned on, I took the cape off and turned the chair to face the mirror, he looked at the new haircut, he was looking quite shocked at how short had taken it this time, he said to me it's so much shorter than last time, I said yes, that was my choice.
He got up from the chair, I could see how hard he was, we went up to my flat, we went to the bedroom and in a flash he was laying back on the bed waiting to be shaved, I did this for him making sure he was so smooth, we enjoyed some very hot sex too, I told him to make sure he sent Darren pictures of his new haircut and to tell him what to expect next time.
Part three to be continued soon

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