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As short as possible (Prequel) by pulp.fiction

"You can't get me now dude!"

Josh climbed up as high as he could in the tree, knowing his friend wouldn't be able to get up after him.

"Come on, that's not fair!" Austin shouted from the ground. "You know I can't climb trees!"

"That's not my problem!" Josh laughed as he swung down from the tree, landing on his feet and then dashing off once again. He ran for a little bit, but after a while, like all kids do, he got tired and had to take a break.
"Time out, time out." Josh said through his breaths.

"There are no time outs," Austin yelled, almost in a war cry, as he tackled Josh to the ground. "You're it!" Austin screamed, running away almost as quick as he had come.
Josh and Austin played tag for a few more minutes before Josh's mom called him from the deck.

"Hey guys, lets come inside now alright?"

"Coming Mom!" Josh shouted as he ran up the stairs, onto the deck, and into his house; with Austin not far behind.

As soon as the boys made it inside, Josh's mom smiled at Austin. "Ok Austin, I think you have to go home now. Tell your mom I said hi!"

"Ok!" Austin said as he put on his shoes and walked out the front door. "Bye Josh!"

Josh waved as Austin rode his bike down the street. "Alright, honey, it's time to go get you a good haircut. We need to cut all that off!" Josh's mom looked at his wavy hair. It wasn't long, just in his face a bit after playing outside. Josh always dreaded getting a haircut, but he knew there was nothing he could do. Plus, he hadn't gotten a haircut for a month or two. After a good buzz, he usually let his hair grow for a bit before buzzing it off again. He would have preferred to keep his hair a little longer, but his mom was really strict about keeping his hair cut short.

As they drove to the barber shop, Josh's mom struck up a little conversation with him.
"So sweetie, how's school going? Anything interesting going on?"

"Not really mom. I got an A on my math quiz though." Josh smiled, hoping to see his mom pleased with him.

"Good Job!" Josh's mom smiled as she gave him a high five. After a few minutes, she realized something else.
"Don't you have school pictures this week?" She asked.

"Yeah mom, it doesn't really matter though, nobody looks at the yearbooks." Josh tried to play it off.

"Are you kidding! I love my yearbooks." Josh's mom exclaimed. "I still have all mine from middle and high school."

"That's great mom," Josh said in a dry tone.

"If you have pictures, we've gotta cut you extra short this time." She said. "Way shorter."

As they pulled into the parking lot, Josh groaned. "Do I really have to get a hair cut? I like my hair a little longer."

"You can grow it out in high school," Josh's mom explained. "For now, I'm keeping you buzzed short."

They walked into the barbershop, which was pretty much empty except for 3 or 4 customers in the back.
"I can take you right here." One of the barberettes called out. Josh followed her back to her chair and climbed up in the seat. "Ok mom, what do you think today?" The barberette asked.

"He's got school pictures this week." Josh's mom said. "Cut him really short, as short as possible. Maybe a #1 all over, or a little shorter if you can."

"Do you want me to take it all off?" The barberette asked. "I can shave him to a zero guard if you want."

"That sounds perfect," Josh's mom smiled at him. Josh was shocked. He had never had his hair cut this short before. What would his friends think!

"Hey... um... miss?"

"My name's Cara," the barberette said. "I don't mind if you call me that."

"Ok." Josh replied. "I know my mom wants you to buzz all my hair off, but could you leave it a little longer, like maybe a #2 or #3?" Josh asked Cara shyly.

"No honey, as long as your mom takes you, it's her choice." Josh frowned sadly. "I agree with her. I think all boys should have really short, buzzed hair. You're gonna look great!" Cara smiled at him.

Josh smiled at this, and decided to let Cara buzz his head. "Can you cut it really short then?" Josh asked. "Like a 0 guard?"

"Now that I can do!" Cara laughed. "Let's shave this mop off!"

Cara took out the electric clippers, and took the guard off. She started at the top of Josh's hair, shaving a line of stubble straight through his head. After she finished the top, she moved to the sides, and then the back. Despite being a little upset about the haircut, Josh loved the sound of the electric clippers buzzing his hair off. Once there was nothing left but stubble, Cara called Josh's mom over.
"Alright mom, what do you think?"

"I think it looks great!" Josh's mom smiled, rubbing his buzzed head. "You're gonna feel so good, honey. You can play without your hair getting dirty."
Cara looked at Josh's mom again.
"Do you want me to shave the stubble off with a razor? I can do that." Cara asked.

"No, I think we're good this time." Josh's mom laughed. "We'll see you soon though. He'll definitely be keeping his hair buzzed off and really short for a long time."

Josh's mom paid and they walked out of the barbershop.
"Why did it have to be so short mom? I wanted to keep it longer!" Josh said as he rubbed his buzzed head.

"Well first of all, you have pictures tommorrow, and you needed to look like a gentleman. And second of all, you needed a short cut, especially with the heat. We'll get you shaved down again during summer so you don't have to deal with heat at all, and you can play outside without getting dirty."

"Ok, I guess that makes sense," Josh conceded."I guess I wouldn't mind keeping it buzzed short for a while."

"Wouldn't mind?" His mom laughed. "Honey, you don't have a choice. You're gonna be keeping all your hair buzzed off for a long time."


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