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taken to the barber shop by his girlfrie by Tony

Taken to the barber shop by his girlfriend
It was late afternoon, my barber shop was empty and was thinking about closing time which wasn't far away, I really fancied a beer when I closed up, just as I was thinking that the door opened and in came a girl followed by a guy, I looked up and saw her trying to encourage him in, I have had this sort of thing before where the girl is trying to decide on the haircut the boyfriend has. I could see he had very long hair, a sort of dark blond, long and floppy, the top and fringe sort of hanging over his face as he tossed his head back, the hair fell to one side before flopping forward again. I said hi there, what can I do for you Sir?, before he could answer, his girlfriend piped up, I want him to have it cut like this, and with that she showed me a picture on her phone, I looked carefully, as, I was contemplating this style, I could see him raising his eyebrows and shaking his head, so I thought now is the time to take control, I said to her, I don't think that's the right cut for him to be honest, but before I could explain she said to me, well that's what I want, he looked quite embarrassed and said to her, I will decide on what I have, and with that he walked out the door with her following, I could see them outside having a full blown argument, then he told her he had had enough of her and said, that's it, we are officially finished, she stormed off. He came back into the shop and apologized to me saying he was so sorry for the scene she made, he said I have had it with women now, I am going back to my preference, I was always more into men, with that I thought, wow, a good looking guy telling me he is gay.
I said to him, that's why I am gay, not interested in the drama with women, he smiled at me and said, can we chat more then? I felt quite horny and said, of course, your a great looking guy, he looked at me and said, really? You think so? I said yes, do you fancy a beer?, with that I closed the shop and pulled the blind down, we sat there chatting and drinking beer for ages, we just seemed to click, I was older than him but always preferred younger guys, he was twenty four and told me he liked more mature dominant guys, that was certainly me.
I asked him about his hair, I said is that your usual style, he said, not really, I don't actually have a fixed style, I just let it grow, then get it cut, I have never been too fussed about a particular look, he said what do you think I should have, I thought for a minute before answering, I said under the circumstances I don't really think I should decide on your hairstyle!
He laughed and said, no, seriously, if you like me, I would like to please you.
With that I could not hold back anymore, I kissed him and he returned the kiss which was a great start, we knew we both fancied each other, he said seriously, tell me what you think about my hair, I said ok, but don't take this the wrong way, I saw what happened with your girlfriend before, I don't want to upset you, especially as I am just getting to know a little about you, he said its fine, I told him I was not very keen on facial hair, he straight away said, that was not my idea, it was hers, she asked me to grow the beard, I was always clean shaven all the time, I did not even let my sideburns grow, I smiled and said that was perfect, would you like me to shave you first, then we can talk about the hair after that? He said that would be nice, I have wanted to get rid of the beard for ages, I don't feel right with it. I said , jump in the chair, I can't wait to see you shaven smooth, he laughed and said, I used to be shaven down below too, but she did not like that so I had to let it grow, I was so hard at the thought of shaving him there too, but did not want to push my luck. I said, I always shave there too, I like to feel clean and fresh and I love the smooth feel too, I could see him getting a bulge in his trousers too. Before I recline the chair back, I just want to dampen your hair a little to comb it back off your face and behind the ears before I shave you, he said that's fine, I just slipped towel behind his neck and tucked it into his shirt, I started running my fingers through his hair, it was gorgeously smooth and very silky, quite thick too, I loved the feel of it, so probably spent longer doing that than I would normally, I could see he loved that too, his bulge growing quite considerably now, I picked up the spray bottle and dampened his hair, combing it all back off his face and behind his ears, he had such gorgeous sexy ears too with just a little stud in one of them. There was no definition between his hair and his side burns, so before lathering his face, I took a pair of detail clippers and made a straight line across just at the top of the ear and into the hairline, I just showed him and asked, is that where you used to shave too before growing the beard, he took a look and said, not usually as high as that, but it's fine like that, I am not into sideburns anyway, I did the same on the other side. Reclining the chair back, I placed another towel just around his neck at the front, before lathering his face, I leaned over him and kissed him, feeling how hard he was, he felt me too and could feel I was the same. I lathered his face and then put a new blade in the razor, pushing his head to one side, I placed the razor on the line I made and slowly shaved down the side of his face removing any evidence of his beard, shaving across the lip removing the mustache and down the chin, I pushed his head facing the opposite way this time and did the same, then under his chin on the neck, I lathered him again and with another new blade repeated the shave until he was completely smooth faced, I used a hot towel to wipe his face and dried it, I applied a little after shave cream and massaged that in, I kissed his very sexy smooth face, he was even more gorgeous without the facial hair, I brought the chair back upright for him to see the new look, he said that looks and feels great, but what are we going to do with the hair? I asked him honestly if he wanted to decide or whether he wanted me to decide, but before we go any further, do you want to go upstairs and get naked so I can shave you down below, I can't do that in the shop here, he said, oh my God, let's do it, it's been a long time since I have felt right, I just don't like pubic hair, I replied by saying, neither do I.
We went up to my flat, I went to the bathroom to get a towel and some razors, I filled a bowl with warm water and brought in a small pair of battery clippers, he was already totally naked when I returned to the bedroom, he had such a gorgeous smooth slim body, he was sat on the edge of the bed, his hair had dried now and was hanging back over his face, he ran his fingers through it pulling it back to reveal his beautiful smooth face, he look so dam sexy, I had to just strip off myself, my cock was hard and standing there quite erect, I had only shaved that morning in the shower, so I was smooth too, he fell on to his knees and took my cock into his mouth and started sucking me off, his long hair hanging down and to be honest getting in the way really, I pulled his head back by his hair and said, let's wait till I have shaved you too, he replied saying yes sir, I knew then he liked to be dominated and loved being told what to do, that was perfect for me, I loved to dominate a submissive guy.
I pushed him back on the bed, his floppy long hair hanging back off his face now, I put the towel under him and switched on the clippers to shave the hair from around his cock, he was now standing so erect and so hard, I soaped him up and with the safety razor started shaving him smooth, holding his erect cock while I shaved, he looked so good when I finished, he even thanked me for taking the trouble to do it for him, he said to me, I love to be dominated and told what to do, hope you like to be in control, I want you to take control of my hair too.
I didn't need telling twice, I said I will cut your hair later, but for now let's have some horny fun, I cleared the towel off the bed and moved the bowl and clippers out the way, we enjoyed an evening of very hot sex, for now, I enjoyed holding him by his long hair and he liked to be ordered to do what I told him, each time getting even harder when I gave him orders.I really loved the way he looked after losing the beard, his smooth clean shaven face made him look so sexy , I am looking forward to getting his hair cut next, just thinking of a very sexy scenario to do it, also something that turns him on to.
To be continued

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