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Part2 taken to barber by girlfriend by Tony

Part 2 taken to barber by girlfriend
Kurt was the guys name, we had enjoyed a great evening together, he was now facially clean shaven and shaved around his cock too, we had enjoyed some really horny sex and I had established that he loved to be totally dominated, that was awesome because I love to be in control too. He kept asking me to decide on what haircut he was to have, he was so turned on by the idea of not knowing what I was going to do for him.
I said to him after the very sexy and horny evening we had enjoyed, I wanted to think about a scenario in which to make it more exciting, I think he was a little disappointed, but I promised him I would cut his hair tomorrow evening, he said to me, seriously? that's great, I will do what ever you want as long as you dominate me like you did tonight, I said I will.
I pulled him close to me by his long floppy hair and held him firmly while I kissed him, the feel of his nice smooth shaven face was awesome, I even pushed his long hair back behind his ear and ran my tongue into his ear, he looked so sexy with his hair pulled back like that, especially with no sideburns and shaved clean .
I asked him how long it was since he cut his hair last, he said I think about two years, but may be longer, I asked what style and length he had last time it was cut, he wasn't very good at explaining, but I think it was still covering his ears and just over his collar at the back, I told him I wanted to give him a much shorter haircut this time, but still thinking of what style to do, he looked at me and said, how short? I told him I would decide tomorrow evening, I said you need to be here at five thirty when I close the shop, make sure your not late.
He replied, yes sir, I will be on time.
I thought about very little other than his haircut all day and the nearer to closing time it got the more excited I felt, I continually had a hard on every time I thought about him during the day, he was such a good match for me, I loved to be in control and he loved to be submissive.
Closing time arrived and as promised so did he, I closed and locked the door then pulled the blind down, I had thought of nothing else all day but this haircut I was going to give him, I didn't want to go too drastic in case I messed up what I think we are going to have, but on the other hand I want to go nice and short as I don't think he has ever ventured into the short hair club!, I thought maybe a skin fade, or an undercut, or I could do a curtain style with a longish top and fringe with short back and sides.
He came in to the shop and I could see he was very eager, he told me straight away he had shaven his face before he came as he new that I liked that, I asked him what haircut he thought I should give him, he said he didn't mind, so I asked if there were any photos on the boards he liked, he ran his fingers through his long hair pulling it back before letting go and allowing it to all flop forward again, he pointed to a couple which were like a short back and sides with a side parting and fairly long fringe, I said I was thinking of something shorter than that for you, he said ok, you do the style you want, I don't really mind as long as you don't shave me bald.
I thought about a flattop during the day with shaved sides and back, quite military and very sexy, but it would mean I had nothing to grab him by, I suggested this and he smiled at me and said, sir, if you want that cut , then I shall have to have it, I really don't have a choice do I? Trying to sound completely assertive, I said no you don't, that's what I will do.
I spun the chair round facing into the shop, I pushed him back into it, he was starting to get hard, I said to him, before I start cutting your hair, I want you naked in the chair, I want to watch you getting hard while I cut your hair, he immediately took his clothes off and sat there awaiting his fate, I didn't even cape him up ready, I just started combing his long hair, I combed the front and fringe forward over his face, it covered that completely and was about ten centimeters past his chin, I picked up a large pair of scissors from the side, I intended to remove this fringe all in one go above the eyes, I slid the scissors in at one side and closed the blades straight into the hanging hair, a huge wave of long blond hair fell into his lap, then I made a second cut and about the same amount fell again, he looked very shocked at the lap full of hair, I took a pair of clippers from the hook and with no guard on them flicked the switch on, they buzzed very loudly in the silence of the shop, I firmly pushed his head to one side and made a pass straight up to his temples, the clippers struggled a bit with the thickness of the long hair, I could see his knuckles going white as he gripped the arms of the barber chair, but I could also see how hard he was too, I made several passes up the sides seeing his ears appearing from under the long blond hair that was now covering the floor, I walked around to the other side now and performed the same task again, I then stood at the back and pushed his head firmly forward so his chin was resting on his chest, I took a strong grip on his head not allowing it to move while I ran the clippers straight up the neck, the thick long hair was making the clippers labour quite a lot, it wasn't too long before most of the long hair was on the floor, now the task of clipper over comb to remove a lot more of the hair, it was looking awesome now , I picked up the flattop comb and started shaving the top to a nice flat on top of his head, the front of his hair now standing up perfectly, wow he looked so sexy, I lathered up the back and sides and shaved it all smooth, this was such a drastic haircut for this guy, but he looked awesome, I grabbed him by the hand and took him upstairs where I ran the shower, we both got in and I made sure he was washed down completely before having awesome sex in the shower, after all the excitement he got to see himself in the mirror, his mouth dropped open and he was rubbing the back of his hair that was totally shaved smooth, he was very quiet for a while, we just kissed and lay on the bed, soon he could see I had got hard again and he started sucking my cock as I ran my fingers up the back of his neck, he shuddered a lot as I did this to him, he looked at me and said in a very soft voice, sir, thank you for cutting my hair , do you want to keep it like this or do I get a chance to grow it again, I said, I will keep it short like this for now.

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