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Part 2 man bun by Tony

Part 2 man bun
I wrote about this two years ago, it was a true story and I had never published anything before until a couple of weeks ago, after our first meeting and Josh's haircut we met up quite a lot, he didn't get his job in banking, but went into research for an insurance company, he didn't need to have short hair for that, so he has gone back to his old ways with long hair, it's now long enough to get back into a bun again.
He has often spoken about our first meeting telling me how hot and sexy he found it, I said I thought so too, it was very erotic for me too.
Soon after he got the results for his exams, he did make arrangements for me to cut his hair again, as he wanted to create a good impression while job hunting, he did have a nice short cut again and I think I went a little shorter than before, he looked so hot after that haircut too.
He managed to secure a good job and we ended up have a great relationship, he enjoyed being with a more mature guy and I enjoyed having a submissive guy too. We often go for long walks to the nature reserve and spend time just relaxing there, we lay on the grass and just enjoy each other's company so much, kissing and enjoying sex too, but two weeks ago he suggested we go for an afternoon there, he brought up the subject of out first hot meeting there and asked me if I fancied doing it again, I said what do you mean, you want to do the haircut there again like last time? I said I thought you liked your long hair as it is now, he had grown it for just over two years now and it was not far off the same length it was then.
Recently I have enjoyed just running my fingers through his silky blond hair and even pulling him about a bit, although not in a really rough or aggressive way, I pull his hair back off his face a lot, but it just flops forward again covering his face a lot, it tends to just fall naturally into a rough centre parting, I also like it when he ties it up in a bun, I love to stand behind him or lay behind him and sink my face into his hair at the neck, kissing his neck and just smelling his always freshly washed hair, he is obsessed with washing it daily when he gets home in the evening, he does spend a lot of time at my flat.
I thought about our very hot sexy meet the first time, it's always been one of my favorite experiences of all time, the thing I remember so vividly was when he took his t shirt off as he sat next to me on the log, then just releasing his hair from his man bun, the sight of that gorgeous straight thick blond hair was almost enough to make me come.
I think it's because I was not expecting it, I can remember his gorgeous blue eyes just gazing into mine.
I said to him, yes, I would be up for re creating that scenario, providing you are sure about the short haircut, he replied, I have often fantasized about doing it again and now I am ready to try my hair short or to be totally honest as you want to cut it for me, I won't ask for a particular style or length, I want you to decide on that.
I felt so ecstatic, wow, I get to create a new look and it's totally my choice, I became hard just thinking about it, I said to Josh, we will have to go there Sunday as your working when I have my half day, let's make a day of it, take some beer and some food so we can spend a whole day there in the peace and quiet, he had that sexy glint in his eye and said, that sounds awesome.
Saturday evening I closed the barber shop at the usual time, five thirty, I went up to the flat, I could smell food cooking, Josh often cooked on Saturdays as he new I would have a long busy day, he was standing in the kitchen with just a pair of shorts on, he had obviously showered and washed his hair, his hair was just slightly damp and I could see he had combed it to a side parting which he often did, even though when it was dry it had a tendency to flop into a centre parting, I could see he had combed the side with the parting back behind his ear, he always looked gorgeous like that as he never let his sideburns grow since I shaved them on our first meet, his face was freshly shaved and he looked so hot, he smiled at me and said,hard day, I said yes, quite busy, with that he got a beer from the fridge and passed it to me, we kissed for a while, then I said, something smells nice, he had just cooked steak and chips, which I like. We sat and ate our food, I got up and stood behind him, just pulling his long blond hair to one side while I kissed his neck gently, he loved me doing that, it always gave him goose bumps. I said jokingly, I won't be able to do that after tomorrow, he grinned and said, no you won't, I am so excited about doing this again after just over two years.
I lay back on the settee with him next to me, he whispered in my ear, I have a surprise in store for you later, we watched some television for a while before Josh saying lets go to bed now, I went to the bathroom to have a quick shower, then went to the bedroom, he had got a towel on the bed and some water in a bowl and a razor, he said, this is your surprise, I have already shaved myself earlier, but I thought you would like me to shave you ready for tomorrow, I loved that and before long I was totally smooth like him and very hard, we had such a very enjoyable night.
Sunday morning, we were both up early, it was a beautiful day and the sun was already warm, we both just had a pair of shorts and a t shirt on, we had packed some beer in a cold bag and some food too, I picked up my rucksack and we left to walk to the reserve, it wasn't long before we arrived there, Josh just walked slightly ahead on the narrow path, his hair was tied up in a tight bun, just like that special day two years ago, the sun shining on his blond hair making it look much lighter, we arrived at the fork in the path where we turned to the left and had to fight our way through the undergrowth , eventually we arrived at our very private spot.
He stood there with his back to me, I stood behind and buried my head into his neck, kissing his neck as he liked it, he shuddered and I could see his goose bumps appearing, he stretched up and took his shirt off, then just as before, he untied his man bun slowly, allowing his long hair to fall onto his shoulders and back, I carried on just pulling his hair to one side and kissing his neck, he groaned and moaned very sexily, I pulled his shorts off at this stage to reveal a gorgeous shaved cock standing quite erect, I pulled my shirt off too and he could not wait to pull my shorts off too, straight away he was on his knees sucking my cock quite steadily, I pulled his hair back behind his head and held on to it firmly, I said, sit on the log, I am going to get your hair really short this time, I have thought of nothing else, he did exactly as he was told, I started by getting my comb and scissors out, he sat there silently, so erect, I stood in front of him and combed his long hair forward over his face, the hair was past his chin by several centimeters, I slid my scissors in just above his eyes and started cutting across his forehead, so much long hair was falling to the floor, he still sat there silently, and very hard, I stood behind him now and started by cutting the top of his hair short, holding the long lengths between my fingers and snipping the short, I had the top down to about two centimeters which was way shorter than before, almost cropped, then I took the long sides and snipped off above the ears, now it was just the back to cut, I worked my way up the back of his snipping rapidly up to his crown, it was all coming together now, so hot and short, I reached in my rucksack for my clippers, starting at the side with no guard, I ran them up the side of his head to just above the temples working around to the back where I shaved up to the crown, this was a nice short military cut, he was looking like a marine now, I wet the sides and back and shaved right to the skin all around, I stood looking and was about to explode, I was so turned on, he looked gorgeous and it was going to be a long time before he had longer hair again. I passed him the mirror to look, the look of shear horror came onto his face, but I could see he was even harder now, I ran my fingers up his smooth shaved neck where a few minutes earlier was long blond hair hanging loose, he looked up at me and said, thank you sir, I enjoyed that so much, with that we enjoyed a day of very good sex.
To be continued at a later date

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