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Part 2 Sarah got her revenge by Tony

Part 2 Sarah got her revenge
Was just beginning to come to terms with my new haircut, I must admit every time I think about that fateful day I seem to get hard, Sarah was over the moon to not have to wait for me to get my hair right when we went out, and now called me, her buzzed boy, she is often making fun of me when we have sex, she loves to get me tied up and humiliates me every time, but always before sex, she lays on the table and orders me to shave her, to be honest, I really enjoy doing this, I love a nice smooth shaved pussy, this time as she lay there I quickly managed to get the straps on her, she lay there helpless not knowing what I intended to do.
She started getting really nervous now as I teased her with the same clippers she buzzed my head with, turning them on and holding them up to her forehead, I think she new I would not dare touch her golden tresses, but it was fun and turning me on immensely. I suggested she had a short fringe, she screamed at me no way, I teased a little more saying how cut she would look with a little girl type finge. All the time I had her tied up she was trying her hardest to get free, but I made sure the straps were tight, I started teasing her by fingering her now very wet shaved pussy, I noticed how wet she was becoming, I fetched her vibrater and started to rub this inside her shaven lips, she was screaming with ecstasy now begging me to get on top of her and give her some pleasure, I said, not before I have cut your fringe, in the end she had to agree to it, I grabbed a pair of scissors and just snipped a huge chunk of hair from her forehead, she now had the schoolgirl look, she actually looked so sexy like this, I surprised myself. I finally got on top and gave her what she wanted, it was great sex, I released her from the straps and she got straight up and raced to the mirror to look at what I had done, after a short while she came back over to me and said, I actually like this.
It was now my turn to be strapped to the bench, I must admit I was very nervous, she told me what a naughty boy I had been and now I was going to pay for it, she left the room and it seemed like ages before she got back, then out came the tape, she taped over my mouth, I was turned on so much, being under control was something I really enjoyed, next out came the clippers again, time with no guard on the blades, I knew straight away I was to be buzzed to the skin, what on earth was I going to look like bald? She ran the clippers over and over again until there was just a fine stubble, but this was not the end, she had brought a bowl of warm water with her and a couple of new razors, I lay there helpless and so nervous, and I begged her not to shave it, she just laughed at me and said, everything has a revenge, this is mine, with that she soaped up a lather on my head, I lay there while she shaved me totally bald, it felt really weird as just a short while ago my long blond hair was awesome.
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