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Skater boy loses his long hair part1 by Tony

Skater boy loses his long hair part 1
My barber shop was along the main shopping area just off the high street, next door was a shop selling skating equipment , clothing and skate boards, needless to say it attracts a lot of young guys into skating, there are quite a few guys with long hair as you would expect, that go in there, mostly teenagers or guys up to the age of about twenty five.
I often stand at the door of my shop when not busy as it faces south and the sun shines on the front of the shop. I do get quite a few of these guys come in for trims but never much more that just a trim. There was one particular guy and his mate that come with there skate boards a couple of times a week, I noticed them as they both have extremely long hair, one has blond hair to mid back and is very cute, the other dark hair, very thick and long but has a little facial hair too, they are probably about twenty two or just over, the blond one I think is gay, he always looks at me if I am standing in the doorway he smiles at me. This particular day he arrived at the skate shop on his own, as usual he looked across and smiled before going in, it was late in the afternoon and I was thinking about closing, I went into the shop and started cleaning up and sweeping the floor, I was just cashing up when this guy popped into my shop, he said very softly, I feel a bit embarrassed to ask, but would you like to come for a drink with me sometime? I must admit, I was a little surprised, but straight away said yes, do you want to go now? He said yes that would be great, he asked if he should wait while I finished closing up, I said, yes of course. I just tidied everything as it should be, I hate coming in to a messy barber shop in the morning, I just stood in front of the mirror and brushed my hair , I took a little wet look gel and ran it through before combing the side parting and combing the fringe back neatly, before we left, he commented on my hair saying how nice it looked, I said thanks, that's sweet of you, it's so nice to find a gay guy who appreciates how I look, with that I pulled the blind down and we left for the bar.
A couple of roads away was a local gay bar, not very large, but quite nice and very quiet, no loud music playing so you can chat easily, I ordered some drinks and we sat away from the bar on some nice leather chairs with a small table. We chatted quite a lot and told each other a little about ourselves, it was really nice, I found out he was twenty two and single, he was still studying law and had a long way to go before completing, he asked if I preferred younger guys as he liked more mature guys, I said, without a doubt, I was a more dominant person who likes a more submissive type of guy, I said I like a soft and gentle lad who is not butch or rough, he smiled and said, that is me to a tee.
After a very enjoyable evening we walked back and I asked if he wanted to come up for a coffee before going home, he said definitely, we went up to my flat, we chatted some more and then we started kissing, needless to say we ended up in bed, it was as if we had known each other for months, it was perfect and so was his body, he asked me what I thought about the length of his hair, running his fingers through it, I said usually I tend to like short hair, but that's just my preference, he looked at me and said, I like your hair, what do you call that style? I always kept my hair short, it's always shaved short up the back and sides, and longer on top with a side parting, I use a little gel or wax on the fringe to hold it back, I told him, basically it was what we used to call a short back and sides, but now it's referred to as a skin fade, but there are many variations of it.
He told me he loved the feel of it when he touched the back of my neck, he said it's really bristly, I like that style on you, but the reason I have my hair long is just to fit in with the other guys on the skating circuit, most of them have long hair. I have been growing it long for the last three years now, just getting it trimmed occasionally. I reached out and ran my fingers through it, very soft and silky it tended to fall into a parting to one side rather than a centre one, as he pulled it back behind his ears, I could see there was no facial hair at all and his sideburns were pretty much non existent, I liked that, I am not one who really likes the look of long sideburns at all, his whole face was soft with no sign of having to shave at all, I asked if he ever shaved, he told me never, he was just a guy who's skin was soft and girly, he said he wished sometimes that he could grow facial hair, I quickly jumped in saying, don't wish for that, you look gorgeous without, he smiled and said, so you like that, but not my long hair, I nodded and said, sorry, but it's just my preference, but I do like you.
He asked me, if I come in tomorrow, would you like to cut my hair? I straight away said, yes, without a doubt, but only if it's something you want, we only had casual sex and fun, but I don't want to have anything serious yet! So don't do it for me alone, he said , no I am not doing that, but I do feel it would be nicer for both us, and to be honest, I feel turned on by having you cutting it how you want it. I love to be dominated by a guy, it's more what I like.
I asked him if he ever tied it up in a man bun or pony tale even? He said occasionally if I need to wash it, but normally wear it just loose, I asked him to tie it in a man bun now so I could see what it looked like, he straight away pulled it all up and put a band on, the twirled the long tale around and put another band on it, I said, Wow, that looks so hot, the back of the neck was now bare above his collar and I stood behind and kissed his neck, he loved that and I could see was getting hard as I did that.
I said I bet your hair looked good short when you were at school before leaving for college, especially with your shirt and school tye, he laughed and said, yes it was smart.
I suggested he come to the barber shop tomorrow evening after I close, then I will cut it for you to make you look smart again, he said ok, we will do that if you don't mind. I said it was fine and we kissed again before he left to go home.
The following evening, I closed the shop and pulled the blind down, I started doing some clearing up when there was a knock on the door, I unlocked the door and let him in, to my complete surprise he stood there with his hair up in a bun, he pulled his jacket off to reveal a white shirt and school tye, my mouth just dropped open, he smiled at me and said, is this acceptable? I said yes, more than, he asked if I was ready to cut his hair, I said have you decided what you want, he said, I want it just like yours, I said are you sure, that is extremely short, he nodded. lets do it, so said to him if your ready, jump in the chair and let's get you sheared! He actually looked quite excited, he sat in the chair and I caped him up ready, I spun the chair to face into the shop ,he looked so sexy with his shirt and tye and his hair tied up so tight and neat, I pulled the bands off and his hair fell loose onto the cape, I ran my fingers through it pulling it behind his back into a loose pony tale, I picked up the scissors and sliced straight through it just above his collar, the look on his face was amazing, I laid the long pony tale on the counter, I said, no more long hair, now for the proper haircut, I combed his hair to one side knowing that if he wanted a proper short haircut like mine it had to be a side parting the same, I went straight to the clippers and started with a grade two guard, I pushed his head gently forward and placed the clippers at the base of his neck, firmly pushing the clippers up the back of his neck quite high, I made several passes like this to reveal a nice short cut in the making, I now moved to the side, placing the clippers under the long hair that still covered his ears and almost touched his shoulder, I pushed his head to the side and slowly pushed the clippers up towards the temples, huge amounts of long blond hair slid down the cape to the floor, exposing his ears for the first time in years, I repeated this on the opposite side and now the new short back and sides was gradually taking shape. I returned to the back of the neck now, pushing his head forward and holding the top of his head firmly, I had changed the guard to a number one grade and then systematically running the clippers up the neck producing a very short shaved style, it was looking awesome now, he sat there very quiet and I was concentrating on getting his hair extremely short for him, I knew I would only get one chance to do this, I did both sides next then removed the guard altogether, and got the hair shaved to the skin at the back, this was looking very military now and I think I felt I could go much shorter than mine, he sat there not really knowing quite how short I had taken him, I did the same at both sides to finish with the clippering. I replaced the clippers on the hook and started cutting the top down shorter with the scissors, I left the fringe just slightly over the eyes so I had enough to gel back, I finished by taking the razor and shaving the sides and back nice and smooth, I picked up some wet look gel and massaged plenty into his hair, I combed a nice straight side parting and combed the top across like I did with mine, the slicking the fringe back neatly off the forehead, I unlocked the chair and took the cape off, then spun the chair to face the mirror, his look was priceless, he ran his fingers up the back of his neck feeling the smooth razor finish, he looked awesome sitting there with his shirt and tye on with his new haircut, I could see just how hard he was, this was the first time ever his hair had been cut this short, but I could see it excited him enormously, he just said, wow, this will take some getting used to.he sat there looking in the mirror at all different angles, I leaned forward behind him and gently kissed his bare neck, he shuddered at the feeling of me doing that. We ended up in my flat and had some awesome fun, he said I wonder what my mate will think of it, we have been skating together for years now and have both always had long hair.
To be continued in part two

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