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Edwards scalping part 1 by Tony

Edwards scalping part one

I always hated having to go to the barber shop ever since I was a small lad, since growing up and being able to be responsible for my own hair and style I started experimenting with different trends which were always longer than I ever had as a child.
I had come from college this afternoon and thought about getting a haircut, it was quite long and unruly now and over my collar, there had been remarks at home from my Father about the length of it. The barber shop I usually go to was closed and the nearest one to me was across the other side of town, also it was a very old fashioned one I was often taken to by my Father, I decided to go anyway as I did not want another confrontation with my parents, it was their anniversary this weekend and they had people coming over for a bit of a party. I arrived at the shop and opened the door to go in, it was still the same old shop with the distinct smell of brylcream and other potions he used, the barber was standing by the chair with nobody else in the shop, he waved me straight to the barber chair, a very old well worn leather chair, I sat straight down and he spun the chair round to face the front, cape in hand he shook it open and placed it right over me tucking it tightly into my neck, he said, it's a long time since you were here, and it shows, but don't worry I will give you a good clean up and get your hair back to how it should be, before I had a chance to say what I wanted, his hand was placed firmly on the top of my head and with that he pushed my head forward so my chin was firmly resting on my chest, I tried to speak and say just a trim , when he interrupted me and said , don't worry son, I know what you want, just sit there and let me get on with it for you. I had a very strange feeling inside thinking, what the hell am I going to do, I think he will scalp me like he used to do years ago, before I could utter another word, the clippers were fired up and I could feel the cold metal blades running up the back of my neck, a very cold feeling came across me, my stomach churning, but also the feeling of excitement too, I got goose bumps just thinking about it.
The barber still holding my head firmly, I could feel the back of my neck was shaved up high, he moved to the side now pushing my head to the side, I felt the clippers placed at the bottom of my ear, before I could say leave the sideburns, he plowed the clippers straight up the side of my face and onwards up to the temple, I knew straight away I was being scalped, but strangely, I felt quite excited and hard, why did I come here to this awful shop. It brought back memories from years ago, but now gave me a thrill. He placed the clippers on the hook and took the scissors to cut the top and fringe, he snipped away for ages and loads of hair was tumbling down on the cape and onto the floor, finally the back and sides were lathered up and then the dreaded razor, he shaved it smooth all round, back and sides, the feeling was quite awesome, then came the finishing touch, a hand full of brylcream rubbed into the hair and parted to the side with the front slicked back off my face. He removed the cape and showed me the mirror, as I suspected, a real scalping, but it turned me on immensely , I thanked Jack the barber and paid him, I made my way home, feeling quite conspicuous as I got on the bus, I kept running my fingers up the back of my neck, I knew how short my hair was and it was actually turning me on more and more, the feel of the shaved neck felt so good, I wasn't sure about the brylcream slicking the top and fringe back off my face, but it probably suited the extreme short style, I got off the bus and stopped at the chemist shop to buy a tub of brylcream to use myself at home. I arrived at home and straight away my Father congratulated me on a great haircut, he asked where I went, I said, Jack's, he said I thought so, he does know how to cut hair properly. I went upstairs to get a shower, I decided to have a shave too, this time I shaved my face completely , no leaving any evidence of sideburns. I went to my bedroom to dry my hair, then I thought, let's try to do the same as Jack did and style it with the brylcream, I opened the tub and rubbed in a good amount, I managed to get a perfect parting to the side and then slick the rest back, it was looking the same as it was when I left the barber shop, looking at myself in the mirror I felt a warm twinge in my pants, this new look was giving me a thrill, but not why.
The weekend went well and several members of the family and friends commented on my haircut too, some asked if I was going in the military, I just joked saying no, it's just a new look for me. Several months later my hair was long again and I decided to get another haircut, my instincts were telling me to go to a normal barber shop, but I kept feeling the need to go back to Jacks, which I did, the same thing happened again and out I came with a good scalping again, it still made me feel good.

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