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Some Day - Part 1 by shorterthebetter

I had been together with my partner Ruby for about 5 years before I fully came out and admitted to my fetish for short and shaved haircuts both for myself and particularly on women. She sported wavy brown hair falling to her shoulders and although she knew of my desire to see her with short hair I never pleaded with her to cut it but the term “some day” was normally mentioned when she announced that she was visiting the hairdressers.

She did however indulge me in having my hair clippered extremely short and teased me that as much as I liked it and would watch ‘You tube’ and read stories I would never go “all the way” to smooth, to which my reply was the same as hers “some day”. We were lazing by the pool towards the end of our summer holiday 2 years ago when the subject of her Birthday – a special age one - and Christmas came up and to my surprise when I asked her what she would like for her birthday she replied “You with a decent amount of hair on your head, would satisfy both” I was slightly taken aback and can still picture her peering over her sunglasses into my eyes awaiting for my reply. I let out a sigh and agreed that if that was what she wanted then I would comply. To say that my reply hit the right spot would be an understatement and although we always had a great time together the memory of that last few days of our holiday was unforgettable.

Fast forward about 4 months and when I read about people getting a ribbing when all their hair comes off it was exactly the opposite for me, my friends and colleagues had got so used to seeing me with short clippered hair that the rumour going around the office was that I had “seen the light” or I had joined a commune. Come Christmas which was just before Ruby’s birthday she had a professional portrait photograph done of us as part of the family present with a note attached to each “You’ll never see us like this again” This went down very well with all the recipients and my ‘new’ collar length hair was the main topic of conversation as it was during a lovely meal with family and friends to celebrate the ‘special birthday’. The next morning as I brought her breakfast in bed I was surprised to hear her singing in the shower and find an invitation placed on my pillow that read:

A day To Remember

You are cordially invited to participate in a special role-play day out today followed by a Champagne dinner for two as a special thank-you for making my Christmas & Birthday so special.
p.s I promise you will never forget this experience

My mind was racing, as Ruby appeared from the shower towelling dry her hair “well” was all she said.
“When do we start?” was my reply and that is when she let me into a secret that I had suspected but never discussed. She told me that when she found out about my hair fetish that she almost blurted out that she had a desire to dominate and public humiliate me but was worried how I would react, but now as I had followed her wishes to grow my hair out she would like me to share her desires all I had to do was obey her commands and demands, I wouldn’t suffer any physical pain and she was sure that it would bring our relationship to a new level. I was putty in her hands, and she knew it and I was told to shower and shave my face but leave my hair-dripping wet, and only speak when spoken to. My mind raced in the shower at this sudden development in our relationship and when I stepped out of the shower I saw Ruby looking at my aroused manhood “Sit” she ordered pointing at the stool by the dressing table. As I sat down she roughly towel dried my hair and then proceeded to blow-dry it straight back in an almost bouffant style liberally spraying it with hairspray to maintain the height. I dressed without another word been spoken. I did find it weird as we drove along out of town and when we pulled into a lay-bye outside of town I wondered what was happening. Ruby opened the glove compartment and handed me an envelope with my instructions inside which read.
‘You are an actor who has laryngitis put on this red cravat, when you are asked questions by anyone you will simply point to me and I will answer for you, you will make no objections to my instructions’
I nodded my approval and we drove on for another few miles then stopped in a little town right outside a unisex hairdresser. “Out” she ordered. As she locked the car she smiled at me “Yes haircut time but not there, over there” and she pointed to an old run-down barbershop across the street. I swallowed hard as we crossed the road and entered the small dingy shop, which had upright wooden barber chairs and an ancient old man in a white nylon tunic. “Morning sir, take a seat” I sat in the old chair and could feel the bemusement in his voice as he felt the hair-spray, “now what are we doing?” I made an attempt to speak and pointed first to my throat and then to Ruby, who piped up “Oh for heaven’s sake , bloody prima-Donna’s every single one of them I know, a little sore throat and suddenly speechless. I’m sorry he’s an actor NOT very famous though, and he needs to get a haircut for his latest role”
“How is it to be cut?”
“Don’t suppose you have a computer here. Oh well come and look at my phone” and at that she showed him a picture and they discussed things in a mumbled tone.
“I’ll need to wash and dry it to get rid of this eh… so that it will look right ok?”
It was strange being the third party as the conversation took place between the two of them but I made no sound as my head was held over the sink and doused with Luke-warm water and some basic shampoo then rinsed and towelled dry. It was then blow dried for the second time that day (and the second time in years) and set in a side parting I watched as the barber selected his clippers and fitted a guard when Ruby spoke up “Oh the producer asked if you would use these, for a more authentic look” and she rummaged in her bag and brought out an old pair of manual clippers!
“If that’s what you want miss, but put yours away I’ve got my own here which I haven’t used in years I still keep them well oiled though. It’ll be a pleasure using them and may I say I do admire what you type of folks will go through just to entertain the likes of me” He produced from a drawer a shiny set of chromium clippers and with his left hand pushed my head down and I felt the teeth grab the hair at my nape pull it taught and then release the tension. I heard the soft clicking of the shears close to my scalp as they ran up the back centre of my head and then he released his grip.
“Is that short enough Miss? I’ve another set that leaves, well, he’ll be good as bald!” I watched as Ruby walked behind me and took a photo of the back of my head and compared it to the one on her phone showing it to the barber
“No you see it needs to be shorter and Ehhmmm”
“Higher Miss, yes higher I was going to ask you about that”
When he produced another set of clippers and ran them over my already shorn scalp I felt them grab the skin and literally tear out the remainder of the hair follicles and when he went higher up and they met the longer hair they pulled it from the roots before shearing it off “How’s that Miss?”
“”Now I’m going to use my electrics just to make the line but I’ll still use these to remove the bulk, you alright there sir? Soon be finished, Wait till I tell my Doris tonight about this she won’t believe me” Oh one more thing Miss how’s the front to be again?”
“Oh I’m not sure if you do the back and sides I’ll check”
And at that he took his clippers and proceeded to cut a line from the centre back of my head all the way
round to each temple finishing a good inch above the top of each ear. I watched straight ahead trying to catch Ruby’s eyes in the mirror as she fumbled with her phone. The old barber held my head perfectly still with his thumb and forefinger of his left hand and deftly attacked the hair on the right side of my head with his manual clippers. It was quick but brutal a slight tension as the blades closed, shot of pain as they pulled the hair and then release, as a clump of hair fell to the floor leaving no more than 5-o-clock shadow behind. The long hair on top now looked ridiculas as he worked his way round my head keeping a firm hold and the tension on my scalp so that the clippers “Get a good grip of your hair” he explained. In no time I was shorn “The front Miss, the Fringe?”
“Straight across, comb it all forward and cut it thick, blunt in a straight line, no half an inch shorter than the side line”
‘I’ll do that with the electric clippers Miss but don’t worry I’ll make it a little crooked. Never thought I’d be a make-up artist”
As the hair was combed down in front of my eyes I heard the clippers come to life and felt his comb lift my fringe and then the rattle as the teeth of the clippers sheared off my fringe. He combed the remaining hair again and then pushed the clipper teeth in towards my forehead leaving a thick blunt line a good 2 inches above my eyebrows.
“Hows that for you Miss, does it fit the bill?”
My eyes met Ruby’s through the mirror, “You’ve done a wonderfull job! Although I doubt you’ll get any other customers asking for the same. Isn’t it just perfect dahling? “ she enthused stroking the back of my hair”look at how it REALLY emphasises your ears!” I nodded my appreciation as the old barber dusted my neck and released the cape. I smiled at him as Ruby instructed “Pay the man and make sure you give him a handsome tip, how much is it?”
“Ehmm I’m not sure lets call it £5.00”
I took a £20 note from my wallet and handed to the barber and mouthed the words ‘Thank you’.
“Come on said ruby I can’t wait to let the rest of the gang see you”
As we got back into the car Ruby never said another word but she quickly drove to a secluded spot about 5 miles away stopped the car and turned to me. “You look absolutely rediculas and I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on in my life, we can stop playing now if you want but I’d really like to continue”
“I’ll do whatever you want “ I replied keeping in character.
She pulled me towards her digging her nails into my almost bald scalp and kissed me hard, “This next bit is going to be very difficult for you but stay in character” She started the car and drove on for a few miles before turning into a tree-lined avenue and stopping in front of a very imposing castle “Put these on “ she handed me a woolly hat and a pair of large sunglasses, and then we entered the castle and made our way to the restaurant. Ruby ordered for both of us and we ignored the stares of the other diners as they observed the odd couple that we were, a beatufil woman and a weird man wearing a woolly hat, cravat and sunglasses. After a bottle of sparkling water had been delivered Ruby spoke “ Are you happy with your haircut it’s been a while since you had one and I know how you’ve missed them”
I thought before I answered “Are You happy with my haircut?”
She sipped her water and answered “We don’t know anyone here, we’ll never be back, I’m as randy as I can ever remember, will you indulge me?”
“Yes” no hesitation.
“Take off the hat and glasses when the waiter returns, then follow my instructions”
Just as she finished the waiter returned and asked for our order , Ruby continued.
“I’ll have the soup and my husband a prawn cocktail. And may I apologise for his quite , how can I put it , his UNUSUAL appearance I fear that he is undergoing a,what you might call , a mid-life crisis”
thank-you M’am , Thank-you sir” and he left.
“walk slowly to and from the toilet”
I did as was told and was fully aware of the stares and stilted conversations as this strange character made his way through the dining room.
When I returned Ruby was finishing a phone call and our food had been delivered.
“how do you feel, honestly?” she asked
“I swallowed a mouthful of prawns “I’ve never felt so embarrassed or self cosious in all my life I look hideous”
“Excellent! Eat up this is only the beginning”
As we left the restaurant I was instructed to walk 2 paces behind her and carry her bag & coat and I could feel the colour rising in all the way up my virtually bald scalp as I could not hide my embarrassment.
We drove for a further 10 miles and then pulled into a motorway service area.
“Book us into the travel lodge for 1 night while I top up the car, go straight to the room, and text me the room number”
I obeyed her instructions and felt disappointed in her choice of hotel, but in less than 10 minutes she knocked on the door and as I let her in she flew at me wrapping herself around me and tore my shirt off. We fell onto the bed hauling our clothes off , she grabbed my hair sunk her nails into my bald scalp and we had the most intense, powerfull love-making session ever. As we lay on top of the bed recovering she began licking my nape “You would love my hair to be as short as this wouldn’t you?” she teased “Yes” I gasped “Some day” she whispered in my ear “Let’s get showered and out of here”

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