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Skater boy part 2 by Tony

Part 2 Skater boy loses his long hair

It was now several days since I cut Josh's hair, I had not seen him at the skate shop either until today, he came along the road with his mate, but also his mate had his girlfriend with them, Josh called out, hi Tony, how are you today, I still love my haircut, I smiled and said ,that's cool, he said, Ollie's girlfriend wants you to cut his hair short too, but he is not so sure, we will pop in to see you after we have been in the skate shop.
About half an hour later they all came in to see me, he introduced Ollie and Katie to me, Katie said, I am trying to talk him into cutting his hair short, what do you think? I said, well to be totally honest, I think he would look awesome with short hair, but he would need to shave the facial hair too, it just would not look right if you left that. Katie agreed, but I could see Ollie was not convinced.
I suggested he go away and think about it and maybe discuss it between them, I just asked if I could pull his hair back to see for myself if he would look good, he said, yes, please do, I just ran my fingers through his silky dark hair, gradually pulling it back and slightly up at the same time, holding his hair up on top like you would if putting up into a bun, I must admit, even though he was not gay, I was so turned on by his looks, it was awesome, I showed him in the mirror just how good he looked, he did say, maybe I will, but not today, and especially not in front of my friend and girlfriend. I said, look go away, talk about it and think about it, if you want to do it, then come back at five thirty tomorrow evening when I close and I will do it, that way nobody else will be in the shop and you may feel less embarrassed, they all decided it was a good idea to do that.
The following evening I was just closing up when Ollie came in, he said, is it ok for tonight, I said yes, of course. So you have decided then, he was standing there, his hair immaculately combed, it was really shiny and glossy, looking so good, it was about six inches or so past his shoulders and the front had a tendency to flop forward slightly, but his facial hair, as far as I was concerned spoiled the look, but then I love a guy clean and smooth shaven. He said, I have talked about nothing but my hair since yesterday, Katie really wants me to have short hair and Josh says he thinks it will look awesome.
He told me he was bi sexual, but there was nothing going on with Josh as he was his best mate and Katie did not know he was bi.
I told him, his secret was safe with me, I was not involved with Josh, what we had was just casual, and he knew that, so nobody would find out from me
I closed the shop and locked the door, pulled the blind down so he felt less vulnerable, I could see that as he was standing there he had a hard bulge in his jeans, I made a joke and said, does all that turn you on, he looked a little red and said, to be honest, what is about to happen is turning me on, and I think you feel the same, I just nodded. My fingers just ran through his gorgeous shiny hair, pulling it back off his face, he looked me straight in the eye and pulled me towards him, I said, wait, I need to get rid of that facial hair first, I like a nice smooth clean shaven boy, I pushed him back into the chair, reclining it back as far as it would go, he looked at me and said, so your going to shave me first? I nodded, I took a comb and combed his hair back behind his ears, that exposed his facial hair even more, it was quite thick down the side of his face, but very soft, not a heavy bristly beard, I said, I am going to line the sideburns off at the top of the ear and shave down from there, I got the towel and placed just under his chin, starting with the clippers, I got a nice straight line just up into his hairline at the top of the ear on both sides, then started by lathering up his entire face, his hand was very much pushing into my groin at this stage, obviously feeling how hard I was getting, I picked up the razor and started on the left hand side at the top of the ear, a beautiful straight line appeared as I started shaving down the side of the face removing all the sideburns and down to the chin, he was looking awesome with a clean shaven face, I eventually finished and dried his face, he felt so smooth, as I said, his facial hair wasn't strong or bristly, but now, such a sexy look, I told him that too, he pulled me on top of him and we started kissing, that was so hot too.
I eventually pulled the chair back upright so he could see the new smooth look, he felt his face and looked at the side where originally there were sideburns, he said, wow, it looks so different without them, but in a sexy way, he ran his hands through his hair saying shall I leave my hair long or what? I knew I preferred short hair, but to be honest, his hair was just so soft and silky it was quite a turn on just running my fingers through it, it had a tendency to part to one side and when it hung across the face look even more sexy, but I knew if I did not cut it now, I probably would not get the chance again. Being selfish, I suggested we go up to my flat first, he was all for that and said, yes, I want to have fun too. I said after we can come back down and I will do what Katie wants for you as I don't want to disappoint her, his reply to that was, that's not important right now, and what's more fun now is that you have your way especially now I am clean shaven. I was so turned on by this gorgeous guy, but more especially because I had got him clean shaven, I new that later I would cut his hair too, but for now I wanted to touch that long silky hair and use it to hold him down, he flicked his head and the long front just tossed back off his face , but almost immediately it fell back across his face, we had awesome fun upstairs and he told me it was great to find a guy into the same as he was, he loved being dominated and controlled, I said after a while, time for me to cut that long mane of yours and get you looking like a real boy again instead of the long girly hair you have now, he looked quite excited and said, how short are you doing it? I said I might ignore what Katie wants and give you a real short buzz cut. He went very quiet for a minute and said, I don't know if I can go that short, but it sounds really exciting. I said, well I think it is my decision to make to be honest, you like me being in control and dominating, so I am telling you that's what your getting, we went back down to the barber shop where I pushed him back into the chair, I purposely kept the chair facing into the shop and not facing the mirror, I quickly caped him up and ran my fingers through his gorgeous silky hair for the last time. He sat there looking nervous and I felt to see if he was hard, he was like a rock, I knew then this was right for him. I picked up a pair of clippers, at this point I could not decide whether to use a grade two or grade one, I decided on a two, so snapped the guide on the clippers and switched them on, by this time his hair at the front was hanging back across his face, I put my fingers into it and held the fringe tightly back off the forehead in one hand while I placed the humming clippers on his forehead right in the centre, I noticed he closed his eyes and was holding on to the arms of the barber chair quite tightly, I could not resist one last kiss from him, he was really surprised but I could see he was loving it, I stood upright again and without any further delay, I pushed my clippers straight into his long silky hair, the sound of the humming clippers and the sight of the long silky hair falling onto the cape was incredible, I pushed the clippers through to the crown, now there was no going back, the cape was covered in long hair which was slowly falling to the floor, his eyes were still shut tight, I made a second pass and even more of his long silky hair landed on the cape, several passes later the entire top of his head was just a short stubble, I now started to do the sides too, exposing his very sexy ears and showing off his newly shaved sideburns and clean shaven face, I took a neck brush and gently brushed any hair lingering on his face and started on the other side this time, he sat very quiet and still with eyes shut, but I could see just how hard he was, I moved to the back of the chair now and gently pushed his head forward so his chin was touching his chest, with my hand firmly on the top of his head I started at the bottom of his neck pushing the clippers up to the crown from the back, removing so much of the silken lengths that previously hung down on to his back, I continued until he was completely finished, he was looking so hot, I decided to do the sides and back with a grade one, so snapped a new guide on and shaved both sides and back to a very neat stubble, he was finally buzzed all over and looking like a new boy, very sexy and cute. I brushed all the loose hair and spun the chair to face the mirror, I said you can open your eyes now, his expression was priceless, the look of disbelief as he ran his hands over the top of his head, I slipped my hand under the cape to find him still rock hard and enjoying the fact I was feeling him.
I said, that's got you looking like a very sexy boy, gone are the girly long hair, I am glad I decided to do that, don't let it get back to a long style again, come see me every two weeks, and make sure you keep the face smooth too, He looked up at me and said, yes sir, thank you sir for cutting my hair properly and shaving me, I will keep this look. I hope we might have some casual fun again, I said maybe, Katie might like to dominate you herself now!
It was a few days later he popped his head in the door, the shop was empty and he said, Katie hated the new look and we rowed about it, but now I am single and to be honest quite relieved too, thank you for making me realise what I wanted, and thanks for telling me that you were going to cut my hair as you wanted to, I may not have done it if its wasn't for you, I owe you one. I said your welcome, I am glad I did it too. He said also, thanks for the shave, it was the best shave I have ever had and as you can see it is still smooth!
To be continued in part three

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