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Part 3 skater boys compete by Tony

Part 3 skater boys compete
It was now a couple of weeks since I cut Ollie's hair to a buzz and he was now due to come and see me as I told him to, Josh was probably due for a cut too, but I had not told him to get his hair cut at any particular time scale. The next day at about five fifteen , Josh came in to the shop, he told me he had been talking to Ollie and found out that he was bisexual, but he said to me, you already know that don't you! And you know that he split up with Katie, I told him what had happened with the two of us when he came for his haircut.Josh said to me that was fine, he knew that we were just casual and he was not upset about it.
He told me he liked the way I cut Ollie's hair and how sexy he looked with it buzzed, he said he had never thought he was bisexual and it was quite a turn on knowing that now, I said, it was a shock to me too.
Josh was flirting with me quite a bit now and I knew he was up for some horny fun again, but before we did, I needed to cut his hair, I closed the shop and locked up as usual, Josh was now sitting in the chair, he sat there saying, what are you going to do to me this time Tony? I thought of all sorts of different scenarios and different cuts, I grabbed his hair by the top and fringe which was quite long and kissed him, it was getting quite steamy now and we were both turned on enormously, but I had a job to do first, I said to Josh, I think I will buzz you down to a real short grade this time, but the back and sides are going to be shaved too, a real military cut, he looked very shocked at the thought of being buzzed like that, but I could see just how hard he was sitting there.
I caped him up and picked up a pair of clippers, looking at the tray of guards, I decided on a grade two, snapped it in place and switched them on, it was quiet in the shop until the clippers fired up, then the loud hum of them broke the silence, once again I grabbed his fringe, pulling it back off his forehead, I placed the clippers right on the hairline, I said to him, I hope your ready for this, he whispered, your going to really do it? I replied, yes and without any delay the clippers were plowing their way through his long fringe and across the top of his head, the blond hair just slid down the cape and onto the floor, I continued across the top of his head until it was buzzed all over, next I removed the guard from the clippers and shaved the back and sides completely, blending in quite high, his military cut was looking awesome, next I lathered up the back and sides, with a new blade placed in the razor, I shaved to the skin all around, I took a towel and dried his head, I revealed his new look, he ran his fingers over the entire top then felt the smooth shaved area at the back and sides, I took the cape off and could see just how hard he was.
I said, is that better than Ollie's haircut? It is awesome, he replied, it's just so hot and sexy, take me upstairs.
We had some very hot fun and I loved the new look, it felt so sexy running my fingers up his smooth shaven neck and the nice buzz on the top meant there was no more fringe falling in his eyes, Josh left and said he would pop in soon, he had a sexy little glint in his eyes.
A couple of days later, the same time just before closing, both Josh and Ollie came in, I said hey this is nice to see you both, I asked Ollie what he thought of Josh's new haircut, he said it's really hot and sexy, can I have the same, I was really surprised, I thought Ollie was the last person to try his hair even shorter, given that he was very unsure about the buzz the first time, I said Ok, let me close the shop first, then we can do it, I was so turned on and you can imagine my mind was racing thinking about the sex I had had with both of them on separate occasions, Josh sat on one of the chairs I have for waiting customers, while Ollie jumped in the chair, this time I was determined to make sure this was exceptionally short and to be honest, I wanted it even shorter than the cut I did for Josh.
I got a glimpse out the corner of my eye at Josh just sitting there eager to watch as I cut Ollie's hair, he had his hand on his groin and I noticed just how hard he was, I did not spin the barbers chair to face the mirror, I left it facing into the shop and facing Josh. I caped him up and picked up my clippers, this time I selected a grade one guide and snapped it straight on , I switched the clippers on and placed the humming machine on his forehead, remembering his original long thick dark shiny hair he had originally, I plowed the clippers straight through the top right to the crown at the back, I could see how Josh was enjoying this, watching every move I made, Ollie looked so hot with just this dark stubble on the top of his head, I finished taking him down all over, then I picked up a set of detail clippers and made a straight line from the top of his temple one side all the way around to the other side, I lathered his head from this line down, then with a new blade in my razor I shaved from the line down revealing a very white scalp, I had decided not to blend this in so it looked quite stark, I finished by drying with a towel and then spinning the chair back to face the mirror, as I did I could feel his hand squeezing my very hard cock, he had a grin on his face and said that's awesome, what do you think Josh, he said the same, you look so hot Ollie, he said to me, how do you like the idea of dominating both of us together?
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