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Part 2 haircut after lockdown by Tony

Part 2 Haircut after lockdown

It was several weeks since I met Jacob and gave him his first buzz cut, I was sitting reading in the gardens again on a very hot day, I was just about to return to my flat to get a drink and some lunch, when a voice called out, hey Tony, I looked up to see Jacob standing there, he said he had looked for me a couple of times to ask if I would cut his hair again.
I said, well your in luck today as I am just about to go up to the flat, he smiled and said, is that ok for right now then? I replied, yes, no problem. We chatted on the way up and I asked him if he wanted a drink first, he said yes please, while we were having our drink, he said, today is my birthday, I am eighteen today and am going out with some mates tonight, that's why I was hoping I would catch up with you today. I wished him happy birthday and asked where he was going tonight? He was a little embarrassed and said, you may not like this much, but I am going to the gay bar in town, I smiled and said, don't be shy, I had a feeling you were gay when I met you last time. He looked at me and said, so you don't mind, I replied, why should I mind, I am gay myself, his mouth dropped open and said, I would never have guessed, I just smiled. I said, so what haircut are you having today? He said, my friends all liked my buzz cut and several of them said they thought it would look better if I went for a shorter one this time, but have the sides and back shaved shorter. I said ok, let's do that for you, hopefully you will get lucky tonight now your at the legal age to drink. I had noticed his hair was just starting to lay flat now it had grown out of the buzz, also he had not shaved his face and there was a little soft facial hair, I said lets get you looking good for tonight, sit down there and I will sort you out. I told him firstly I was going to shave his face properly, I noticed where I had lined his sideburns of at the top of the ear, they had grown along with his slight beard, he said, that's great, nobody has ever shaved me before.
I caped him up and placed a towel just under his chin, I took the shaving cream and lathered his face, I slipped a new blade in the razor, I pushed his head to the side and started at the top of the ear, I got a nice straight line with the razor and shaved down the side of his face, then the other side until he was smooth. I dried his face with the towel, and ran my fingers over to make sure it was properly smooth, he looked up at me and said, that's nice feeling your fingers stroking my face, you know that I like you, that's why I wanted you to cut my hair the first time, but I didn't have enough courage to tell you I was gay. I said to him, don't worry, it will come with experience, I wasn't sure about you when I first met you, but now I understand. I like you too, but not sure it's ok with our age difference, he assured me it was, he said I have no Father and like to have a Father figure to guide me, said, I will do my best.
Now, what shall we do with your hair, I think your friends are right, but you must decide what you want, unless you want me to take control and decide for you, he smiled and his eyes just looked at me, he said, you decide, I know you will do what you like and that's fine for me.
I knew that he was leaving here with a very short cut, last time I just did a grade three over the whole head, this time it's going to be a one with razor shaved sides, like a white wall.
I picked up my clippers and snapped a number one guard on them, starting at the forehead I ran the first pass right to the crown, then several more passes over the entire head, he was looking so dam sexy now, having dark thick hair made it look awesome, I took a pair of detail clippers and made a line just above the temple at the side straight around to the other side, looking at him from the front checking it was level both sides, that it was, I lathered up the sides and back below the line I had created, then with another new blade in the razor I started scraping downwards, working my way around to the opposite side, his white skin was so smooth now, he looked so sexy, I took my clippers once again and blended the line in with the top, I placed a little oil in the cup of my hand and gently massaged it into his shaved sides and back, finally he was finished, I would say what a perfect birthday present for him from me. Took the cape off to find him ver hard and slightly embarrassed, I leant forward and said, don't be embarrassed, this is your birthday present from me, hope you like what I have done, I love it and want you to keep your face clean shaven from now on, he looked in the mirror, running his fingers all over his head and feeling the smooth shaved sides and back, he said to me, thank you so much, I love it, I said your welcome, I am glad you love it and I am so happy I have met you, I gave him my number so he could phone me when he wanted a cut next time.
I wonder what will happen then ?

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